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  1. Killer Keen

    Grill connected to water pipes issues

    I've never managed to get it working that way, even if it appears it's connected it doesn't get any water. Always have to have placed the pipes first then snap the grill to them. It does make placing the grill exactly where you want it a little more tricky. I never get the pipes dead straight so the grill is always a fraction off centre!
  2. Yep, that's another work around, but it would be nice if they could fix the bug. Not a high priority, just a little annoying.
  3. Killer Keen

    Grill connected to water pipes issues

    That's an odd one. I always connect my grill to the water pipes and it just re-fills after crafting anything until I totally run out of water. And I can't say I've ever seen an issue with wood burning on it either. The only real pain is having to connect it to an existing water pipe when you place it, instead of being able to place it then attaching a water pipe.
  4. When you have higher level equipment in your hotbar and log off, the next time you log on it shows a grey picture of that equipment but you can't use it. You have to move the item to another slot before you can use it. It's been like this for months, and is a pain once you've upgraded all your stuff.
  5. Been playing the game since it came out and still enjoying it, however one thing that I really miss from the start is the original blank map that filled in as you explored. It was fun to just explore, not being sure when or were you'd find land. Seeing the trails on the map where you'd been, trying to fill in the missing bits. Just gave you something else to do on PVE, which certainly didn't hurt. So does anyone else miss that blank map?
  6. Killer Keen

    server M11 PVE EU CRASH

    Exactly the same for me on E7 PVE EU. Still can't back in.
  7. Logged in last night to find one of my ships gone. Checked the company log an it was removed. My best guess was this happened because I hadn't physically been on board it in the last 7 days, although I could have sworn I'd checked how much gold was on it the night before. Anyway, I wonder how easy it would be to list all your ships in the company tab showing the current despawn timers for each. That way it would be easy to keep tabs on any you might not have been on board recently.
  8. Killer Keen

    No Release Ship

    Also, if you see no release, double check you haven't missed a plank, as you won't see the option if it isn't totally finished.
  9. Killer Keen

    Water barrels not working

    Not tried drinking directly from them as I always just put my water skin in them which fills it up and drink from that. That way certainly works. Will test the other when I get home later.
  10. Killer Keen

    Paint the ship (brigantine)

    We are in the process of building this Brig (started it last night) and are painting it as we go. All the sections we built we could paint. Will check when I get home later but all appeared to have kept their colour when I looked before I logged off.
  11. Killer Keen

    Paint the ship (brigantine)

    We were painting our Brig last night after this latest patch, so not sure why you would be having issues with it. Is it just the planks you can't paint? Have you tried the masts etc?
  12. Killer Keen

    Deadline: 01/18/2019 - Live Stream Questions

    Any plans to allow us to customise the ships more? The obvious thing missing is the ability to have flags on your ship. I mean, everyone wants to fly a pirate flag on their ship don't they? It would also be nice to be able to make your own figurehead for the front of the ship, and the ability to have different sterns/captains cabins designs.
  13. Killer Keen

    Army of the damned question.

    Went on a treasure hunt last night (done plenty before), when fighting the army of the damned we both ended up being killed, respawned and killed the rest of them. When I went to dig up the treasure chest the whole lot respawned again. This happened at least 6 times. II was wondering if anyone knows what might cause the army of the dead to reset on a treasure chest. Not had this happen before and I was wondering if there was something I was missing.
  14. Killer Keen

    Flags on ships

    Unless I'm missing something you can't put flags on your ships. Given one of the most iconic things about a pirate ship is the flag it flies, this seams like an obvious thing to add in the future. It would be nice to be able to fly small pendants from the mast heads and big flag from the rear of the ship.