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  1. trust me when i say when game released it was deadly , then the players cried and the dangerous spawns were nerfed , the players cried more, then the amount of spawns were reduced ,now we have a snooze fest boring trot around with no danger at all
  2. UDO


    u need the self heal skill and need to be standing still and not have sprint toggled on and use right mouse on pc , xbox dont know ,
  3. UDO

    why limit map markers

    seems there is a max of 4 for some odd reason , anything after that doesnt save when logging out ,
  4. in a game of this scope why are the map markers that we can create limited , i would like to be able to place as many map markers on my maps as i please , is this something that will eventually get fixed/added looked at?
  5. UDO

    Atlas wiki improvements

    if its just resources that players need then i would recommend https://exploreatlas.co.uk/ regular updates , tamng calculators etc really good site,
  6. UDO

    Atlas wiki improvements

    here's a crazy idea , why don't you add things that you find/discover as well , updating the wiki is voluntary and open for any anyone to do .... sorry for the abrasive reply but demanding others update the wiki so you don't have to go explore or find out for yourself comes off as a little lazy , go explore have fun find things out for yourself , which is kind of the point of survival exploration games
  7. UDO

    Q about building a Schooner

    yes it does 28 planks to cover the boat shell (sheath the boat ) it also details all the materials needed try again reading the link also wtf does sheath a ship mean ? try again in proper english and the only kid here is you throwing about insults because your post isnt in correct english or descriptive enough , u not gonna get much help here throwing insults around to people that try to help , editing to this english definition of sheath noun noun: sheath; plural noun: sheaths a close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword. Similar: scabbard case a structure in living tissue which closely envelops another. "the fatty sheath around nerve fibres" Similar: covering cover case casing envelope sleeve wrapper tunica capsule fascia neurilemma epimysium perimysium perineurium sarcolemma coleoptile coleorhiza ochrea a protective covering around an electric cable. a woman's close-fitting dress. noun: sheath dress; plural noun: sheath dresses BRITISH a condom.
  8. UDO

    Refund if possible

    max lvl is'nt 50 , go out explore for discovery points unlock more lvls as u gain discovery points , but again if u do'nt like it , u don't like it atlas is'nt for everyone ,
  9. UDO

    Q about building a Schooner

  10. UDO

    Huge amount of animals/creatures

    try again in g5 hardly anything few giraffes here and there , ive seen 2 wolfs , 2 crocs , 1 ostridge 2 horses and 3 rhinos n 2 days , hardly any fish struggling to keep blue vitamin stat going and no cows before u say anything , these nerfs that happened along time ago to wildlife spawns really did kill the sense of the world being alive and dangerous we certainly dont want spawns reduced any more than they already are , but of course it wont happen as xbox crowd are in the same game and their peasant machines wont cope with too much going on ,
  11. UDO

    Can I evict tenants

    it was one of the things that had a lot of issues on pve when first introduced , landlords wanting to kick off players that were building , the system u see now was a replacment for flag spam that stopped a huge amount of the player base from playing in theh early days , this new system was implemented to combat this , so u can see why when some one posts a title saying can i evict tenants from MY island then of course your going to get an abrasive answer from pc players that have been around since launch and seen all these threads before and all the issues that were prevalent when it was introduced ,
  12. UDO

    Can I evict tenants

    only for first 24 hrs after that they are there to stay , lets not start this shit all over again , its not your island you are just the landlord , anyone can build anywhere on any island. while they are there farming u gain resources via what ever tax rate u set , it is also a cheaper gold cost per cycle for every tenant you have on the island , very beneficial to you especially if they are active , side note be careful pissing players off by removing their items they may just keep spamming you wont be able to remove all the spam , piss them off at your peril
  13. UDO


    EU PVE not hat for me have played since release , been through all wipes , no hat showing up
  14. UDO

    Can't progress at all. Stuck at lvl 6.

    highest lvl in freeport is lvl 8 , u then have to move out of freeport , failing that read jats reply , its that simple
  15. UDO

    WPE encampments x4 in same place

    so u used cheat commands instead of being properly prepared , nice story ....or is there more to your very vague post ?