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  1. I played Ark before, so I know their record. You noticed I said 4am on Saturday, but didn't say which one, or which month!
  2. It will be great to see Fairy Tail back. Used to love visiting you lot in B7.
  3. I take it to mean there will only be one PVE server for the time being whilst they use the NA as a temporary test one for their future plans. Now, if everyone is happily playing on the one PVE server I do wonder if they will see any point in re-opening the NA one again. Lets face it, if you're in the Americas you wouldn't want to start over on the EUPVE server only to find the NA one comes back up in a month and have to think about restarting again another time. The worst bit about this is the map start is 4am UK time. Guess I'm getting up early on Saturday.
  4. Given that I've played for over 1000 hours, I've already got way more than my moneys worth out of the game, so if I don't like the new changes and stop playing I'm not too bothered. To me the fun of the PVE side of thigs was exploring & sailing. Well, they already dumbed down the sailing, the ruined the exploring by making the whole map visible, not just showing the places you'd been. But the real issue with the PVE side was lack of things to do once you'd done the basics of finding somewhere to live, built a home and a few ships. If they had ever manage to get the wild pirate encampments in, that would have helped. Presuming PVE is staying in some form, then a wipe means there is some fun to be had doing all the initial stuff again, but after that it comes back to lack of things to do.
  5. Thanks for the info Hartsia. Schooners may be the answer. I tend to go after brigs of the damned and hadn't noticed them dropping them, so maybe it is only schooners that do.
  6. It's possible the few I've had over the years have come from crates. Tend to just collect loads of those but not sort through things until after I've salvaged a ship wreck or sunk a damned ship, so not really noted before.
  7. I can't for the life of me figure out what drop medium wooden planks. I've tried treasure maps, sinking ships of the damned, diving to ship wrecks, but I just never seem to get any. Every other ship part I get in all kind of levels, just not medium planks. Got plenty of medium wooden gun ports! When passing anyone's shops, I also notice there is a lack of them in there as well. So if the game bugged and not dropping any at the moment, or do you just get them very rarely from doing one specific thing?
  8. Just use barrels (remembering to open the lid), and use that fill up your waterskin. It rains enough even in the equator zone to provide enough water . For crops, you use the Stone Water Reservoir
  9. Well we all know the answer to why it hasn't gone anywhere lately. The dev team got taken off it and put to work on the latest DLC for Ark. Apart from the patch we got a few weeks back ( which looks like it mostly done a long time ago but on the shelve until someone had a little time to come back and release it), we probably won't get anything new until the devs finish doing the 2nd part of this Ark DLC.
  10. I presume they are destroying things inside buildings with roofs and no open windows? Because if it's just stuff behind walls or in buildings with windows then using grappling hook and climbing picks you can get into lots of places easily. But however they are doing it, they are being total dicks, and are giving island owner in PVE a bad name.
  11. Whilst it can be a pain, it's a least a little realistic. Just make sure you always carry some spare planks on your ship. Good for emergencies like this, and if you get into a bad situation with SOD. I always carry 4 spare planks, 1 spare deck & 1 spare wheel on all my ships.
  12. The issue with the grill was always the order you placed them. The pipes will not snap to the grill, even though it looks like they do. When you do it that way round you get the issue with the very slow re-fill. You need to place the pipes first then snap the grill to the pipes.
  13. If you don't actual go onboard a ship every so often they get removed. Can't remember the exact number of days, but I always make sure I've been onboard my ships ever few days, I lost a brig to this before finding out about it.
  14. Are you on PC or X-Box? Recruiting crew from free port or sunken ships is working fine for most of us. If your on PC, then maybe worth doing the file validation on Steam to see if that fixes it.
  15. Whilst I'd love to see more ship types and more variation, you can already add more cannons to any of the ships that just the number of gun ports they have. Only large cannons have to go in gun ports, the normal ones can be placed elsewhere. You will notice a lot of players will build platforms at the back & front and have multiple cannons on there. I've also seen ones with build up structure the length of the ship giving them 2nd or 3rd gun decks.
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