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  1. shit ive seen a brig last for 30 min, missing 20 planks because there was 6 guys below deck bucketing water into a furnace.
  2. Enki Anunnaki

    Developers Forum Time

    green screen is nothing compared to black jacks and shield bashing ruining melee combat.
  3. Enki Anunnaki

    Developers Forum Time

    at this point im more worried about server player cap ruining the game for the major player base. talking about getting 80 people together with 100 cannon and swivel carts dropped off on a chinese island during war dec... 200 people on the server... the lag was so bad the only people that got kills were the npc's... if this was a real mmo there would have been an actual battle.. instead of a slide show. the devs NEED to lower the server cap to 100 for god sakes. completely unplayable at 200. Probably can't see it, but theres like 30 ships right there, and that was just the chinese. ours were on the other side of the island.
  4. Enki Anunnaki

    Atlas worth returning too?

    worth the time invested, its been a blast. worth starting again too. Games a lot better than it was and you dont have to worry about the larger companies as theyre mainly fighting other large companies... as long as you're chill n respectful you won't get touched by them.
  5. Enki Anunnaki

    Kudos to the mods

  6. Enki Anunnaki

    Really hoping you make build anywhere

    agree 100 percent, except the part where it takes a lot of work to build a gal. bred tames and hell, even regular tames, have always been able to farm a gal in 30 min or less.
  7. Enki Anunnaki

    Great player loss!!!

    factions wouldnt work. what is needed is more pvp activities that aren't exclusive to griefing islands, ship battles and a pve wall. a duel arena where you can bet stuff on your victory for example. where the parameters are set for all players involved on a level playing field where the victor can be rewarded on skill instead of numbers.
  8. Enki Anunnaki

    Great player loss!!!

    show me this base and ill blow it up
  9. Enki Anunnaki

    Great player loss!!!

    yeah making combat and piracy more accessible to the masses on the pvp server is horrible for the player base... yeah. youre joking right? its a fuckin pvp server. people are leaving because it takes to long to actually compete and all the good stuff is blocked behind a pve wall. also, so far, because the major updates are too far apart, its just been fuckin cosmetics bullshit, lame shit like new creatures, and optimisation is shit. this game needs a fuckin econemy. the name of the game is Bp crafting and that will stay just as grindy because of the ship weight mechanic. when 6x was implemented, there were only 300 people playing on the pvp servers anyways because people were waiting for the wipe.. bp ships and other crafts during 6x, took just as long as 1x to gather the resources to build. 2x is just right and will allow smaller companies to at least build up quick with commons and have a chance to defend.
  10. Enki Anunnaki

    Great player loss!!!

    ew. what is with all the "poor me" negativity in this thread.. land combat is awesome. we need more land combat goodies.. tarot cards for god sakes. new melee weps types.. are you really getting attached to islands and structures? the great atlas is meant to be conquered, destroyed, rebuilt and conquered again. its the sea element that needs a revamp. we need to be able to travel faster with our ships. wreal in ships faster like a fish with the harpoon and board them for the slaughter. stealing boats needs a faster capture based on ship quality. common building needs to be expedited with 2x gathering being permanent, as BP building is still bottlenecked by ship weight capacity Where the hell is my fancy hat?!
  11. Enki Anunnaki

    Devs how can you call this a pirate game?

    I hate the timer as well but i do recognise the significance of having a timer. If there must be a timer for "Full Claim", i say make the wheel usable by anyone who can survive doing so (Make sure Sail and Cannon NPC's don't follow non allied commands). you can always spawn back and fight for your property but ya better have protected the wheel and beds with a swivel cannons. The pirate will then be able to steer the commandeered ship to a safer harbor, or out to sea.. Make the stolen ship still red to fellow company men and defences, even if you are at the wheel. And make sure the ship can still be found on the company map so there can be retaliation. BOOM. excellent ship stealing and defending content.
  12. Enki Anunnaki

    Cargo Racks

    A better weight ratio or a speed buff is definitely called for here. For now at the very least until the market system is perfected and player base is restored so the economy can offset the grind. can always change it later, early access and all that.
  13. Enki Anunnaki

    Torpedo nerfs

    I love it. Like dodo wars in ark. Ill start breeding chickens to join in immediately lol. I've just been helping furthering my guild on the "atlas world stage". We are going to be making the official gladiator pits open for the public soon. Its gonna be a thing before ya know it.
  14. Enki Anunnaki

    Torpedo nerfs

    in a way, any ship with a catapult and a glider wielding occupant, is an aircraft carrier.
  15. Enki Anunnaki

    Nerf or get rid of torpedos

    they have to do something eventually. I will keep playing, hopefully it doesn't take as long as the explosive barrels did to fix. Im spending my time running freighters till then. Ship combat is just so broken with torpedos the way they are so i won't be wasting mats building bp ships till shits fixed.