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  1. It partially gets better with the ping. But I think a lot of people just stopped playing because you don’t feel like messing around. Even here on the island, structures are falling into disrepair and it is becoming more playable. But the wrong way is that I make a game so bad that the players stay away to have it playable again.
  2. Thanks for the Tip The bears can be mated a long way inland
  3. F8 is Eastern Tundra and I'm on land near the coast. but I will continue to test it in the country
  4. We also had lags before the wipe when we drove into our port on K7. But when the structures were loaded the game ran smoothly. Then the structure limit of 8500 structures came with a patch. We had to find out that we were partially with 14K structures. We redesigned the base and the port and reduced the structures until we were under the limit. Result we were able to enter our port. Now the question is where is the structure limit on the current server in C7? Why can someone disturb the performance of the server so much that all other players in the grid have to suffer. Surely that cannot be what Grapeshoot intended? Or is it? Do you want to make PVE so bad and only play PVP?
  5. 402/5000 I wanted to breed a bear today. I have prepared and timed everything. Now I am standing here in F8 on the island of Mentou Enclave, it is tundra, and above which the bear stands I would be in an unsuitable area for mating. To make sure of myself, I checked the Atlas Wiki again and yes, tundra breeding is possible with the bear! Where's the mistake now?
  6. Unfortunately, we can't read anything here what you want to do about the really badly running servers. Now a new building is coming again, which is reducing the performance of the servers. The playability in the LawLess areas is equal to 0. I think you should get the game up and running again first, otherwise your new ideas will be in vain because no one will spend money on a game that is laggy and the players will be punished with high ping. Altas went really well up to the last wipe, the map was nicely done and realistic. Why do I find arctic raspberries in the desert now ??? The search for the numerous discoveries was really fun. Now the number of Discovery has been castrated so that the stimulus is gone, just so that the impatient can reach the final level. These people should better play GameBoy. I hope for all of us that you get it back on track, otherwise I think Atlas will be dead before it is officially released
  7. Why should 50 companies look for another server and move? Just because a company thinks you have to destroy the performance of the server? If the administrators and grapeshot games allow it, we're all in the wrong game here. It is very sad that not even an admin comments on the matter.
  8. The farmhouse spam we've seen yesterday doesn't make performance any better. The servers jerky worse than 2 days ago. You're not doing yourself a favor if you don't get the game back on track in a reasonable performance soon. Who will still buy the game if it is unplayable?
  9. You made the farmhouse pretty, but unfortunately it doesn't help much because the lawless servers still run so badly. On the PVE server C7, the ping is around 200. When you go out on the ship and adjust the sails, these minutes dance to yourself. Taming is no longer possible because either I kill the animal or I am killed by the animal. At C7 I would be interested anyway why a company can build such a monster pyramid? where is the structure limit of 8500 which was active before the wipe? Please Please Please, make the game playable again so that we can enjoy it again before adding any new features
  10. Before you add any new features to the game, start up the current PVE server. The lags are horrible and make the game unplayable. The worst grid is C7 where a company thinks it has to build a monster pyramid. Pinging 180-200 are the norm there.
  11. The server C7 is also not playable, ping is 150-180. Ship control at sea is almost impossible. The worst is on the island of Rimounear Enclave, where the company The FB Pyramide! build this monster pyramid. They also make fun of it because all the other players scold. This has been going on for a week now and the Atlas team is unable to prevent this or get the problem under control. I've been playing Atlas since January 2019, but if it continues like this Atlas is uninstalled and I look for another game.
  12. Hello Everybody We sell a contingent of metal 20 K iron 20 K tin 20 K cobalt 20 k copper 20 k iridium 20 k silver Price 15 K Gold Available at K7, Springland Enclave You can find us on PVP EU, Sector K7. Island Springland Enclave Coordinates: L: 36.52 B: 15.75 Contact via Discord: https://discord.gg/ Pq4qpCW ______________________________________________________ Wir Verkaufen ein Kontingent Metall 20 K Eisen 20 K Zinn 20 K Kobalt 20 k Kupfer 25 k Iridium 20 k Silber Preis 15 K Gold Verfügbar in K7 , Springland Enclave, PVE EU Coordinates: L: 36.52 B: 15.75 Kontakt via Discord: https://discord.gg/ Pq4qpCW
  13. News: Second Shop in N14 @ Rowsonee Island Coordinates: length 81.83 latitude: -77.37 Animalmarket @ this Place coming soon Die FUN Kompanie sucht noch angaschierte, deutschsprachige Mitglieder! Bei Intresse meldet Euch bei uns im Discord
  14. New Animale for sell Grand Tortugar, Sheildhorn, Elephants, Bears RazerTooth Eggs Infos @ Discord https://discord.gg/ Pq4qpCW
  15. Grand Tortugar, Female -- Breedable 2000 Gold RazerTooth Eggs -- 4000 Gold Infos @ Discord
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