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  1. Polar Express

    Cheesy pvp mechanics

    That’s a fair point. I’d like Johnnie to have a chance aswell.
  2. Polar Express

    Cheesy pvp mechanics

    Base raiding is shit. It’s too easy, a cannon bear outranges puckles, cannons etc. stone is piss weak to the point you need to lag up the sector with entities to have a base that will last more than 5 minutes in a fight. Stone platforms are weak, ship planks are crap, even with green anchor ( 1 loser on a crab can bust out a plank and you lose the whole ship) crabs have bugger all to counter their excessively high jump, high hp, and ability to do tremendous amounts of damage) crabs aren’t a special sight on a raid ( every loser is riding one) high resistance galleons are a thing for some reason. This is total bullshit against anything a defender can put together to defend their ships or base . Towers don’t work, sea walls with large cannons don’t work ( 24 Large cannons firing constantly at a galleon that doesn’t seem to give a shit) rebuilding after the MLG wanker with these broken mechanics in their favour chooses to Stone Age and popcorn your shit is enough to make me quit. I can recommend this game any longer. I’m avid with PvP and win plenty of fights at sea. But bases and ship storage is absolutely broken. I can’t sail around every sector constantly stonaeging every player I see or therwise I’d be feeding into grape shots bullshit idea of what hardcore looks like. And PVE sucks. So don’t bother mentioning it. It’s boring AF. These mechanics on your “colonies server” are chasing away potential buyers of your game. All the new kids start solo and are piss scared to play this game. I’ve been in a mega and the rank structure isn’t conducive to new players learning the game. As an admin for a mega I don’t want to have to run around for little level 8 johnnie demolishing things for him so he can build his first sloop. Fix the raiding shit so little johnnie can go play atlas and learn the game solo or in a small group till he is ready to be on a mega company. Let little johnnie build puckles that actually out range a bear with a cannon strapped to its arse to defend his shit.
  3. Polar Express

    Server wipe

    I wouldn’t mind a wipe. I heard about one from no where in particular and thought I’d just jump on the forums here to stir up melodrama about the wipe that isn’t happenening. Im keen as mustard man! ive had my eye on an island that someone else owns but I really don’t feel like working for it. The company who currently owns it is stronger than my solo but they don’t desrve it in my opinion. They should wipe so that I can get over there and claim it.
  4. Polar Express

    Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

    I’m pretty thankful for 2x weekends, most players are available to play on weekends and it gives people a buff for rebuilding what they lost due to offlining, griefing etc that happened during the working week when they had less of a chance online to defend. Having it every weekend has been a god send and I’m sure many player would have quit after being raided without the chance to defend, then having to put in all that time to rebuilding etc when they do finally get a chance to play on the weekend. Maybe the guys complaining should be the guys I should thank to a degree, cos they’re doing the offlining during the working week while most of us are at work. Thanks doctors, policemen, firefighters and nurses, i wouldn’t have cared about 2x if it wasn’t for you offlining and griefing during the working week.
  5. Polar Express

    people using freeport shops to hide stuff now?

    Lol. Most people are too obsessed with offline for me to care about the stuff in my base lol. My boxes are unlocked so if 5 hey bust in, they can have it. I can make more in minutes lol. Even ships and tames are completely dispensable hahaha. I only started enjoying this game after i started laying bait to find offliners and hunt them with my alliance.
  6. Polar Express

    the devs have caved to pressure from megas

    Fair point OP. I am a part of a much smaller group this wipe after being a part of a mega last wipe. I have enjoyed playing both styles. I believe personally that being open to a merge with a number of smaller companies from the same grid in pvp has been the best idea my company has had so far and subsequently made the game much more enjoyable. We dont constantly need to be worried about being stone aged anymore due to the fact that we have the numbers to fight back or rebuild and we have numbers required to counter raid and revenge raid if need be. I would recommend any one who feels that there is no hope playing as a smaller group or solo member open themselves up to a merger or consider atleast playing with the members from othe companies in atleast their sector to form solid relations so that you have a chance against mega companies or shit head griefers from other sectors. Check the steam forums and also the reddit for companies willing to recruit. You may not need to merge. Just hangout with them and help eachother out against people who have joined this game to soley pvp and grief smaller groups and weaker targets. This is just my experience and i dont speak for anyone else. Im just trying to give advice for those who choose to take it or leave it. Pm me if youre looking for allies or a safer place to chill. Id be happy to help anyone who needs it.
  7. Polar Express

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    Just nerf the large cannon damage to hell. Keep them longer range but make them weaker than ships cannons and make the ammo weigh the same as ship cannons. Like a long cannon (long range) that way if you want a dps ship you will need to get into real cannon range and be prepared to actually receive damage in return for dealing it. This will make large cannons (long cannon) into an option for players who are trying to get away from aggressors by using bar shot if they are being chased by MLG douschebags that try to sink everything they see.
  8. Polar Express

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    That’s also a fair comment. I like the fantasy direction that magic will take the game in aswell. Anything is cool imo
  9. Polar Express

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    I don’t mind the submarine in atlas personally. I think the fact the devs put the submarine behind a wall lend itself to lore pretty well. The golden age ruins are a lost advanced civilisation. Like dwemer in the elder scrolls. The whole steampunk (pirate punk, whatever ng is pretty cool. I like some fantasy aspect of the game. Other wise we just have a pirate game.i Played black wake for 100 hours and the game ended up being really predictable and kinda boring tbh. i understand where you are coming from with your post and your concerns are valid. However, this seems to be the direction the devs are taking the game.
  10. Polar Express

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    I agree that the large cannon became the meta. It required zero creativity. Shotgun ships are also a meta. Zero creativity. So little creativity that literally every ship I’ve sailed past in the last week was doing the exact same thing. You can still use regular ship cannons on deck so now it just means you can’t exploit the kiting meta anymore. I don’t mind this at all. Kiting is cheesey as all hell. Just my opinion.
  11. Polar Express

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    I actually weirdly agree that this would be a cool idea. Not sure if you were being sarcastic when you posted it. But props on a cool sounding concept
  12. Polar Express

    It is a PIRATE GAME

    Yeah dude, we can play on xbox when it’s out. I’m enjoying atlas on pc and I’ll probs get it on Xbox aswell when it comes out. I did the same with ark. Dayz Xbox was a flop imho. But I still got it to give it a go. I’m open to trying atlas on console. It should be pretty good.
  13. Polar Express

    It is a PIRATE GAME

    Lol look forward to playing atlas with you man. It’s been a long time in the making. I think you will enjoy it. Also AIRSHIPS, MINIGUNS, HOMING MISSILES! It’s gonna be dope dude! Lol jk
  14. Polar Express

    It is a PIRATE GAME

    Hey realist. Xbox will become a REALITY for you at last. Enjoy brother. The water’s fine my dude.
  15. Polar Express

    It is a PIRATE GAME

    Lol who cares what sort of game it is. Play atlas for what it is. If you don’t like parts of it that’s okay, it shouldn’t ruin your day though. The devs are making the game. Not us. We just test it.