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  1. Enki Anunnaki

    is this game officaly dead now?

    reputation is everything, and in the survival MMO market which is supposed to be their bread and butter, they've fucked themselves for future buyers. a pump and dump will not work for them again. and you act like ea hasnt lost billions because of their shit lol. just look at anthem. battlefield 5 took many years to make a profit.
  2. Enki Anunnaki

    is this game officaly dead now?

    they must be made an example for future projects/studios and what happens when you screw over your community without any substantial communication. This isnt just about atlas, this is about the future of gaming.
  3. Enki Anunnaki

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Last Oasis comes out in 5 days.. its not even a question where most current and former players will be going... with what the beta testers have said, its already in a better state than atlas is after a year and a half into EA... as far as dignity is concerned, i'll never trust snail games/wildcard/grapeshot or any other studio that hires ANY of these devs, every again. I put my heart mind body and soul into this game just to get abandoned.. they wrote out the road map in crayon on a sheet of toilet paper...took a massive shit on my face and said... how's this for a development homie.. then i never heard from them again. no thanks. Would take a god tier patch to bring me back after this... and even then, id most likely never buy another game or dlc from them again anyways, on principle.
  4. Enki Anunnaki

    Too much negativity

    Two men have an argument at a bar that turns into a shootout. One gets shot and dies. his funeral takes place 3 days later. 4 days after the funeral, cops finally show up at the bar. "hey you! put your guns down! that's it, you're both going to jail, this is not the place to be doing this. we need to separate you two!"
  5. Enki Anunnaki

    Either Do Something, Or Just Cancel the Game Already

    i'm waiting for last oasis, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and new world...at least those devs seem to give a shit. i havnt signed onto atlas in weeks. my lvl 120 can rot for all i care. i will never buy a single thing from wild card/grapeshot or any of their other sister companies EVER again. What these sad excuses for devs have done to this community is unforgivable. never again.
  6. Enki Anunnaki

    Too much negativity

    my time is my life. i never said it got in the way of my real life nor did i say i care what you've done with your time or your preference on staying positive. only thing clear here is that you don't know what youre talking about and that you shouldn't be lecturing anyone about anything pertaining to this games development or their life choices.
  7. Enki Anunnaki

    Too much negativity

    dude with 8 posts who joined on feb 11 wants to lecture us about the game and its development. thats rich. those of us who you say are fountains of negativity have been here for almost a year and a half, investing our lives into this game and its development, just to get shit on while the devs make false promise after false promise then they left atlas to die while they worked on fucking ark. good. i hope they drop the fuck out of the industry and save the gaming community from investing in their lies ever again. if i knew they were going to pull this shit id have never spent 3k hours ingame and countless hours writing posts on how to improve the game and documenting bugs. fuck you.
  8. Enki Anunnaki

    Now genesis is out, is the focus back to atlas?

    it doesn't matter anymore. the devs fucked everything up, stopped working on atlas and let the community down so bad that this game is just a new world and lost oasis waiting room. i lost hope a long time ago... if the devs gave a damn AT ALL, this conversation wouldn't even be happening right now.. They stopped talking to us completely and didn't even warn us they were gonna be working on ark instead. fuck them. they will never get another dime from me again. just let atlas die. ark will eventually become old news and these fuckers will never have a hit game again. and by god, if i ever hear of another studio hiring any of these worthless fucks for their project, ill boycott them too.
  9. this is why automated shipping where you can set a npc on the wheel and send it somewhere on the map, should be implemented into the game. swivels mounts should be locked to planks and not placeable on a deck. boom. some real pirate content.
  10. Enki Anunnaki

    Rules at 2020

    well, it all really depends what you want to do... if you want to solo it, play the game casually or are with a small 2-8 active group, owning an island/islands might not be for you... your best bet is to find a large company that will allow you to build on their land. most companies love renters on their island because that's free resources in their tax bank they don't need to farm them selves. pick a group that has a good well established harbor you can park your boats at and hopefully you can join their renter alliance and have access to their harbors and islands. now if you're a lawless pirate and you just want to live reckless and kill/raid indiscriminately, make yourself an underwater crafting fob where you will store all your valuables... make it deep and far out. set a company wide maker so you always know where it is. spam bed boxes all over the island so you can spawn in easy. craft what we call a "boat in a box" that you can put up on the fly when you log back in because its very rare that your boat will last the night on a lawless island. put your tames in random spots, preferably hidden. don't bother building a tame barn structure because that will attract griefers... or you can park a gally in freeport and make that your base where you store all your tames and valuables... you just gotta maintain it every 6 hours... but honestly, that seems like more work than it's worth. but IMO if you are looking to have fun and experience the game for everything that it has to offer, id suggest joining a large established group. but beware, there's always drama and intrigue in a large gaming community..
  11. Enki Anunnaki

    recent patch notes---

    for once i agree with perci. just bring more bears. its not a big deal.
  12. Enki Anunnaki

    Caging System

    YES PLEASE! More things to do with imprisonment would be very cool. Now especially since beheading has been nerfed when it comes to xp loss consequences. which blows that certain individuals ruined it for everyone because they wanted to powerlevel. it was a nice mechanic and gave excitement and urgency not to get caught. also, a reward for catching someone. it was nice. If the exp mechanic can't be brought back then could we have more RP alternatives. wall shackles, ball and chains, a whip, a torture rack or table, all sorts of medieval torture devices, a stockade, more ways to display a captured player or corpse would be nice... hell even a cross. Once upon a time, the devs had talked about a bounty system having to do with collecting heads. but for a bounty system... wouldnt you need a law system? if there was a law system, wouldnt that open the door for in game factions? shit could get sexy af if only the devs would do it. Edit: also, id like to see finishers come into the game. perhaps if a player were only a sliver of health left, you could get an option to pull off a finisher where you have the chance to chop someone's head off and add it to the collection.
  13. sounds like the attackers used grog and/or pudding... grog increases melee damage and reduces incoming damage... you can stack them up to 4 times if you have the grog skill line. pudding also reduces incoming damage. also sounds like they were wearing upgraded gear... a good ol' fashioned lawless roflstomp.
  14. Enki Anunnaki

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Youd need a video and proper proof and youd need to post it to reddit and cause such a public outrage that doing something about it can't be avoided.. This dev's dont even say hi on discord.. or anywhere, anymore.. you really think a ticket means jack shit nowadays?
  15. Enki Anunnaki

    Whats that X Shaped Sail Called?

    Freeport cosmetics vender