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  1. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    god damn rich kids and their cool toys
  2. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    well... all content is good content. I'd like to see pvp have more meaning other than just destruction. I want profit. I wanna see merchant companies sprawling threw out the game... i wanna hunt merchant ships and rob them blind. But, only way that's gonna happen is if bases can build up and stay open without getting wiped by a mega lookin for a quick thrill.
  3. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    not necessarily. the new raid window and claim system might just get the ball rolling. Trade, community events and exploration. that's the foundation of an mmorpg.
  4. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    idk why it can't be a pvp sandbox game AND an mmorpg.
  5. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    Cmon now, thats why these kind of games are so popular. Some of our favorite activities growing up were running around screaming pew pew. Cops n robbers. Cowboys and indians. Getting tied to a tree and beat with a wiffle bat. Ya know? The good ol days. This game is an echo of the good ol days.
  6. Enki Anunnaki

    Get rid of megas

    jussss calling the idea dumb, not the idea holder. Bear cannons are cool. maybe could add a slight increase to reloading time and disallow exploding barrels being shot from them.
  7. Enki Anunnaki

    Get rid of megas

    that would be stupid.
  8. Enki Anunnaki

    Get rid of megas

    I mean, mega should exist... they just shouldn't be able to zerg fools and wipe entire grids at once. Should be like Trading leagues or something..
  9. Enki Anunnaki

    Show 'n Tell #6: Deadline 28th March

    Welcome to The Atlas Fighters Guild! Where all companies are welcome. Coming to a player town near you! Dedicated discord for setting up fights, tournament qualifier rounds, and LIVE BETTING! Where the prosperous come to wager their coin. Where the brave come to fight for glory n' riches. Just like in the Gladiator fight pits of Rome, the stadium comes complete with an undercroft for contestants to prepare for battle. Do you have what it takes to be a champion? I will be building this stadium on the NA PVP (Colony) PTR to advertise THE GRAND OPENING OF THE ATLAS FIGHTERS GUILD! After that, once Atlas 1.5 is released to the official servers, I will be building these bad boys all over the atlas. Everyone is invited to participate. Large companies who intend to grab islands day one of the wipe and host multi company player towns, are encouraged to hit me up if you'd like me to build on your island. With the potential traffic the fighters guild could bring, trade could be booming. See you there PS: For those who'd like to see the build before the PTS (it looks better in person), I build it on NA PVP, L7, Neuver Island, amongst the ruins of a prior civilization. North side of the island. Neuver island is the west most island in the zone.
  10. Enki Anunnaki


    probably would actually be a good idea tbh
  11. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    what you got in mind lol ( i never claimed to be smart )
  12. Enki Anunnaki

    free test employee

    Sometimes i watch the forums and read posts like this... and im like
  13. Enki Anunnaki

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    try PVE, sounds just like the kinda safe space your fragile ass needs.
  14. Enki Anunnaki

    How Hard Is It To Get It Rite

    Man you got 900 hours in this game and your really gonna say atlas is a horrible game? lmao the hypocrisy is beyond evident. since you like to spend so much time doing "horrible" things, go stare at the sun. See how long you last. bet you wont get 900 hours.