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  1. Do you mean a solo player can't have an island? A solo player really shouldn't have a full island. But you can/should claim a section of beach to build a base on. As far as a new player... the servers were just wiped, we are all new players starting out fresh. If you are saying you can't find a section of beach to claim... you're just not looking because the islands are not full. However, Atlas can be hard from a knowledge point of view if you're just starting out. True! Knowledge is power here. What is possible... running solo, since the wipe, I've built a gally, brig, 2 bases, 2 markets, a few bears, and have +100k gold. Point being it not about what's possible. Xbox? Don't know anything about Xbox. Atlas is running great for a change on PC. No long load times, no crashing, no losing bears crossing grid, little to no lag. I've never seen Atlas run so good. Wow! Did I really just say that? Maybe the new replacement devs are better than the old ones. Now if they stop with the cats in hats and make content people really want.... P.s. Yes, the old boat are 5 times more data heavy but the new ships suck 5 times harder. I don't want one. Just my opinion. P.s. And the ship pay wall just moved the cost from one place to another. You need the ship to make the money... need the money to make the ship. Or, do lots of un-fun grinding. It's like the chicken and the egg with neither coming first. Free may not be right. I don't want to see 100s of parked boats again. Maybe 1k Sch. 5k Brig, 20k Gally.
  2. Yes, you need a crew on the wheel. Click on their back to open auto pilot menu. Set head my look my direction, compass heading, speed, other things. It would also auto adjust the sails while a crew was driving. Was very handy but it's not currently working. Looks like the auto-pilot is 180 degrees off now.
  3. I think on the new map change, the directions got rotated around. Auto-pilot is not working correctly.
  4. One tip to help: Set your tames to follow on high. Then pass slowly through the grid lines. If they fall off on the same side... they jump back on. Keep looking back at them to see if they fall off mid grid. If so just sail back close and they swim to you and jump back on.
  5. Build a silo and place it at your base. Fill the silo with berries. Your crew should be fine eating from the silo for weeks (unless they nerfed silos recently). Silos will feed and pay all your crew on that island or on ships anchored at it. Just fill it with berries and gold. Bears eating potatoes from a few troughs should last a few days on the trough and a couple more on their stomach. P.s. I think I saw a dev post in the past about a farmhouse. If I remember it acts just like the silo but for tames. A bulk feeding device. Maybe that comes out soon. I could be wrong.
  6. And you really don't need to live near your gathers. If you like living where you are just teleport to service your gathers.
  7. I think you did things backwards in looking for a place to build a house. Now build your harvesters and go look for land to place them, then build a house there. Lots of land is open now to do so.
  8. I no longer undock my ships but should you decide to again... I run my tank up to 300% and carry 6 extra planks. I can slow boat into a gally war and never be at risk. With no one else on board. So just change your setup. Atlas is full of problems but I don't think ship tank is one of them. There must be more to your sinking. Like you changed grids and didn't load in for 2 minutes while under fire. Or one of a thousand bugs leading to this result. Or, maybe you were already busted prior to getting fired on. Or, maybe you put 100% of your points in weight Any way, it's a lost cause. See you in Aeternum next week. Just don't flag because I'm out there laying in the grass with my rifle.
  9. If your not currently invested, I'd suggest not becoming invested. All the hopes I once had of what Atlas could become is gone. Atlas has turned promise to disappointment. Expecting a wipe I now only log to feed my 20 bears and I'm not even sure why I do that. Most changes are useless or a changes for the worse. The 3 grids I live in had normal populations in the teens or 20's are now mostly empty. If they do a spring wipe they will be going against a newly released New World. I expect it will be the death roll of the game. The promise of Atlas has been squandered.
  10. Something tells me another wipe will not reinvigorate the player base for long or not at all. Wipes ruined this game for me. I don't know why they would schedule a wipe around NW. The top Atlas streamers were even streaming NW. I was in the NW beta and view that as my new home once released.
  11. I'd bet all my gold that the gold cost added to ships was only to reduce the number of ships and thus improve server performance. Less ships = less lag. Less ships = less fun = less players = less lag. Server performance improved! Back pats all around! How about that for some Atlas logic. From someone that has been 100 years old for 1,000 years.
  12. I loved Atlas from the minute I saw it. I thought it would end up being a great one. Its really too bad they didn't do something with it. The whole it's EA so don't expect progress has become a meme. I don't know anything about Grapeshot but I suspect its only 5 or 6 people with little to no budget. Someone wasted a good core of a game on a team too small for the task. I've also been left at every turn wondering why they use their limited resources on the things they do (like those prebuilt ships). That's really too bad. I've never seen a game come back from this kind of start and I don't expect this one will either. Now you have a wave of new MMOs coming on line now or over the next few years. NW, soon Ashes, I expect Star Citizen will have some kind of soft launch in 2 years. And a few others. It's gonna be a tough market. Such a shame.
  13. It would take a book. I've done a few 12+ hour days. I've forced myself to stop playing due to it being beta and the final wipe is coming. I've started focusing on learning how things work to have the best start at release. It is a pvp focused game but you never need to take part in pvp. You fight wars for control of areas. Crafting is very deep. Pve and Pvp in world and instances. Housing. Amazon has made big changes this year and it really seems they are listening and building what people want. They will be adding to it for years. Some bugs getting hot fixed still. Some report lag in 100 player battles. Still not perfect but good. I've not seen any lag. The world looks great. Its interesting that you get polled/questioned at every log out to return the next day seeing changes made on your topics. I've submitted bugs and seen them in the next day's patch notes. In general, I've had a lot of fun and expect I'll be playing it for a few years. Not happy its still 30 days away.
  14. A lot of us have suggested this in the past. I will quit the game the day this is put in. The most over used and broken idea ever heard in dead MMOs is to force PVEers to PVP. They will quit the game. This game has some of the worst, laggy, bugged, janky LOLz PVP I have ever seen. You want to force PVEers into that? Or, yeah, force then to have less, when most are already just logging on to reset timers. A better idea would be to have the PVE areas have most or all of the resource, where PVPers would go to refit, repair and stock up. And the PVP areas have higher gold. Now you have an economy and two areas working in support of each other. I had high hopes for Atlas, no longer. Two years and the game has had little progress and still runs terrible (yes I have a high end gaming rig). I only log now to feed and reset times. Another wipe and I have no reason to ever return. Besides, I'm loving the New World beta test.
  15. I've seen every wipe since the beginning. I'm not feeling like putting up with another. To me the worse things about Atlas are not the servers or bugs, it's the wipes. I could swear they said long ago, no more wipes, then, only if really needed. Then it turned to a regular event. I don't know why I have not wiped my hands of this long ago.
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