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  1. I'm sure the dev's will be right on your issue since they deleted my reply suggesting you reciprocate :D.. GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!
  2. Find their base and do the same thing
  3. Galleons Barrel Bombing ramshackle sloops seems to be a thing this season.
  4. Season 6- Farming for Megas. We need to find a mega that will allow us to be grifted by them without too painful a tax. Lol. Or just leave our stuff in open boxes.
  5. it's too bad there isn't a tame hitch you can lock them too.
  6. Multiple grids on multiple servers are suffering the same problem. Eventually you won't be able to port in to that grid and it will show offline.
  7. There should be an anti-healing debuff after you've been hit. Perhaps 30 seconds.
  8. Being able to scope Puckle towers from a mile away and 'see' they have no ammo.... Lame.
  9. Three layers of text stacked, no way to see quality of gunport
  10. ....and NPC's that can do all the fightin and explorin. Also, auto leveling up would be the bomb.
  11. There is only 3% of the number of active players as when the game launched. There are currently on average 1900 players per day. There are over 4000 servers (maps). So the average is .5 players per map........
  12. So correct me if I'm wrong you can put a platform on a crab and mount cannons and crew on the platform. So basically you could swim underwater, basically invulnerable, and pop up anywhere you want, fire the cannons and duck back under that water. You could theoretically approach any blind spot that way and be completely invulnerable to surface attacks.
  13. More players need more real estate. Too many players in PVP in a small map isn't fun (for me) for this type of game.
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