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  1. For now, nothing about skill tree and reboot
  2. the problem with the life system (water vitamin ect) is that the choice of death is being a usefull mechanic to restart heals stats, and it should'nt be like that
  3. I'm happy my post is doing well Players keep giving feedback, and write them as much meaningful as possible, with screen vids ect I'm personaly refreshing all the twitter linked to atlas every 15 seconds, stay tuned i will report here any news EDIT : 9 hours of sleeping since last jat tweet, hopefully we may have news soon
  4. About the ship things, its only a assumption but the plan in 7.0 where to upgrade the resources respawn, maybe they failed by putting the code "faster respawn over the world", and finnaly its taked in accompt the damned ship ?
  5. I had the same trouble by interring L9, i know ur feeling ............
  6. share this topic on the discord if you'd like
  7. +1 8 skill point for last skills is too much (how can i be a master of music so ?) , maybe giving more skill point per level ?
  8. Exactly its an Official topic of the community feedbacks for the devs, better that rather than 100+ topic
  9. We have all become aware of the concerns generated by the 7.0 update A lot of information is shared on social networks and various forums related to the game, this topic is there to gather information and feedback from players. First of all I would like to say that we all fallen in love with atlas, and that if the community clings so much despite the shortcomings of the game it is because we all see a huge potential, so I would like this topic to be feebacks about support / solution rather than reproach / problem. Everything started yesterday during the first crash server (L9, C15, E4), some players went to its areas (mostly by boat) and we were disconnected with the impossibility of reconnecting to the game (timeout error) leaving behind them their boats and equipment on a deserted sea... Then the update 7.0 occurred this morning 11a.m (EU), following that the community manager @Jatheish tweeted " Been quite a long day for me, so I'm going to get some sleep and will be back at this again in a few hours. Sorry if I'm unable to reply to each tweet/DM/msg...", which is normal given that the staff worked non-stop to get us out 5 Update in less than 3 days and those during the Christmas holidays, but this break left free rein to the monstrosity brought with the patch 7.0 without answers and actions of the staff, the whole community could only be a spectator of the following points: Boats of the army of the damned have spawned everywhere on the map of the most remote islands at the nearest freeport, destroying at arm's length everything that is bigger than a raft (boats on the sea, under construction or even those blocked on the servers down mentioned above (L9 ect) The extreme redesign of the skilltree not giving any chance to the solo players or even to the small group of players I let you express yourself on the solutions to bring, if other concerns appear I will edit the topic Following communuty feedbacks >
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