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  1. this isnt ark , and i along with many others want the focus to shift towards human like npc doing the farming and fighting not tames,so kibble wont be needed p.s celery is a favorite last ages in troughs
  2. i havnt logged in yet im worried now
  3. i ageee with none of the above except for lighthouse
  4. msg them again not just here but twitter as well
  5. same issue for all landowners u want to own the island u have to be active , the system works well for pve u just have to be ,as a landowner a lot more proactive with managing your islands , arrange a rota with your other company members so that you at least can patrol the island once per day between yourselves to ensure you keep it spam free , don't blame the systems in place for your lack of understanding of them or inability to organise how to make them work for you , if they are not actaully spamming and are building a perfectly legitimate structure then the devs are unlikely to do anything , whereas if you are blocking them with pillars etc , it could be you that gets structures removed ,
  6. al ship shave decay timers , if they are still there after a couple of weeks then the owner may be using it to fast travel , so may not technically be abandoned
  7. the most grids you will ever travel is 7 in any direction , if you have traveled 14 grids then are doing it wrong u appear on the opposite side of map if you go to edges , so it will alwatyys be only 7 grids travel no matter where u start or want to go
  8. the whole island ownership was designed for companys to manage the island and keep it clean , if you have played as much as you say , then you would be able to at least once per day check around your island and clean anything you dont like , fast mount ostridge or horse you would cover the island in less than hour , easier/less time if you are not playing as solo company as your company mates can help , the rules of ownership and demolish times don't need changing because island owners cannot be bothered to enforce or check daily for spam , if you dont like the rules set by devs dont own an island , see what i did there ,
  9. then u havnt played long , im sorry but it will never be a thing in pve , u want ability to demolish other players structures , spam etc go pvp
  10. the ability to wipe anything at anytime for landowners will never be a thing on pve , due to griefing potential , people dont play pve to have the risk of their work being demoed by a landowner that woke up in a bad mood one day , if u dont want players spamming traps why not as a landowner make a load at various areas for public use ? with signs at beaches to state they are unlocked and where they are ?
  11. on all of the ruins , go to any of them , this was changed a long time ago
  12. are u on pvp or pve ? if pvp grow a pair and raid someone , if pve just build anywhere u want , nothing to stop you , saying there isnt any land available is just plain wrong ,
  13. UDO


    which would make sense if it didnt start as a simple card game , its wasnt until the 18th century (as first recorded as per wiki information) that the first fortune telling tarot cards were made
  14. it's surprising how much more sea traveling you do when map is covered and u havent explored areas and cant see until you do ,
  15. UDO


    as per my previous reply we had this same shit post by another when the game released , people just can't seem to separate make believe and fantasy from the real world anymore , using the race cards each and every time to justify themselves trying to drag it into gaming which is all make believe
  16. UDO


    omg not this romany crap again, this happened earlier in the year with a similar thread and that didnt go well for the op then either , heres a great tip , IT'S A GAME U MISSED A FEW YEARS , 1502: Louis XII expels the Romanies from France. 1512: Romani recorded in Sweden.[1] 1526: Henry VIII expels the Romanies from England. Romanies caught entering England are to be punished with death. 1530: Egyptians Act 1530 passed in England. 1536: Anti-Romani laws passed in Denmark. 1538: Portugal expels Romanies to Brazil. 1540: Anti-Romani laws passed in Flanders. 1541: Anti-Romani laws passed in Scotland. 1549: Anti-Romani laws passed in Bohemia. 1557: Anti-Romani laws passed in Poland and Lithuania. 1560: In Sweden, the Lutheran Church forbids any priests to baptize, marry or bury Romani.[1] 1563: Romanies are denied entrance into the priesthood by the Council of Trent. 1571: Sweden: The act of 1560 are retracted and the church are permitted to baptize, marry and bury Romani.[1] 1578: The King of Sweden attempt to expel the Romani by threatening them with forced labor in Sala silver mine.[1] 1589: Denmark imposes a death sentence on any Romani caught in the country. 1595: Ştefan Răzvan, son of a Romani immigrant from the Ottoman Empire, rules Moldavia for four months. 1619: Philip III of Spain orders all Romanies to settle down and abandon their traditional lifestyle and culture. Failure to do so is punishable by death. 1637: Anti-Romani laws passed in Sweden: all adult Romani men are sentenced to death, while women and children are to be expelled.[1] 1740-1789: In the Habsburg Monarchy under Maria Theresa (1740–1780), a series of decrees tried to force the Romanies to permanently settle, removed rights to horse and wagon ownership (1754), renamed them as "New Citizens" and forced Romani boys into military service if they had no trade (1761), forced them to register with the local authorities (1767), and prohibited marriage between Romanies (1773). Her successor Josef II prohibited the wearing of traditional Romani clothing and the use of the Romani language, punishable by flogging.[2] 1748: Romani are officially permitted to reside and live in Sweden.[1] 1936-1945: Nazis begin systematic persecution of Romanies, that culminated in the killing of 500,000 to 1,500,000 Romanies in what is called Porajmos, the Romani Holocaust. 2006: University of Manchester completes its "Romani project", the first morphological study aiming to collect all the dialects of Romani language throughout Europe and dealing with their coherency. [1] 2006: The first entirely Romani party is founded in Hungary, called the "MCF Roma összefogás" (MCF Union of the Roma), although they managed only 0.08% of total votes at the parliamentary elections held on April 9, 2006. [2][permanent dead link] 2010: In July 2010, French President Nicolas Sarkozy began a systematic deportation campaign against the Romani. His targets were Romanian and Bulgarian Roma. Critics of the Sarkozy administration consider the deportations as a diversionary tactic to reduce attention on threats to French social benefits. The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination expressed concern the deportations are evidence of growing racism and xenophobia in France. 2011: On September 1, 2011, a Romani academy of arts and sciences was founded in Belgrade to promote, organize, and disseminate research into Romani culture, language, and history. The academy has 21 regular members, including prominent Romani academics and public figures from 11 European countries, India, and the United States. There are 13 honorary members, which have included former Czech President Václav Havel. The academy was co-founded by Rajko Đurić, a Serbian Romani writer and academic who is also its first president, and received initial supporting funds from the German Heinrich Böll Foundation. [3] 2012: On October 24, 2012, after many years of delays and disputes over cost and design, Angela Merkel unveils the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma victims of National Socialism in Berlin.
  17. love this answer , awaiting a reply from realist his adventure for those that dont know , was to begin with nothing but obtaining discovery points ,
  18. that not entirely true , the only whining was after the change , the only fog of war whining was related to fps drops for a small minority of players , i for one want it back on official servers ,
  19. no u need to farm the wild variety of foods to gain the seeds needed to grow the correct ones, to then use in food recipes and taming
  20. trust me when i say when game released it was deadly , then the players cried and the dangerous spawns were nerfed , the players cried more, then the amount of spawns were reduced ,now we have a snooze fest boring trot around with no danger at all
  21. u need the self heal skill and need to be standing still and not have sprint toggled on and use right mouse on pc , xbox dont know ,
  22. seems there is a max of 4 for some odd reason , anything after that doesnt save when logging out ,
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