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  1. Servers are back up! Where is everyone.
  2. 40ish days in what is up with the PvP servers. Joined one, it's dead. Where is the action??????
  3. Pattus


    Wow, it's reallly stark if you choose to look at all time.
  4. Pattus


    I took the day off for the start of season 7, lol. Then the wipe was late.
  5. Pattus


    when you wipe it they will come.
  6. I hate it too. All 4000 hours or Atlas and 6000 in Ark. I want my money back.
  7. What if anything is being removed? Blueprints, maps, legacy ships?
  8. It the past, wipes have occurred at 12pm pst, if they are on time.
  9. I think the occultish new features will turn off a few players. Collect hearts (what about NPC hearts, can we breed slaves now?). Totems, dark alters, sacrifices, portals. Expansion of modular ships that were, in my opinion, patently broken. My last Kraken ship spontaneously sunk after gridding with no explanation just three days ago. Some of the stuff looks cool to me but I don't know. Magic permeates every aspect of game play.
  10. How many hours did you play?
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