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  1. How many hours did you play?
  2. They'll get around to it someday.
  3. just wipe me please Apparently Cannons can shoot 2-3 times further now! Yeah!.. but only from boats? goodbye coastline defenses.
  4. Like the last season started in the middle of a work day....by the time I got on all the claimable islands were claimed, lol.
  5. The wipes ALWAYS bring players back for a while. Right now the servers are pretty dead. In PVP we got 3-4 megas who basically pick everyone else apart for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They all got full mythic ships, and a sinking anyone on site. They wave at each other in passing. Pretty much all of the megas are 'allied' and hungry for PVP. So what do you do? Grow renters and sacrifice them rather that face each other. They've all become ***holes.
  6. NA PVP, my third company mate got rolled back and lost all their power stones as well as multiple levels. What a deal!
  7. However, you did post in general, not PVE, I do both.
  8. In PVE nothing is stopping you from getting gold.
  9. Another bed eating Lion. Same room.
  10. "AOTD will no longer spawn in buildings" Since the patch wild animals have been spawning in almost all my buildings resulting in loss of tens of tames. Had no issues before. Then three lions in one day......
  11. not fixed- climbing ladder floating arms bug
  12. .....and spontaneous crash all grids, WOOT (NA PVP)_
  13. They might fix the ladder bug, the bed bug, the painting bug, the......... ok, I guess you are right. The good news is we might get trainable snails that give out free organic paste.
  14. MMO, Massively Multiplayer Online....... PVP, Player versus player. There is not a lot of room for solo's there. Iv'e tried soloing on Ark and Atlas, IT DOESN'T work. IF you are on PVP you should hookup with an island owner to be a vassal on their island for protection. Or live out of Freeport. IF you build on Lawless you WILL lose everything eventually.
  15. Cool will the shipyards that people are using to bridge between islands on Kraken's Grasp be removed? Reported.
  16. I'm sure the dev's will be right on your issue since they deleted my reply suggesting you reciprocate :D.. GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!
  17. Find their base and do the same thing
  18. Galleons Barrel Bombing ramshackle sloops seems to be a thing this season.
  19. Season 6- Farming for Megas. We need to find a mega that will allow us to be grifted by them without too painful a tax. Lol. Or just leave our stuff in open boxes.
  20. it's too bad there isn't a tame hitch you can lock them too.
  21. Multiple grids on multiple servers are suffering the same problem. Eventually you won't be able to port in to that grid and it will show offline.
  22. There should be an anti-healing debuff after you've been hit. Perhaps 30 seconds.
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