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  1. Hello ? Server Grid D7 is still not available. Server tag is still at 2889, all others are already at day 2904 Are the admins sleeping? Or is it just because PVE doesn't matter to everyone at Grapeshoot, the main thing is that the beloved PVP servers are running. Don't forget that we PVE players also paid money, so we have a right to good support.
  2. We flew out at 9:30 p.m. CET last night, and now nothing works to connect. Server day is still 2889. It is very poor that an official server cannot be reached for over 10 hours.
  3. Will they get the PVE server up and running again or will we get our money back? would please give an admin info to us!!!
  4. "Thats because the PvE servers were getting restarted first and something fucked up so they didn't initiate the PvP server restart." I got this answer in Discord. Nothing else means than that the PVP server is to be tested for you and you have broken it again. One can only hope that the developers get it back, otherwise the last players will be gone too.
  5. New day new bugs: In Sector C7 I can no longer passively tame it. I have food on the 0, but the message "press E" does not appear. But it works in other sectors. Its not a buf its a Features: Grid tamelimit was reached
  6. Mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes I have the feeling that Grapeshot wants to enter the Guinniss Book of Records with the game that has the most bugs. (Irony off) The fact that ships from the Companys have been removed from the system over and over again in the past seasons has certainly hit everyone. But now the skeletons of the missing ships remain, so that one is always reminded that the atlas or the atlas team destroyed the whole work for no reason. Furthermore, the number of sunken wrecks that are stuck so far in the ground that the treasure cannot be retrieved has greatly increased. If Grapeshoot can't fix that, it would be helpful to reset the wrecks every 24 - 48 hours until you can fix the error. After you have brought the submarine back to the hangar you are trapped in the chair that remains shameless in the water and surrounded by an invisible submarine. unfortunately only help to die and leave inventory behind. It also accumulates the animal to be bent from the ship, not only when changing servers. It has happened to me several times that I had to collect animals in the water after driving through the hulls of the Sods. After losing 2 giraffes, a rhinoceros and a raven, I got into the habit of pressing the F key and checking the number of crew on the ship. The more and more sod-ship hulls standing around on the sea was thankfully taken by the developers. I only bring it up again because of the urgency. The fact that the ping has generally improved a bit is probably due to the fact that the number of active players has almost halved in the last 4 weeks. Which is very sad. It would be nice if other players and fellow sufferers report their bugs here. And it would be even better if Officelle or Admin keep us up to date on what's going on and which of our worries have made it onto the to-do list. ========================================================================================================================== Deutsch: Bugliste PVE Server Fehler, Fehler und noch mehr Fehler Ich habe das Gefühl Grapeshot will ins Guinnissbuch der Rekorde mit dem Spiel was die meisten Bugs hat. ( Ironie aus ) Das in den vergangen Seasons immer wieder Schiffe aus den Companys vom System entfernt wurden hat ja bestimmt schon jeden getroffen. Aber jetzt bleiben auch noch die Gerippe von den verschwunden Schiffen über, so das man immer schön daran erinnert wird das Atlas oder das Atlasteam einem die ganze Arbeit Grundlos zerstört hat. Weiterhin hat die anzahl der versunkenen Wracks die soweit im Boden stecken das der Schatz nicht geholt werden kann sehr zugenommen. Wenn Grapeshoot das nicht fixen kann, wäre uns ein reset der Wracks alle 24 - 48 Stunden erstmal Hilfreich bis Ihr den Fehler fixen könnt. Nachdem man das Uboot zurück an den Hangar gebracht hat ist man auf dem Stuhl der scheinbar im Wasser bleibt gefangen und von einem unsichtbarem Uboot umgeben. Da hilft leider nur noch sterben, und Inventar zurück lassen. Es häuft sich auch das Tier vom Schiff gebugt werden, nicht nur beim Serverwechsel. Es ist mir schon mehrfach passiert das ich nach dem durchfahren von Schiffshüllen der Sods Tiere Im Wasser einsammeln musste. Nachdem ich 2 Giraffen, ein Nashorn und einen Raben verloren habe, hab ich mir angewöhnt öfters die F-Taste zu drücken und die Anzahl der Crew auf dem Schiff zu prüfen. Das immer mehr Sod-Schiff-Hüllen auf dem Meer rumstehen wurde von den Entwicklern gott sei Dank schon wargenommen. Ich erwähne das nur nochmal wegen der Dringlichkeit. Das der Ping im allgemeinen etwas besser geworden ist liegt wohl daran das die Anzahl der aktiven Spieler sich in den letzten 4 Wochen nahezu halbiert hat. Was sehr traurig ist. Es wäre schön wenn andere Mitspieler und Leidensgenossen hier von Ihren Bugs berichten. Und es wäre noch schöner wenn Offizelle oder Admin uns hier auf dem laufendem halten was aktuell passiert und welche unserer Sorgen es auf die ToDoliste geschaft haben.
  7. new fetures, new mistakes !! SODs stand around in the middle of the ocean and do nothing Graphic errors are increasing. Now we even have holes in the water! or is that also a great innovation with which the developers want to delight us? The ping problems are only getting better in places because more and more players give up in frustration and look for a game that works and where the developers break a working game with updates and stupid innovations. I know that Grapeshoot wants to push PVP, but we PVE players also paid you money and don't want to be punished for it now.
  8. It partially gets better with the ping. But I think a lot of people just stopped playing because you don’t feel like messing around. Even here on the island, structures are falling into disrepair and it is becoming more playable. But the wrong way is that I make a game so bad that the players stay away to have it playable again.
  9. Thanks for the Tip The bears can be mated a long way inland
  10. F8 is Eastern Tundra and I'm on land near the coast. but I will continue to test it in the country
  11. We also had lags before the wipe when we drove into our port on K7. But when the structures were loaded the game ran smoothly. Then the structure limit of 8500 structures came with a patch. We had to find out that we were partially with 14K structures. We redesigned the base and the port and reduced the structures until we were under the limit. Result we were able to enter our port. Now the question is where is the structure limit on the current server in C7? Why can someone disturb the performance of the server so much that all other players in the grid have to suffer. Surely that cannot be what Grapeshoot intended? Or is it? Do you want to make PVE so bad and only play PVP?
  12. 402/5000 I wanted to breed a bear today. I have prepared and timed everything. Now I am standing here in F8 on the island of Mentou Enclave, it is tundra, and above which the bear stands I would be in an unsuitable area for mating. To make sure of myself, I checked the Atlas Wiki again and yes, tundra breeding is possible with the bear! Where's the mistake now?
  13. Unfortunately, we can't read anything here what you want to do about the really badly running servers. Now a new building is coming again, which is reducing the performance of the servers. The playability in the LawLess areas is equal to 0. I think you should get the game up and running again first, otherwise your new ideas will be in vain because no one will spend money on a game that is laggy and the players will be punished with high ping. Altas went really well up to the last wipe, the map was nicely done and realistic. Why do I find arctic raspberries in the desert now ??? The search for the numerous discoveries was really fun. Now the number of Discovery has been castrated so that the stimulus is gone, just so that the impatient can reach the final level. These people should better play GameBoy. I hope for all of us that you get it back on track, otherwise I think Atlas will be dead before it is officially released
  14. Why should 50 companies look for another server and move? Just because a company thinks you have to destroy the performance of the server? If the administrators and grapeshot games allow it, we're all in the wrong game here. It is very sad that not even an admin comments on the matter.
  15. The farmhouse spam we've seen yesterday doesn't make performance any better. The servers jerky worse than 2 days ago. You're not doing yourself a favor if you don't get the game back on track in a reasonable performance soon. Who will still buy the game if it is unplayable?
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