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  1. DangerRocket

    market Marketplace @ PVE EU -K7

    Grand Tortugar, Female -- Breedable 2000 Gold RazerTooth Eggs -- 4000 Gold Infos @ Discord
  2. DangerRocket

    market Marketplace @ PVE EU -K7

    New animal available. Bears, elephant. parrot
  3. DangerRocket

    market Marketplace @ PVE EU -K7

    Ahoy together We have a marketplace for animals, seeds, blueprints and resources Currently there are 10 bred bears for sale. Our offer is constantly being expanded. You can find us on PVP EU, Sector K7. Island Springland Enclave Coordinates: L: 36.52 B: 15.75 Discord: https://discord.gg/ Pq4qpCW We look forward to your visit
  4. DangerRocket

    Abandoned ship in our base

    It's anchored to Green Anchor as a symbol, but it has not moved for over 2 weeks. Either the owner is no longer online or the ship has been parked there from chicane. Unfortunately, it is very unfavorable and blocks us. Otherwise I would not care.
  5. DangerRocket

    Abandoned ship in our base

    No, the ship does not have an auto decay timer. If it were there, I would be patient
  6. DangerRocket

    Abandoned ship in our base

    Hello everybody I hope someone can help me here. For weeks we have an abandoned Ramshackle Sloop in our base / port. It is also no owner to see far and wide. The Ramshackle Sloop is unchanged since the second weeks after the reboot of the server and blocks us in our future construction projects. Does anyone know how to remove the ship or move it to another location? Server is PVE EU, so it is not possible to sink or take over. Thanks in advance for your help Danger Rocket