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  1. Please make is so others can't simply turn off your farmhouse.
  2. There are Dragons and Hydras in the game
  3. A combination of pork pie and pudding will restore vitamin equilibrium. Make those and invest in overeating tolerance will help immensely. Assuming you don't want to eat poop or lead.
  4. If you leave the company and come back, you have to reset the webhook, that's one thing I know for sure. The person setting up the web hook should be admin.
  5. There is PVE for that play style. Else you could just start a new character, have someone give you a level 120 canonbear and you'd kind of be invincible.
  6. I think what happens is company leaders set up security they don't understand. It doesn't become an issue until the heat of the battle. This is pretty typical of bad planning (I've made the same mistakes many times). Make sure you set doors, beds, ship wheels and defenses up so that everyone in that you want to use them can!
  7. Apparently the season 4 hammer fell on a number of companies everyone knew was cheating. Large companies were quick to capitalize on the fact that all of the ILL GOTTEN assets were left for public consumption. They should have been structure wiped. Just sayin. Season 4 is basically over.
  8. We reported one company that admitted to it. They were getting headshots at 100-200 yards on moving targets behind cover, regularly. This was a large company and nothing at was done. Despite the fact that they openly admitted it and wrote the commands to accomplish it in world chat.
  9. The more people sapping the Kraken fight, the harder it is for the people actually in the bubble due to lag. There was 180 people on the grid for one battle (NA PVP) and only 2 ships in the bubble.
  10. There are no 'safe' areas on a pvp map. Period. The places the dev's inaccurately called 'safer' is because they are further from the center of the map, that is all. I did season 4 for a couple of weeks. The bugs, false promises, and inadequate real estate for the population kill it for me.
  11. Maybe it's their way of further limiting who gets Mythic boats and equipment.....
  12. It's ridiculous, I agree. I have a top of the line PC and there is still horrible lag around built up islands. You could literally smash into boats and docks as they render in.
  13. One of the reason 123 exist is because trolls would use your steam name to grief you where ever you were playing (this started in ARK BTW).
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