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  1. Enki Anunnaki

    IDK if you noticed devs...

    in all honesty, mega's don't really exist anymore. they're only fractions of what they used to be. the lower company cap and settlement system did its job. if you actually played, you'd know that. alliances is where its at now. boosted mats would help everyone at home but in all reality because BP's are the name of the game, everything depends on how much you can move in a ship, not how much you can get in a node.. What's gonna help who you call mega's, is the shipping crates that have already been announced for release at the end of the month. But, that too, will be good for everyone.
  2. Enki Anunnaki

    Tattoos are super broken.

    They used to work... idk why they don't now. I designed an awesome full body tattoo and tried applying it to my body. before the first paint is even added to my body, i can see that the tattoo already on my body, just needs to go threw the process of using up the paint for it to be done and over with. 17 paints in, my client crashes to a "host connection timeout" over and over again, go threw the process... with the same result. crashing at 17 paints... over and over again wasting countless paints in the process.... i tried doing a smaller tattoo... same result... smaller... same result... smaller... same result, only crashing on less paints. ended up only being able to do one arm. so lame. why does it have to go thru each paint individually to apply to the body... why not use them all at once to save system resources to place the image onto the object?? at least let us apply tats in pieces without wiping previous work to apply the next tattoo. very aggravating.
  3. Enki Anunnaki

    IDK if you noticed devs...

    But, 50% of the players right now only wanna log on during double xp weekends.. why not keep it at double xp and such and keep our population growing. Its starting to drop again, we need to do something about that.. i want this game to succeed. I got faith in yall. The guillotine exploit felt like a huge punch in the mouth to a huge portion of players... was anything done/going to be done about it? Talk to us more.
  4. Enki Anunnaki

    Cheesy pvp mechanics

    bro.. you said it yourself. "general ineptitude, lack of skill, experience and poor level of preparation" Preparation is the key and experience is what turns it. Now you got some experience you can use later on. but let me tell you a good loadout kit and a simple how to on why each item is useful and how to enjoy the pvp experience.. ALWAYS TURN MELEE COMBAT LOCK OFF! I cant say that enough. turn it off in the options. it always hurts your ability in a real fight. Kit in order as i do it: full plate armor equipped. 1st slot: sword. 2nd slot: carbine. 3rd: billyclub or climbing pics. 4th:bola. 5th: grappling hook. 6th: (open for glider) 7th: 5 grenades. 8th: flintlock 1. 9th: flintlock 2. 0: spyglass. It's a good idea to have at least 10 sets of that kit for each person. swords should only be used as a last resort or when you run out of ammo. grenades are essential and can easily take out unsuspecting bear riders/crabs/heavy infantry and strong structures. gliding while dropping grenades is fun af. Have at least 100 grenades ready to go at all times because they go quick. billy club is great for light armored or naked runners. knock them out where you can cuff them then drag them to a cage and they're out of the fight for a good period of time. Bola is how you stop them without hitting them, kill/knockout them while they're stuck laying down. easy clap. Practice makes perfect. pick some fights and try your skill. dont be afraid to lose. Lastly, always have lots of bear and horse tames and breed them. cannon, balista and swivel carts. have a bunch of each ready to go at all times.
  5. Enki Anunnaki

    Top ten chat emblems.

    concerning the title and such. I've noticed i dont get a fancy icon next to my name in chat like the top companies enjoyed, pre wipe. whats up with that? i want to be fancy ok.
  6. Enki Anunnaki

    Show 'n Tell #7: Deadline 13th May

  7. Enki Anunnaki

    New „explosive barrel“ has a PVP use ?

    jihadi suicide bomber. catapult. depth charge.
  8. all those who will leave because of the steampunk changes will leave when black sails comes out anyways. there is no avoiding that fact. no need to cater for those who will abandon the project anyways.
  9. indeed. im just not good at being attacked with faul and undeserved labels by internet warriors that think they're smart when they're not. I think the purpose of the op was if he should come back. Id say yes, its a hella amount of fun, and things seem to be going in the right direction. torpedos are most likely only gonna be against underwater craft/tames/buildings.. hopefully not against other boats and such. but, we will have an idea where things are going in the live stream that airs today.
  10. even better definition! wheres am i self serving and asskissing; being a fawning parasite? you went on your rant talking about how it was marketed, in your opinion, (regardless the lore that was marketed as well)... Id speculate you're the perfect candidate for that definition: as you're self serving your ambition for the game to stay the same. fawning and flattering those who hold your beliefs. a fawning clown and parasite to this games future as already described in the lore and the way it was actually marketed.
  11. See, first, way to use a the word sycophant incorrectly: a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage. as i am neither babbling on or kissing ass for advantage as no one here important enough for me to do so, it brings me to think you are also one who doesn't know what they're talking about and perhaps just use elaborate words to make yourself feel smart to those who don't actually know of what you speak of. Second, i just described what the game was marketed as to me when i bought it before it was released. Just because you don't want the game to develop the way it was intended doesn't mean it was marketed to you incorrectly. it is a pirate game. it is a fantasy game. get ready for some fantasy.
  12. before the game was launched EA there was a lore page on the site that talked about the islands being droplets from a mega continent in the sky.. and that the soldiers of the damned are cursed sky people or what not. i want the lore to come true and make some fantasy.. right now there's almost no fantasy.. how do you have a sky continents and all the super fantasy stuff without flying ships and everything that comes with a sky people. cmon guys... there needs to be sky wars.
  13. i honestly wouldn't mind tbh. as long as it isnt fucking dinos. i love fantasy. exactly. it really is getting better every day. as for the community i'm beginning to think that the majority of people that post here are like realist and don't even know what they're talking about except from reading other posts from people just like them or watching youtube videos. its hilarious for how pathetic they are but wow... its toxic to bringing new players when they hear about a game and most of the info they get is from people that dont even know what they're talking about.
  14. i think they are getting things prepared for the crossbow tbh. crossbow will be not as fast as the regular bow but will have more damage than the bow and be the alternative to the flintlock due to its speed. if they changed anything about damage i wouldn't know. that guy must either be not lvled in properly or is bugged in game. i suggest a restart and a skill audit.
  15. Enki Anunnaki

    Developer Live Stream Q&A - Deadline: 1st of May

    I would really love to see legit drawbridges and a iron barred drop gate large stone wall door added to the game! id love that so much! imagine a moat of high breed bears n tigers on aggressive. ppl shooting from the walls. imagine the siege. get some