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  1. Skeletons are resistance to piercing weapons due to having no flesh, use a mace
  2. The primary issue is not the cheating, it's that the dev's don't know how the game was exploited. So they can't trust anyone that benefited. That's why they basically asked all of you HOW YOU DID IT to get you reinstated. Because they don't know.
  3. (Great English by the way Edee) I agree, and further think blueprints should be trashed completely, as should raising/breeding animals. I think there should be a marginal buff to items created using a skill tree or raven (perhaps up to 110%). That way everyone is pretty equal at sea. Maybe a small buff for including mixed resources since if you get rid of fine+ BPs you don't need to collect resources. Breeding animals is a stupid waste of time. You should be able to quickly capture and domesticate a beast for general use. They don't need to level up perhaps all should be locked at level 20. This would force players to rely on their own skill tree to overcome obstacles. Sure you could train a bunch of bears and ride on in to beat a high level map. But you wouldn't be able to breed ONE bear that could take on any map, you'd need more players. If you build a mechanic like shield bash, there should be a skill tree or defense to negate the effect. Barrel bombs should have never been projectiles. The game should be about teamwork, load out and tactics. Not based on min/maxing, time investment and resource collection.
  4. They know that by announcing a wipe no one will play until the wipe is done. Announcing the wipe is counter productive in that way.
  5. I like the idea of a single maelstrom that wanders the affected map and does serious damage, and is avoidable. The number of cyclones is ridiculous.
  6. Two questions- 1. Will there be a wipe corresponding with this update? 2. Will the wipe include unofficial? I ask because I quit PVP S4 and moved to unofficial. A lot of islands were removed from the game necessitating a wipe on all unofficial servers which was unaccounted for. With regard to barrel bombs, they severely broke the game. I think they should be shut down and maybe gliders too. Probably and unpopular opinion on gliders, but hell if you want to give us flight let us train Pteradons and build airships. That being said the size of the map/vrs. number of players you want to attract is mainly what ended it for me. By day 3 of Season 4, almost all of the islands were claimed by mostly the same companies from Season 3. The gold cost reduction to maintain an island made this inevitable. So my company was relegated to being settlers and paying draconian tax which inhibited our ability to produce. Anyways, I am happy that you guys are still working the game!
  7. The only good answer is to continually rename your beds and dont play solo.
  8. Not for two seasons, another abandon relic of the game. It should be removed.
  9. Hi not clear if you are on PVE or PVP. On PVE you can DO NOTHING. You can put in a 'ticket' but...... On PVP, explosives. Good luck.
  10. try yelling and punching until you die. If it takes too long respec your character and try again (this will lower fortitude). Good luck.
  11. I guess the mods deleted my post because I suggested a private server because they CANNOT police their own server even though there is 75% less of them to deal with.
  12. I think it would be cool to have hundreds of caves with just a single container you can claim with a 10 day decay on the cave. As long as you log in once every 10 days, you cave and stuff is safe. The cave would have set containers. Say one storage box, one resource container and one bed. It could contain small tames that would be safe (birds, cats, monkeys). Each player can only claim one. This would be for lawless areas. New players, who don't have a cave could take ownership of your claimed cave if you allow it to decay (by not visiting the grid for 10 days). That way, as you grow into a company, you wouldn't need to look back, and some other pirate will find anything you left behind if they happen upon your decayed cave.
  13. die, go back there, whistle follow from outside the cave? Sometimes if you build up with thatch floors you can raise him out too if you can find an exit. Saved a lion that way, took all day though
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