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  1. Come to the bottom of M2 Paradise and fill your boat with bears. Just claim them and take them. 5 or 6 a day die homeless. Go to where the 2 very southern rivers meet. Look for 2 gallys and go inland. I agree. This EA thing should be ended due to endless abuse. I'm for Steam blocking all EA games in the future.
  2. Just a few points. I'm not sure what your on but I'm on PC and have not crashed once this season and I'm a few hundred hour in. I was thinking at last they got it running good. Land is always in low supply at the start of each season but if you look you can find it. I saw a guy this week going on about this while sailing the grid when I knew the island I was on had open spots. He sounded so rude I didn't tell him. I didn't need to hear that everyday. Don't discount living on an owned island. At least to get started. My main base is on one this season. Never even seen the owner. Nothing wrong with the towers. People need a buffer to stop the crazy stuff from closing in. Or they will quit also. A simple way to stop losing bears when zoning. Slow before crossing a border to a creep. Stop as soon as you cross every time. Check if you have all your bears. If not he is right behind you. Leave it on high follow. He will swim to you and jump back on. Only an epic bear is worth searching for. Basic bears are a dime a dozen. On the bottom of M2 paradise I set out and un-claim 20+ a week. The real problem with Atlas is new players have to figure all this out with little to no help. Making very simple things sometimes a nightmare. Knowledge makes your first 100 hours into 10 hours. But that knowledge is hard to come by.
  3. And why a gold cost on shipyards at all. That's as bad as on the ships. They never understood the gold price on ship issue. Being, most need the ship to make the gold in the first place... without doing it by boring grinding. Then once you have the first ship and market running, gold is never an issue again. But they just need to have that in there. I guess they want to really slow down the early levels that they force us to regrind over and over with all these wipes. This is the only game that gets a population boost not by giving their player base something, but by taking something (everything) away.
  4. SNAFU Or, rezzing from refresh/death, only to be starving 20 minutes later. A B C D stats all over the place. Why do we need to eat so often now. I stopped eating altogether. All I eat now is turds to reset. Lost a stage 2 or 3 bear that starved to death right next to 4 full feeding troughs. Checked other bears around to find some but not all were near 0 on food. Some were full. Some just stopped eating. And what's with the market changes this patch? Market/trading used to produce way too much to the point of discarding materials to now so low you must make up the difference by going back to chopping trees. Or just causing bugs. Why mess with things that were working ok? This idea of just pushing mostly meaningless content and not bug fixing is just cheap and all too expected.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by 40 hours. You feed it for 3 hours then just wait, doing nothing but the imprints. The real problem is the imprint system. I think they just made a change but still, it does not work for working people. Every 8 hours does not work for people that sleep or work for a living. I'd drop the whole imprint system. Make the one at birth 100% and be done with it.
  6. No, I'm on a 12900/3070/fiber gaming pc. Passing between grid is maybe 6 or 7 seconds. I just think grid rezzing tangled with a SOD gally and it and its fleet shooting at you is not good game play. It's bad mechanics. And it's worse in a starter ship leaving the free port because you're back on the beach pounding trees. Other than that I have no problem with SOD and would even up the count so they are not so hard to find. To the OP's point, it not how they spawn, it how they render and de-render based on range. Even if the glow they emit rendered at 4 or 5 times the range it would help all that wanted to find or avoid them.
  7. The problem is not the spawn rate. It's the rendering range. You can be on top of them before you know it. It's worse if moving fast. There is a setting for this but even at max it's way too low. I understand rending these SOD at greater range would have a cost but something should be done about this. I suggest a glow seen at greater range, without rending the whole ship/s. This would help both those looking for them and looking to avoid them. And secondly, SOD being on the grid borders where you can spawn after passing through and can be in the middle of them. I recently passed through a grid in my brig to find myself spawning on the other side at a full stop T-boned into a SOD gally, taking damage as I spawned. Resulting in my sinking before I could get untangled from it. But I been here since release and have learned to just deal with it. Fixes like these just don't ever come.
  8. I agree with that. They should ban the term EA going forward by law. And block all EA games from Steam. The very term EA was hi-jacked. EA used to mean when you pre-ordered a game, EA allowed you to log on 3 or 4 days before the full release date. All EA games seem to border on fraud. They are always almost nowhere close to being finished, not running well, and normally don't even have a path set forth. At least not a path that is not replaced 5 times once in EA. Then players pay to yes, beta test. Oh, and they always come with a large supply of pillow talk and love whispers about a grand future.
  9. Would it be possible to keep QoL skills between wipes? While this is possible it is not something that should be done without consideration. The most active time is the few weeks after a wipe when players are all at the same progress level, same island claim opportunity, etc. Allowing players to keep their quest progress will give an unfair advantage to those players. We are looking into ways of reducing the repetitiveness of the progression to endgame. Sounds like BS to me! Wipes are nothing but a short population by boost destroying players progress and forcing them to regrind old content. The early game sucks and its boring. I've seen it too many times. This is not about being fair. People start out fresh and are behind others all the time. It's an MMO, that's how it works. Destroying people's progress over and over is not how it's done in MMOs. Even those that start fresh at the same time have different play rates and are quickly at different levels and progress. As in all MMOs. And it matters less than zero on pve. For pvp how about something more logical if you want a wipe... Now that we have portals, link pve zones and pvp zones. Then only wipe the structures on pvp zones only, leaving the pve zone untouched and skills untouched. Maybe two factions of pve zones on either side of the pvp zones like pirates and the English. After a pvp zone wipe, the pvpers can race in to claim and do their thing. While the pveer can support their faction. Now you have an economy and more game play. Doing it without buying a population boost by destroying players efforts. ... The real problem is currently many players run out of content once they reach a point, then play less. So, you make them regrind old content over and over. And in the process, you piss off the long remaining player base. I can't think of any other MMO that does this. ... One mega server, split in two sides/factions (or more), with a large rich pvp zone in the middle. Rich as in something worth fighting over. Not just fighting just to fight. Rich pve zones that pveer never need to leave if they choose not to and from which they can support the needs of their pvp faction should they choose to.
  10. You need some crew on guns to control the cobras. Make sure the guns are able to reach each other, to protect each other. I build 2x2 guard towers. Guns on 3rd floor. Tower guns can reach the other towers. Everything dies that gets in range. Or, keep the tames up a few levels. I don't even think about the cobras anymore. Every 10 minutes or so the guns open fire and leave nothing but free meat on the ground.
  11. I've been around since release and I have to think there is something more to this story. Atlas is getting better in many ways recently but yes still has bugs. I'm thinking this is not a bug but something else. Like someone said, maybe another claim. Or, I've seen cobras strike a structure until parts have been destroyed. Altas is also a game where a little knowledge goes a long way to prevent you from getting boned. Sadly that knowledge can be hard to learn without finding out the hard way. Or even worse, when you get boned and don't understand why. Try Central it seems to be running fine lately (has bears). And if you run across a brig named Alaska, dock and ask for a couple of bears. I have about 8 sitting out now waiting for a home.
  12. I think the only reason the numbers go up after a wipe is many feel the need to replace what they lost. While at the same time I think each wipe make most care a little less about the whole project. Why invest the time only to lose it again. I hate starting over. It's just not worth it. I used to be a very heavy player. The wipes did it for me. Now I'm just a visitor that pops in twice a week to reset an anchor. Now I see my efforts being destroyed as just a way for them to get a short population boost. When I hear and believe there will never be another wipe, maybe I'll invest again.
  13. Do you mean a solo player can't have an island? A solo player really shouldn't have a full island. But you can/should claim a section of beach to build a base on. As far as a new player... the servers were just wiped, we are all new players starting out fresh. If you are saying you can't find a section of beach to claim... you're just not looking because the islands are not full. However, Atlas can be hard from a knowledge point of view if you're just starting out. True! Knowledge is power here. What is possible... running solo, since the wipe, I've built a gally, brig, 2 bases, 2 markets, a few bears, and have +100k gold. Point being it not about what's possible. Xbox? Don't know anything about Xbox. Atlas is running great for a change on PC. No long load times, no crashing, no losing bears crossing grid, little to no lag. I've never seen Atlas run so good. Wow! Did I really just say that? Maybe the new replacement devs are better than the old ones. Now if they stop with the cats in hats and make content people really want.... P.s. Yes, the old boat are 5 times more data heavy but the new ships suck 5 times harder. I don't want one. Just my opinion. P.s. And the ship pay wall just moved the cost from one place to another. You need the ship to make the money... need the money to make the ship. Or, do lots of un-fun grinding. It's like the chicken and the egg with neither coming first. Free may not be right. I don't want to see 100s of parked boats again. Maybe 1k Sch. 5k Brig, 20k Gally.
  14. Yes, you need a crew on the wheel. Click on their back to open auto pilot menu. Set head my look my direction, compass heading, speed, other things. It would also auto adjust the sails while a crew was driving. Was very handy but it's not currently working. Looks like the auto-pilot is 180 degrees off now.
  15. I think on the new map change, the directions got rotated around. Auto-pilot is not working correctly.
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