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  1. yall reduced the weight of trade items rather than increase them, didnt increase scarcity or zone specific mats AND you made ships cost gold rather than more of those resources. why have weighted sails or cargo racks when everything is light as a feather even metal. LOOK AT MY "WEIGHTED SAILS REWORK" TOPIC IN THE SEARCH BAR MY GOD also breeders and tamers need some kind of skill to skip a single feeding and breeding imprint because we actually have lives outside of the game and cant work on the schedule of a npc baby to get 100%
  2. barrel bombs and weighted sail rework. high tier perk for breeders/tamers
  3. i agree i used to be tortugar tamer but they hardly spawn, you never know where they will spawn, you have to fight through spiders and lions to find them, they are killed by boars that get stuck in them and die to everything on the island so even if you manage to catch a live one youd be lucky to get it out of there, breeding is a HUGE pain and there is no way to help like a master skill for taming that could increase the tamed bar or allow you to skip one imprinting session to make 100 percent easier but have a massive cooldown
  4. personally i just wanted to be able to add a ramming device to ships and other additions that cost resources like metal plating. instead of improving on existing elements of the games and fixing whats wrong they go deeper into other things and expect us not to complain about the broken stuff
  5. ship design should be a lot more customizable, rafts are useless and so are dingy's you should combine them and make something better for a solo sailor, i made a post to fix and improve weighted sails so they are a viable choice. yall should listen to your player base more there are hardly any players and you need to make things liek trading actually important and able to be done by players not just AI. the post is "weighted sails rework"
  6. currently weighted sails are hardly ever used and are undermined by the cargo containers. I'm starting up this thread topic on how to make the weighted sail a viable option compared to the other sails while maintaining the usefulness of the cargo containers. the ideas i have so far will be numbered to allow people to discuss each individually and help me help the devs make it a sail worth taking. 1. my main idea for the weighted sail is to allow it to rotate 360 degrees BUT requires 2 crew for the small sail, 4 for the medium, and 6 for the large to rotate it with the turning speed slowing down the larger the sail (negated somewhat by the crew skills to improve turning rate). but could be turned with less than the max but at a much slower pace so even a solo ship it can be used stil. 2. the speed of the sails should be slightly slower than the handling sails when both types are full green so someone who is using duel speed sails can still attempt to capture people with heavy sails. 3. weight should effect the sail differently like not actually slowing it down until after 80 percent (or some other number) and wont allow the ship to be effected by the cargo racks (so a large ship with large sails and cargo racks is slow but not a snail) 4.the weighted sail should have twice the sail hp and 3 times the mast health since weighted sails tend to be just as weak as other sails but need to take more damage since the ship is slow and should be able to take a beating. 5.currently weighted sails and cargo sails are mainly used for the heaviest mats such as wood metal and other heavy items when these matierals are easily available to all parts of the map it makes trading routes short since you only have to go to the tile next to you to get a certain type of metal so to counter than materials should be more scarce in biomes they shouldnt be in. metals should be in the artic, wood in the tropic, and stone in the desert with biomes inbetween being a mix of these. I'm not saying there should be no stone anywhere else but there should be massive deposits of these mats with different types of stone on different islands within that biome. changes to the heaviest items in the game make traders required and make pirating more important to take transported goods with the weight of gold also being increased and the ease of getting it slightly reduced would make it a lot more valuable especially for traders. feel free to add and help me with this discussion
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