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  1. Just make the freeport grid and some adjacent grids pve. Turn freeport into an archipelago of lots of tiny islands with claims that cost alot of gold and actual materials to maintain. The devs may as well just turn official pvp into pvpve cos even the "hardcore" pvp megas are hiding in freeport. Just pull the trigger and make it official. Otherwise these "pvp companies" are just gonna continue this larping BS
  2. These devs are finally showing that they will take exploiters seriously. So many armchair Ark script kiddies have chased away the community in the past. Best season so far. 100 Percent respect to the devs this wipe. Keep up the great work. Also the new content so far is awesome and helps move the pvp in the right direction.
  3. OP makes a good point. Im down for skins like Rust item store has. Id even be down with the exact same model that rust uses to get those skins to the item store and eventually the community market. Its easy revenue and I love dope limited release skins that gain value on the market over time. If u dont know what im talking about then go check the rust item store on steam. New skins created by the community and voted/ added in by the devs every friday. They can be sold on community market the following week so if its a good skin buy 2 to sell one when the price goes up. Skins cost a couple of dollars max on release via item store. After that u gotta gettem on the market place.
  4. Legit awesome update. Ignore the crybabies. Farmhouses are cool AF. Keep up the good work. This season has been great.
  5. Raiding and griefing so easy in this game. We spawn lawless/ Freeport on some weekdays (low pop for defenders) Tame bears or horses, make schooner and a few kits then pick any of the islands we want lol. Combat timer being 9 hrs gives us so much choice in who to raid aswell. We don’t even keep anything we raid, we popcorn most of it. I will say mortars are the main issue to our playstyle. 1 or 2 active defenders can fight our 8-10 off using mainly mortars (depending on the day and who can be fucked logging in to raid) id like mortars nerfed to not destroy our cannons on carts so easy. Also I’d love it if the devs added some sort of cannon/ mortar to put on ships to raid and grief with. I used to care about pvpve/ trying to keep game population alive by trying to stop/slow griefing , but not so much anymore with this new playstyle. We don’t even have a base anymore. We are just pirates now. It’s a shame the game is losing so many players, but it’s mostly been helicopter parent mega companies coming to counter our raids because we are hitting their bobs. So less megas means easier raids atleast.
  6. I’ve been playing ark again recently. I will say one thing, atlas community can be bad. But ark kids are cooked AF.
  7. Make 4 major factions Turn 3/4 lawless into faction held pve grids with basic materials. (basic wood/thatch/fiber/metal only) no salt/sap etc make the islands pve, but make water full PVP around the island. Same 15 min green anchor rule applies. Set Max structure limit to 500 per company and tame limit to 20 and ship limit to 10 for these grids. Require silo for structure for maintenance ( stone/wood/thatch/metal etc) and gold cost of 200gold per day. Otherwise structures and ships decay in 48hrs. Ships also become unanchored and therefore subject to full PVP rules. Set build radius of for these grids to be same as lawless.
  8. I like this idea. Maybe turn 2/ 4 of the surrounding lawless sectors of Freeports into pve islands with very small structure limit and 5 anchored ship limit per company. Add material based decay (like ship planks in Freeport ) to structures on land requiring you to repair your entire base (every single foundation, wall, door, window etc) atleast once in a 48hr window using a resource chest and hammer. Make the water surrounding those islands full pvp for unanchored boats. There you have it. A PvP/ve setup for atlas. To keep the new guys safe. And also To keep the scaredy cats usually hiding in freeports paying through the nose and also heavily limited in growth. I know a mega can also use this function but atleast it has a brutal hard limit for them
  9. Good to hear. This game can be brutal. Hopefully the devs look at ways to make it so we don’t have to live in atlas for a full working day, every fucking day to be able to progress and enjoy it.
  10. I like this new patch. Very excited, thanks devs
  11. Hell yes to all the above. We need a reason to pvp not just player kill and wipe each other. PvP events / specialised zones would be at the top of my list. The trade winds thing is cool too. It will encourage PvP along those routes. And the ship claiming timer is a must. I’ve never seen anyone try board and capture a ship. It’s easier to just sink it than try to claim it.
  12. That actually sounds like a very cool idea. If freeports were turned into a big pve archipelago with lots of small islands with basic materials ( same as freeports for making primitive things only) then it would be a good place for smaller companies to have their main base and they can build outposts for farming etc out in the rest of the map. Limiting company size to max 15 players to build there would be cool. That way the small companies can find allies and recruit then eventually (maybe) try their hand in the rest of the map in pvp. Big companies will inevitably also find a way to stash things in free portson alt accounts but who cares tbh. It isnt hurting anyone and we are already doing it anyways.
  13. You hit the nail on the head in your last paragraph. Make it cost something to raid someone. Atm it just costs cannon balls, grenades and a bit of gear. All that is easy for people to amass quickly. Raiding small companies is zero risk to bigger companies. If you had to war dec an island of small companies it would make alot of bigger groups think twice about it. Additionally it will restrain alot of the bored trolls just passing by and raiding for the sake of it. As someone in a big company atm i can honestly say that if i had to pay gold, wait a couple of days to hit bobs i wouldnt bother. Its too much effort, gold and time. My admins would probably ask why id want to waste gold raiding a small company for no real reward. Id be more inclined to try trade with them if they had 1 or 2 blueprints my company wants.
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