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  1. Same thing is happening on Weswe in G9, it's been barren on the northside of the island for a week now. Like Killer Keen stated, it seems there's a bug with the mortar ship that causes this. There's a German company named Gurkentruppe near my base that has a mortar ship parked at their docks, and nothing respawns in a large radius around that ship. Here's a screenshot, you can see the ship in the distance:
  2. Ah, right on, wasn't aware of that. Will try to talk to the owners about it. Thanks for the info.
  3. I submitted a bug report, but figured I'd see if this is happening anywhere else. Looks like the resource bug is back, though I went to another island in G9 and it looked fine. Not sure what the issue is, but here's a screenshot:
  4. I've noticed this before in a few of my storage crates, but it has now happened to a pair of masterwork pants I was wearing. Persists through relogging. I ended up equipping another pair of pants over top of the glitched-equipped blueprint pair, but when i tried to remove the newly equipped pair, they disappeared and the glitched pair are now equipped again in the pants slot.
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