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  1. You're a fool who wants this game dead for all but 100 of you Great answer!! You have no answer and everything is vulnerable, easily enough time to sink every ship you have unless you have an island with a nice inlet or sandbar. All you're saying is that you haven't had it happen to you yet. That's *not* a good thing (but I don't expect any rational thought out of you at this point) Are you sure that's the problem? Or maybe is the problem "I was only online for 80% of the time, but people prefer to fight things that don't fight back" Just try fighting players! The lag isn't in a great spot right now for huge battles but you might actually like player combat even better than fighting crew! They make lots of games for people like you where there are no enemy players at all! Just AI to fight
  2. So you're a bigger company or your members do nothing else... you clearly think those 2 things should be required in order to play ... because it's not reasonable to cover the whole 9 hours. It sounds like you agree with me. 7 hours would be coverable. Thanks for the support Not sure if you are trying to agree with me but this is a great point. A well defended island that can't be taken in 7 hours *also* can't be taken in 9 hours, so a war token or many consecutive days would be required
  3. Please instruct me on what settings to change that will allow me to dash in a square pattern around an enemy while facing a constant direction and I will be forever grateful ... instead of floating around them in a circle like a damn sorcerer
  4. Just got (heavy air quotes) "raided" again by a bigger company while we were briefly offline. All ships gone for us and one other island in our square Not once have they attacked us during the 7ish hours we were online. This must be happening to others as well. This type of combat is not pvp in any way
  5. Nobody in history has ever gotten on the back of a giraffe and had the giraffe bash it's head against trees to harvest bark They should either reduce animal harvesting or just remove higher quality tools from the game (significantly harder to get and significantly less effective)
  6. Don't know what is going on for you, I turned mine off and it never happens to me anymore. Because it was annoying. Fake news. You're either not paying attention or not using melee (I wouldn't either, it's warm trash) Disable it in the options and go try to hit a moving player with a mace and see how much fun you have. It's how dashing is built in and melee combat in general. Next try attacking something with a scythe and notice the difference of what we're actually talking about
  7. 5 hours a night is probably enough, isn't it? Does this really need to be a way of life? 5 hours out of 7 (proposed) at least gives you a *chance* to protect your island
  8. Not sure if this was intended as such but this is a great addition. I don't have 100% of the answer but perhaps you should only need to *start* the claim before the combat phase ends (with a maximum timer of some sort) If the defender is not broken enough after 7 hours, where they can get inside of a base and are protected (with pvp respawn timers), then I think you dont deserve to take the island I can see potential exploits but there may be an answer... room for discussion here
  9. It's not about being short on money, it's about allowing yourself to make money by improving the game in good ways. Stop throwing more content that doesn't work great at us, make it work great. That's the feedback... what would "better" feedback look like to you? A majority of people I know in this game say they would buy cosmetics. And everyone I know who plays this game says the game needs to work better None of the people I know who play this game say there's not enough to do.
  10. The masses aren't complaining that there is nothing to do, the game is fun as hell but we are complaining that things don't work right Dont add giant lobsters next or space ships, just focus on making combat work well and giving us interesting choices for character development and tactics. Player conflicts, building ships and bases, and raising pets will never get old if the game works well... and then content creates itself SELL US COSMETICS!! People will pay for fun skins. Don't sell them for game gold because that annoys others in their company (wasteful) and doesn't give the game devs any money (so you can hire some people to work on gameplay and server problems!)
  11. Remove target locking from the game!! If you try to use a melee weapon vs a player who is moving, your man basicallly stops in place to make a slow attack, locked on where they were to your client, while your enemy's server side character easily moves away from the spot you got stuck into attacking. Fists are slightly better but still would be a much better asset to the game without target locking I appreciate the effort it took to create target lock functionality, but it makes melee combat worse
  12. The 9 hour combat phase prevents localized companies that are in the same time zone from stopping offline grief. Taking over islands should not be easy, and should not be done while the owners are offline. Mathematically, people who work typically work 8 to 9 hours. That's 6am to 3pm or 8am to 5pm (approx). This means the best you can do to prevent offline grief is combat phase of 3pm to 12am. You are forcing people who work at 8 in the morning to be up until midnight defending their island every night, or else all of their ships can be destroyed with nobody to defend (on most islands) Combat phase of 4pm to 11pm (7 hours) is perfectly manageable for productive members of society Huge companies fighting each other can already use war tokens to take over islands. If you can't take an island in 7 hours and don't want to use a war token then you probably don't deserve the island
  13. npc targeting is 100% as long as movement is either still or constant direction, but 0% if movement is circular? all you need to do is add a bit of random math to the targeting and (maybe some targeting delays or decrease accuracy based on target's speed) and npc's will act a little more like players, it would make them more fun and decrease their effectiveness vs players who aren't specifically paying attention to outsmarting the AI
  14. this game was destroyed by not being able to start as a new player without joining a big group. more players, and *new* players is what makes a game last. They are making it better (by being literally *playable* for new players) We need to be very careful about removing people from power though. it had better require an 80% vote or else leadership will just start being less welcoming to people they don't know
  15. Too many ships have the exact same sails. Having exactly one way to make a ship is not good gaming Large vs medium vs small sails are not balanced in the slightest. Every sloop needs 1 medium sail which costs less points than 2 smalls and is easier to control solo. Every schooner needs 1 large 1 small, every brig needs 3 large (even though it can have 1 large and 3 medium sails (worthless)) Control sails are inherent in skill tree, this basically tells everyone they aren't as good. Either all sails should be inherent or none should, so players can make interesting choices. Control sails should do better in bad wind angles than they do, compared to speed sails Weight sails should increase speed at higher weight (don't slow down as much at higher weight). They just add weight which doesn't make a lot of sense (but may be ok). You can add weight capacity with levels (overlapping jurisdiction of benefit, maybe ok, but it's the *exact* same benefit right now) Speed sails catch too much wind when it's at the complete wrong angle compared to control sails. Control sails are only faster at extreme wind angles (like the *very* back of the boat) and even then a speed sail boat can catch the control sail boat by using angles. If people want to sail into the wind they should have to either go slow or use control sails
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