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  1. Captain Stabbin

    steam single player crash

    Try running the game single player on low memory mode.
  2. Captain Stabbin

    Oh Atlas, my dear joy, where have you gone

    Yeah when a game becomes a job, it’s time to move on.
  3. Captain Stabbin

    Are you sure there is enough sharks in the sea?

    Oh yeah well when game first released they attacked your ship too! Try that on for size!
  4. Captain Stabbin

    All company anchored ships gone

    Wow now that sucks. write a ticket to appeal so you can get a better explaination!
  5. Captain Stabbin

    Is single player lawless?

    Currently there is no reason to place a claim flag. Once they implement the NPC pirate bases that will have to change!
  6. Captain Stabbin

    Any advice on surviving a heatwave?

    I use the dive suit and go very deep. Dive suit gives 132% protection against elements!
  7. Captain Stabbin

    Single player mods

    Yep this happened to me also. I had to remove some of the mods to make it stop.
  8. Captain Stabbin

    Anymore Confused???

    Bad decisions keep being made in regards to fixing spam and claims! The original system had its problems but made much more sense. Sometimes you have to revert back to the old when you realize the new idea didn’t quite work out...like when they tried to remake Coca Cola and then made it back to the original!
  9. Captain Stabbin

    Unable to respawn on ship in SP

    I have not encountered that one yet but..... hit it the tilde key type cheat fly and get back to your ship....enjoy! oh and type cheat walk to take fly off.
  10. Captain Stabbin

    Single player mods

    Total ships is incredible!
  11. Captain Stabbin

    Aww C'mon Devs..

    Outstanding change!
  12. Captain Stabbin

    Changes to AOD mean solo players must engage in taming

    PvP will always be the deciding factor in any “MMO” unfortunately. very few games out there just make changes for one side alone.
  13. Captain Stabbin

    About losing your ship

    No, just no!
  14. Captain Stabbin

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    Not sure how long you have played games like this but keep telling yourself this at least it’s a positive outlook!
  15. Captain Stabbin

    So what did you accomplish over 4x?

    Lots of resource gathering!