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  1. just waiting to play again till "trade winds" is implemented. if i cant put an npc on the wheel and send it to some far off grid, im not even gonna bother. hopefully the devs don't take the easy route and just make "better wind highways"... automated shipping or bust.. but we will see. hopefully they dont kill atlas again prematurely.. but by the looks of what ppl are saying with barrels.. idk lol
  2. QA bullllllllshit. we want the actual plans.. where things currently are, your next step and how you're getting there.. we've already endured a false roadmap, RELENTLESS SILENCE, jat, dollie and whats his name... this guy Atlas deserves better. We deserve better. BE BETTER
  3. judging by this lame QA and reading the comments, i think i had made a good choice staying away this new season and not risk wasting my time and disappointment again lol. Here's a real question. 1. Please explain the "trade winds". Is it automated shipping where we can put NPC's on the wheel, plot a course and send the npc controlled boat to a distant grid? Or is it just a patch of water you can go faster on or have better wind in? cause we need to know. automated shipping would revolutionise this games economy, piracy, war and bring vast amounts of player driven content to the game..."better wind patches" is boring and not worth anyone's time and i personally will not be coming back for anything less than automated shipping.
  4. im gonna wait to go hard for "trade winds" which i really hope actually means automated shipping. I appreciate the PVP aims, but merchanting/piracy should be THE primary and ultimate focus.
  5. i won't personally be coming back hard until i see what this "trade wind" business is about. DVS my clan will though, and you might find me out in the world a few times. i still have a bad taste in my mouth from jat and dollies bullshit and whats his name, the last new lead dev dumpster fire that literally did nothing for months dude. ive been playing star citizen and i will be playing new world when it comes out.
  6. its interesting reading these comments from people that haven't experienced a wipe before. this would be my 4th? idk. i quit months ago. shits funny, but i feel ya. im really interested in what has been proposed this time around. I think although we can all agree that the leadership for GS has failed their games community to often to count.. even though this is a little to late to bring everyone back... i think this is what we were all waiting for. "Trade Winds, Farms, Warehouses" now im hoping when they say "trade winds" they mean automated shipping where NPC's take the wheel, you plot their course and send it. I myself have been fighting for this since Day one. Imagine filling a galleon with goods putting an npc on the wheel, plotting the course to your warehouse islands.. putting npc's on the wheel of a war briggs and setting them to follow on the galleon... boom you got a protected merchant floatilla. imagine the content. all player driven. would revolutionize the markets, trade, war and piracy. would revolutionize the game. Also like the new proposed map layout. a pvp hot spot was needed. a moderately safe zone was needed. combined with automated shipping, this will be glorious. I'm excited for the prospect but i'm sick of being disappointed. i guess we will see. if the results are as good as i hope, a lot of people will come back.
  7. i was once hooked, back when the devs seemed to give a shit. 3000 hours of pvp mayhem. it was good while there was hope but alas.. this is my first time posting since last oasis came out. i want to give a shit. atlas has such potential with a lot going for it. it truly is a shame they dropped the ball. i still have hope someday the GS devs pull a no mans sky and end up delivering on some expectations no matter how bad they tanked it. maybe, once theyre done with ark... maybe. but then again, im a pessimist.
  8. reputation is everything, and in the survival MMO market which is supposed to be their bread and butter, they've fucked themselves for future buyers. a pump and dump will not work for them again. and you act like ea hasnt lost billions because of their shit lol. just look at anthem. battlefield 5 took many years to make a profit.
  9. they must be made an example for future projects/studios and what happens when you screw over your community without any substantial communication. This isnt just about atlas, this is about the future of gaming.
  10. Last Oasis comes out in 5 days.. its not even a question where most current and former players will be going... with what the beta testers have said, its already in a better state than atlas is after a year and a half into EA... as far as dignity is concerned, i'll never trust snail games/wildcard/grapeshot or any other studio that hires ANY of these devs, every again. I put my heart mind body and soul into this game just to get abandoned.. they wrote out the road map in crayon on a sheet of toilet paper...took a massive shit on my face and said... how's this for a development homie.. then i never heard from them again. no thanks. Would take a god tier patch to bring me back after this... and even then, id most likely never buy another game or dlc from them again anyways, on principle.
  11. Two men have an argument at a bar that turns into a shootout. One gets shot and dies. his funeral takes place 3 days later. 4 days after the funeral, cops finally show up at the bar. "hey you! put your guns down! that's it, you're both going to jail, this is not the place to be doing this. we need to separate you two!"
  12. i'm waiting for last oasis, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and new world...at least those devs seem to give a shit. i havnt signed onto atlas in weeks. my lvl 120 can rot for all i care. i will never buy a single thing from wild card/grapeshot or any of their other sister companies EVER again. What these sad excuses for devs have done to this community is unforgivable. never again.
  13. my time is my life. i never said it got in the way of my real life nor did i say i care what you've done with your time or your preference on staying positive. only thing clear here is that you don't know what youre talking about and that you shouldn't be lecturing anyone about anything pertaining to this games development or their life choices.
  14. dude with 8 posts who joined on feb 11 wants to lecture us about the game and its development. thats rich. those of us who you say are fountains of negativity have been here for almost a year and a half, investing our lives into this game and its development, just to get shit on while the devs make false promise after false promise then they left atlas to die while they worked on fucking ark. good. i hope they drop the fuck out of the industry and save the gaming community from investing in their lies ever again. if i knew they were going to pull this shit id have never spent 3k hours ingame and countless hours writing posts on how to improve the game and documenting bugs. fuck you.
  15. it doesn't matter anymore. the devs fucked everything up, stopped working on atlas and let the community down so bad that this game is just a new world and lost oasis waiting room. i lost hope a long time ago... if the devs gave a damn AT ALL, this conversation wouldn't even be happening right now.. They stopped talking to us completely and didn't even warn us they were gonna be working on ark instead. fuck them. they will never get another dime from me again. just let atlas die. ark will eventually become old news and these fuckers will never have a hit game again. and by god, if i ever hear of another studio hiring any of these worthless fucks for their project, ill boycott them too.
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