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  1. Well atleast it's just not me. My pc the textures look just fine. Get on my series x and looks nasty.
  2. Did they reduce the graphics quality on console users? I used to play about a year ago and now the textures look cartoonish or not fully loaded in. Im on a series X and i remember them being better looking with more detail.
  3. Anyone else having a issue with whales not rendering until your on top of them? Sunk my whaler looking for one last night. Did not see it just damage numbers then ship sank. Came back to salvage and seen the whale few hundred yards off.
  4. How does contesting work? We placed our flag down minutes before a rival company and claimed the island. They are now contesting. Do we have to sit by our flag like they do to keep the timer haulted?
  5. It's happening to our company too. We've tamed plenty of elephants but here lately we tried to tame a few higher levels and we've tried the right side by the ear/ face. Near the belly and even getting hit face on and nothing. Feed text is there but wont tame. This is sign trapped regular trap and we even tried freed.
  6. I bought some cosmetic hide Atlantien skins and they are not in my inventory. How do I use these if they dont appear?
  7. Collecting gold isnt a issue. New ACTIVE people on the island isnt a issue. It's the people who have ugly huts all over and just spawn in to renew timers then fast travel back to their bases. Maybe I'll just build on all the resource nodes then they have no reason to come back.
  8. Our company has bought a PVE island and pay a good amount daily to keep it. Only to have people who have moved off but just come back to renew their timers. They dont use the island or live on it yet bounce on to renew their timer. This leaves no space for actual new comers to build or get resources. We would like active neighbors but this is a problem. There are no benefits to pay gold to have a island except to name it and collect few resources.
  9. I have been having the same problem. Mine doesn't show up in the unofficial list. When I try to connect manually then it says password slot is empty. If you find a workaround please let me know.
  10. Having same issue you can control the ship when the anchor is down and go nowhere but soon as you raise it. It seems like the ship stops responding. Backwards almost
  11. That's a good list thank you. Needed it for resources like berries and stuff.
  12. The gfi command works good for that. The numbers at the end are quantity quality and item or bp. Change as needed the last number changed to 1 will give a BP. Like cheat gfi cannon_large 1 100 0 will bring in the large cannon at mythical status cheat gfi shipcannon 1 100 0 will bring in medium cannons for gunports at mythical cheat gfi gunport_wood_large 1 100 0 Change to large to medium for medium ones cheat gfi plank_wood_large 1 100 0 cheat gfi deck_wood_large 1 100 0 cheat gfi wall_wood 1 100 0 walls cheat gfi staircase_wood 1 100 0 staircase cheat gfi ceiling_wood 1 100 0 ceilings cheat gfi tannery 1 100 0 tannery cheat gfi mess 1 100 0 feeding trough for your crew cheat gfi forge 1 100 0 forge cheat gfi lantern 1 100 0 lantern cheat gfi sniper 1 100 0 for carbon rifle Most of the normal things you can spawn you can use this command even for armor which is a little different cheat gfi heavyboots 1 100 0 will bring in mythical plate armor but you cant wear it until you unlock the skill to use it cheat gfi hideboots 1 0 0 will bring in normal hide boots change boots to other armor pieces such as hat leggings etc etc These are just examples that work. Almost anything can be spawned in with gfi command Use cheat gfi cheatbox 1 0 0 you will get a vault with everything buildable in game cheat gfi colorbox 1 0 0 for dyes How we find names is BP folders. Usually just go through the bp folders of the game and look for names of things ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content\Atlas\Test\HumanNPC_BP_Crew_Female is a asset file so I used the the GMSummon command to see if it would bring in that asset. It did and I shared it with you. Some things work and some don't.
  13. I havnt seen a complete list. They have changed the way some of the mechanics and admin commands work. Lots of new stuff to sort through test to see if it works. Still trying to work on finding out how to override ship experience works.
  14. This is for tamed crew members Female crew AdminCheat GMSummon "HumanNPC_BP_Crew_Female_C" 150 Male AdminCheat GMSummon "HumanNPC_BP_Crew_Male_C" 150
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