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  1. Hello! Been a while since I posted here, but after seeing the latest post in Steam about the roadmap post Xbox launch I was excited to see that you guys really seemed to be heading in a positive direction. I've been a big fan of Atlas from the beginning, about the potential that could be found here, and of the Dev team that really seemed to be listening/responding to what the community wanted. But I did have some issues that caused me to lose interest in playing, mainly just the fact that it grew boring and offered little challenge really. I was on the PvE side my last round of Atlas, so removing the PvP aspect does take away from the game a good bit, but I really felt like it didn't have to here. Not with some slight changes that I thought would really help to round the content out. Your road map hit a lot of those things on the head, so I wanted to throw out some ideas that I had spoken of before that were along the same lines, and hopefully see them get added ingame. Ships The ships section of the road map mentioned making it possible for those seeking to "live" aboard their ship, it also mentioned offering more activities at Sea. Both of those are great, and would really drive home the "pirates life" that I think a lot of us were hoping for. But one thing I'd like to add there is customization. The ship system is awesome, and a lot of fun, but in the end building your ship is really just the illusion of customization. In the end, aside from a few wall panels and such, you end up with either an efficient ship or an aesthetic ship. But why not both? Adding to the shipbuilding system would be easy, even just adding a "modules" type of situation where you could customize your ships capability through "installed modules" would make your ship unique. It would add another layer of depth to your ship that would make it stand apart from others of the same class. Modules for the hull, sails, even combat side would offer a world of difference while not requiring any more visual art for it (Although visual art on top would be stellar). Aesthetic customization seems to be coming along nicely, but more would obviously help the ship to feel less like "just another ship", and more like a "home". The other issue is the NPC Crews, obviously, they offer solo players or people with small groups the ability to sail larger ships without having to find actual players to sail with. However, when these groups have a combat Galleon each that they choose to sail rather than sail together it makes the game less fun. There are already boons to sailing together, such as having a player with all the cannoneer skills being able to reload faster. Clearly that hasn't proven valuable enough for players to prefer others over NPCs. Adding in better bonuses or boons to having less ships in a company and more player crew when you leave port would also make a world of difference, in my opinion. This could even be achieved by adding a system that checks how many players are on a ship, and has tiered rewards for meeting a specific amount. 5 players - 5% speed increase 10 players - 5% damage reduction 15 players - 10% increase Cargo Weight Etc etc Offering bonuses for having more player crew on a ship could make it more attractive to play together rather than the meta (when I was still active) of everyone having their own ship to offer more "overall DPS". Exploration The biomes are cool, the different tames and resources available are awesome, how the blueprints force you to gather from different areas is fun, however... I never really enjoyed "exploration". I simply went to a different biome to gather, got the tames I wanted, ran some treasure maps, then left. Despite the world being very pretty, it's not like I would really find anything by searching around. Adding in some form of randomly spawning treasure that offered something of more substance than just gold or blueprints would really make the game more interesting. Similar to the discovery points that allowed you to reach higher levels, but possibly something more "character-specific". Such as learning new engrams, giving crafters more than just "high intelligence" to shoot for. You travel and explore not only to reach a higher character level, but also to unlock engrams only available by "having travelled the world". This also makes crafting more than just "who has the most points into intelligence and some good intel gear"? It gives those focusing on being a crafter a whole new level of gameplay. Crafting Speaking of crafting, I loved what you guys did with BPs here as opposed to Ark, giving them a finite amount of crafts. That was awesome, and really made me interested in wanting to be a crafter. However, I think that side of gameplay could use a little bit more love. What I'd personally like to see is reward for time spent crafting, such as when I've crafted 100 medium hull pieces my base hull piece gets a boost. Maybe it becomes Journeyman, or possibly just has increased stats based on how many times I've crafted that item. This rewards crafters for repeatedly crafting the same thing, so an armorer who has crafted a ton of armor would create at a base level higher than someone who just repec'ed to craft off some BPs. The same for ship builders, weapon smiths, you could even include the architect players making building pieces. This would really help to create a player economy as well, giving crafters a reason to try and create "businesses". This could also be easily nerfed when you added in dying of old age and breeding to create progeny (if that's still a planned thing). When they die, they retain a small percentage of whatever they achieved with their last character, this could even work for the "Fountain of Youth". Sure, you are made young again, but the process also cost some of your "memories/wisdom" that old age brought you. In Summary I'm pretty excited about the roadmap, think you guys have been heading in a great direction for some time, and am looking to come back to Atlas here soon. I hope some of these ideas might spark some interest and grow into something awesome, they are definitely things I thought would add to the gameplay.
  2. Just a bunch of suggestions I've thought of while playing the game. I know you guys are still really early in development and are probably already considering a bunch of stuff, but just thought I'd toss some ideas out there to hopefully help improve the game. Personally, I think Atlas is exemplary in regards to EA status. Delays and bugs are a part of EA, but the quality of the content and the attention paid to the community members has been outstanding, in my opinion. But, if I had to be critical on one aspect, the PvE side is incredibly boring and offers very little challenge. That is honestly what most of these suggestions are based on, my own boredom while playing the game. I do realize though that right now you are basically building the foundation, and that the "meat and potatoes" of the content will come in time. SotD Fleet Event Mark a location on a map with varying colors to indicate difficulty, add a countdown timer to when that event starts. Have the SotD spawn in Waves that increase in difficulty, instantly aggro'ing onto any ship in the area. At the end of the "event", loot is split between everyone within the area. Obviously, these would be more difficult than standard fleets and should require multiple ships. This would be a great way to get people to work together in PvE, and possibly stir up a little trouble in PvP. The loot from these being large in quantity or quality would also make them worthwhile, possibly make them the only way to obtain Legendary+ quality Ship BPs. Change Treasure Maps All the enemies spawning in a very small area is not very challenging. Any Crab can instantly take out a Mastercraft or below solo, and do fine on the higher quality maps. Have them spawn randomly in a certain radius and come at the players in Waves. This could be done in a protective bubble like the Kraken, so as to keep the AotD from wandering off. Obviously, this would have to come with a change to map spawning and location selecting as well, doing a map on top of a mountain in this manner probably wouldn't work well. Just force the maps to spawn their location below a certain height, the ones on top of the mountains are pointless anyway. Again, Crab makes it pointless since they can just jump up anyway. Change Flotsam Sailing around to grapple or jump out of the boat and grab Flotsam is super tedious, especially on PvE where they are practically worthless. Make it so that Ships can simply sail over them to pick them up, the loot going to whoever is on the wheel or something. Anything other than Wood Building Part BPs from the flotsams are completely useless on PvE, so at least if you could run them over it would be a little bit of bonus gold. Player Economy The player economy might be working somewhat on PvP, but realistically there is no reason to trade when I can just get whatever I want myself. The changes to make the game less difficult for solo players really overshot, it's super easy to do anything now. But, there is a simple fix for this. You need more T2 and T3 resources made from the gather-able T1 resources. More diversity and difficulty of acquiring the T2 and T3 resources will help to promote a player economy when people would rather buy than gather on their own. Player Crafting Another way to promote the economy is with Player Crafting, which right now sucks. A simple respec into whatever you need to craft, along with all your points into Intelligence, is pretty much all you need to do to craft whatever. Giving Crafters that have put the time into their trade bonuses would help encourage people into staying in their build, such as "The first 100 Large Speed Sails you craft boosts your knowledge of Large Speed Sails, from now on any Speed Sail you craft will have an extra 1% added to their abilities", or something to that effect. Base Attack Event Something similar to Conan, where every once in awhile a hoard of whatever would attack your base. At the immediate moment, there isn't much of a reason to work together on PvE, you don't have any real fear of being attacked, and once you get tames you don't really care about the wild animals. Make it based off of Power stones, the more a Company or Person has the more often the attacks. It can even be based on the claim flag, once every X amount of hours Army of the Damned show up to "take back the Power stones". This would even add an interesting aspect to PvP, where you might have to fend off attackers and AotD if they happen to coincide. Exploration So boring, and mostly just done by bedding around to spots other Company members have left beds. There is no real point besides simply adding more points to your level, which is super tedious, in my opinion. Exploration adding to your "experience level" should be more about unlocking special things, such as crafting recipes, rather than just increasing your overall level. Ships Ships are the lifeblood of this game, more important than tames and more dynamic than bases, yet they feel incredibly lifeless. They should be more akin to Ships in Eve, having "modules" that allow for unique builds. The actual building limits are also a pain, you either build a ship that is functional and the same as everyone else's, or you build a ship for aesthetic reasons and it's useless. Also, stop forcing us into the build you want us to use. Everything about shipbuilding forces us into putting the Cannons into Gunports, if you are going to force us to build ships a certain way, don't make me waste my time putting it together. Just let me put the mats into the Shipyard and spawn the damn thing. Boss Fights Make them Arena style like Ark and change "Any key working for any Stone". It's just too easy to cheese them in the open world, and ships make it a joke to fight them. Bears with Carts, better weapons / armor, etc etc should be needed to do those fights. They will still get cheese'd, but not nearly as cheesy as right now. This would also add to the necessity of crafting high-end gear on PvE, where it really isn't necessary for anything other than Intel boosting. Mythos Nodes in Trenches Right now the primary method of farming Mythos is just hunting the Bosses, but because people also do those for Keys, they are often over farmed. An alternative method of obtaining mythos would promote the use of the mythical BPs. An easy way to add that is Mythos Nodes in the Trenches, difficult to obtain and mid-late game. The subs also have a low carry weight, so that kinda serves as a barrier against people just farming the crap out of it and obtaining a bunch. Maybe increase the weight of a stack just a bit.
  3. The main problem I'm having is not really people trying to settle so much as trolls just looking for that troll. Sure, I can chase them around and use a pillar to find their foundation locations, but when they are spamming hundreds of them why am I having to chase down every single foundation so that I don't miss one? I feel like island ownership is less of a perk and more of a burden right now, every idiot on a ship that shows up we have to track down and make sure they aren't a troll just being stupid. Most of them won't even communicate with us, even though we greet them nicely and try to establish contact. If they had to be accepted as a Settler, they'd have to contact us, which would help to foster community as the Devs want. As for trolls, if there was an automatic timer that destroyed their building after 12-24 hrs for non-settlers I wouldn't have to worry about it and they'd lose the wind in their sails about wanting to waste their time on something that will be dealt with automatically. I mean, we all know it won't 100% fix the problem, because people are dumb, but I hope that it would make a serious dent in the tickets put in for griefing, on PvE at least. :L
  4. Personally, I enjoy the colonies system, I think it is far better than Empires. However, there needs to be one large change made to it. (I play on PvE) Settlers "Settlers" should have to be accepted by the island owners using a system similar to inviting to a company. This would foster communication and cooperation between island owner and settler, where right now that isn't particularly the case. If they are not accepted as a settler or are just visiting the island, then anything they place should have a 24 hr timer on it that auto decays once the timer has run out. This allows people to still travel and set up temporary outposts / taming pens but nerfs their ability to troll. I've had several Chinese players show up to my small coast and thatch foundation spam me for no reason other than to troll. This would help to nerf griefers with an automated system that doesn't require Moderators to step in. It also prevents ugly trash buildings and keeps the environment more "natural". Anchoring at Foreign Islands Along with the thatch foundation spam I've gotten, multiple ships from individual Chinese players have parked all around my waterfront building preventing me from finishing my small build. They have parked in my shipyards, attempted to block my Galleons in with rafts, and more. Ships anchored at Islands owned by another Company should have to pay a docking fee for being there after X amount of time. If that fee isn't paid then a timer to declaim the ship should start, that way if they never return for their ship (I'm looking at you Rafts and Ramshackle Sloops) the Island Owners can simply claim and demolish the ship, or keep it if they wish. Obviously larger ships would have larger timers, similar to the piracy system of claiming ships now.
  5. That is true, I also didn't factor in higher quality tools or where they should fall in that order of "quality", but I was mostly just thinking of Ark. At some point you barely used tools, everything really came down to Dinos, and the "progression" was there. You spent tons of time hunting high levels, then leveling them or breeding them. You spend way more time dealing with that than what repairing a tool would take, so in the end, I personally think the system here should be the same. If there was one thing that Ark did right, it was progression. You definitely felt like you were advancing and the reward for your efforts was there.
  6. TL;DR Stop making wild changes to tames/gathering and follow a set formula, X (Amount Gathered) / 5 Minutes (Static Amount of Time Spent Gathering) = Gathering Rate Higher Quality "Tools", whether actual tools or tames, should yield higher results over that set amount of time. ------------------------------ So, at this point, I've seen you remove weight reduction, add weight reduction back, change base weight and more to creatures. There is a simple formula that should be used to solve this problem and you just don't seem to be using it. The grind in this game is real, no matter what I want to do, everything comes back to having to gather more resources. You should at least make it so that as I "progress", or move up in "tool quality", that gathering should feel as if it is less of a burden or at least yielding high results for less work. X (Amount Gathered) / 5 Minutes (Static Amount of Time Spent Gathering) = Gathering Rate Time is the constant, so that is what you should base everything off of. Let's take thatch and the recent Giraffe change into account. There are multiple ways to gather thatch, which are, Stone Pick Metal Pick Low-Level Giraffe High-Level Giraffe Bred Giraffe (At a future time) Then let's take into account the time it takes to acquire these things (Generalized numbers), Stone Pick (2 minutes) Metal Pick (5 Minutes) Low-level Giraffe (1 - 3 hours, taking into account having to sail to locations with Giraffes) High-level Giraffe (1 - 5 hours, taking into account having to sail to locations with Giraffes then a "High-level" one spawning) Bred Giraffe (8 - 30+ hours, depending on how you do the breeding system. If you do it same as Ark, time = infinite if someone wanted perfect stats and to keep the line progressing.) Progression should be rewarded, and it just isn't right now. The time spent acquiring these "tools" should be rewarded with higher gathering ability, and the recent Giraffe update just isn't that. Over a constant time span of 5 minutes, gathering rates should progress so that the "higher quality tools" yield higher results. Right now the time spent attacking with the Giraffe, the attack which acquires thatch, the animation is so much slower than the time spent swinging a pick that the yields are ultimately lower, thus defeating the point of spending 3-4 hours acquiring a Giraffe, let alone breeding and so forth. Gathering rates should be akin to, Stone Pick (5 Thatch per second) Metal Pick (8 Thatch per second) Low-level Giraffe (12 Thatch per second) High-level Giraffe (16 Thatch per second) Bred Giraffe (24+ Thatch per second, depending on Melee level) Right now a Low-level Giraffe and a High-level Giraffe really aren't that different. If you are having problems balancing stats between low level tames and "high level" tames, maybe now you'll see why Ark had a level cap of 150 for wilds (Or at least last I played, Atlas has pretty much replaced Ark for me, although it's pretty much just Ark with 30+ minute waiting times that you call "adventure on the high seas", but that's another discussion). It was so there was enough room in there to balance the difference between a level 1 tame and a level 150. So the next time you try to balance gathering, spend 5 minutes on each method and see if there is solid progression there. If you "upgrade your tool" and don't acquire more of the gathered resource than you did previously over 5 minutes with an inferior tool, YOU DIDN'T BALANCE CORRECTLY. THE JUICE NEEDS TO BE WORTH THE SQUEEZE - Alternatively - Why is gathering the only source of income for resources? If you'd cut those god awful Ship of the Damned out and replace them with ships the same as ours the game would be significantly better. - The Pirate Tree would have more relevance on PvE, and be more useful overall, since taking the increased salvaging perks would actually have a use on PvE. Letting us board / capture NPC ships would be legit (Especially if you added rare spawn ships as I mentioned in a previous post). - Diving would be more relevant, if you made recovering the materials from the NPC ships the same process as if a player ship had been sunk. - You would open up a new avenue of acquiring resources, which could balance out the resource cost of sailing ships. - You could add factions that those ships belonged to, allowing players to join those factions and sink enemies of other factions. - On this note you could combine the PvE/PvP servers together, I mean the PvE servers have to be below 3k players on average, why are you paying for so many servers when they are mostly dead? If players had to join factions to open up PvP then everyone could play together and we'd stop having to play in dead worlds. - Also on that note, faction ships could have "trade routes" or "patrol routes" so that you didn't have so many rando Ship of the Damned sailing everywhere, they are just annoying. It isn't an adventure when every five feet is another ship, it's just tedious. They could also sail in fleets of varying sizes, making some more challenging than others. FYI, the "meta" right now for sinking SotD is to just put cannons on the back of your ship and trail them after you so they can't hit you while you fire back at them, boooooorrrrrriiiiiiinnnng. If they sailed in fleets and in patterns, you'd have to deal with ships coming from multiple directions. - The game would have more of a "Pirate" feel to it, right now your pirate game doesn't feel very "Pirate-y", at least not on PvE. (Which I switched to because you won't region lock China and they just drive the ping up so people can't even fight back) - I feel like Factions and this whole section deserves it's own post, so I'm going to go do that now. In summary, Stop making wild changes to tames and gathering, follow a set formula! (Colors added because I saw someone else do it in their post and it looked pretty)
  7. So, I spent about three weeks on PvP, and now about two on PvE. During my 535 hours spent playing, I've made some notes on systems/mechanics that just didn't make sense or were too punishing. Some of these might be more PvE side since that's what I've been playing lately. Honestly, I love the game and would love to see it take on more of an "MMO" aspect because I really think you have a shot at helping start the revolution that would kill Theme Park MMO's, and let's be honest, they need to die. The post title is because at the root of a lot of this, I see you are trying to make things take time, like any MMO would. But the route you have chosen isn't fun, it's punishing. I don't feel a sense of achievement upon completing my goal, I feel a sense of dred towards the next goal because I know it's going to be more of the same thing I just spent forever doing. The summary to most of this is that, "The juice needs to be worth the squeeze", and right now I'm squeezing with barely any results. - Food drain to stamina regen is ridiculous. - Requiring skills to use higher tier items is stupid, considering, - You have to find treasure maps - You have to then go complete the Treasure Maps - You then have to hope you got the right BP of the right quality, most likely you didn't - You then need to grind the materials - You then need to be able to craft the thing - You then need a skill to even use them? Like, bro, we already did a week's worth of work just to be able to make the item. - Too many "gates", this isn't a Korean MMO, keep people engaged with new content and reaching new goals, not stupid shit in the way to prevent them from reaching something "too quickly". - What the hell is with Thatch gathering? It's the only resource that doesn't have a tame equivalent, meaning we spend our stamina to gather it, meaning we have to eat CONSTANTLY to gather large amounts of it. (Like for a Galleon, for example) - Elephants suck, they drain stamina too quickly and their gather rate is butt. Why are Bears so OP and Elephants so UP? They both need better balancing. - Food mechanic is dumb, it's too punishing. When it's easier to avoid a mechanic completely rather than use it, what is the point? - Land claiming system is chaos, break each island down into small claimable grid squares or something. Trying to refresh them, when you can't even find them, is chaos. Hell, trying to even figure out "the line" between your Company and other Company claims is chaos. Completely remove water claims, they are pointless and just serve as an easy way to try to climb the claim leaderboard. - Trying to take claims from others is also chaos, making a central building where you can take over another Company's claims instantly would be far better when trying to take land from a large Company. It would limit the amount of defensive structures built all over the place and centralize the fighting on PvP / make removing dead companies easier on PvE. Make that building also offer additional perks / controls for land claims, such as being able to change settings for all land claims in a server from that building. (Based on the grid claim system I previously mentioned, that would work really well) Just make it take a super long time to claim so that the defending side has ample time to repel invaders. - Ship weights are garbo, I build my transport ships with nothing but a raised platform and a resource chest just because you have the weight set so low. On top of that, even then I have to keep them below half weight so that I can still travel full speed. If the ship has nothing on it, it can't defend itself, so all I can do is run from Ships of the Damned. Also, this makes the ship look dumb as hell. Ever seen a Galleon with nothing but a tall ass podium for a steering wheel? It's stupid looking, and a sad ass example of a Galleon. I want my ship to look like a Pirate Ship, not a Hull and a podium. - Get rid of Ships of the Damned, or at least their character model. They are so out of place in this setting and make zero sense. Kiilling other ships that look like ours and work on the same mechanics, not the ability to just go where ever they want without having to deal with the wind that we have to, would be better. Fighting other "pirate ships" and maybe even be able to claim Rare / Legendary ones that have a low spawn chance would make more sense. It would be super cool to be able to find, fight, and claim rare / legendary ships that have super low spawn rates but custom models. You can even balance them by not allowing building, they are what they are. It's also a pretty "MMO" type feature. - Some of the skills in your skill tree don't even have a function on PvE, such as the time shortening skills for claiming enemy ships. Why can't we claim enemy ships on PvE if we can claim their territory and their buildings? - (This is PvE side specific) Being unable to land on "enemy" ships is stupid, why didn't you just make it so that non-company players don't count toward weight/crew? Just make it so that they also can't access Cannons and what are they going to do, shoot pistols at SotD? It's not like they would have much of a use, and then they couldn't destroy ships by adding too many crew. Most people ignore your food mechanic, and even climate mechanics, they just use beds to keep respawning. So at worst, we'd be able to ferry people around, and at best we'd be able to not lose all our stuff because we accidentally ended up on an enemy ship / we'd be able to explore other people's ships. Showing off our ships is half the fun of building them. - Don't require points into being able to use items, require finding and using skill books to learn the ability to craft higher tier items. Give crafters more depth and provide another means of trade. - Break the skill tree down into divisions based on playstyle, not by category. Have fighters go down a skill tree for fighter related things, sailors/captains for the same, and so on. Try a "web" skill tree, not a "multiple tabs" skill tree. It would feel more "MMO" and be easier to plan out builds. Right now you have to use an external site for looking up where certain skills are and such, it's annoying. - Add a way to "stow" or "tie down" tames on ships, making them static structures on a ship like a wood ceiling would be. Travelling through servers with them causes desync that makes it impossible to get by them on even a Brig. When I'm taking fire and need to repair but can't because my Elephant is bugging out it really isn't a fun time. - Region lock China / give them their own server. I stopped playing PvP because they drove the ping up so high I couldn't even reload a pistol let alone fight back, and what is worse is that they do it on purpose. PvE is barely any better, there are certain servers I have to avoid completely because they drive the ping up so high by just living there that I can't even safely travel through the zone. Yes, they are paying customers and you want money, I get it. No, as a paying customer I don't want to have a game I can't fully access because of that fact. They need their own server and we need our American server region locked. Yeah, yeah, VPNs and all that. Great, the lag will be on their end and not the servers.
  8. I say "obvious" because these are all ideas based on mechanics from other games, so they really aren't anything special. However, I know when working on a project close up it can be hard to take a step back and think outside the box, so just thought I'd toss em out there to maybe help influence the direction of the game. At the moment my biggest gripe is that I can't build a pretty town but still be a pirate at the same time, I'd really like to see PvE and PvP brought together somehow, and with more than just the Company Warfare. A PvE+PvP Server A server that offers both PvE and PvP, but not just Company Warfare, open world PvP. Using something like Zones from other games, have areas around Freeports as green zones, or safe areas. The areas in between the Freeports would be red zones, where open world PvP is available. It would be cool if you added something in like a "Royal Fleet" or something, that would travel around the map and make the red zones safe for a while. Town Claims The current claiming system is kinda shitty, people just run around placing them all over the place. It would be cool if you had a "Town Claim" that you could craft that would establish a Town, which would be a little more difficult to take over. Maybe have a central spot they have to hold or something, like a "Mayor Table" or something. To place the Town Claim you could make it so that a Company had to already control a large enough area for the Town Claim to fit. With Towns, you could even give Mayors certain options for controlling their area. I know you have the tax thing in place right now, but I don't feel like that is really going to be much use in PvP servers since they just run everybody off all the time and kill on sight. A system like this might make interaction with others a little more likely. Factions Factions might be another possible way to incorporate PvP into the PvE servers, but making it completely optional. The thing that I like about the PvE servers is that I can build an aesthetically pleasing town and not have to worry that it isn't built for PvP, but on the other hand, I also never get the chance to be a pirate in a PvE server with how it's currently set up. If we had Factions then I could have the best of both. Play Styles I've seen a few people complaining that they don't want to build ships or bases, they just want to be pirates. Well with the current setup of Freeports you can only get the raft and from there you are just another player that needs to build a base. This is supposed to be an MMO, according to your description of the game, so why not offer more styles of gameplay other than just "build all the stuff". Taking from the Towns idea above, players could sell ships, or you could earn "Faction Points" that would let you purchase "Faction Ships", or you could just offer other ways to acquire ships from Town. But it feels like you are going for a purely player based kind of economy, so players selling ships from towns seems like the obvious choice. Mostly this suggestions is about, Is this just another Ark game or are you really trying to build a new generation of MMO? Because if so, you need more than just "gather, build, protect, destroy". Freeports Do more with Freeports, if they are just meant to be starting zones then eventually they are going to be empty or low population, why continue to pay for 7+ servers to run if they have minimal use? You could place Factions Reps there, Quest givers, or even allow Companies to take them over and receive something for it. It seems like territory control is a major element of this game, but the juice has to be worth the squeeze, so make taking Freeports really difficult but worth an entire region rather than just one grid or something.
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