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  1. UDO

    Safe havens and companies.

    nice thread lets hope that other follow suit
  2. UDO

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    i cannot wait for monday evening if this changes isn't removed asap got to be the first island raze by then ?
  3. UDO

    Anymore Confused???

    they had better hurry up and take it back out or by monday evening there will be a lot of pissed players
  4. wow what are the devs of this game trying to do to their game , this has to the most ridiculous idea ever implemented in a survival pve game mode ever , please @Dollie @Jatheish where did this idea come from , and how did you think it was a good one ? adding to this since the point change the island i decided to settle on has had 3 owners so im going to go out on a limb and say next owners WILL raze the island , everything i and others built up will be gone
  5. logged in today to see galleon / and 2 brigs gone , why do ships decay if we dont raise the anchor ?i know its a known mechanic but what is the actual time scale , tames don't go poof if we render them , buildings don't go poof , so why do ships ? ships that have items , crew, resources, on them ,? devs this needs to change , this affects smaller companies that don't use all their ships all the time , each of my 4 ships have(or should i say had ) their own uses with different skill points assigned , just because i don't use them all the time they should not be disappearing along with everything that was on them ,
  6. UDO

    stupid ship decay mechanics ,

    u didnt read my post then ? try again , for the entire ship along with all contents , is a bit too hars , 3 ships gone galleon for farming runs , brig for sotd hunting and mobile base brig, all gone because i didnt what ? raise the anchor , sail them enough , board them enough , despite playing the game at least daily / every other day
  7. this is why the flag claim didnt work when there were no limits , landowners wont allow anyone to build if you suggestion was implemnted , why should someone who landed at an island decided who can settle there we all paid the same , we all play the same hame , we just slept or worked at different times and now another players decides for us where we can make bases , dont think so ...
  8. if they implement the fast decay , what are they putting in place to stop other pve players walling in others bases ?
  9. agan READ WHAT IS WRITTEN the system needs to come back with i will put it in capitals again LIMITS PER PLAYER OR COMPANY , nothing could have been simpler , flags for no build zones by others , anywhere not flagged can be built on like now ,but with faster decay unless repaired , or visited yes true , i still maintain along wioth others the old system with a limit to flags per player or company was the best solution ,
  10. stupid idea by stupid people , the game can work for pve old claim system with flag limit per company or player , nothing could be more simple ,,,,no more sinlge players taking over en tire islands and having to think about how they use their LIMITED FLAGS,not the word LIMITED as in not many , as in to few to allow spamming of said flags ,
  11. if this goes live then there needs to be a very very large increase in the no build radius around bases , or welcome to the walled in bases era .............................
  12. UDO

    Fog of War OPTION PLEASE!!

    its on in single players , i dont understand why the devs dont just turn in back on for Mulitplayer its a very heavily requested feature
  13. UDO

    Foundation & Pillar spamming

    doubt it will bother me i dont have one base i will repeat u are part of the problem u offer nothing in the way of a solution to the pillar spam issues that plagued ark and now atlas the claim flags they had worked just the fact that u had unlimited broke the system , they need to come back with limits
  14. UDO

    Seriously Devs!!!

    i dont have the best machine on the market but it is a higher spec than your average pc gamer 2080 ti, i9 , m2 drives for os and games , ssd for everything else , , i can run games in 4k and get 60 fps plus but not in every area , not with 100% consistency it does depending on where i am how many other players , what's built etc i do drop to low 30;s ,but damn do games look good
  15. UDO

    Seriously Devs!!!

    try buying 2 or 3 2080 ti (currently top card on market) for less than $4000 so that blows your theory right out window about sli ing top video cards , and then adding the rest (cpu , mboard, memory, hdd , ) to even push the cards to their max performance for less than 5k , you are talking bullshit , your system runs any new games at best on low to medium setting , with sub par frame rates , and you know it ,unless you can post us a video of your pc running atlas/ark/ max settings at a good resolution u are talking rubbish , u need high end expensive machines to run true 4k at 60fps , this is why people who can will spend upwards of $5000 for their pcs they want to play games and have them looking their best , not looking like something from 20 years ago Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz 15,961 Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz 12,033 Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz 11,171 Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00GHz 11,108 Intel Core i7-4770K @ 3.50GHz 10,075 Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz 9,987 Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz 9,280 AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core 8,951 Intel Core i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz 7,176 AMD FX-6300 Six-Core 6,387 Intel Pentium G4620 @ 3.70GHz 5,210 PassMark Software © 2008-2019
  16. UDO

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    if u read the notes the only way the silos would work on lawless was to have claim points enabled , nothing to do with claim changes incoming ....
  17. UDO

    Foundation & Pillar spamming

    same old crap you post whenever someone mentions the pillar foundation spam , get a new line , you are part of the problem ,
  18. the shit hole that is your jumped up oh so important countries best ally , as it happens ,
  19. yeah lets add a single countries specific celebration into the game , why? ( sarcastic voice on ) just another way to make the oh so great USA feel great about itself ?
  20. UDO

    about the new update

    no it wasnt , the DEMAND as u put it was for a island wide way for settlers to feed their crew ,and pay their crews , not for the island owners to feed and pay them , the devs really are clueless at the moment , no island owner is going to feed and pay every settlers and their own crews ,
  21. UDO

    Single Player very Good !!!

    and so far none have attacked me ,
  22. UDO

    Fixing foundation spam

    i did say exactly what i wanted to , i agreed with him short timers for small amounts of structures ,and then i stated " why should small structures stay for weeks" still with me or are u confused ?, you then started spouting about how you didnt say weeks , "Who said weeks? He said 4 hours.. I said no chance.. I didn't say weeks." nowhere in my reply did i say anything about or quote you as saying weeks , Really cannot see why you are confused and unable to comprehend simple simple threads , as all your replies lately you have been cherry picking what you want out of peoples replies and twisting them to suit your very one sided blinkered views ,
  23. UDO

    Fixing foundation spam

    u really need to learn to read noone has said anything about weeks , my reply stated why should silly little 4x4 with a bed and smith and one box be allowed to sit there for weeks at a time ? i have made it bigger for you to reread ... 4 hours is good for small TEMPORARY structures