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  1. HansenSM

    Livestream Q&A

    Are you planning to work on your deficit documentation for help modder? (because you make a whole map blackhood to help us, but there is no explanation at all for anything) Do you plan like the Ark to integrate one or two animals for each update? Will you add one new ship or sail (no cosmetic) this year? Have you worked for an improvement of the colony system? Can we have a whole plan for everything you will develop during this year? (like priority fix bug, adding an island, adding quests, console... etc.) For the next big update, did you plan a wipe? What do you think about the meta pvp on the ground and the ship we are actually playing? Did you plan something for bringing more player for counter your very bad evaluation on steam? Does ship will go faster or official will have a smaller map for the early access because of the low population? Is there any possibility that the EU and NA server merge?
  2. If you don't have a bed on your ship and when you go off with your ship and u got kill by hunger, vitamin, storm, too cold, too hot etc And if you land in another island and got one hit by alpha lion. You will need another ship for taking back your ship. Shouldn't be the best gaming experience that we are looking for
  3. HansenSM

    How Atlas died.... :(

    It's funny to see all these people on this forum speaking about the dead of atlas, watching the peak of player on steam and everybody give his opinion and say what the dev should do for pvp or pve server and i think that's the problem. Atlas is for me too focus on official server network. Some people want to play in large group, some in smaller and other solo or just with friend. Some people want to have a nice pve game for shooting AI, some want to kill other player and other want to have a place to live and have neighbours, alliance and make some expedition together. Some people want to keep an hardcore gameplay and some want to just play sometime because they have "a life", other want difficulty but not too much. There is tons of possible gameplay as there is people. That's why i think, trying to make an unique official server (PVP or/and PVE) who can regroup everybody, with all the different desire seem's to be impossible. Solo and non dedicated server had to be done for some people who want to play like this. Official should be destinated for active and daily player. And non official server for all the different kind of gameplay wanted. This is the direction they should keep for the development of the game like any other survival game. Actually when i read, the raze of all the building after 48 hours of a new claim is a pvp system in pve server, because sometime, owned doesn't connect for days and doesn't check their claim. It's like "wtf is going on here". Actually if nobody connect during day for checking up the flag, it's just a solo player who have a claim and if he want to play just sometime, he can just join an unofficial server who have a bigger rates of gold and he put 10 k of gold in his flag and he will have enough for a week or he can play in singleplayer. And this example can work for everything, if you can't play on official, because there is too much grind on the official, just go on unofficial or non dedicated. Some server have token only for pvp or smaller combat time duration for exemple. Now about official, so many people speak about the problem of mega company, one easy solution is to limit company to 15/20 people and max ally to 3 other company. The problem we have today is because mega tribe can be more than 60 AND ally to other mega tribe, so you can get alliance of hundred of people. And today when a company have 60 members, there is like 15-20 member connected on a peak time. But if you have a company with 75 people ally with 3 other company of 75 people, you got more than 60 people on a peak time. And that's how you get wipe a massive number of player. About unofficial now, there is not enough documentation and option for helping creator and admin for making unique server. Need to search hours and hours on internet for finding some config parameters for config your server like you want. And most of them are only basic configuration like rates, stats of tame, lvl max etc... Modder who want to make ship, new stuff, gameplay mecanic need to search on ark documentation for maybe find how work their game so they can create stuff for the community. Just look at the workshop and you will see that 80% of the mod have been made during the launch of atlas (mostly by ark modder) and now they left and go back to ark so there is not many new mod since month and old mod have been abandon. Because even if some player who love atlas want to create stuff, there is no help and documentation for creating mod on atlas because there is nothing for understand how work the game. Just for an exemple, after searching days, i found where we can change the stats per level of a ship and it's look like this: Like 0.05 stamina for 5% damage per level, 0.08 Torpidity for 8% resistance per level 80 food for 80kg of weight per level ... ETC I can't imagine searching stuff about how works claimflag xD That's all i wanted to say ^^
  4. Hello I'm working hard for changing stats from vanilla object without making new one but i really don't know how to do it. The logical solution would be to make a child to any blueprint, change a value from this child blueprint and after that i don't know how to include it on my mod. All tutorial and forum explain how to make a new weapon, with a new skilltree etc but don't explain how to change just a value, like changing the price of stone wall and insert it on a mod (primalgamedata). Thanks for your help!
  5. HansenSM

    Add Small Tribes Servers

    Their already tried it with colony and empire server but the empire server was almost empty because mega tribe like to dominate small and medium company and don't want to play only big battle because of latency/fps problem. The second problem is because splitting the community into multiple server will not arrange anything because there is already a lack of population with only one pvp server.
  6. Bear canon can shoot very far from the defense so they can't be hit from many place even if you place many and many puckel / balista (and they have a lower range).
  7. I write another text about naval and ground pvp.
  8. I really love this game and i am still after all this time (2k hours), ready for a new start for a new system for pvp servers and i really hope you are working on it for the next update because adding animal and skin will not help at this state of the development of the game (i think). Structure, Ship, Member and Tame limitation: Every server with a good number of citizen (or with big company) always have the same problem, it's laggy. Not only when there is battle and a lot of people who come with ship, tame and weapon. But everyday and everytime. And it's getting crash or 255 ping when more than 40 people are in these kind of grid. Your game will never or will take a long time before having server who can handle all these thing in a big quantity (lot of ship, tame and structure) So that's why people should at select their best tame and ship and not building and breeding again and again without a good limitation. I saw so many big tribe with 100-300 tame in the same place who will never be used and 100-500 npc just for the defense (without counting npc on ship). And like all company, there is always more ship than member (maybe not all but most of them). Every time there is big port with so many ship and some of them never take the sea or only once... With a bigger limitation on tame, when people are breeding everything, they will only keep there best tame and make different place on different grid for making strong tame. Without all the dirty tame, we will win fps and latency. With a bigger limitation on ship, it's force company to limit there number of ship, it's will force company to take time to check what ship isn't used and like before we will win fps and latency on this grid. And now with structure, spam will not be the best thing and building would take time for making a strong defense and think for the best solution. Quality and not quantity. Of course for this option, resistance on building need to be change because they can actually be destroy too easily. Like big wall are so easy to destroy with ship or canon bear, they should be more much more resistant and force people to attack the gates. And the spam pillar system need to be rework but i will speak about that later in this post. Colony system: Colony server was supposed to be for medium and small company and i saw so many big company with 50+ active member ally with 4-5 other big tribe and so you get battle of hundred of people. Small company and medium who live near can't do nothing against such thing. When big company are passing trolling and insulting, they have just two choose, say nothing because they can't do nothing or get wipe by a large number of people. And when u have a small company with 6 members and u get raid by 40+. If they are not stupid they can wipe the small company in a day with any kind of defense from this small company. (even if they have made a big defense) Now about flag system, spam foundation and pillar is actually necessary for any island defense. So depend of the size of the island. I use like 1000 - 2000 pillar for a medium island 40-60 points if i don't do that, people are coming, placing building where i don't want them, like underwater and i can't destroy them if i didn't found them during the first 24 hours (or need to wait 10 day if they don't reset the timer). Angry people are placing canon where they can for destroying everything they can (if u don't have a pillar defense) and can be everywhere just by placing bed and stuff on the island so need to search hours for finding their hiding spot until they do another one. So we are forced to spam structure for defense because building are weak and enemy can harass u all the time without difficulty and in the meantime because these spam of structure (tame and ship too), all the server are lagging all the time and most of server who are not in these case are freeport, lawless (because only few people can leave here because everybody who want to offline raid can go there) and powerstone because there is no structure and tame (or not a lot) Like the previous wipe i hope you are already thinking/preparing a new system because this one is not bad (with token, island claim and combat phase) but so much thing need to be rethinking and change for improve the quality of the gameplay. Making two server Empire and Colony couldn't work even if the idea was good. Large company don't like big battle because of all these laggy/fps problem and why would they go to a server to prove they are the stronger if there is no small or medium company to intimidate. I think you should force the colony server to his main idea who was destinate for medium and small company. So limit member to 20 and ally to 3 other company and that's enough. Big tribe will always try to make 3 company of 20 people but they will be limit about the ally limitation, they will be force to split their ship, tame and structure in different island because most of the time they have a lot of island and they make only one mega big island with a lot of structure, ship and tame in the same place. And it's will limit the number of ally for small and medium tribe, to choose carefully their ally without making alliance with 5 differente grid. And that is a big problem actually, because you can't attack anyone before checking if they don't have 10 tribe ally to them who can come the next day with 50 people. Actually the game is more a faction game than pirate game. More diplomacy than action because of everybody have alliance with a lot of other company. Another idea would be to add another token and delete the combat phase. So u can put the new token for attack an entire company during 10 hours for example. And the price would be very low, like 3000 gold And at least this company who is attack can prepare themself by been warning 12 hours before. The token will not be apply on only one island but all of this company so they can't save everything in another peacetime island. In the other hand, only your company and ally can attack this island and not all the world. On the second best unofficial server they have token only for making combat and it's so much better, you know when you will be attack, you can prepare yourself a bit and know who is your enemy. (but they have x4 rates so it's easier to pay the token than official). That's terrible better because you don't need to watch your defense 9 hours per day in case of random people trying to destroy your ship, killing npc or tame. Grinding and time: One of the problem for most people are the grinding part of the game. Need hours for travelling on the sea, hours of farming and hours for defending their island. Like you did before, you should make a perma x2 on ressource and probably doesn't make x2 every week end or at least not on PVP server. It's doesn't give any sense, if people are only playing on week end, they can't hold their island so they can't play on PVP server. Pvp server are for people who play most likely everyday, like any other survival game where people play, farm and fight without any break. And after the beginning, what you are doing with you event x2 every week end is to let people doing nothing or don't give motivation for playing when there is no x2. Why going to farm exotic ressource, basic ressource, gold, tame or xp our character or ship when you can wait the week end for having everything doubled. The map is too large for the amount of people. I really think you should keep this map for a big release with a possibility of a large number of player but until the game is ready, there is so many grid who are just empty and other are laggy. You are spending time and money for manage all this grid when you could just do a smaller map. Sailling will need less time and people will be more closer for fighting, travelling and trading. And now about the combat phase, 9 hours of fight is too long (for a lot of people). Most of battle even more if there is only small and medium tribe doesn't need 9 hours for fight, if they want to fight, they can do it and prepare themself before for having a good battle duration for doing what we can. And the problem of having 9 hours of fight is forcing to have people connected during these 9 hours (+ more if they start playing earlier or continu later for making travel, PVE, farming or whatever) each day and that's very paintful for a small/medium tribe. If a tribe really want to fight, they check the map a can see all the different combat phase and choose where they can go and there is always a lot of possibility without going very far from their base. Token should have a lower price (like only 500 gem and not 3x500 and lower gold) and for the company who place the token, to have the same token on all their island so if they want to attack, they need to be prepare to defend all their island too, they will think about it twice before doing it or making a smaller token duration. Of course, some tribe can tweak by kicking a member, giving him gold for making token, create company and put a token so all their island aren't in danger but if you think a bit about this, you should find a solution. Ground and Naval battle: For resuming the pvp at this state of the game is simple For ship your have: - 1 schooner type with 1 large speed sail and 1 small, most of the time they have few canon because of the weigh they can handle. Usally they are use with canon on the back with barshot for supporting other ship. (not much use since last update with stats and large canon on the gunport) - 2 brigantine type with 3 large speed sail or 2 large speed and one large handling, most of the time they have only 12 canon on their gunport and some of them have some medium canon on the back. Or they have just full medium canon on the back for farming damned ship. - 2-3 type of galeon with 6 speed sail, 4 speed 2 handling, or full handling. Depending of the captain he can have full medium canon on gunport, 50% medium and 50 % large canon or for a slower and more powerfull galeon, you have 100% large canon on gunport And that's it for naval build. For more detail, most of galleon put more than 200% of resistance because they have 50+ canon comparate to a brig or a schooner with 10-12 canon. So even with mythical canon and 200% damage, will need a lot of balls for fighting a galleon on this state of the game. And a galleon are going faster than a brig or schooner in most of the case so they can run away if they are in trouble. So for resume a galleon is the best choose actually, they can tank a large number of shot, go faster than any ship and have much more canon than any ship. And actually with the new stats system on ship, if u don't have a massive port defense or a big bay close, a galleon with full resistance can just tank every tower and shoot on every ship. And if nobody is here with mortar, he can do that during a long time before backing of. For the ground fight With tame, two option who is most always use in any case is Horse with swivel flame, bear with canon. Sometime a tiger or a lion. Crabe are usefull only for small battle where there is no swivel flame because flame destroy them so easily. On the ground, torpor is one of the best thing actually, you it anyone with a spell or a weapon who give torpor so your enemy sleep and you pick up their stuff before capturing them or just kill them. For the firearms, only riffle is really usefull, long distance and good damage in the head. Flame arrow and bow doesn't deal much damage and break your bow after 10 shoot. Pistol are long to load as a riffle but don't deal the same amount of damage as a riffle. Bola are use for stopping running player or people on tame. Grenade use for everything. Killing player, tame, npc, defense or even building. For resume, the complete package from a soldier is Armor, Riffle, grenade, bola and sword or any melee weapon who isn't already nerfed about torpor. Of course a clibbing, a grappling hook and a glidder for reach every obstacle. That's it. In definetly, not much choose for ground and naval pvp. Suggestion: For naval you definetly need to add a new ship between a brig and a galleon. Something like 12 gunport on each side you could do it easily by take the example of a brig and just making it a little bigger. Resistance should have the same amount of pourcentage as damage. 5% per level so people will more need to choose between resistance or damage and don't make only ship with 200 % resistance and 230% damage for just a ship who is level 42. You should even diminuate the number of damage or resistance by 3% per level, so canon from tower could be more effective than now. And ship with full of damage or resistance will not have 300% of stats. Of couse if you do this the number of HP from damned need to be reduced. Actually a galleon 25 is something like 300k HP. For the ground you need to up the bow and durabily when using flame and normal arrow because they are useless at the moment on PVP. Pistol should give more damage or been able to reload faster than a rifle. You should give possibility to play with a weapon who deal a good amount of damage, like a sword and a mace for making torpor, so people could choose between damage or torpor. Bow or firearms. and you should increase the penetration armor from puckel because someone lvl 100 can take so many shoot with a metal armor until he start to be in difficulty. Balista with npc should be able to shoot on a longer distance for not giving the possibility to a canon bear to shoot them from a medium distance. Resistance on structure should be increase and giving more HP on large wall. That's all I hope this message will be read and these suggestion will help for the future of atlas. See you guys on the sea
  9. Les powerstones sont activés ainsi que le classement des top 10 compagnies
  10. Passez en vocal sur le discord
  11. [Présentation du serveur ] Les huit Royaumes. Serveur Semi RP PvPvE. All Rates X20 + 1mod de stack Raid OFF INTERDIT Un serveur PVP soumis à certaines règles le pourparler, les royaumes, l'interdiction formelle de raid off... Voir l'ensemble des regles sur notre discord. Claim visibles et actifs. Mod de Stack Permettant de porter plus de ressources sur soi et sur les bateaux tout en gardant un équilibre optimal 9 Cases, 8 Royaumes, 1 Cases Freeport non Claimable au centre. Les 8 royaumes sont composés - 6 Royaumes agissants sous un code d'honneur ( 2/6 Royaumes occupés actuellement ) - 2 Royaumes Pirates agissants sous un code pirate ( 1/2 Royaume occupé par des pirates ) 1 Case Freeport au Centre Accueillant 4 Freeport opérationnels La case Freeport n'est pas claimable. Elle accueille également les Events Nombreux spawn de Ship Damned lvl 50 à 120. [Matériel utilisé] Serveur Dédié : GAME-64-OC OVH CPU : Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4,7GHz /5GHz RAM : 64Go DDR4 2400 MHz Serveur très fiable et stable. Nombreuses sauvegarde. Aucun WIPE [En Bref] Serveur très sympa, une communauté active d'environ 30 membres pour l'instant. Que vous soyez seul ou en groupe beaucoup de choix s'offrent à vous sur ce serveur. Rejoignez nous : https://discord.gg/VQ2fBmw