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  1. https://imgur.com/a/mVCZvrq Our freeport styled base in NA PvE O3, Port Lovely
  2. So, my group has been kinda wondering this as well, but from the base owner perspective. We have been building a freeport styled POI in O3, which includes a big dock that curves around the entire city. We have most of our ships parked on it, but we try to leave big enough open spaces for people to come park, do what they want to do, and maybe even check out the town. The issue we have experienced though, is that people cruise by and I think they don't know if they are allowed to park or not. We are trying to figure out a way to let people know that it's cool and encouraged to use our parking space and to check out our area. As far as the fear of being blocked in, people would have to bring a serious fleet to cut off all of our ships, and even then, I'm fairly confident we could get our ships out. Moral of the long and winded response, absolutely park on open docks, unless noted else wise I suppose. I'm confident my group is not the only one that wants people to stop by and check out what's going on.
  3. The followup to my new ship types post, but with a different take on the entire ship system in the world of Atlas. Version A post here: So, a constant debate throughout these forums, is the "inaccuracy" of ships in this game. A lack of essential sails, ship classification based on mast count, etc. A ton of good commentary on this, and some that feels a bit aggressive for unnecessary reasons. That being said, I think a possible solution would be to push away from having ship types classified. To apply this idea, it would be changing the names of the current in game ships, and renaming them more appropriately to their size. For example: Sloop = Small Ship Schooner = Medium Ship Brigantine = Large Ship Galleon = XL Ship The advantage of this approach, is that you have a bit more control in the type of ship you have, depending on how you equip it. Another example, In the real world, Brigantines and smaller schooners had a very similar hull size and shape, the difference was the sail configuration. By building ships by size, rather than by name, you can decide while building if you want a 2 mast schooner, or a brigantine. Now there are more than 4 universal ship hulls that were used throughout history (obviously), So a way to incorporate that into this style of ship building, would be to incorporate different versions of the ship sizes, for example: Small Ship, Small Long Ship, Small wide ship, etc. This could accommodate different ship types through history, and also encourage some cool ship builds, with distinct advantages. A large long ship for speed, a medium wide ship for hauling, etc. Hopefully this actually seems coherent and not just some idiot rambling.
  4. Good morning everybody, I have done a bit of research and would like to contribute some ideas on new ship types. I have two different approaches in mind, and therefore will have two separate posts about it, so that voting and responses may reflect appropriately in the suggestions list. For play style clarification, I mainly play PvE, and have focused my 400+ current hours in the game on ship building. I have tried to find options for all size category's, and all company sizes that seem to make sense to have. I will focus simply on ship types, and not on sail configurations/sizes, as I will talk about that in my 2nd post a bit more. NEW SHIP TYPES: The East Indiaman. Already in game via a mod by @Dakar. This would be a great addition, as it sits in that space between the current Brigantine and the Galleon. The Junk. Coming in all different sizes, the one shown here reflects a small to medium one. I think it's a good alternative to the schooner, and could be focused as a lower cost hauler. The Corvette. While this could be added in as it's own thing, I feel that renaming the Brigantine to Corvette would make more sense, as the current in game Brig is closer to this, than to an actual brigantine. More on that debate in the second post. The Frigate. This is the one that I wish for the most. Sitting between the current Brigantine and the Galleon, a dedicated fighter. 14-18 guns per side, possibly even top deck mounted gunports, 4 decks, pure joy. This post contains a lot less info than I had planned to provide, but ship research is finicky, and depending on the region you originate from, similar ships and their feats can be categorized as the same. More on this in the Version B post. Photo credits to http://brethrencoast.com
  5. Have you tried ramming a Galleon into the dinghys?
  6. This should be a vanilla item. A galleon with 6 large sails just looks silly. @Jatheish this is a great idea
  7. Thanks @skunkyit's good to know that different blueprints can have different costs. @Pax, 1000 gold?
  8. That would be cool, or even just telling us the amounts your bp is asking for would be appreciated. Trying to get to the bottom of this
  9. Can we get a higher quality picture to see what your build requirements are? Struggling to read the mats at 240p
  10. I'm genuinely curious. Here is a glorious low quality picture of the building requirements. 3x1669 fiber 3x835 stone 3x3338 thatch 3x6677 wood Fiber stacks to 1000, everything else stacks to 500. So, without typing out the number breakdown, 6 stacks of fiber, 6 stacks of stone, 21 stacks of thatch, and 42 stacks of wood. 75 slots taken before blueprint, smithy has 75 slots max (as we know). Does your blueprint have a different cost to build, or do you get a reduced mat cost from some kind of intelligence boost?
  11. Discussing this in another thread at the moment. Some guy says he made one and had a screenshot to prove he had it, but he hasn't revealed how he did it. Can confirm though that the only advantage you get from higher tier shipyards is strictly durability at the moment. No benefit to ship building
  12. So how did you get all the resources and the materials in the smithy?
  13. I have found that starting with a level foundation helps me big time. The bigger area, the harder it is to get level, but Atlas has been a bit easier for me to do so with foundations than in Ark. Once I have an even foundation, I get a rough layout in place of structures I want using walls and usually build up at that point. Some good youtube builders to look up for style influence would be UniteTheClans, NerdParade, Pilgrimz Project. A quick youtube search will give you plenty of others as well.
  14. You have accomplished a what would seem impossible task then. If you could provide a screenshot on how you pulled it off, it would be appreciated
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