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  1. Ok so the only pirate aspect of Atlas is fighting ghost ships? That sounds so boring, thoughts? What makes PVE Atlas interesting?
  2. No, actually I'm curious about the actual PVP aspect. For example on Ark you can only legally do PVP if one tribe declares war and it's accepted by the other tribe. In this case you can have PVP. Is that how it works on Atlas PVE?
  3. Sorry if this question has been asked a ton. I'm new to Atlas but have played Ark forever. I'm not a fan of the way PVE works in Ark, but hoping it's better in Atlas. If WC has done a good job of handling PVP in PVE i'd love to hear about it.
  4. Hi everyone, long time Ark player but brand new Atlas player. I've now got maybe 10 hours in PVP but none in PVE. PVE in Ark is terrible IMO. Tons of lag from huge bases, tribes pillaring everyplace, etc. Can someone kinda lay out the differences between PVP Ark and PVP Atlas? Also what about PVE Atlas? Is it any better than PVE Ark?
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