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  1. The game was hard for me too when I started. I never played Ark or any type of survival game. Once I started playing with more experienced Ark players, and learning the ropes - the game becomes a LOT of fun. But yes, it seems like you have an issue with your PC or settings. Get that fixed, and then if you need someone to help you get started (EU PVP), message me on Discord.
  2. If you were on the PvP server. You could just kill him.
  3. Is every post you make wrong, and rude? The real question here is why did the guy not get an email, or a message explaining what lead to his ban? Wrongful punishments happen. Without at least a forum PM explaining what he was banned for, how is he supposed to correct the behavior or defend himself? Apex Legends went through this same problem a couple months ago: They banned a bunch of people who paid with pre-paid cards that had turned out to be stolen, and sold to the user without their knowledge. Pretty simple fix, right? Well - with no way of knowing why they were banned, and no system in place to even attempt to explain themselves or rectify the situation, people were just left banned in limbo. And, with a game like this, who has developers who are (no offense intended) frequently prone to making colossal mistakes... is it out of the realm of possibility that they banned someone accidentally? Give the guy a chance or at least tell him why.
  4. Except they never turn back. 99% of the battles at sea in this game are people desperately running away, throwing everything overboard, and sitting behind mortars/cannons on land if they can.
  5. A Schooner sinks faster than a Brig. 3 planks missing will sink a Schooner rapidly - I believe it's considered "Critical Damage". It requires 4 planks missing for a Brig to suffer the same rapid demise. This is all from experience, and I too, wish there were better patch notes.
  6. Some of us have to work weekends. Doctors, nurses, cops, firefighters, etc. Why not just increase total gathering and XP rates by 20% across every day, instead of singling out the weekends?
  7. PvP server? Do you like owning and keeping your ships? Invest in an island. Do you want to just farm and play with tames on land? Go to lawless.
  8. The animal stalls are needed. We lost a vital animal last night when it *vanished* mid transport across the ocean. The stall could make it so the NPC's are fixed and won't fall off, and maybe reduce weight on the animal as well.
  9. Posted this in another thread, but the SHARK spawn rate and their ferocity seems way UP. Maybe they're trying to shift focus from land threats to sea threats? Patch notes on this would be nice.
  10. Are you kidding me. It's already very hard to catch people at sea without them immediately running to a cannon tower or mortars. Game needs more ocean, not more land/animals/farming.
  11. A real example would be the multiple changes they have made to shark NPC's. At first they buffed shark HP, then they buffed the agro radius, and now they have seemingly buffed the spawn rate and density.. so if you even touch the water multiple sharks are chomping on you. It's definitely an interesting change, and adds another layer to being in the ocean, but it would have been nice to know what the hell was going on.
  12. Game has a lot of problems, but there is *something* there. People are still playing it, and it has a large viewership on Twitch. The developers don't seem to be interested in listening to the players though: -Nerf tames all around -Do something about cheaters/hackers -Improve melee and "infantry" combat in general -Revert the ridiculous "NPC's on cannons/swivels/sails are immune to damage" change
  13. Some scrub companies tried to sink our Brig at sea, with 3 Brigs and a Schooner. We sent a 2nd Brig, and sent sent them all to the icy depths. Enjoy. We are always looking for more people to play with. If you enjoy ship PvP, and not being a farm slave for mega companies or off-lining ships, hit me up on discord. We are always down to bang. We don't care who the enemy is. Discord is Dulu#5759
  14. Well, I'm all for nerfing animals into the ground... but even in it's current state, upgraded tools have their uses. Pickaxes are great for harvesting meat and oil. Hatchets for hide. (Is there an animal that can do this better?) Sickles have their uses in PvP. (Breaking grapples, doors, etc.)
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