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  1. Fynneous

    problem with joining servers

    Not the same error message, game just wont let rejoin my old Live server after visiting PTR. Done all the beta on/off, verified files, even reinstalled game. Nada.
  2. Fynneous

    How to change from PTR back to Official servers.

    I'm having real trouble getting back to NA-PVE. I'm familiar with how to bounce back and forth from PTR from the last time, but this time I can't get back into the NA-PVE servers. I turn off beta in steam -nada. I even uninstalled & reinstalled Atlas. nada. In either case, it won't connect me to my server, just bounces back. Now, in the Official Live server my only choice refers to the PTR Server, so I try to join a "new" server and get bounced again. Rinse repeat. It's like the game's lost my character & I'm very concerned my character is wiped now. No way of checking. UPDATE: I left the Server Timeout dialogue box open for quite awhile and eventually got in game
  3. Fynneous

    Friendly mermaid quest

    I got some crystal out of it today
  4. Try escaping from a storm into a new zone and running right into a fleet of SotD - That'll get the ol adrenaline pumping
  5. Fynneous

    Ship missing PVE

    Someone on another thread said the ship's on the PTR were programmed to decay after a certain number of hours for testing purposes. Why that would be, remains a mystery
  6. Fynneous

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    Yes - PTR-NA-PVE. 2nd day in a row, 2nd schooner. Not the only one. Nothing in patch notes acknowledging or fixing. Bring popcorn for the upcoming drama.
  7. Fynneous

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    2 days in row of losing a schooner after logging for the day overnight. Just not there when logging in. Log says, "Ship removed from company" Ya think there's going to be a riot if that's not fixed? Might want to wait for patch if not.
  8. Fynneous

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    That's how i read it. (Also, no lag on PTR-EU-PVE server for some reason...in case I'm wrong )
  9. Fynneous

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    That's how i read it. (Also, no lag on PTR-EU-PVE server for some reason...in case I'm wrong )
  10. Fynneous

    Submarine Removed

    Yup - Sub can't be crafted on either hanger now. (Please dont destroy my ship again patching this )
  11. Fynneous

    Ship missing PVE

    Question for this group - Where was your ship parked when you logged out? Anchored? Were any of the ship still in drydock? @Shadowcub That was happening when loading a pet on a ship before it was patched some time ago. An old bug come back to haunt us?
  12. Fynneous

    Ship missing PVE

    PTR - NA PVE: Schooner disappeared with minipatch today. Log says, "Ship removed from company" with a time stamp, Day 3101 15.49.26 ship was launched and anchored in place. Noted new dingy/sub hanger graphics were colliding with dock, but no damage when I logged last night. I hate rollbacks, but fully outfitting a ship is a bit of a PITA
  13. Could we please get step-by-step instructions on joining the PTR and an approximate time it's going live today? (I d/l'd the steam beta and it's version 17...so I don't think that's it ) Thank you
  14. Fynneous

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Asking the question for the pvp crowd - don't have an answer: Considering the diminishing player population issue, could a mix of Empire & Small Clan size servers/zone on the same map be made to work & how? Different claim rules and?
  15. Fynneous

    Little & Not So Little Things

    64. Update preserving bags to only accept food/drink items (so we can use the "transfer all" better).