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  1. Gemini Five

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    It's well understood in the gaming world that developers want their content to last but you can only extent the length of that content to a point equal to its entertainment value. Try to extend it past that point and people get bored, then move on. Yes, making sailing more entertaining would help. They still need to take into account that many just don't have the time and don't want to waste what gaming time they have, on a long trip. This leaves you boxed in without the content only that trip offers or taking that long trip you really don't want to take. Just as with the XP nerf for killing land animals. It's become unrewarding and you can't level by it. They want you to play the way they want you to, so they made other ways less rewarding. I question the logic of it. I've seen my Atlas time drop by 2/3.
  2. Gemini Five

    Crashing!!!!! All the time

    Have you updated all your drivers? Cleaned up your startup? Have you tested with lower game settings/ reset to default? Is this a game crash or a PC fatal error? Did you check your ram and drive for errors? How long since a clean windows reload? Do you use this pc to surf adult sites?
  3. Gemini Five

    Offline protection

    This is the reason many play on pve servers. I understand the off-lining is game play for some but I don't see this as something I'd enjoy. Fighting is fighting and all good but off-lining someone's efforts away while they sleep? I'll pass. From a development point of view I'd look at building in some form of save haven areas. Maybe every 3rd lawless zone. Areas not so interesting to play but a safe place to park over night. Or a ship pack up/unpack system. Log in three days later, go to your shipyard npc... and say I'm back, rez my ship. Not suggesting that for large fleets but for the solo guy or small group. Even EVE has stations you can park in while not playing where your ship is 99.9% safe.
  4. Gemini Five

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I was reading all this about it's a pirate game and it just hit me... I've been here since day one (on my pve server) and I can't recall ever seeing a pirate. Are we calling the SOD pirates? Yes I did hear something about the new pirate camps. Maybe I should go check them out when I get enough time to sail that far. edit: I don't think that was Boomer's quote. I think I quoted the person he was quoting.
  5. Gemini Five

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Revisit the XP scheme and loot tables.
  6. Agreed, the key problems here are decision making and priorities. Everything else stems from that. It's really a shame. This game has great art work and a great theme. I would not say it's the dev team. A life time in management tells me, when a project is going south, it's always the top person running it.
  7. It's by no mean perfect but also not hard to work around this. I have 3 currently. You could tame one today if you wanted. There has been 100's of posts of how to tame one and he is not doing it from the correct side. True, as he is pointing how it shows a feed option where it may not feed. Still, walk to the other side, between its legs and it works. I think the OP is making a bigger point.
  8. Gemini Five

    Why are whales not 2x?

    IMO the XP and loot tables are a mess in Atlas. Example: Killing animals on land is now not even worth the time for the XP you get (over lvl 40) but you can go clear your traps and need to discard 1000 units of meat.
  9. Gemini Five

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    I can't tell you how the higher level ones spawn but I can tell you I found a 16 on the bottom of the 15 line.
  10. Gemini Five

    Bug: Ship wreck too deep in sand

    I just started seeing ship wrecks too deep in the sand preventing access to the lower deck where the chest is at. The ships (not all ships) are about a meter too deep with sand blocking the opening about half way from the bottom to the top, not leaving enough space to get through. I have seen this ship design before. Its not the ship. I see this when not on flat bottom. It is on uneven bottom with the right side of the ship sunk into the sand bottom.
  11. Gemini Five

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    It's not the lack of information. I grew used to that long ago. What gets me is the decision making. As I play 40 hours a week and have all but stopped leveling at 41 due to not playing the right way this time around. I like this game. I think it could be a great one if they got a good leader with mmo experience in place and put more effort in to optimizing.
  12. Gemini Five

    Invisible whales?

    Yes. One rendered right in front of me last week. Lost a brig.
  13. Gemini Five

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    It's easy lately. Go down to the 15 line. Travel mid way between the grid border and the islands. Don't sail too fast. Keep turning your camera. Keeping looking backwards and to the sides. Almost everyone I see renders behind or to the side of me. The only one that has rendered in front of me, sank my brig. Watch for them breaking the surface, the spray cone or the green bar once they aggro. You should not need to go more than a few grids. Almost always one on the left mid of c15. But be warned, the big ones are pretty fast and can close on you quickly.
  14. Gemini Five

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I have about 2000 hours in. I've lived there a long time. I do understand the basic. That still does nothing for you when a whale renders right in your path when your at top speed and you can't turn to avoid. Resulting in an impact and a full stop, with the second strike takes out 4 planks. Then you get to the side of the whale to start moving again only to get the deathblow. The post if poorly written is about 1. The time required to get somewhere while requiring continued full awareness just in case (boring). 2. Because you may have something render right in your path at close range. Rendering range being the key issue, as it has always been. It could be an easy fix. They could move the SOD and whales 300 meters off the grid border until they fix rendering range. So, those just wanting to get somewhere could travel the border and those wanting to hunt just go inward. That would also fix the problem of crossing a grid just to res/rending in the middle of an SOD fleet.
  15. Maybe it was Eve or SC that handled rendering cost at range by having more than one ship model. At long range you render a low detail much lower rendering cost ship. But you can see it. As you get closer it changes to a mid level rendering cost ship, then at closer range you render the high detail version of the ship. IMO, rendering range is a major issue in Atlas.