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  1. Polar Express

    QoL and balance suggestions :)

    Hell yes to all the above. We need a reason to pvp not just player kill and wipe each other. PvP events / specialised zones would be at the top of my list. The trade winds thing is cool too. It will encourage PvP along those routes. And the ship claiming timer is a must. I’ve never seen anyone try board and capture a ship. It’s easier to just sink it than try to claim it.
  2. Polar Express

    Create PvP hotspots

    That actually sounds like a very cool idea. If freeports were turned into a big pve archipelago with lots of small islands with basic materials ( same as freeports for making primitive things only) then it would be a good place for smaller companies to have their main base and they can build outposts for farming etc out in the rest of the map. Limiting company size to max 15 players to build there would be cool. That way the small companies can find allies and recruit then eventually (maybe) try their hand in the rest of the map in pvp. Big companies will inevitably also find a way to stash things in free portson alt accounts but who cares tbh. It isnt hurting anyone and we are already doing it anyways.
  3. Polar Express

    PvP MMO?

    You hit the nail on the head in your last paragraph. Make it cost something to raid someone. Atm it just costs cannon balls, grenades and a bit of gear. All that is easy for people to amass quickly. Raiding small companies is zero risk to bigger companies. If you had to war dec an island of small companies it would make alot of bigger groups think twice about it. Additionally it will restrain alot of the bored trolls just passing by and raiding for the sake of it. As someone in a big company atm i can honestly say that if i had to pay gold, wait a couple of days to hit bobs i wouldnt bother. Its too much effort, gold and time. My admins would probably ask why id want to waste gold raiding a small company for no real reward. Id be more inclined to try trade with them if they had 1 or 2 blueprints my company wants.
  4. Im assuming you dont have an issue being sued for breach of your well documented and written contract to purchase this game if you dont cough up the cash come console release then...
  5. There are mega alliances that actively hunt toxic companies on NAPVP. The game is changing now, megas are trying to help smaller/ newer companies out more. The most toxic company I have encountered was just been wiped off the map a couple of days ago. I understand what you mean and we are doing something about it as players. There’s no need for the devs to fix anything else as long as the most powerful companies are dealing with jerks. As for single player/ non dedicated. The devs have done what people asked for and still they complain. Really good post @Dawg711
  6. Polar Express

    What would you like developers to add in the game?

    1. Trade winds/ routes that run a horizontal path across the map. When in those trade wind sectors your ship speed is doubled or tripled to make travel quicker. This will lead to trader companies using these and pirate player companies camping these highway sectors for easy and guaranteed pvp. 2. Merge pvp and pve official maps. 3x3 sectors surrounding freeport capitals are pve except for one grid called a capital city grid. The free port is owned/claimed by bigger companies/alliances and fought over every two weeks in events on the capital city grid for 24 hours. The remaining pve grids are untouched. ( i realise this will lead to companies hiding things in pve zones but who cares. ) owning capital city grids generates a passive resource income from activity in pve zones around the freeport. 3. Less skill points overall to encourage more player specialisation. 4. A karma system. Killing settlers of another capital city pvp grid will make all npcs of those grids attack you. Additionally, all npcs in surrounding pve sectors will attack you. 5. Pve islands are split into predeterminded sections for claim( maybe an archipelago style with lots of small islands) . Each section of those claims has water access for atleast a large ship yard. Each company has one(1) pve claim point. Parking on anyone elses claim has a decay timer for all items, ships and tames. Items crafted are based on crafter companys id number therefor you cant hide pvp items/ships and tames in a buddies pve sector for longer than 8 hours max. The only way for a pvp company to refresh this timer is by moving item/tame ship back to pvp sector for equal amount of time it was in a pve sector. The only way to trade between PvP and pve in a pve sector is by paying a predetermined (scaling with quality) gold value at a NPC trader plus the asking price of the seller. Pvp loot is allowed in the capital city grid until it is sold to pve players via NPC vendors . This again will result in decay if company IDs don’t match before the item is sold. PvP loot has no decay if kept in PvP grids. So you can role play a pirate or whatever with stolen loot all you want outside of pve sectors and bring it “into town “ to sell it if you want (as long as it doesn’t decay before you find a buyer) To gain a pve status for a PvP ship etc fleeing from PvP sector has a 1hour cooldown once anchored on a pve island. After that hour it is impossible to damage it. If an enemy catches upto you before that one pve hour cooldown they can plank the ship but not completely destroy it. The ship will be immobile and no clip until it is repaired. Just a couple of things. Sorry for the long post. Please feel free to add/ subtract or criticise. Alot of these ideas are from ex pve players in my company on NAPVP. Id like for everyone, regardless of playstyle to be able to have fun together. The pve guys on my company now are awesome breeders/ crafters and content runners, they know where to find materials and don’t mind hauling it/ trading it. My usual pvp guys are happy to help/ protect them from hostiles because the pve guys contribute to the company as a whole. They also pvp occasionally and seem to enjoy it every now and then. i didn’t even know songs were so good for pvp/map situations until i met a solid pvp roleplayer. He is a full int ( crow on his shoulder with a mix and match fur/plate/cloth int set) pve/ pvp sea captain. He absolutley wrecks alot of core pvpers.
  7. Polar Express

    Remember when it was fun..

    Come play pvp. Content just happens.
  8. Polar Express

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    Lol if anyone from pvp wants a good laugh head over to the pve section and take a look through the " safe island" thread. Hilarious.
  9. Polar Express

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    @Realist For reaching 2k posts on the forum you can now redeem your free ingame hat skin and perk. You just gotta buy atlas and log in to collect. Well done mate. Congrats
  10. Why so aggressive man? Jat and the team are catering to as many people as they can. Cut them some slack. Theres a real problem with the entitlement in this community that needs to be addressed before the devs can be held to account for too much. Im sick of these squeaky wheels ( over entitled pve/non dedicated/anti social small groups playing on a mmorpg) and getting all the grease when overall it’s a really fun game in its current state. Lets chill on the demands and let the dev team do their thing. Otherwise we keep pulling the devs in 100 different directions and someone still ends up unhappy anyways. We all want something from them. But spamming asinine demands doesn’t achieve much when no one can decide on the same path they want the devs to take. I generally like reading your posts ( it’s interesting to see what someone who isn’t playing yet thinks) but just chill. Ps: no hate for pve/ unofficial from me, just concerned looking at the number of forum threads in general discussion/ PvP/ and pve. There are people with great ideas for this game we just need to chill on the demands and over entitlement. I may have read your post out of context and for that I apologise if that wasn’t your intention. Come play atlas realist. I wanna pvp with you man.
  11. I think that in pvp the raze mechanic is just fine as it is. Make it more expensive if you want. Ill still use it.
  12. Im realy glad the devs added this mechanic. Im sick of wasting time, cannon balls and mortar shot to clear out vast swathes of pillar spam and bob bases after taking over a a claim. This should have been added earlier imo. The cost is also pretty fair. What small group or solo group wants to own a whole island anyways? You should be approaching mega companies for renter status to ensure your safety from other mega companies. Otherwise it ends up as the same old story. Wiped. Rebuild.wipe rebuild. Bitch about a mega company landing 3 guys on your island and wiping you. Enjoy atlas team.
  13. Polar Express

    Kudos Devs

    Are you still playing atlas?
  14. Polar Express

    Claims cant be taken forceably

    Yeah we know. Thanks
  15. Polar Express

    Claims cant be taken forceably

    The new island claim mechanic added in today’s update is a great idea for wiping foundation spam. Very happy thanks devs.