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  1. It may be true that some have been banned for this but, I have seen this kind of thing since the servers opened. If the devs are getting involved with this now, that's great. I agree on the salt. It's amazing how logging onto a game can change a full grown adult, into an idiot child.
  2. I don't think reporting will help. I'd just look for a new home. This game has no safe guards against griefing. The most you can do to them is leave your building there and visit it weekly to reset the timer. It looks like the population is already dropping. More land will be opening. I'm already seeing buildings time out all over.
  3. Confirm F11. I cut through F11 often (oil on the bottom island) and always get chased by them when in the wrong boat not fitted for whale. Strangely never see them when I go in my whale boat. As George says, get within about 200 yards of one and you see the health bar light up. Then it starts chasing you. Kite and don't let it get too close or you might get sent to the bottom. And don't get too focused on the whale and sail into a SOD fleet.
  4. New direction to be replaced by another new direction in a few months... again. Atlas pvp log on message: You have been killed by Snapperhead5, All your stuff has been destroyed. Enjoy your adventure.
  5. I live on an island owned by someone else. All seems good here with no issues. I think some island owners may not want settlers due to you never know what you are going to get. Do you get someone like me with two fairly small buildings playing around with breeding bears, that you never hear from? Or, do you get the person that builds all day, everyday, building some giant base and yapping smart ass stuff in chat all evening? One is out of sight, out of mind. One reduces the value of your island and your Atlas time. I'd say if you see an owned island with a lot of open space... talk to the owner, tell them what your intent is on building and what you are like. This way they have some idea what level of risk they are taking by allowing you to live there. If I owned Atlas, I'd explore options like grids with many small islands I could rent for USD. Something like Secondlife's land rental program. As long as you pay the 5 USD a week you own it and can set the rules. I'd set up grids of all different layouts to rent for USD. You could rent a tiny island, one of many on a grid. You could rent an entire grid. Or anything in between. Not changing the current layout of the map other than adding more grids as rented attached to on side. I'd use the income to add staff and servers.
  6. As far as land goes, I see a lot of open land. I have 3 outposts and see open land around each. I have 2 in the tower-less lawless and one in the corner of someone's owner island. The land issue comes down to the amount of land per person. If you limit the amount of land a player has it limits the interest of the game. Everyone wants land. It's required to enjoy the game. One problem is people can't find the available land. If your not willing to search for it, you come to the forum and say there is no land. If you are will to search for it, you find it and build your base. But that comes from someone who plays a lot. A weekend warrior is going to have a hard time. The truth is I hate having the weekend warriors around me. They pop in spam crap all over and I watch the timers as they count down 7 8 9 days (owner not around) then get refreshed. They use a lot of land but are almost never around to use it. That's part of the problem. I see grids with 3 or 4 islands full of bases while the population ranges from 3 to 15 players through out the day and night. Tower, if we go that way should have a timer (10-12 days) AND a gold cost perhaps 50 gold per day. Low enough to not punish active players, high enough to stop massive land use by people who are never around and just refresh timers weekly. As far as gathers go... it was a bad call to make more types of gathers, requiring everyone to have or want more, while so many lack the space to plant them. We would be better to have one or two types that collected multiple resources. I'd suggest one type of gather that collected everything with a much bigger holding tank. Then limit everyone to two per island or companies to 5 if the company has 10 or more members. Then you could lower the no build range without the spam. And the collection range of the warehouse should be island wide.
  7. I have seen my npcs not following on ships as well. Sometimes they just run to the middle of the ship and run in circles. Someone posted about this last week.
  8. I agree, when I first logged on two years ago I thought it had great potential also. I do enjoy playing Atlas. I don't think it has progressed very far in those two years. The map got smaller, didn't like that. They put hats of bears, I think that was dumb and looks like for children. A wipe twice a year and starting a zero sucks. The best thing is the gathers, this update made them worse and caused the need for more. I don't like these changes (more spam and servicing). With everyone wanting 4 or 5 now, the spacing really sucks. The market is nice for gold but how it works is questionable. The devs stopped posting on their own forum over a year ago. Over all I enjoy the game but no longer hold any hope for that potential.
  9. (PVE) I had the same for a few days. Almost no trades. Traveled a few grids in two directions and all nodes had the same resources. But... after a few days trades started and now I have other resources coming in daily. Maybe it's the secondary trades starting from those on the resource border. A few days of almost no income to now a few k a day.
  10. Good! I think I'll build some towers and keep them in a locker for that day. Thanks,
  11. If you're on, keep us up to date. We may need to fly home before the train crashes.
  12. Why not ask some more basic questions like... Why did they remove one of the PVE maps, reducing PVE map space by 50%? Why the gatherer changes that now require people to have more gatherers? I think these gatherer changes are terrible. I'm not saying some don't spam, rather the devs are adding to this not making it better.
  13. I like "real games with hardcore players" too, but this is not it. Why even try to understand what other people enjoy in their pass time? Maybe one day this will be a different game but for now this is not a good pvp game in my opinion. At the same time I don't question why some people like it. I spent years in Eve online while many would say that's too hardcore. As mush as I love pvp I don't find it here, and will not anytime soon. I do enjoy official pve. I like it as a nice peaceful doodle game at the end of the day. Lately a way to relax after some Outriders or Warships. Every time I see some rant from a pvper going on about cowards and such not joining the fight on pvp servers, I always think... How often is the guy ranting some pencil armed nerd, calling out someone who spent years in a RL combat zone or, someone 50 or 60 years old just not looking for a pvp game. And not a bad, laggy, glitchy pvp game at that. Just accept different people like different things. And Atlas is a game where different people can find different things enjoyable.
  14. This game lacks mass appeal for many reasons. Like locked in perma early release where they are not working out final bug, rather still trying to figure out a direction or how this should work (like the claim system). Like all your efforts can get wiped at anytime, yet again, Like you can get off-lined if on pvp. Like your client might crash sailing from grid to grid. Like you might take 8 seconds to rez the next grid or 45 seconds in the middle of a SOD fleet and loose your ship. Like taking a vacation for two weeks may mean you loose everything you have. Like something your client crashes and for mystery reasons you can't log on for two days. Like the servers run good one day and you have crushing lag the next. Like a dev team that puts hats on bears or pushes untested features to live. And yes, the time sink. And yes, the people who endlessly want to insult non-pvpers in a game that most pvpers say the game is busted at every turn. As the top Atlas pvp streamer said on stream last week "nothing in this game works like it should" . This game has a lot of issue and reasons why it lacks mass appeal. I don't ever expect that to change with this company. We are left with the simple... can I enjoy a little time here or not.
  15. I've played since the servers opened. Gold grinding for ships is a boring time sink. So much so I quit for a month attempting to grind for a schooner. As soon as I opened a market I had a gally and more gold then I could spend. I agree, it helps greatly for resources. I have only spent a little time on pvp servers. I don't think the pvp game is there yet. I've been living on the corner of someone's island on pve. Yeah, I want to see the new map. And hopefully not live in lawless. In lawless you would now need to claim the area for each gatherer. Right now on pve you can't find many open lawless places to claim.
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