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  1. UDO

    Huge amount of animals/creatures

    try again in g5 hardly anything few giraffes here and there , ive seen 2 wolfs , 2 crocs , 1 ostridge 2 horses and 3 rhinos n 2 days , hardly any fish struggling to keep blue vitamin stat going and no cows before u say anything , these nerfs that happened along time ago to wildlife spawns really did kill the sense of the world being alive and dangerous we certainly dont want spawns reduced any more than they already are , but of course it wont happen as xbox crowd are in the same game and their peasant machines wont cope with too much going on ,
  2. UDO

    Can I evict tenants

    it was one of the things that had a lot of issues on pve when first introduced , landlords wanting to kick off players that were building , the system u see now was a replacment for flag spam that stopped a huge amount of the player base from playing in theh early days , this new system was implemented to combat this , so u can see why when some one posts a title saying can i evict tenants from MY island then of course your going to get an abrasive answer from pc players that have been around since launch and seen all these threads before and all the issues that were prevalent when it was introduced ,
  3. UDO

    Can I evict tenants

    only for first 24 hrs after that they are there to stay , lets not start this shit all over again , its not your island you are just the landlord , anyone can build anywhere on any island. while they are there farming u gain resources via what ever tax rate u set , it is also a cheaper gold cost per cycle for every tenant you have on the island , very beneficial to you especially if they are active , side note be careful pissing players off by removing their items they may just keep spamming you wont be able to remove all the spam , piss them off at your peril
  4. UDO


    EU PVE not hat for me have played since release , been through all wipes , no hat showing up
  5. UDO

    Can't progress at all. Stuck at lvl 6.

    highest lvl in freeport is lvl 8 , u then have to move out of freeport , failing that read jats reply , its that simple
  6. why are the timers on claims shorter then the 10 day for buildings ? i go on holiday come back tames claimed , now the players that claimed them are refreshing timers so i cant get them back ,even though there is no way for them to get the tames out they are just doing it now out of spite the timers in this game need to have some consistency across the board starting with tames being same as the structures ,
  7. UDO

    WPE encampments x4 in same place

    so u used cheat commands instead of being properly prepared , nice story ....or is there more to your very vague post ?
  8. this is so true , the idea of holidays is to be away relaxing enjoying REAL LIFE not make believe ,
  9. UDO

    So just to make it 100% clear

    correct and it's a totally retarded way to wipe , why is na pvp being brought back up immediatly , does it matter that xbobs cant start on same day ? if you the devs are not ready for xplay then don't wipe yet make sure everything is fully ready for all players to start at same time ,
  10. i have fully enclosed it yet the timers resetting , which is odd , still wipe coming so non issue for now but needs looking at later by devsD
  11. the most annoying part is they cant get them out yet keep resettting timers , so they will just starve and die so noone gets them ,
  12. UDO

    Who is having the longest.....?

    as i spend most of my day at a pc at work its not unusual , 5 posts over a 10 hrs day - 1 post per 2 hrs(most post made at game release ) , not really lot of time compared to wasting almost 1/2 a day every day of their life on a game , and that they are proud enough to post it on the forums
  13. UDO

    Who is having the longest.....?

    we know someone who doesn't work , 11 hours a day since release and you are proud of that ?
  14. UDO

    Atlas - MMO I will miss you

    that might be the case but i say again what has single player got to do with the giant online MMO they sold us all , yourself included ,show me any mention of single player when the game was announced .
  15. UDO

    Atlas - MMO I will miss you

    on a map that is not meant to be officiallly supported ? they need to stop wasting time on single player and start focusing on the game they advertised , the online mmo , there has been little to no additions of worth to the main game for a long time now , nothing that is worth the title of A MEGA UPDATE, all we have had is fluff and silly tames , they are concentrating on the console release to try one last cash grab and if it fails there the id guess all we will ever see for the next 18months of development is small qol and fluff updates , while they start work on their next title . i wanted this game to succeed but unlike when they developed ark they seem to have no idea where they want to go with this game or even how to implement it .
  16. UDO

    Yep, underwater caves

    no they need to add ability to build underwater bases , just anywhere in any grid without the no build affecting anything built on land and height restrictions (for obvious greifing reasons) and add caves for exploring with rare resources and hard to kill underwater non tamable beasties
  17. UDO

    Blackwood Bug list

    sotd spawning outside border , and don't appear to be able to cross into main area trees floating above sea approx middle of map
  18. UDO

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    border of the grid stops well short of what is shown on the map , sotd spawning stuck behind the barriers ,is this because the barrier doesnt extend to map edge and therefore leaves too much space for them to spawn and then being a single grid they have noone where to go , random trees floating above the ocean , still no flotsams ,or wrecks
  19. UDO

    Sharks - why only 1 species

    which was a very odd choice from the devs , BUT cats so it is all good
  20. UDO

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    one of the islands u cant even sail a boat away from the beach , a huge swathe of area is too shallow had to swim about for ages to find a deep enough area that was at least 200 meters out , great map sotd not attacking or chasing , might not have sailed enough yet no flotsams , no wrecks ,
  21. they have still used resources we paid for to add it , more single player content why ? @devs how about working on the game you sold us .. u know the giant online MMO world ?
  22. UDO

    Hey DEV's where you at?

    releasing iso blackwood for you to play single player ,in an mmo
  23. UDO

    New Players