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  1. Why so aggressive man? Jat and the team are catering to as many people as they can. Cut them some slack. Theres a real problem with the entitlement in this community that needs to be addressed before the devs can be held to account for too much. Im sick of these squeaky wheels ( over entitled pve/non dedicated/anti social small groups playing on a mmorpg) and getting all the grease when overall it’s a really fun game in its current state. Lets chill on the demands and let the dev team do their thing. Otherwise we keep pulling the devs in 100 different directions and someone still ends up unhappy anyways. We all want something from them. But spamming asinine demands doesn’t achieve much when no one can decide on the same path they want the devs to take. I generally like reading your posts ( it’s interesting to see what someone who isn’t playing yet thinks) but just chill. Ps: no hate for pve/ unofficial from me, just concerned looking at the number of forum threads in general discussion/ PvP/ and pve. There are people with great ideas for this game we just need to chill on the demands and over entitlement. I may have read your post out of context and for that I apologise if that wasn’t your intention. Come play atlas realist. I wanna pvp with you man.
  2. I think that in pvp the raze mechanic is just fine as it is. Make it more expensive if you want. Ill still use it.
  3. Im realy glad the devs added this mechanic. Im sick of wasting time, cannon balls and mortar shot to clear out vast swathes of pillar spam and bob bases after taking over a a claim. This should have been added earlier imo. The cost is also pretty fair. What small group or solo group wants to own a whole island anyways? You should be approaching mega companies for renter status to ensure your safety from other mega companies. Otherwise it ends up as the same old story. Wiped. Rebuild.wipe rebuild. Bitch about a mega company landing 3 guys on your island and wiping you. Enjoy atlas team.
  4. Polar Express

    Kudos Devs

    Are you still playing atlas?
  5. Polar Express

    Claims cant be taken forceably

    Yeah we know. Thanks
  6. Polar Express

    Claims cant be taken forceably

    The new island claim mechanic added in today’s update is a great idea for wiping foundation spam. Very happy thanks devs.
  7. Polar Express

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    Id love a wipe. Wipe every 2-3 months. This game needs wipes often. Wipes are great.
  8. Polar Express

    Claims cant be taken forceably

    Thankyou for the input Dollie. Im glad to know you guys are looking at it.
  9. Polar Express

    Claims cant be taken forceably

    Building upkeep based on 20% of the total structure cost. Same as rust's tool cupboard.if theres no tool cupboard then the structures decay. This coupled with higher health on structures may mean that a base will require fewer walls etc( therefore less honeycombe and entities on the server) At the same time, building alot of honeycombe/foundation spam etc will cost the owner huge amounts of materials upkeep to maintain. This will give players a choice between foundation spam/huge bases and therefore huge maintainance costs. Or smaller more manageable bases and less spam that are relativley low in maintainance costs.
  10. Polar Express

    Kudos Devs

    Loving atlas. Great work devs.
  11. Polar Express

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    Why are small pirate mega alliances getting war decked every weekend?
  12. Polar Express

    Fixing foundation spam

    The upkeep system is something I would like a lot.
  13. Polar Express

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    I’ve said what said, wrecking bobs is easy. You got no chance. Enjoy atlas
  14. Polar Express

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Thankyou GNIHAR, you seem to be the only one in this topic who has managed to stick to the actual topic. Which is a bear with a cannon strapped to its arse is able to systematically demo any players island- unchallenged. Raiding should be hard. I’m sick of feeling like I’m exploiting by using a cannon cart due to the fact it out ranged other peoples ranged base defences. Anyone who thinks this is fine is shit at raiding imo. You’re relying on what would be considered to be a cheesey exploit in any serious PvP game.your saying it’s okay to raid as long as you can’t get hit by defences. That’s weak AF. The issue isn’t that the counter to it is ur shitty flame swivel( which any serious PvP company can dunk on with a off cut throw away breed line tiger or canister swivel horse, or ballista cart, or dropping grenades on the floor infront of the cart horse while mounted on nearly any other mount , or use pillars staggered around your fob to dismount the swivel gunner, or olfend gangbang the flame swivel cart horse (this is my favourite) the issue is that defences don’t work for the people building them due to the range of the cannon bear. The only counter to a cannon bear atm that doesn’t solely rely on your smaller company trying to defend against my mega company ( you will lose, I don’t care how good you think you are, we have many, many, many more than you and our gear will always be better than yours, we popcorn entire raid kits on our way off raided islands because they’re heavy and slow our raid boats down too much on the way home ) is building on top of a rock pillar and hoping we look at your base and think “screw that, too annoying to raid today” when we come raid you, and we will. I hope you remember this thread. Stop bitching about mega companies if you argue so hard when we try to fix things to make the game fairer for you. We like this game. We want you to like it too.
  15. Polar Express

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Im also using flame swivels and im willing to guess my company probably brings many more than the defenders do. Most people dont have any tames left by the time they realise they are actually getting hit tbh. The topic is still the same though. I can outrange all your defences with a cannon bear. All of them.