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  1. Very nice. sea fobs, factions, physicalized trade ships and trade system update looking like a great path farward guys. very nice. cant wait to see it
  2. ive actually have had a few suggestions put into the game that ive submitted on the forums. and looking at your forum profile, i can see why you have not, mr 25 reputation. gitgud
  3. always build your holding pens above ground.
  4. Ima come back to see whats up this season. looks interesting.
  5. i still do defend atlas, its been a hell of an adventure throughout the stages of development, mainly with my clan and always with pvp. made many friends because of this game. blown through thousands of hours. good times for the most part. one of the best 35 dollars i ever spent. that being said, the devs are fucking themselves and their community. it will carry on to negatively affect their future game sales and that's a given. but, they still have a chance to pull it out their ass and make this a game remembered like it should be and save their company image and the games future.
  6. still no physicalized trade ships... but atleast we can ride spiders and buy ships no one likes to actually use..wtf?
  7. remember that christmas event last year? i decided to take it off from being a war lord for DVS and do some lawless head hunting. built myself a lil christmas cabin getaway with a trophy basement on some random nook on the most populated lawless grid at the time. i ended up taking 192 unique heads during those couple weeks, solo. i didnt care who you were. newbie or vet, on land or on a boat, small group or mega guild, i was taking your heads. if you resisted giving me your head, i no life harassed you till i destroyed everything you had and took your head anyways. apparently i pissed off a lot of groups and there were many doing their best to find me. i was vocal in global when i was after you and made sure to rub it in when i took your head or destroyed/stole everything you had. called off number of heads i had every time i took a new one. gave you a number. anyways, i had a bounty on my head of 1m gold, from an rival guild. many people were after me. it took a very long time for someone to actually find me tho and my wood shack didnt get offlined yet. in the end, a large clan caught me in the act of terrorising my new neighbors for their heads, killed me but wasnt able to take my head. apparently that neighbor knew where i lived and let them know where my cabin was and explained that i had a trophy room there. i called members of my clan to gear up with all the gear i stole from those who refused to give me their heads and fight them in order to divert their attention while i gathered all the heads and glided to my getaway ship i had stashed in a shipyard just for the occasion, hauled ass and brought all the heads back to my clans base to store in the clan trophy hall. here's some pics of my headhunting oasis before its fall.. enjoy I gave no fucks. it was a lot of fun.
  8. can def see crab platform being used for great evil lul im also waiting on those physicalized trade ships ... any word on that?
  9. Reading this lame update and all the new crybabys venting their anguish is making me want to vomit. all i want to know is, attacking and looting physicalized trade ships, when?
  10. yeah but who the hell cares about pve. and yes they are slowly improving/fixing/updating the trade system. id suggest a schooner with cannons in all ports to tackle the trade islands.
  11. for all you folks that dont know... here's a small guide not to be a complete scrub. can even be done as a lawless solo player. Gold is easy to get when you know what to do. -first start by building a market on a coast. set up a warehouse next to it. then, put between 3-5 farmhouses or specialty resource gathering structures around said warehouse, making sure they're all connected to the warehouse. remember other companies farmhouses, warehouses and markets can block you from building yours. destroy them. now, start setting up trades with your neighbors. doing this you can make between 5-10k a day with just one market. the more markets the more passive income but that also means more territory to maintain. -now that you have enough to buy a ship in just a day, save that gold to craft an armored shipyard so you can at least keep your ship while away from game. (youll thank me later) also, you can store your gold in the shipyard and not many people are going to spend the time and cannon balls it would take to destroy it and take your gold. -now that you have your shipyard and ship, its time to make real money. head to sea. look for the trade controle node islands. head to it. scan the island and look for the tax bank. destroy it and pick up the bag. it will contain all the taxes from all the trades that go on within its territory. depending on when the island owner last picked up the gold, the bag could be between 10k-200k. BOOM. you now have the knowledge not to be a complete noob. get out there, sailor.
  12. relax. discord theyre giving updates on whats happening relax, theyre giving updates on whats happening on discord atm.
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