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  1. UDO

    Increase sailing speed

    there is zero skill involved when sailing in this game , drop sails ,turn sails for best wind and go ,turn to avoid sotd if u meet any on your journey , thats the extent of sailing in this game ,
  2. this strikes me as an attempt by devs to limit tames players have , as u have too many u wont be riding them all all the time if at all, so they become claimable , silly mechanic and needs changing fast as at the moment a lot of player will need to fully enclose there animals so players cant climb over pens and claim what they can , also how do we stop cows being claimable ? what happens if u manage to hide on a ship while over weighted then owners lifts anchor boat sinks he cant or doesnt find u in time ?
  3. UDO

    Foundation spam and creature block

    looking at the screenshots u think what u have done is acceptable adult behavior ?, i have to agree with william on this one i hope the devs do take action for this one and do a complete wipe which as we all know will probably happen as what u have done is against the code of conduct , , there is no reason for that amount of foundation spam and to block others from being able to build / expand their already established base ,
  4. UDO

    Ship crew

    i had to place the larder near top deck in middle of ship for al the crew to be affected by just the one larder , it is possible just need to find the sweet spot
  5. u are too blind to the game mechanics , the more settlers u have the more resources u gain , or are u one of those island owners that dont allow settlers , u gain 20%(or whatever u set your tax rate too ) of everything famed on your island , so the more settlers u have farming the more u gain in resources , dont try to make out u dont , the system at the moment wasnt designed for pve so unlike pvp where u get protection from the island owners there are no benefits at all tenants in pve .. u get 20% of all treasure maps farmed on your island u get 20 % of all resources farmed on your island, and all u have to do it farm an additonal bit of gold over what a normal pve player does ,
  6. UDO

    speculations Mega Update 3

    u know they are going too
  7. shameless bumping , please dev increase the reversing speed to at least 3-4 times the speed it is now , on another note is it actually working as my new brig doesnt seem able to go backwards ?
  8. UDO


    and the ability to cool the area and u can drink it as well , the ice box is useful for breeding if u need to cool the area down , not all just for the preserving qualitys
  9. UDO


    doesnt work if u have salt in the bags , cant have 2 effects , ice is 80 plus days spil timer on cooked foods
  10. UDO

    SUGGESTION eta marker

    true , maybe something they could add nearer release when hopefully they have everything optimised and working great , on the other side of the coin if they keep going the way they are and losing so many players it wont be an issue as there wont be many ships sailing about
  11. more tames? i guess the small player base that remains is asking for more tames , if they are can someone point me to the correct thread please ,
  12. UDO

    SUGGESTION eta marker

    omg do u not read and understand ,as u slow down , or speed up or the wind changes or u take a detour , or even stop ,so will the eta , same as car sat navs , u stop or take detours the eta adjusts , and eta is ESTIMATED time of arrival , verb /ˈɛstɪmeɪt/ 1. roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of. "the aim is to estimate the effects of macroeconomic policy on the economy" synonyms: roughly calculate, approximate, make an estimate of, guess, evaluate, judge, gauge, reckon, rate, appraise, form an opinion of, form an impression of, get the measure of, determine, weigh up; More
  13. UDO

    SUGGESTION eta marker

    the eta would take all those into consideration as u sail and would change accordingly , it would give u a rough eta then as u sail adjust to suit conditions ,
  14. silly idea i came up with when sailing about this morning , how about adding a marker that we can place on the atlas map that shows the eta , this would help plan your game time better as you would know to allocate X amount of time to reach your intended destination , handy imo for those resource runs to multiple place ,