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  1. currently weighted sails are hardly ever used and are undermined by the cargo containers. I'm starting up this thread topic on how to make the weighted sail a viable option compared to the other sails while maintaining the usefulness of the cargo containers. the ideas i have so far will be numbered to allow people to discuss each individually and help me help the devs make it a sail worth taking. 1. my main idea for the weighted sail is to allow it to rotate 360 degrees BUT requires 2 crew for the small sail, 4 for the medium, and 6 for the large to rotate it with the turning speed slowing down the larger the sail (negated somewhat by the crew skills to improve turning rate). but could be turned with less than the max but at a much slower pace so even a solo ship it can be used stil. 2. the speed of the sails should be slightly slower than the handling sails when both types are full green so someone who is using duel speed sails can still attempt to capture people with heavy sails. 3. weight should effect the sail differently like not actually slowing it down until after 80 percent (or some other number) and wont allow the ship to be effected by the cargo racks (so a large ship with large sails and cargo racks is slow but not a snail) 4.the weighted sail should have twice the sail hp and 3 times the mast health since weighted sails tend to be just as weak as other sails but need to take more damage since the ship is slow and should be able to take a beating. 5.currently weighted sails and cargo sails are mainly used for the heaviest mats such as wood metal and other heavy items when these matierals are easily available to all parts of the map it makes trading routes short since you only have to go to the tile next to you to get a certain type of metal so to counter than materials should be more scarce in biomes they shouldnt be in. metals should be in the artic, wood in the tropic, and stone in the desert with biomes inbetween being a mix of these. I'm not saying there should be no stone anywhere else but there should be massive deposits of these mats with different types of stone on different islands within that biome. changes to the heaviest items in the game make traders required and make pirating more important to take transported goods with the weight of gold also being increased and the ease of getting it slightly reduced would make it a lot more valuable especially for traders. feel free to add and help me with this discussion
  2. AHOY! tell me your ideas for the game, it can be any Kind from items to biomes! it can be serious or Silly! and it can be as long as you want!!! Side Note: Feel free to talk to each other about your ideas! no matter how good or bad just keep it Civil
  3. i got some ideas for the game Animals Gorillas: (walk like the Megapithecus from ARK but has the same abilities as bigfoot! and they are as strong as a Lion) Gator's (just a normal size gator that attacks you) Shark 's (the shark in game could be called "Razorsharks" and are found in the deeper parts of the sea but rarely found in the top!. these sharks look like just normal sharks and they are weaker but easier to face) Komodo dragon (these would have nearly the Same Ai to the Megalanda from ark but this one has large bone spikes and a large frill and can spit poison and bits you for a plage effect cassowary: (these very hostile birds are similar to the ostrich but they are brighter in color and and they can uses their claws to slash you) Seal: (despite the way they look they are really mean found mostly in the snowy parts of the world but also can be found also every wear they will attack you! Damned Animals/Pirates (these animals or pirates are cursed by the Damned and they have the same particles around them and have glowing green eyes) note this happens when a damned (blank) kills another animal , pirate or even pathfinder! and it will turn into a Damned) (kinda like zombie's) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NPC types! Some NPC's spawn at Crazy levels so i think the max should be 250 but here's some ideas for them Pirate Sailor: they are the most basic attacker's there weapons are (cutlasses , brass knuckles , flintlocks , spears and pikes) and they are kinda weak! and wear only cloth! Pirate musketeers: these guys wear a mix of leather armor and have a metal helmet on! they are kinda the rifleman in the group and they can uses (carbins , blunderbuss and flintlocks only) Pirate Bomber: these guys wear cloth armor but have a Bandolier on there left and right full of bombs! they will throw them at you but if you shoot the bandolier he will go BOOM! as well as anything near him! Pirate Ravager: they wear a full set of leather armor but have a cloth cap! these guys can have any weapon! from brass knuckles to crossbow''s Pirate Bowman: these guys wear fur armor and mostly bows but they also can use crossbows and can uses fire arrows! Heavy pirate: (change) they only use maces and shields. they cant uses guns Pirate Captain: these guys wear full leather and can have Two flintlocks , two cutlass's , or a blunderbuss and they are the leaders! -------------------------------------------------------------- Army of the Damned! damned Sailor: these guys are wearing cloth and have the damned look and they run at you (like zombies) Damned Bomber: these skeleton have a bandolier of bombs and he can throw them at you! Damned Demolisher: these poor souls have a bandolier with bombs but hold a explosive barrel and if they attack your base they will run up and blow up! but if you shot the barrel anything near him will be gone! Damned Necromancer: these ghost look like a floating skeleton with electricity around them and they can revive or heal nearby damned and can shock you( it can't stun you but dose hurt) and can summon level 1 skeletons to attack you! Damned Guard Gole: these Demon looking monsters fly around and they will try to maul you! they like to tear up your sails but they are weak Damned Beast!: this Monster Looks like a Mix of tons of Corpses and a squid he has a large Mouth with thousands of teeth and has a club tentacle that has spikes and a shock tentacle that he uses to zap you! but if you shoot his mouth of hit his back it will deal 3X damage! Damned Camps! they can spawn ether Under the sea or On land and most of the animals there will be damned and will act like a hivemind to kill uninfected pirates , animals or pathfinder's!
  4. Hello, I was thinking since we have a multitude of ingots that can be made with the forge what if we had a "Top Tier" ship like an Ironclad? I know the Galleon is a top tier ship and is very large but to make more use of these ingots and move into more of an "industrial era" type warship that can utilize steam or coal engines and still utilize the NPC crew for sails, loading coal/water for engines, as well as cannons would be awesome. We would still be able to put the submarine and all other side attachments on due to it's large size like a galleon. Also, having a "metal" tier of building parts would allow for better base defense, bigger raids, more difficult ship battles, and better use of ingots. I know that's a pretty far fetched idea but I thought I would just throw it out there. Thanks for your time, JVGaming Here's an example of an old Ironclad... ,
  5. This might not be what the game needs the most right now, but I think there's not enough interesting feats to use with melee weapons. There are like 5 feats in the weaponry skill tree, 3 of them are just buffs to your attacks. So we end up with Circular Slice for swords, and Tremendous Force for Maces. Come on, we need something better than just spinning once with a sword or hitting the ground really hard with a mace! The Pike doesn't even have a usable feat. At least give us 1 more actual feat for each weapon. Maybe a lunge for the sword where you do a quick jump forward with a stab, inflicting bleed/stun. An impaling charge with the pike which you can change directions mid-charge, dealing big damage based in distance traveled, maybe even dragging players along like when they're grabbed by lions. (BTW why is the pike's main attack a horizontal slash? Make it a thrust with no forced movement and camera lock like in ARK! Maybe a bit slower for balance). The mace can have like an uppercut where the user jumps with the momentum of the upward swing, moving a little forward while knocking up/inflicting massive torpor to the target. Maybe more weapon types would be cool. A lot of icons in the two-handed skill tree represent a two-handed sword being used so I'd really like to see that implemented into a real weapon in-game. The blackjack and Throwing knives have special uses but maybe they should get some love too? I don't really know how tho. Those are my ideas. All of them have a bit of mobility to help with the rather static movements of most weapons. Hopefully I'm not suggesting something that's too hard to implement.. Sure, they're not historically accurate, but this game wasn't meant to represent historical pirates anyways. You know, with cyclops, magic, undeads and all of that. If you have anything you'd like to say, feel free to do so .
  6. Just a bunch of suggestions I've thought of while playing the game. I know you guys are still really early in development and are probably already considering a bunch of stuff, but just thought I'd toss some ideas out there to hopefully help improve the game. Personally, I think Atlas is exemplary in regards to EA status. Delays and bugs are a part of EA, but the quality of the content and the attention paid to the community members has been outstanding, in my opinion. But, if I had to be critical on one aspect, the PvE side is incredibly boring and offers very little challenge. That is honestly what most of these suggestions are based on, my own boredom while playing the game. I do realize though that right now you are basically building the foundation, and that the "meat and potatoes" of the content will come in time. SotD Fleet Event Mark a location on a map with varying colors to indicate difficulty, add a countdown timer to when that event starts. Have the SotD spawn in Waves that increase in difficulty, instantly aggro'ing onto any ship in the area. At the end of the "event", loot is split between everyone within the area. Obviously, these would be more difficult than standard fleets and should require multiple ships. This would be a great way to get people to work together in PvE, and possibly stir up a little trouble in PvP. The loot from these being large in quantity or quality would also make them worthwhile, possibly make them the only way to obtain Legendary+ quality Ship BPs. Change Treasure Maps All the enemies spawning in a very small area is not very challenging. Any Crab can instantly take out a Mastercraft or below solo, and do fine on the higher quality maps. Have them spawn randomly in a certain radius and come at the players in Waves. This could be done in a protective bubble like the Kraken, so as to keep the AotD from wandering off. Obviously, this would have to come with a change to map spawning and location selecting as well, doing a map on top of a mountain in this manner probably wouldn't work well. Just force the maps to spawn their location below a certain height, the ones on top of the mountains are pointless anyway. Again, Crab makes it pointless since they can just jump up anyway. Change Flotsam Sailing around to grapple or jump out of the boat and grab Flotsam is super tedious, especially on PvE where they are practically worthless. Make it so that Ships can simply sail over them to pick them up, the loot going to whoever is on the wheel or something. Anything other than Wood Building Part BPs from the flotsams are completely useless on PvE, so at least if you could run them over it would be a little bit of bonus gold. Player Economy The player economy might be working somewhat on PvP, but realistically there is no reason to trade when I can just get whatever I want myself. The changes to make the game less difficult for solo players really overshot, it's super easy to do anything now. But, there is a simple fix for this. You need more T2 and T3 resources made from the gather-able T1 resources. More diversity and difficulty of acquiring the T2 and T3 resources will help to promote a player economy when people would rather buy than gather on their own. Player Crafting Another way to promote the economy is with Player Crafting, which right now sucks. A simple respec into whatever you need to craft, along with all your points into Intelligence, is pretty much all you need to do to craft whatever. Giving Crafters that have put the time into their trade bonuses would help encourage people into staying in their build, such as "The first 100 Large Speed Sails you craft boosts your knowledge of Large Speed Sails, from now on any Speed Sail you craft will have an extra 1% added to their abilities", or something to that effect. Base Attack Event Something similar to Conan, where every once in awhile a hoard of whatever would attack your base. At the immediate moment, there isn't much of a reason to work together on PvE, you don't have any real fear of being attacked, and once you get tames you don't really care about the wild animals. Make it based off of Power stones, the more a Company or Person has the more often the attacks. It can even be based on the claim flag, once every X amount of hours Army of the Damned show up to "take back the Power stones". This would even add an interesting aspect to PvP, where you might have to fend off attackers and AotD if they happen to coincide. Exploration So boring, and mostly just done by bedding around to spots other Company members have left beds. There is no real point besides simply adding more points to your level, which is super tedious, in my opinion. Exploration adding to your "experience level" should be more about unlocking special things, such as crafting recipes, rather than just increasing your overall level. Ships Ships are the lifeblood of this game, more important than tames and more dynamic than bases, yet they feel incredibly lifeless. They should be more akin to Ships in Eve, having "modules" that allow for unique builds. The actual building limits are also a pain, you either build a ship that is functional and the same as everyone else's, or you build a ship for aesthetic reasons and it's useless. Also, stop forcing us into the build you want us to use. Everything about shipbuilding forces us into putting the Cannons into Gunports, if you are going to force us to build ships a certain way, don't make me waste my time putting it together. Just let me put the mats into the Shipyard and spawn the damn thing. Boss Fights Make them Arena style like Ark and change "Any key working for any Stone". It's just too easy to cheese them in the open world, and ships make it a joke to fight them. Bears with Carts, better weapons / armor, etc etc should be needed to do those fights. They will still get cheese'd, but not nearly as cheesy as right now. This would also add to the necessity of crafting high-end gear on PvE, where it really isn't necessary for anything other than Intel boosting. Mythos Nodes in Trenches Right now the primary method of farming Mythos is just hunting the Bosses, but because people also do those for Keys, they are often over farmed. An alternative method of obtaining mythos would promote the use of the mythical BPs. An easy way to add that is Mythos Nodes in the Trenches, difficult to obtain and mid-late game. The subs also have a low carry weight, so that kinda serves as a barrier against people just farming the crap out of it and obtaining a bunch. Maybe increase the weight of a stack just a bit.
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Skecilia. But please do call me skemmy for easier measures. I have some ideas in mind for the game at a later state. These ideas are not possible or almost not possible in this state of the game. But if you just allow me to and you guys to be as open minded and look to where the future of this game is headed. I'd say at this time(where the game is headed) it's definitely possible. The developers have been definitely listening to us, and have been very helpfull. In my own opinion. So without further ado, Here are my ideas : ~ quest lines - An unknown island - which blows you into an island (instance) with a storm in order to return you either complete the quest or you abandon the quest line. however by doing so you no longer obtain its reward. this quest line is activated on the helm for the captain it is however a legendary item found amongst ghost ships. boats compromised in the storm are wrecked upon the island. however they are not destroyed the island is an instance it is not a real map in the grid. if you abandon the quest you will be transported back to the freeport and your ship will be fully intact over there. if you complete the quest in the instance you can leave the island to transport back where you came from. and you sail out the instance, your ship will be on the instance their city. if you completed the quest line. rewards suggestions for this quest could be irdium (rare metal) gold or repair parts for ships (or even blue prints). depending on either you choose combat/trade/money. ~ Races! ~ Be the first to complete a race with a glider, competing with random players. In a minigame. If you land on a surface/water the game is over. The objective either consists on how long you can stay flying over the water. Or be the first to get back to another island. The landscape consists over fire beacons which helps you stay on your course with the wind. Or not depending if it is a race or test of your abilities. Rewards = Gold. Blue prints for a better glider. You need gold to participate in these races! 1st place = All the gold. There can only be 1 winner. -Adventure race! Be the last one standing, in this instance you don't race against the clock Nor do you race against other players. You race to survive. You will be gliding through the air with dangers that might shoot at you. Flying spears/flying dragons soar through the skies. While you try to glide and survive! - Money is doubled on this race. If you can make it to the checkpoint. However, this race takes money from you. (its more like a gamble) Please excuse me if you don't understand it completely, I'm known for my abrupt explaining. If you have any ideas please share! Or if you have any question please ask! This topic is open minded, and all ideas are welcome!
  8. Little & not so little requests for pve improvements in no particular order. (Edited to include additional posts in thread by myself & others). 1. Auto Closing Doors. Seriously. 2. Revisit Vitamins. Everyone hates them. So now there's a do-stuff-til-you-die mini-game going on. We all do it. At a minimum, the timers for berries and greens need to as long as the ones for meat, and all the feed-your-face timers need to be longer. Alternatively, please consider focusing negative deficiency effects to things like stamina, along the lines of old age effects. No players should be dieing from scurvy in just a few game days. 3. Please consider adding a real "Transfer ALL" to the HUD (inventory + hot bar + equpped), in addition to the current one that just transfers inventory. A double arrow icon above the current one works. 4. Consider reducing Sea claim sizes around islands, or altogether. The current situation is just ridiculous. 5. More balance on decay rates (e.g. earthworms decay b4 they can be used 4 taming) 6. Change "Join Now" to "Delete Your Character and Reroll" or some such 7. Consider reclassifying eggs as protein. 8. Shipyards: a) while building allow unlimited moving around pieces like sails and wheels until the ship is launched. b) allow launched ships to snap back into the shipyard / drydock for repairs & such along with c) an option to repair "all" from the shipyard. 9. Ships: Add a "gangplank", like the rope ladder, that can be extended to land or bldg's to help with loading, unloading. A 2 tile extension to a shipyard would do it. walking-the-plank, and keel-hauling animations at your discretion. 10. Dye's - Consider adding "dye color" to the description of any dyed item. 11. Add tooltip to improved recipes so we can tooltip over the recipe to see exactly what the particular missing ingredients are. 12. Please add an option to increase the tooltip and chat text size. 2x the current size at a minimum 13. Please consider adding "auto-repair" task option to ship crew 14. Add 'Transfer All" to ship resource box 15. Add "Edit Pet Name" to pet options Thanks for the info Firzt! 16. Please adjust/normalize sound effects for food trough and mess table containers - currently way too loud vs. other effects 17. Breeding - show the sex of the pet in the dialogue box asking us to name them. 18. Either increase animal food stacks, decay time, preserving times, or all of the above. Unless it's the intent to force players to stay awake for 40+ hours at breeding pets, a stack needs to last though the 8 hours between imprinting. 19. We sorely need a respec recipe, potion, food, or quest location. (thanks for adding that to the patch) 20. Tarot/Voodoo idea - A short "fill my sails" effect for a little scoot when the wind's just not working for ya. 21. Especially at sea, add an option for a confirmation dialogue box before demolishing items. The current nested wheels with options that rotate between layers is a recipe for disaster. 22. Add auto on off for lanterns when day and night cycles, AND change repairing lantern to refilling with oil. 23. Please bring back the compost box. Poop/fertilizer detail needs to be shared amongst the entire company. 24. Fix strawberries - they are not harvestable again 25. Increase heat effect range of grills and campfires to at least a radius of one full tile. 26. Consider replacing preserving salt with raw salt for making salted meats. Currentlly, raw meat cannot be preserved in a preserving bag because it eats up the preserving salt. 27. Add option to see Company members on map. 28. For the love of Peet, change the color of player location crosshair on the map to something other than the red claim flag color. Players are getting nose prints on their monitors. 29. Back to the Ship function dialogue wheel. Please pull Ship Properties to the top layer. Move Demolish to bottom layer (with a confirm) 30. Stone Water Reservoir - Increase storage capacity to 2x large plot boxes, or 1200 units. Right now they drain before the plot box ever needs it. 31. Fix old Ark engine plot box bug where they stop functioning and need to be replaced for no apparent reason. 32. Not Little at all - Fix losing pets when loading to ship asap. In many cases they are loading under ship on the sea floor, and then die. 33. Add more bed styles - captains bed and hammocks for starters. 34. Improve Fishing. Add more fish types and turn-ins at Freeports for prize fish. Add treasure maps to fishing loot pool. 35. Add a mounting bolt to ship decks to literally tie pets down to ship decks. 36. - Make ladders always allow you to climb them by hitting "E"! And keep always "Hold E" for all other actions like demolish, extend, retract etc. 37. - Fix "Forest" color dye. It doesn't work (and never was). 38. Fix "Demolition allowed" to Lighthouses in Lawless. Right now it's "Decay time 02:00:00:00" and "demolition allowed" at the same time. 39. - Add a "players in region" somewhere so any1 could see - who is on your gird, what company he belongs to and where is he right now (island/open seas?) 40. - Add "group gathering" feature so any1 could "join the party" and head to groups adventures like golden age, kraken, high SotD's hunting, treasure etc. 41. - REMOVE RAINS from Tundra/Polar. At least when temperature is below zero. Right now you can see -27'C and RAIN? What kind of rain is that? 42. - Peaceful fluffy snowfall and heavy snowstorms in Tundra/Polar would be nice tho... 43- I wish to see st. Elmo's fire before thunderstorms and rainbow after a rain. Falling stars would be nice too. 44.- What if you find all discoveries in a grid and then you get info about all resources you can find there? 45. - Add stern, nose and open deck gunport and limit guns placement to just gunports : ) 46. Would be nice, if from the captain's wheel you had a speed indicator and depth indicator. Maybe even an onscreen compass across the top. 47. Add a button to a storage, that UNITE all same stuff to a stack. 48. some civil human beings NPCs at least on some islands would be really nice (not sure how to do that tho... maybe some travelers with random camps or... even small villages). 49. Would be nice, if from the captain's wheel you had a speed indicator and depth indicator. (and % opening sails). 50. Add some kind of collision detection to player ship do not collide with SotD when entering a new server. 51. Allow players to pick up and move swivel cannons, like a water barrel. 52. Consider allowing players to use swivel cannons from their hot bar directly (with some kind of movement penalty?)
  9. Hi there, since the game started there are several things that need a certain kind of rework to be "good". I'd like to list them here once again since my people gathered some of these ideas. Please rework the skins of female and male characters. There need to be more options to make a character a good looking one. Actually, the characters mostly look like shit. People like to play a game if characters are sexy instead of looking odd and ugly, but also this option would be nice. Lighthouses have no certain use by now, only to get through the fog. Ok, you might attract some npc-trading ship but those guys are rare and have no use either. There should be an alarm-system or some benefit in building such a large tower out of nowhere. How about giving the opportunity to open a trading market below these towers or to attract some rare good looking mermaids and stuff, which really do matter to people? I would give my last penny for the possibility to tame a mermaid, which sings, laughs and is just looking good while we are at the harbor ...or just is there besides the ship while we are traveling long distances. How about a search engine for crew members? Small crews mostly suffer under the pressure of huge crews and there is no possibility yet to get more men ...only shouting at each Freeport where nobody is online..only again these huge crews.... wow. You cannot grow if there is nobody to grow. It's a ridiculous situation. However, nobody wants to merge, everybody likes to stay on his own. This is going for months now. I do not like this at all. It really seems like there are only a few players left. How about giving them a possibility to search for a crew ingame with language filter, size and so on? (Black wall at a central npc town or something else!? This could also be a possible use of the lighthouse as well!) Animals are still stuck on ships, npcs, ships glitch, especially for low end pcs when you log in. Ships are for example sinking while you load the textures. The baby you want to get in is looking ugly. Think about character design twice, thx. There are several islands with more yetis you can think of while others don't even get two or three. We handle them through traps, but this is really annoying. Control the spawns. Bibliothek should get you a boost in intelligence and sort the list of blueprints. How about selling useless blueprints for gold to npcs? At this moment newcomers don't start the game because of a bad reputation. How about any reaction instead of patch notes only to attract people? Server issues should also be handled for low gear pcs. How about making the system work on lower specs as well? (Very low option for graphics and stuff) View distance is still high if you use lower view distance. See suggestion above. What about nice underwear for characters for gold at Freeport? Where the fuck are the pubs at Freeport? You need smaller games. How about chess or Dame or card games against the money in Freeport? Small tournaments would be nice. Add more stuff like this: How about some pretty extras like buying a personal space or adding a special trader, which only appears at special freeports or regions for usable goods? Interaction is life. We need emotes. There is no use of dead bodies by now. How about Zombies or something like that by cursing people? Breeding is hard. Lower the time to breed. Gathering shit is hard. How about giving the opportunity to gather shit in your base with a shit pile which collects shit automatically? Gems have only a few possible uses. How about jewelry and bonuses combined with it? Skins are nice. Give me more possibilities! (The ones which are about to come are ok, but how about even more or giving people the opportunity to do it by their own? :D) Thanks. Hopefully, you can use this feedback. Best regards G
  10. A. age mechanic tip : remove it ( was a sarcam ; put it away and rethink about it.) special tip about age mechanic : every time you die give 1 game-year to player. (fix game year btw. i have 600 days in game but i am 95 years old !?!!) B. claim system suggetion : first remove inactives more than 10days (sleepers) 1) one flag per player ; plus more flags need gold coins for upkeep. (company pay even more gold upkeep) 2) limit player flags to 2 per region. 3) limit player flags 1 per island 1 per ocean C. weight system tip: overweighted ships(anchored) should not move (better than sink) like players, they should not move either if they reach max. weight limit. old but gold tip : listen your costumers !
  11. To get straight to the point, the wildlife can be more obnoxious atm than it is challenging. Maybe in the beast mastery tree there could be something that gives a slight damage boost after succeeding in hitting all the white bars in the reload minigame with Flintlock as an example. (Note: i haven't explored all the skills yet to know if there already is such a option in something else but i believe there isn't at the current state) WIth the shovel, maybe the right click could be JUST a option to dig for materials such as earthworms and whatnot. For the furthest part of the north, maybe you would need to add a form of metal reinforcement as ice would do increased damage over time on the ship while sailing there, a icebreaker reinforcement? It's the cold arctic after all, it's not nice. a paddle/oar to be specifically used with the raft to make turning a little bit less risky/a hassle. A spear with with a rope attached to it that's meant to be used for fishing? this is mostly brainstorming, and i want to try to update the thread as i come to think of other things.
  12. Ahoy ATLAS Pirates ! Here are some of my ideas that I would like to see in the future in this game on PVE Servers: 1) Crafting stations: - Water processing station (ONLY for crops) - transform salt water from any land (where there are no freshwater sources) to freshwater for the crops. In order to function, the station must be filled with coal. Also, the range of the piping system must not allow players to fill the entire island with chaotic pipes and for this, the piping system range from the processing station must be within the main flag, otherwise it wont work ! - Showering station (far future maybe) - every scallywag/pirate must do a shower before any next plundering because previous thefts were full of diseases. - Oil processing station - for different chemical materials that requires oil processing OR for example: put different type of fishes or other materials that contain oil inside the OIL station and you can obtain different kind of oil and also other oil based components for special tools. - Gold coins processing station - where the gold coins are made from different gathered materials; This gold requires special freeport permissions in order to build. This money can be used ONLY to exchange goods and not for the default like buying a ship or crew mates. 2) Other items: - Rail Carts - for transporting resources from the land to the ship instead of using tamed animals OR for transporting the gold from mines; - Vaults for ships - where all the goodies are kept safe even the ship goes on the bottom of the ocean. Only the real owners can open it or the pirates BUT with some real tools to crack the vaults; - Vaults for houses - like in ARK but smaller with many slots (at least 400 slots); - Ship Crane - for transporting animals from land to ship and vice versa; this can be added along with the teleport feature already available in game from pre-Alpha version; More to come as I play this game …
  13. I wanted to contribute some ideas that I consider necessary to make this game a fun experience for all players. 1º - Add an NPC in the free ports with a security box with limited slots where you can save what you want, this will help the first hours of play where it becomes frustrating to collect materials for a long time and lose everything when you die. It could also be worth to store something of value safely, some treasure ... 2º- The deterioration that the raft suffers is excessive, it frustrates a lot to collect during hours to be able to throw yourself into the sea with all the necessary and to know that when disconnecting from ATLAS the next day everything will have been lost. I think a period of at least 48 hours would be suitable for a rewarding experience. 3º- The vitamin system is too stressful, it turns the game experience into a constant race against malnutrition, monopolizing most of the game time the search for food. It would be advisable to slow down at least 100% the consumption of vitamins, the hunger counter would keep it. 4º - The claim of territory is broken, I would propose that it was limited to a claim by company, a greater number of players in a larger company would be the territory claimed, and could only claim the territory the company leader. So a company of 1000 players with a single claim could take control of an entire island and small companies would have their piece of land to start their adventures. 5º - Offline Raid Protection. I believe that in this game is the protection off line. A game so demanding in which it costs so much to undertake the adventure, especially solitary players or small companies and see that you have lost everything every time you connect by the attack of other players while you were offline, it is very frustrating until the point of losing the illusion to play it. This measure as in ARK, makes a more fair PVP giving you the option to defend and repel the attack. I would appreciate that you take into consideration these proposals that I humbly believe could help create a more rewarding gaming experience. I consider it a great project that I will be supporting throughout the development, thank you!
  14. Little feedback from 30hours gameplay 1. Down scale AI spawn rate there is too many animals/hostile animals running around 2. Down scale Ship of the damned spawn, it's not cool that there is 4-7 per grid, make it more like 1-3 in just one Specific grid and other grids 0 spawn chance. 3. When leveling over +10, should give 3 skill points. 4. Find a way to auto restart servers when they crash. 5. Give us option to change home server in main menu so we don't stay stuck in full servers.
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