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  1. can def see crab platform being used for great evil lul im also waiting on those physicalized trade ships ... any word on that?
  2. Reading this lame update and all the new crybabys venting their anguish is making me want to vomit. all i want to know is, attacking and looting physicalized trade ships, when?
  3. yeah but who the hell cares about pve. and yes they are slowly improving/fixing/updating the trade system. id suggest a schooner with cannons in all ports to tackle the trade islands.
  4. for all you folks that dont know... here's a small guide not to be a complete scrub. can even be done as a lawless solo player. Gold is easy to get when you know what to do. -first start by building a market on a coast. set up a warehouse next to it. then, put between 3-5 farmhouses or specialty resource gathering structures around said warehouse, making sure they're all connected to the warehouse. remember other companies farmhouses, warehouses and markets can block you from building yours. destroy them. now, start setting up trades with your neighbors. doing this you can make between 5-10k a day with just one market. the more markets the more passive income but that also means more territory to maintain. -now that you have enough to buy a ship in just a day, save that gold to craft an armored shipyard so you can at least keep your ship while away from game. (youll thank me later) also, you can store your gold in the shipyard and not many people are going to spend the time and cannon balls it would take to destroy it and take your gold. -now that you have your shipyard and ship, its time to make real money. head to sea. look for the trade controle node islands. head to it. scan the island and look for the tax bank. destroy it and pick up the bag. it will contain all the taxes from all the trades that go on within its territory. depending on when the island owner last picked up the gold, the bag could be between 10k-200k. BOOM. you now have the knowledge not to be a complete noob. get out there, sailor.
  5. relax. discord theyre giving updates on whats happening relax, theyre giving updates on whats happening on discord atm.
  6. back in the day when atlas had a population... almost like it was yesterday... lul. Microsoft basically say fuck you, grapeshot?
  7. so THIS is the year end patch huh.... big fuckin lame. i mean, some of this was needed... but you failed to address the markets and trade ships which is the most important thing you could have done.
  8. well, just got 2 ramming gallies.... love the concept but be warry of firing the front cannons and be sure to have a repair kit for it. we fired the front large cannons and it damaged the front of it. ship sank lmaoooooooo. enjoying the patch tho merry christmas
  9. im all about them fancy hats and this update. very nice.
  10. yeah its happening to a lot of companies. a dude in mine had that happen.. was lvl 120 and got knocked back to 78... still able to use the sub but has no kraken achievement. submitted a ticket but god knows devs ignore that shit. ppl are afraid to sail with how borked the game is rn. don't blame em.
  11. yo if youre looking to get more people in the sea here's an idea - make new submarine buildings, farming structures and underwater warfare... and for god's sake at least make a scope for passengers in the current sub. if you're worried about underwater combat becoming the meta, disallow the submarine torpedoes from being active at the same depth range as ships. keep the mythos cost and maybe make it higher for multi crew subs. make a jumbo rack per sub size and the minimum requirement of it being mounted on the size equivalent per ship type, current sub - schooner, multi crew sub - brig, big tanker sub - galleon.... would be pretty dope. steampunk is good. its time.
  12. i did it all season 2 lol, everythings cheap if you know how to do it efficiently. no ones built a myth gal because ship gold cost has become a major obstacle in progression. i stopped playing for 2 seasons lol.. sooooo long lol. regardless, im playing now and not only am i having fun, im glad they're taking this route even if its bumpy.
  13. barrels have always been around and have always been a thing. i wasn't the only one trying to maximise potential with game mechanics. but with the current mechanics, its slowed down the meta's quite well. no ones got a mythical gal yet, when otherwise there would be by now, and thats good. idk man, seems to me you're the one opting out rn and don't know what youre talking about when it comes to where the game currently stands.
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