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  1. it appears to be worse than we thought! https://youtu.be/6wO8cazLS_0
  2. Large cannons have to be in gunports (doesn't matter what size gunport), normal ones can go on any part of the ship.
  3. The cause of the issue is even in the screen shot. If you have one of the new mortar ships in the grid no resources will respawn after tehy are harvested.
  4. If anyone has one of the new mortar ships in the grid no resources will respawn after being harvested. Lovely little bug!
  5. Well you got your wish, the dev's have spoken. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/atlas-news/news/captains-log-41-a-new-direction-and-trade-system-ramming-ship-tease-r326/ Although I'm not sure it was anything the playerbase (or what's left of it) wanted to hear.
  6. For PVP, farms & warehouses make sense, as does buying ships for gold, as they want people out fighting at sea and not on land having to gather resources to make their ships. Heck, even semi-regular wipes makes some kind of sense in that context. However, in PVE, these make no sense. Given the lack of things to do in PVE apart from the boss fights, most people enjoyed exploring, building, taming and trading. The farms & warehouse make the gathering or resources trivial, and totally wipes out resource trading. If there are semi-regular wipes, those that like to build or tame/breed won't want to do it as there is little point investing all that time.
  7. It appears they are like treasure chest locations. They are at set locations on the map. I used to "farm" the same 10 or so on B8 the last season. Of course some days other beat me too them, but I knew where they should be, so would sail to them a few times each week to cover my crew bills.
  8. The annoying thing about the ship wrecks is that because there are multiple versions of the shipwreck, with the treasure in different places, you can have a location were the ship is clipped into the sea bed but you can still access the treasure, however after someone has done that wreck the next one to spawn there could have the chest in a location you now can't get to, and therefore that spawn is blocked.
  9. Originally if someone failed doing a treasure map, if you waited for a certain amount of time it reset to have the original number of AoD. Then a year or so ago with one patch it changed that so now if someone does a map and fails, any AoD left will be there until someone kills them. So if a Map was to spawn 5 AoD, the player kills none and goes away, when the next player triggers the map they will get whatever number of AoD their map should have, plus the 5 from the previous one. I've been to do a low level map that ahouls have had about 6 AoD, and it spawned 30! Time to run away
  10. It really seams like the lawless regions are far worse for lag then the owned islands. I'm based in H2 and there and the squares around it have little to no lag. Went resource hunting at the weekend and just about every single lawless grid I went into had lots of lag leading to lots of rubber-banding. Would hate to live in one of those grids.
  11. As far as I'm aware you only see the floating part of a ship wreck from a certain distance. some of the skills you can unlock increase that range. Then as far as I know if you want to find out the quality you have to basically sail over it. As you say, the annoying part is when you dive down and find it clipped in a way were you can't get to it. However, the very first one I went to after the wipe was a 16.8 one!
  12. I played Ark before, so I know their record. You noticed I said 4am on Saturday, but didn't say which one, or which month!
  13. It will be great to see Fairy Tail back. Used to love visiting you lot in B7.
  14. I take it to mean there will only be one PVE server for the time being whilst they use the NA as a temporary test one for their future plans. Now, if everyone is happily playing on the one PVE server I do wonder if they will see any point in re-opening the NA one again. Lets face it, if you're in the Americas you wouldn't want to start over on the EUPVE server only to find the NA one comes back up in a month and have to think about restarting again another time. The worst bit about this is the map start is 4am UK time. Guess I'm getting up early on Saturday.
  15. Given that I've played for over 1000 hours, I've already got way more than my moneys worth out of the game, so if I don't like the new changes and stop playing I'm not too bothered. To me the fun of the PVE side of thigs was exploring & sailing. Well, they already dumbed down the sailing, the ruined the exploring by making the whole map visible, not just showing the places you'd been. But the real issue with the PVE side was lack of things to do once you'd done the basics of finding somewhere to live, built a home and a few ships. If they had ever manage to get the wild pirate encampments in, that would have helped. Presuming PVE is staying in some form, then a wipe means there is some fun to be had doing all the initial stuff again, but after that it comes back to lack of things to do.
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