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  1. Oof im looking back at all these ideas i made. man! well at least they have a suggestion area. that's s good! Although i have not played atlas in... *looks at watch* sense last year! I still fully support the game :)
  2. Udam

    bugs i find!

    that's cool your Grandpa plays atlas!
  3. Udam

    bugs i find!

    lol The 150 setting was the Max level setting, i was talking about was for tames and animals. when i enter the game i look around and all the animals are odd level like 3 or 14, and when i leave the game, the Setting is OFF! The Not spawning thing happens when i enter a region and i die, it i will spawn on the bed , the screen pauses , and then im staring at my body and not being able to do anything! untill i quit the game and comeback! and hey me boi! me have to be speak like a Pirate ARARARA thxs for the feedback thought! Also the Crashing thing happens when a Whale attacks my boat or something causes a lot of smoke or numbers to pop up! then my Xbox will auto shut off, cuz "it overheated" even thought i got the xbox one x and it should be able to handle it!
  4. Udam

    bugs i find!

    1: level 150 setting not working for Single player! 2: when you enter a region and you die! sometimes you stay dead and you have to leave the game to spawn in! 3: if to much happens like a Whale hitting your ship! all then smoke will make your Xbox crash! (more to come when i play more!)
  5. here's a few ideas for the Free port! Traders/markets! a small area with tents and traders that will have a Ever changing list of items to buy! from Loot , Bps , Resources , armor , weapons etc! Bars/taverns: a Place to buy tons of beer, ale and wine! and some food that is not great but its better then nothing! Music is in the Air with some People with instruments. and games being played like Cards, poker , Blackjack! , Darts! and all other fun Pirate games (some can get you into a Fight though) and rarely in the bar you can find a Rare taskmaker , Trader or a NPC to have for hire! Recruiter: same but with a few qualities. Untrained: they can only uses melee weapons and do basic task, like Work on your farms , Cannons, Work as Miners etc! only cost 5 coins, or AOTD ships! then trained: these people can work with everything from guns , crossbows , torpedos , level up faster, stronger and are more valued! however they cost more to have and to buy them you need 50 coins, or get them from destroying AOTD ships! Taskmaker: Can Buy Quest from bounties, Trading Runs , Hunt the beast! , destroy ship! , Recover item/loot, Treasure chest , Destroy a pirate or AOTD camp!! some quest cost more then others but they will pay you with more gold and items! Mages: the people who work with the the Dark arts of magic! they work kinda like a Taskmaker but the quest are different! like Rover special item like Tiger claws , mythos , Squid Ink! etc, Bring back Skull of warlocks from AOTD, Bring Cursed Books or items, Bring back power stones! and they will Bless you with Special effects , gold or loot! Arena makers: Send you into a Arena where you can choose either fight with your items or fight with items given! and you have to fight stuff like pirates and animals for money and glory!
  6. Iv seen that alot of people are asking for Factions. so to add on to that, i may do one to keep up the discussion!
  7. Ok so heres a Few weapon, Bombs , Ranged Weapons, armor and a special weapons! one handed: Dager: Holds two of them while they do low damage they have a Very fast attack speed and with a Few moves you can do a Bleed effect, once you do a special move they will have a very strong bleed effect! Boarding Axe (tier 3): able to disarm shields, go through some armor, able to break through wooden buildings somewhat easily, and is stronger then the Cutlass but much slower to uses. with a Special move you are able to lowers someone/things damage resistance for the cost of stamina. needs alloyed! Two handed! Pike: Able to do special move that's like a Charge attack , kinda like a Bayonet! Long Sword: (tier 2) while not as strong as a Mace it can do quit a Punch! able to due a Smiler move with the Cutlass but its larger and dose a Bit more damage, its lower to uses but it strong! Mace: needs alloyed! Archery: Longbow: Basically a compowen bow from ark but with a very nice Look of wood and metal, takes longer to charge but does more damage and has a Slight Armor Penetration! Harpoon Gun: (update) has a Natural Bayonet able to melee attacks , can uses on land but not as good as in the water! Guns: Harmonica Rifle: A rifle with 5 shots, Very Slow reload , ok damage but ever good for battle. until you have to reload! Blunderbuss Canister Shot Shot: like how the Swivel Cannon has this ammo! the Blunderbuss can have its own version but its weaker! its longer to reload but does very Nice damage! Bombs! Fire Bomb! like Greek fire but in a Jar and it can Rekt stuff up! Stink bomb: able to disorientate enemies, tames and NPCs to have blurry vision, loses stamina and Food! and slowly drains Health! Brawling Cat claws: these sharp claws are weapons are GREAT! for tearing flesh and can hit Fast with them! can do a Special move to attack with a Very deadly Slashes that cause Bleed! Gauntlets: these things Hit like a Turtle shell being flung at you by a Catulpte. needing alloyed to make, the gauntlets are the heavy weapon for Brawlers and if you do a Special move! you Knock down a lot of their resistance. Special weapons: Whips: acts the same as they do in ark! Cat of Nine tails: A super wipe that does more damage can can even cause bleed. Armor! (this may be controversial) Metal amor: made with raw metals , Hide and Keratinoid. this is much different (you will see why and may not like) this armor looks like Musketeer armor or spanish conquistador armor but the metal looks kinda rusty in a way since its raw metal (armor is 45 each) Plated armor (y'all may kill me for this) change the recipe to aloyed , Hide , Oil , Keratinoid and Fiber! but the armor value changed form 45 per part, to 75 per part! Desert Cloth: looks like a Nice leather plated armor with Silky parts with a Turban on the face to protect you from the heat same value as Fur but keeps you cool rather then warm! (needs, Hide , plant fiber , oil and Organic paste) Spells! (yeah we going into the crazy zone!) mythos doesn't really have many uses so this is what it can be used for! found in a New perk tree! "Art of Magic" and this skill is Costly (these spells can only be used with special Gloves with bracelet , and a few rings, these aren't a early game thing, they are a Mid tier game,) for basic spells you need a Special powder made from "bones , stones , crystals ,oil and gems!" but the very strong spells need mythos! the magic powder takes more but you can change it to mythos to have stronger base attacks and able to do special moves! Wind spell: (Color Grey): can uses wind to blast to knock back a bit but damage them with winds that pick up dust , sand etc! Base: small wind blast that can knock people back a bit Base 2: Longer blast of wind hits you! heavy: Able to blast stuff back around you and dose damage in a AOE attack Special Spell that makes a Tornado that does more damage and can damage buildings! Water spell: (color: dark blue): water dose damage to people and lowers armor values a bit!, moves! Base: A water blast a basic blast of water! Base 2: a wave of water appears to damage and knock people back, AOE move that allows you or anyone in the circle to breath underwater and have water animals attack you less! Special move: able to summon a Large amount of rain that damages people and floods boats slowly! earth spell: able to Control earth! Base: Able to fire Summon rocks from the ground in a Shotgun Blast! base 2: able to summon vines from the ground to damage people: Heavy: Able to heal people or yourself (depends on Medicine skill) Special: able to make a Earthquake near you that slowly damages foundations and people Lighting spell: (color purple) able to shoot LIGHTING from your hands! (cost more) (need Wind spell) Base: a Lighting blast! (can't stun) base 2: a Shotgun Blast of lighting (doses less damage but good for bigger targets) heavy: able to do a AOE were if anything gets close it will get zapped special move: Able to Summon lighting from the Sky that doses Heavy damage (can stun but has a cooldown) cost ALOT! Ice spell:(color Light Blue) able to control the polar wind to your will! (cost more)(need Water spell) base: able to Fire a Ice Ball that slows targets down and damages them! base 2: Able to fire a Ice shard that goes through targets Heavy: a large Blast of Cold Wind that slows and damages enemies! Special: able to fire a Ice tornado that slowly freezes enemies into place and doses damage! Fire spell: Able to fire well FIRE! (cost more)(need earth) Base: Shoot a blast of fire! Base 2: able to blast fire like a Dragon! Heavy: A Shotgun blast of fire balls that does lower damage but the fire does a TON! special: able to fire a piece of Magma that blows up like a bomb and sets enemies on fire!
  8. that would be cool! Bars to buy Alcohol and some ok food! Casinos to play dice , roulette etc and you can get some items and gold Traders to buy and sell loot, buy higher level people and special items task maker to get quest like bountes , tressure , Resources etc witches and mages to give Mythos and other magical items for loot! it could be nearly endless with ideas!
  9. ok so i had a few more and this is for animals/tames Giant lizard: acts like the Megalina but it can spit and the bite posions you! Shark: Normal sharks while the ones we have can be "Razortooth shark" Crocodile: A Normal size one the acts like the Sarco. the one we have in game could be called "Grand Crocodile" Gorilla: Can tame, gather plants fibbers , throws you and can hit like a Truck! Dingos: Can be tamed, are nice guard dogs, Nice pets for ships , Help you find Treasure! and just look cute! found nearly anywhere in small packs. they act like Hyenas from ark GIANT CENTIPEDE: found around the large Jungles and Desert islands. they are Very large almost as big as a Basilisk and they are Super strong but drop a nice amount of loot! Hippo: able to tame, can Swim nicly , Move on land nicly , will Retk you and everything you love! are strong! Deer: can't tame but give a Nice amount of meat and Hide! Toads: Large Man eating toads with Teeth , 4 eyes and have a Nice Range attack. Can tame but its hard! Mire Squid: SMALL SIZE found in more Smaller Bodys of water like swamps or even out at sea, they can grab you and they will try to eat you! they are weak though! Sea Monster: found out at sea and looking like a Loch Ness monster but will pop its head out of the water and may try to attack a boat! drop a nice amount of meat! Prowler: a large Bird that looks kinda like a Rock drake and a Parrot and they can fling Razor sharp feathers out to cut you! Razorfeather: a small cousin of the Razortooth, the Razor Feather is a medium size predator that has Razor sharp Feathers on its arms and tail, a nice Bite or even a slash with the arm feathers are able to cut through flesh easily. Can tame. Needs tier 3 though! Fin Wing: A mid size Bird that's able to be tamed, they love the water and like to prey on fish and can even go deeper underwater around were angler fish are. while they can't fly they have a Short distance glide and drive in the water very well! Giant rats: they can't be tamed but they can spread diseases and like to spawn on islands! and Pirate/Army of the damned classes! Pirates! Sailor: most common and they are the Lowest rank (Armor: cloth)(weapons: Spears , Knuckles, Bow, Cutlass and pike) Solder: Less common and usually guard bases and go on patrols. (armor: Hide cloths but have cloth cap) (weapons: Spears , Knuckles , Cutlass , pike , crossbow , bow, flintlock and Shield)(Rare weapons: Carbin and Blunderbuss) Heavy: Moves very slowly and have armor that allows them to handle many attacks but they attack slowly. (armor: Plated). (weapons: Mace, or Cutlass with shield) Bomber: a rare troop found mostly guarding bases and they have a Bandolier and bags full of bombs that he will try to chuck at you! but if you shoot the bandolier, he will do BOOM they will also try to blow up buildings if they are yours!. (cloths: Cloth but has a Bandolier and bags)(weapons: Bombs) Archer: Moves around quietly and uses bows or crossbows to attack. (cloths: Fur)(weapons: Bow "can uses fire arrows" or crossbow) Captain: a Boss level enemy that is strong and they are armored to the teeth! (cloths: Plated armor but wears a Leather hat)(weapons: Two cutlass's , two Flint locks, or a Blunderbuss!. drops alot of loot and if killed. pirates will set a bounty on your and they will come after you in ships and on your islands! Army of the Damned! Damned Sailor: They are just Skeletons! they are weak and they are Cannon fodder! but with enough of them they can kill you! (weapons: Hands, tools, Spears , Club or rarely a Cutlass) Damned Solder/Archer/Trooper: they are they main army that takes over islands and does the Damned's biting. (weapons, Spears , pikes , Cutlass , Throwing knifes, crossbows , bows)(rare weapons: Flintlocks , blunderbuss and Carbin) Damned Guard: the heavy's of the Army and they are sent to destroy anything that opposes them! (weapons: Mace)(very rare weapons: Mobile Swivel Cannon) (can't uses) Damned Bomber/destroyer: these guys are the Main troops sent to destroy buildings and pathfinders homes or ships!: (weapons: Bombs and Fire Bombs) (bomber weapons: Gunpowder barrel, they will attempted to Jog at you and Blow themselves up! and anything around them, but if you kill them without the barrel going off! you get a Free gunpowder barrel) Damned Necromancer: A ghostly skeleton that has electricity Flowing through him and is Hovering above the ground he has a Ability to zap you to do damage, heal troops by zapping them and Summon a Army of skeletons. (weapons: Zap! and heal) (Skeletons: each time he spawns them around 4 at a time, they spawn in level 1 and only there hands! they can damage any building but it takes a While, if you kill the Necromancer and his skellys are still out and about, they will die) Damned Soul: the Poor souls that thought that stealing anything from the damned and getting caught is a fate worse then Death! they turn into these Monsters with Contorted faces , Long teeth , Large underbite , sharp bony back , and Deadly claws! the poor soul feels everything and is forced to kill those that they care about, and must summon their own kind to help kill pathfinders. (weapons Claws , jaws and leap attack) (AI: they would have almost the same AI as the Nameless from Ark Aberration but has a few differences. 1: they have no armor , 2: they only summon each other and 3: they look different) Damned Animals: these are animals cursed by the army of the Damned for whatever reason, they have white glowing eyes, the Ora around them, and look bloody, they will attack anything that's not "damned" (type ANY) Damned Warlock: these big guys are large and are the ones that Curse people and are leaders of large ships and armies, they hold a Staff that allows them to shoot powerful orbs that can destroy buildings, ships and People! (basically cannon balls) and they can boost their troops to be stronger! (weapons: Warlock staff shoots damned cannon balls!)
  10. Udam

    ATLAS Roadmap

    AHOY ME BOI! thxs for the shoutout!
  11. i kinda like atlas building a bit better! due to the large walls! , sloped doors , stackable foundations etc
  12. THAT would Help out so Much! heck that should be in ARK as well lol
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