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  1. at least they could make a statement about the situation and not leave the community without any information during month and a false roadmap story ;d
  2. for everyone who want more information i found this on twitter: A friend from eric seem's to defend him and give some interesting information: "Atlas killed itself. It is not Erik's fault his entire dev team was stripped away from him and sent to work on another game. It's all about HOW you ask. Dont approach them in a fit of rage. I spoke with one privately an hour or 2 ago, game is still being worked on, but they feel changes were made in the plans for the game, and they have been left in the dark with said changes just as we have been. Wildcard pulls the strings for Grapeshot. They were behind on ARK development, and pull all the programmers out of Grapeshot help to fix it. Leaving Erik with no team to work on his game." So for resume they are working on genesis since some month and should comeback later when they fix their new dlc on ARK
  3. we will wipe on the 13th march for add some new content in the game
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