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  1. You from Grapeshoot are such bunglers, in the patch you kind of destroyed the PVE. We are now back where we were in season 1. With the Claimtowers you have destroyed weeks of work and efforts by many companies, the Claimtowers simply have no place in PVE. The modder team from Radioaktiv Atlas (https://radioactivegaming.eu/atlas/) shows us that there is another way, the developers of Graveshoot should get in touch with the guys and let them show them how to develop Atlas correctly and make it playable .
  2. If you have a new card, please return the old one with 15x15 grids. It was realistic with the biomes, much nicer to play and, above all, it never had such big lag problems. Separating EU and NA would also be a great advantage in PVE.
  3. Nobody has an idea here, am I the only one with the problem? That none of Grapeshoot commented on it was clear, the gentlemen are probably too fine to help us with problems and questions.
  4. Look on the Resource Map for the Spawnpoints ATLAS - Discovery and Resource Map
  5. I can't finish building my Gally. The message comes up too many structures on the platform. But I built less than with older Gallys. Has anything changed? How can you see how many structures are currently installed?
  6. Shop and animal market on Mentou Enclave in the grid F8 PVE Coordinates L: -0.77 B: -35.06 Mythical blueprints and parts at good prices Bears up to level 72, 216% DMG, 1250 Stamina also breedable for sale. We look forward to your visit to Atlas and Discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/Pq4qpCW
  7. .. for this great Christmas LAG event. The servers run worse than ever, 3x gold with 10x LAG 3x taming ??? Taming with the LAG is not possible at all. I wonder what you were thinking? for example "We'll patch the game and piss off on Christmas Holydays" or "Let the players watch how you get along and the botched patch" PLEASE do us a favor and throw your Farms, Warehouse and the trading system in the trash can and let's farm with elephants, giraffes and rinos again. Then the servers should finally be playable again !!!! As a good resolution for 2021, you should first carefully test your new things on the PTR server before you overstrain our nerves. in this sense a healthy new 2021 the whole community here _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ In Deutsch: Vielen Dank an das Grapeshot Team .. für dieses tolle Weihnachts LAG Event. Die Server laufen schlechter den je, 3x Gold mit 10x LAG 3x taming ??? Tamen mit dem LAG ist garnicht möglich. Ich frage mich was Ihr euch dabei gedacht habt ? etwa " wir patchen das Spiel kaputt und verpissen uns ganz schnell in den Weihnachts Urlaub" oder " Sollen die Spieler doch zusehen wie Sie klar kommen und dem vermurksten Patch" BITTE tut Uns den Gefallen und schmeißt Eure Farmen, Warenhäuser und das Handelssystem in den Mülleimer und lasst uns wieder mit Elefanten, Giraffen und Rinos farmen. Dann sollten die Server endlich wieder Spielbar sein!!!! Als guten Vorsatz für 2021 solltet Ihre neue Sachen erstmal ausführlich auf dem PTR-Server testen bevor Ihr unsere Nerven überstrapaziert. in diesem Sinne ein gesundes neues 2021 der ganzen Gemeindschaft hier
  8. The new patch brings a lot of things that the world doesn't need and again server lags without end. Atlas is not playable again since the patch! Do you test your work before importing it ??? Your holiday is canceled until the servers are running lag free again. Who Needs the Tranq Arrow? The taming gets as boring as in ARK! Anyone who has to work like that doesn't need an animal!!!
  9. Fast travel to our beds is no longer possible! The beds are in an unclaimed area, they say. Christmas gimmicks are really nice, but why are basics always broken? We can't even travel to the beds in the outpost right now.
  10. Oh shit, how ugly the docks are. I very much like all islands to be built with the ugly parts Anyone who messes up an island with such a dock should also have to pay for it. So please increase the maintenance costs from 500 gold to 5000 gold / day and not lower it to 150 gold.
  11. The fact is that since the introduction of the trading system with the beginning of the farmhouses, lag has become the main topic. Since then we have all struggled with the monster lags and the game has lost a lot of its charm. Everyone just steals the island with farms, nobody needs farm animals like elephants, giraffes and rinos. All animals can be removed there. Baer and Rabe would be enough. So the Atlas developers should finally get your tired bones going and fix the game so that the people who pay your salaries can enjoy the game again. In German: Fakt ist, das seit einführung des Handelssystems mit beginn der Farmhäuser das Thema Lag zum Hauptthema wurde. Seit dem Zeitpunkt kämpfen wir alle mit den Monsterlags und das Spiel hat viel von seinem Charm verloren. Jeder stehlt nur noch die Insel mit Farmen zu , keiner braucht mehr Farmtiere wie Elefant , Giraffe und Rino. Da können auch gleich alle Tiere entfernt werden. Baer und Rabe würden reichen. Also sollten die Atlas-Entwickler Ihre müden Knochen endlich mal in Gang bekommen und das Spiel in Ordnung bringen, damit die Leute die Eure Gehälter bezahlen auch wieder Spass an dem Spiel haben.
  12. The servers in Lawless are running really shit again, ping at 255. Why not fix the errors first before you add unnecessary new things to Atlas. Normal people learn from the mistakes they have made in the past, but you seem to be immune. So please, please pinch your ass cheeks together and eliminate the errors first. In German: Die Server in Lawless laufen schon wieder richtig Scheisse, Ping bei 255. Warum behebt Ihr nicht erstmal die Fehler bevor Ihr neue unnötige Sachen in Atlas einbaut. Normale Menschen lernen aus Ihren Fehlern die sie in der Vergangenheit gemacht haben, Ihr scheint aber da Immun zu sein. Also Bitte, Bitte kneifft die Arschbacken zusammen und beseitigt erst mal die Fehler.
  13. 7:00 PM since you're crazy, that's 4:00 am for us, so in the middle of the night. A shitty time for us and also quite unfair
  14. The trade isn't bad. But department store and market should be enough. removes the stupid farm from the game, it broke a lot what was fun in ATLAS. Why should I still tame or breed elephants, rinos or giraffes? When every noob can just put up a farmhouse and then get Resourcen in abundance. Alternatively, you can remove the animals from the game that nobody needs anyway, then the servers will at least run better and not so laggy anymore. Or better you go back to Seasson 3 (Servergrid 15x15) before you have broken the beautiful game. In German : Das mit dem Handel ist ja nicht mal schlecht. Aber Warenhaus und Markt sollte dazu reichen. Entfernt die blöde Farm aus dem Spiel, die hat viel kaputt gemacht was in ATLAS Spass gemacht hat. Warum soll ich noch Elefanten, Rinos oder Giraffen tamen oder züchten? Wenn jeder Noob einfach ein Farmhaus hinstellen kann und dann Resourcen im Überfluss bekommt. Alternative könnt Ihr ja die Tiere aus dem Spiel entfernen die sowieso keiner mehr braucht, dann laufen die Server wenigstens besser und nicht mehr so laggy. Oder besser Ihr geht zurück zu Seasson 3 ( Servergrid 15x15) bevor Ihr das schöne Spiel kaputt Entwickelt habt.
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