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  1. check our map on atlas explorer! https://exploreatlas.co.uk/atlasnightmare
  2. already 144 members since our start, join us and try!
  3. New start with some new mods!
  4. Active community and staff
  5. Our rates and stats have been modify
  6. Nightmare | PVP | Rates X10 | Wipe 1/11 - PC only Join our new PVP private dedicated server open since January 11th We have integrated the Pirate Ship spawn which is a first on private server. - Aurora in all grids every 4 hours (double rates) - All PVE Content (Kraken, hydra, damned, ghost ship, etc...) - Settlement Gamemode - Full PVP - X5 weight per lvl - Balanced stats. - 16 Grid - Smaller grid (-35% size) - Unique content: AI Ship pirate (Galleon, Brig and Schooner) - All resources - Active admin and community - Dedicated server with low ping and good performance Mods: Unlock All Powerstone CustomStackItem ATLAS Shipwright ATLAS Architect All of our change are available on our discord: https://discord.gg/KHzFBKB Join the server with this link: steam://connect/ Or search our server on the atlas list: 1/11 Nightmare PVP | X10 | 4X4 | KIT | SHOP | MODS If you have any question, don't hesitate
  7. Hello, I have some QOL suggestion since your started to work on it since a week. - Lower the resistance per level on ship like you did on damage for getting a better balance between weight, crew, damage and resistance. - Reduce the price / weight of small and large canonballs because they are very expensive and heavy right now. ( for 1000 large canon ball you need 7000 metal and 7000 gunpower and it's 10 000 kg) - reduce the durability cost of flame arrow, they actually use 4 durabily for each shoot and they almost don't give damage so they are actually useless - definetly need to increase the sail steering of every sail for sailing faster - increase the override distance of non anchored ship / damned / pirate for having the possibility to spot them easier - increased the resistance of building (actually it's too easy to break into base) - reduced the combat phase from 9 hours to 7 - 6 hours for reduce the necessity to have a large group of member for protect your island - give the possibility for the NPC crew to repair everything when anchored (take age to repair canon, celling, wall, roof etc...) - increase the time of bola for taming - unlock or give an option for the weight blocker (always need to throw on the ground ressource and stuff for carry them) - make canon from defense not targetting submarine when they are targetting "ship only" - Give the possibility to put foundation on top of large stone/wood wall - Increase HP from large stone/wood wall to force ennemy to attack the gates and to reduced the double/triple wall defense (less building spam) - decrease the massive decay on freeport to give possibility to stay a bit longer on freeport with your ship. - like canon ball you should double the number of balista ammo when you produce them (it's expensive and long to craft them) - reduce the number of berry you get when you farm thatch with a girafe. - doubled the farm with tool for not force everyone to tame a bear, girafe and elephant before making a brig or galleon (i tried last week on NA pvp and it's took me 5-6 hours with common metal tools for farming a brig without taking a break) - increase the fiber you get when farming with a sickle for not been force to get a bear. (5 min with a sickle it's 1-2k fiber and at least 10k with a bear) - reduce the number of allied company for reduce the faction meta (can't attack anyone before knowing how many ally they have), when you attack 5 people of a small company, the next day there are 50/100 in front of your habor. - increase the number of crew you can buy on freeport from 10 to 15-20 - increase the experience you get when you kill alpha for not force people to make treasure map and increase gold when you sink damned ship. or giving more experience for killing a dragon/ hydra. - blueprint from damned should give only plank, deck, sails, canon, puckle, mortar, balista and catapult. - blueprint from floating should give any other ship blueprint (add ressource box, ammunition box, cargo rack etc..) - Dragon and hydra should have more aggro time, actually it's need to hit them every 20-30 secondes or they comeback where they come from - Increase the number of slot inside the cargo saddle of a bear / horse and the weight reduction (need a very good bear or horse for a getting a good number of metal/gems/cristal), it's an advantage for big company who are making breed. - horse should have a passif tame, like sheep or pig, they run away and need to trap them, it's boring. - sheep should give more leather they are actually not worse to tame. - every two celling, a building need foundation / pillar, it's should be increase for reduce the number of pillar needed to support a building. - when it's cold (and not freezing), you should loose less hunger. If you spawn on a cold region and not get clothe fast, you will need to eat and it's boring. - actually you need to have 20-30 fortitude on your character to not have every minute a debuff of too cold/ hot, so you should increase the number of fortitude you can get per level. - you said a while ago that company who have a lot of island will have more upkeep, i don't know if it's working right now but it's seem's not enough. If they have a lot of island, they should have a large group of player so they need to have more to pay for keeping all these island. That's all and already a good list of idea and i hope it's will help you or give at least some change where you can look at. If a developper see this, it's could be nice from you to just put a like on this topic. At least i could see if everything i'm doing right now is read
  8. How it can be possible, after month of waiting without any news, after all the topics post in this forum and dying network you can make a stream like that. There was more than hundred of question post on your Q&A livestream and you just answer about two question, "what is your roadmap" and "do we will have crossplay of xbox" but what about all the fucking other important information we are waiting for? You didn't even speak about the sail who was on the background on the start of the livestream. Speaking about color and hat skin when they are hundred of people asking for a wipe or not in the stream..... 40 minutes of stream - 10 min of intro and you get the smaller stream you ever made when it's the more needed I'm really fan of atlas but at this state, it's supporting a game who doesn't want to success...
  9. HansenSM

    Livestream Q&A

    Are you planning to work on your deficit documentation for help modder? (because you make a whole map blackhood to help us, but there is no explanation at all for anything) Do you plan like the Ark to integrate one or two animals for each update? Will you add one new ship or sail (no cosmetic) this year? Have you worked for an improvement of the colony system? Can we have a whole plan for everything you will develop during this year? (like priority fix bug, adding an island, adding quests, console... etc.) For the next big update, did you plan a wipe? What do you think about the meta pvp on the ground and the ship we are actually playing? Did you plan something for bringing more player for counter your very bad evaluation on steam? Does ship will go faster or official will have a smaller map for the early access because of the low population? Is there any possibility that the EU and NA server merge?
  10. If you don't have a bed on your ship and when you go off with your ship and u got kill by hunger, vitamin, storm, too cold, too hot etc And if you land in another island and got one hit by alpha lion. You will need another ship for taking back your ship. Shouldn't be the best gaming experience that we are looking for
  11. HansenSM

    How Atlas died.... :(

    It's funny to see all these people on this forum speaking about the dead of atlas, watching the peak of player on steam and everybody give his opinion and say what the dev should do for pvp or pve server and i think that's the problem. Atlas is for me too focus on official server network. Some people want to play in large group, some in smaller and other solo or just with friend. Some people want to have a nice pve game for shooting AI, some want to kill other player and other want to have a place to live and have neighbours, alliance and make some expedition together. Some people want to keep an hardcore gameplay and some want to just play sometime because they have "a life", other want difficulty but not too much. There is tons of possible gameplay as there is people. That's why i think, trying to make an unique official server (PVP or/and PVE) who can regroup everybody, with all the different desire seem's to be impossible. Solo and non dedicated server had to be done for some people who want to play like this. Official should be destinated for active and daily player. And non official server for all the different kind of gameplay wanted. This is the direction they should keep for the development of the game like any other survival game. Actually when i read, the raze of all the building after 48 hours of a new claim is a pvp system in pve server, because sometime, owned doesn't connect for days and doesn't check their claim. It's like "wtf is going on here". Actually if nobody connect during day for checking up the flag, it's just a solo player who have a claim and if he want to play just sometime, he can just join an unofficial server who have a bigger rates of gold and he put 10 k of gold in his flag and he will have enough for a week or he can play in singleplayer. And this example can work for everything, if you can't play on official, because there is too much grind on the official, just go on unofficial or non dedicated. Some server have token only for pvp or smaller combat time duration for exemple. Now about official, so many people speak about the problem of mega company, one easy solution is to limit company to 15/20 people and max ally to 3 other company. The problem we have today is because mega tribe can be more than 60 AND ally to other mega tribe, so you can get alliance of hundred of people. And today when a company have 60 members, there is like 15-20 member connected on a peak time. But if you have a company with 75 people ally with 3 other company of 75 people, you got more than 60 people on a peak time. And that's how you get wipe a massive number of player. About unofficial now, there is not enough documentation and option for helping creator and admin for making unique server. Need to search hours and hours on internet for finding some config parameters for config your server like you want. And most of them are only basic configuration like rates, stats of tame, lvl max etc... Modder who want to make ship, new stuff, gameplay mecanic need to search on ark documentation for maybe find how work their game so they can create stuff for the community. Just look at the workshop and you will see that 80% of the mod have been made during the launch of atlas (mostly by ark modder) and now they left and go back to ark so there is not many new mod since month and old mod have been abandon. Because even if some player who love atlas want to create stuff, there is no help and documentation for creating mod on atlas because there is nothing for understand how work the game. Just for an exemple, after searching days, i found where we can change the stats per level of a ship and it's look like this: Like 0.05 stamina for 5% damage per level, 0.08 Torpidity for 8% resistance per level 80 food for 80kg of weight per level ... ETC I can't imagine searching stuff about how works claimflag xD That's all i wanted to say ^^
  12. Hello I'm working hard for changing stats from vanilla object without making new one but i really don't know how to do it. The logical solution would be to make a child to any blueprint, change a value from this child blueprint and after that i don't know how to include it on my mod. All tutorial and forum explain how to make a new weapon, with a new skilltree etc but don't explain how to change just a value, like changing the price of stone wall and insert it on a mod (primalgamedata). Thanks for your help!