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  1. yo if youre looking to get more people in the sea here's an idea - make new submarine buildings, farming structures and underwater warfare... and for god's sake at least make a scope for passengers in the current sub. if you're worried about underwater combat becoming the meta, disallow the submarine torpedoes from being active at the same depth range as ships. keep the mythos cost and maybe make it higher for multi crew subs. make a jumbo rack per sub size and the minimum requirement of it being mounted on the size equivalent per ship type, current sub - schooner, multi crew sub - brig, big tanker sub - galleon.... would be pretty dope. steampunk is good. its time.
  2. i did it all season 2 lol, everythings cheap if you know how to do it efficiently. no ones built a myth gal because ship gold cost has become a major obstacle in progression. i stopped playing for 2 seasons lol.. sooooo long lol. regardless, im playing now and not only am i having fun, im glad they're taking this route even if its bumpy.
  3. barrels have always been around and have always been a thing. i wasn't the only one trying to maximise potential with game mechanics. but with the current mechanics, its slowed down the meta's quite well. no ones got a mythical gal yet, when otherwise there would be by now, and thats good. idk man, seems to me you're the one opting out rn and don't know what youre talking about when it comes to where the game currently stands.
  4. there's plenty of fun to be had in the meantime.
  5. now barrels arent a huge issue compared to there still being gold cost for ships and broken trade mechanic. but theyre working on it and its still a good time. come on back.
  6. weve got stuff coming in and out with trades between the alliance companies... except i have yet to see a trade vessel that i could pillage.
  7. idk i was planning on jumping in solo to start and get some lawless action but i havnt experienced the new map layout yet. miss them l7 days. where you starting? ill join ya.
  8. i honestly would love if dancing for money was an option ingame, like a stripper pole dance and a throw coins mechanic lol
  9. it will be balanced out eventually. idk why you're freaking out. remember day one? sailing a raft for hours with no wind? remember automatic fire sod cannons? lmao... did all that shit stay in the game forever? cmon now. shit gets adjusted and tweaked. may be uncomfortable at first but the systems are needed for long term game health. but i do agree tho. shit needs to be done about barrels and shield bash spam. EASY FIX: make it so barrels can only be equipped by people that have it unlocked. make it so shield bash takes a shit ton of stamina to use. boom.
  10. cant have piracy without trade, else it's just a battleship farm simulator game lol. i think you might end up liking it in the long run, once the trade system is fleshed out you get a few high value hauls and game life becomes about accruing wealth instead of just territory. they need to add rare goods, not just materials and blueprints. bring back the top hat, bunny ears and start making new fancy rare items that players will want to horde and display as a sign of wealth and prestige. i also still hope they add a bounty system. i want to white night and hunt pirates as well as be the bad guy and be a pirate. a law system would be very cool to go along with the trade system. perhaps the systems could work together where if you own the trade hub you get a notification if a trade ship has been seized in your waters or what have you and a bounty is then issued for the pirates head to be returned to the trade hub bounty head drop box within 10 hours for like 10k or something. allow dead bodies to be put in the guillotine and their head harvested. achievements and titles would be cool too. master pirate for number of trade ships seized. headhunter for number of heads collected. yadaya. so many possibilities. bring back the top 5 company badges. perhaps add badges for top trade companies and pirate companies? and lets be real, seasons are what shit games need to keep ppl playing. if you give players a reason to come back every day besides chores and wars, game health will dramatically rise. the trade system and piracy are a fantastic start. bring on a bounty system, achievements, titles and rare items too please.
  11. idk the new ship pricing seems a bit wacked.. but im still excited for some actual piracy and economy content. lets see how it goes. dont freak out yet lol. it can always be adjusted. fresh wipe - fresh start
  12. i don't understand why they don't just limit barrels to catapults and fix it gliders cant carry barrels and get back to the old days when you press shift you had control of lift. they need to add more catapult mechanics like elephant saddles.. i mean it would make more sense and be somewhat historically accurate considering what the ancient indians and hindu did with mounted ballista, javelins throwing and everything else. elephant war machines were moving, armored battle towers. alexander the great and the romans told some crazy tales about it. they gotta do something with the tortuga too... its not living up to the armored personnel carrier i always hoped it would be. . its obvious barrels are a problem and i haven't even logged in in a pretty long time.. but other than that, it seems who ever is in charge of development actually gives a fuck this time and im excited. I'M COMING BACK! this wipe coming, im coming back. can't wait.
  13. i think perhaps the devs should rework the buried treasure concept. pirates didn't just find maps and dig gold. pirates either inherited a map, bought it, killed someone and/or stole the map, or hid their plunder by throwing it in a hole and drew a map to it so they could find it again later.. then kept plundering. people do this now with underwater cashes and company map markers but there's a limit on markers... why not make a digging mechanic where you bury loot chests and automatically make a map note to find it and pick it up later. map note gets consumed after it gets dug back up, cant be destroyed, and if it gets dropped or despawned in a corpse, it will spawn on some far off shore in a map bottle soon after.. would be an excellent loot to pirate from someone or find.. would be cool if treasure chest spot can be dug up even without the map in inventory yet will still consume the map when dug up. make blue prints only obtainable from bosses, shipwrecks, SOD's and flotsam.. if you can't just remove BP's from the game altogether lol... and im only talking about pvp. pve is another story as i'm sure they would like to keep their regular treasure maps and ridiculous BP's. hell, this mechanic could work even alongside the regular maps system but would needs to be identifiable as a player made treasure map.
  14. i wasnt a fan of hearing about the automated resource gathering at first either but now I assume its because they intend to make trading the leading source of gold income and increase the amount of gold it takes to maintain the island and everything else. piracy is going to be a huge part of warfare. war of attrition, and starving enemies out of gold. blockades are going to be a real thing soon and i'm looking forward to it. lots of gameplay going to revolve around these mechanics and it sounds like its going to be awesome. i definitely agree about the blueprints. i say they remove them entirely and figure out another way to make ships valuable to the player. perhaps more cosmetic means, like if a ship has a number of logged enemy kills or distance traveled or whatever, it gets access to special expensive upgrades with "mythical" parts except instead of "mythical" meaning quality blueprint upgrades, it's a special skin you can apply to a ship part per achievement lvl... like a foggy deck, fancy sails, planks with special carvings, special materials, or gold trim. possibilities are endless. but as it stands, quality blueprints are game breaking and it would be so much healthier for the game just to remove them. would love to see an emphasis on skill instead of ship quality. also definitely agree about the lvl cap being 80, maybe even lower. get back to making people specialise but still give access to all the basics. would give so much value to the economy, trade and the dynamics of war too. and hey, there'd always be the respec soup if someone wanted to switch it up, but id also like to see limits on those too. like once every 3-5 days.
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