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  1. MetalHead Mayhem

    PvP MMO?

    Yea I'd rather play a game without the timer and be able to raid at anytime but until the server cap and company cap is increased we wont have members on at every point of the day. Right now Im in a 35 man company and they are pretty happy with the number, but in mmo's Ive played with several guilds that were 300+ members. played with 1 group that had over 750 members and with them there was always atleast 100 active online. With forces that large there is no need for timers. But when you only have 35 and only get maybe 10 on at most in the evenings the timer is still needed.
  2. MetalHead Mayhem

    Create PVP Events

    I had an idea I posted in general discussion about somethin that could help bring different groups to specific locations at specific times for pvp. Adding some type of village control points similar to what Darkfall Online had. Just basic housing that cant be destroyed, can be just the place for 5 to 10 man companies to survive. Make them pay taxes to a totem to own the house and possibly a safe ship storage that cost more for house owners. Every 12 hours have this totem go live for any company to capture and to get the gold that they pay in taxes. When these go live to capture several company may show up creating more pvp and smaller companies would prolly fill these locations quick.
  3. Mortal Online had somethin like this for storing and selling pets, I like it. I prefer to play with larger groups so there is more going on day to day, but i also dont care for the day to day grind of building structures or taming pets. I just wanna pvp and play the pirate version of the game to the max.
  4. MetalHead Mayhem

    PvP MMO?

    Kinda got away from what I made this thread about with this being an "MMO" you should be able to have massive battles. The servers maxing out at 150 players prevents massive battles. If the game cant support more then that then it shouldnt allow companies to grow as big and should reduce server population unless a war is declared, which on war you should have to make some kinda gold wager to declare. Reduce company size to 25 and only allow you to add 2 other companies to your alliance and make it so allies cant be allied to others. If you are in an alliance every company has the same allies. Make server cap 75 regularly then increase it to 150 for war. As far as how raiding works I think in games like this it is one of the more enjoyable things to do. They have alot of good ideas posted already for this on other threads but I think for raiding they should make doors, gates, and guns the only thing you can destroy. This keeps people from just sinking all your ships and leaving. They will only be able to knock the doors off on your ship then take what loot you have on em without sinkin them. Maybe they should add a different cannon ball to use on structures that cost alot more so raiding does actually cost more to do, perhaps one that consumes 1 to 5 gold to make so a raid might cost a company. Land Cannons should have more range then ship cannons to help defend. I feel like 5 players being on should be able to keep a 20 man raid out of their base if built to the best of the games ability.
  5. MetalHead Mayhem

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Like the way PvPvE sounds, not sure if that is merging the 2 servers or just adding more content. Would like to do more while sailing, would be nice to have fishing nets to make your crew work, or control points on timers around map to bring in pvp battles, or maybe some trade routes that give big rewards to get more people on the water. But all this doesnt do much without balance, would prefer if servers could handle more people 400 to 500. If its not possible then maybe reduce em to 50 and try to force the game to be full of 20 man companies. Then create a war system and allow 150 on a server for sieging islands during war.
  6. MetalHead Mayhem

    Market place proposal.

    I think trade routes would be a good idea, but not in the form you suggested. Should be npc run could work straight out of the freeports. Make it so there are different size loads you can carry to different distances. Have to put up a certain amount of gold up front to haul it. If you make it successfully you earn big money. If you dont then the money is lost and resources you were hauling can just be lost at sea.
  7. MetalHead Mayhem

    Anchored ships should not sink

    I Agree, I would rather spend more time in a pvp game fighting and less time building. Let raiders knock the doors off and kill the crew. They can still raid and take all the loot but doesnt force people to spend a day rebuilding before they can respond. Im all for anything that keeps the population up and creates more pvp fun.
  8. MetalHead Mayhem

    PvP MMO?

    I wouldnt say to take the combat timer out but maybe make it a progressive timer depending on the size of your company. If you have a 5 man company your timer could start at 4 hours then for a 75 man company it could be like 12 hours. I read on another thread they were asking for like a 2 day window to siege an island i dont think the game can support the size battle that would turn into. I think like a 2 to 3 hour window during the war timer already given would be plenty. Make it so after war is declared nobody can build new structures only ammo or armor and stuff to prep for war. this will give the war declaring guild time to do assett damage before the actual war starts. But also give the defending group time to get allies over to help. But again server cap will prolly still get in the way.
  9. MetalHead Mayhem

    Create PvP hotspots

    Add some kind of control points to the map, could be some kinda market points where players can rent booths to sale ingame items or player housing to give players the ability to keep a few items safe but make em pay taxes for it. Make these locations available for any company to take control of by capturing a control tower at that location and the company will be able to collect the taxes on it. Put like a 12 hour timer on it and whoever wins it collects the taxes for the next 12 hours. Darkfall Online had somethin like this and it would bring in several enemies to that location at a specific time. Just an idea for having more open sea combat.
  10. MetalHead Mayhem

    PvP MMO?

    Im just sayin its not as fun as some other MMOs Ive played because of the server cap. Would like to have alot bigger battles.
  11. MetalHead Mayhem

    PvP MMO?

    I've only been playin the game a few weeks, I read alot of threads and thought the game just had alot B****'s. But now I see, The servers should be able to handle alot more players considering how large it is. Ive played with groups in Ark that had the ability to fill a server with just their people to wipe out enemies. Seems like the game is designed for companies to be small but in MMOs there are several groups that 150+ members kinda makes this game useless to em. Should have some kinda war declaration with a timer to prep for war before structures and anchored ships can be destroyed in controlled territory but with the server cap thats not possible with that youd be able to have battles that were 400v400 in game fighting over an island. The way it is now 1 group would just fill the server so there wouldnt be a fight. Im not saying to take raiding out without a war declaration. Just to raid I think doors, gates and defense turrets should all be able to take damage at any time. But would like to play a better balanced game this one seems to have alot of cracks. Hopefully in time it will be more enjoyable.....Im not quitting just still got alot to figure out. Gotta be in a large group to play the game but servers are built for small groups