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  1. I’ve had three ships removed on me in the past two days that I know had money and resources on them and the crew are there in the water and the ship is gone anyone else having this issue or know what’s going on shed some light about to rage quit and never play this fucking game again
  2. So if my animals starve to death because they suck at there job are the going to put them back in the game if not I’m going to be furious
  3. So where’s the pve server this is ridiculous if my animals better not die because you devs don’t know what your doing did you delete it all together since there wasn’t any posted about it wtf is going on
  4. Anyone’s better than these guys
  5. And further more you wiped the game to fix it I don’t see shit fixed it’s even worse than it was I play pve just to play the game don’t care for pvp but why is there only one server.... I mean I don’t mind playing with people from across the pond. But come on how can one server hold all these pathfinder especially when you devs mad the map smaller and reduced the number of island there all shit fix the game or people are going to stop playing your game I wish I won the power ball I would buy the rights to the game fire all of you lazy developers and hire rockstar
  6. So I’ve been playing for awhile and yet I see nothing fixed still glitches half the islands are gone people crammed into a small map oh wait you made farmhouses great if you could find an island to put one on ridiculous the amount of them and the lag is terrible what the hell are you guys doing fix the game limit the farm house in the company more islands fix this dumb map north south east west for shits sake
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