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  1. Pattus

    A solution to killing breeders, maybe?

    Change the structure limit to 800 per 30 grid units instead of 8000, that would fix a lot of things too. That would limit bases to just a tower or two.
  2. Pattus

    A solution to killing breeders, maybe?

    The game is supposed to be a naval combat game. It defies logic to put in a mechanic that absorbs most of your play time on land (breeding). I think all tames should be the same level and no breeding whatsoever. Nothing else changes. You need an elephant, tame an elephant. Every elephant is exactly the same and takes a few minutes to tame. Problem solved. No stashing at freeport, no wasted time, no breeding economy. Done. Get on a damn ship and on the water.
  3. Pattus

    How is this still a thing.

    Don't get me wrong, I like some of the ideas. In fact I suggested a single invulnerable home flag, for example, in the past. I think to minimize the base/tame aspect of the game do this. 1. Remove levels from tames, don't allow breeding. this would completely eliminate that aspect of the game that is supposedly ship-to-ship combat. Instead of a breeding/trading/ground based/animal meta game. 2. Restrict structure build to 800, instead of 8000 per radius. This would completely resolve the Xbox performance disparity and discourage uber basing. Restrict ownership to A SINGLE ISLAND per company. 3. Remove EITHER, quality weapons or quality planks. That would give ship to ship combat between mega's and newbs less obvious disparity. 4. IRON HAND elimination of cheaters. Undermeshing, aimbots, etc.... On PVP NA there are really 4-5 companies that dominate the game by taking advantage of every mechanic. Of course, none of this will happen, and I suspect more people will abandon official because of it.
  4. Pattus

    How is this still a thing.

    People need to sleep. I like the island claim system. Creating PVE zones to be friendly to new players is antithetical. New players should settle on claimed islands and seek protection. I like the idea of a 1 day cool down timer on tames in freeport, however this doesn't fix the issue if the company is using bots to refresh the timers. Tames on Freeport should simply not be allowed to eat and starve/decay if left there. If newbs can't handle PVP on day one, they should be in PVE. Freeport has become a ridiculous shelter/fob for major companies that have been around since the wipe,and that are virtually invulnerable at sea as well. So by protecting newbs the devs are basically sacrificing mid-tier players.
  5. Pattus

    Need Someone to Summon Kraken on Kraken's Grasp

    By shortcutting the powerstone quest you are missing out on a lot of discovery points for the Kraken fight. Sure you can build subs......
  6. Pattus

    Pvp sharks frenzy idiots killing this game

    There's always PVE... I mean if you can't stand the heat and all. Either way the only thing you have really lost is time, regardless of the outcome. with regard to your cultural bigotry, perhaps someone in your country can produce a more suitable game for you to play?
  7. Pattus

    Where are the Airships?

    every airship I spawned flipped over and exploded immediately.
  8. Is it my imagination or does the full map view of NA PVP on the homepage of playatlas. totally not line up with the map as shown in game????? Kinda Lame.
  9. Pattus

    A solution to killing breeders, maybe?

    Just store all your tames, bps, and craftables on Freeport/PVE. Problem solved. don't bother building bases, not necessary.
  10. Pattus

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    If it's PVP and some players are allowed to cheat, the game is no longer fun. So honorable people LEAVE. There are so many problems with the game- 1. Disparity with Xbox and PC. Many new players, perhaps most are on Xbox. They can't even enter built up area without freezing/disconnecting. All they got is official servers. Experience sucks for Xbox. Islands are Xbox "Proof". 2. Storing at Freeport. 10 canon bears sitting in freeport waiting to raid... it's against the spirit of the game, I'm sorry. 3. Aimbot, cheating. On top of launching raids from PVE maps, cheating is still highly prevalent. 4. BUGS, I like to joke that just about every map has a bug in it. For example. D13, has had a bug for a long time that makes it difficult to go up ladders. Reported, never fixed. Yes, all of this makes me Super Salty.
  11. Pattus

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    There would be no delays if the patch was release a week after it was announced and only announced when it was completed :D