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  1. However, if you come back - join PvP EU and search for Extrapaw#0306. I'm gathering people who come back as the wipe has happened.
  2. Hi there, since the game started there are several things that need a certain kind of rework to be "good". I'd like to list them here once again since my people gathered some of these ideas. Please rework the skins of female and male characters. There need to be more options to make a character a good looking one. Actually, the characters mostly look like shit. People like to play a game if characters are sexy instead of looking odd and ugly, but also this option would be nice. Lighthouses have no certain use by now, only to get through the fog. Ok, you might attract some npc-trading ship but those guys are rare and have no use either. There should be an alarm-system or some benefit in building such a large tower out of nowhere. How about giving the opportunity to open a trading market below these towers or to attract some rare good looking mermaids and stuff, which really do matter to people? I would give my last penny for the possibility to tame a mermaid, which sings, laughs and is just looking good while we are at the harbor ...or just is there besides the ship while we are traveling long distances. How about a search engine for crew members? Small crews mostly suffer under the pressure of huge crews and there is no possibility yet to get more men ...only shouting at each Freeport where nobody is online..only again these huge crews.... wow. You cannot grow if there is nobody to grow. It's a ridiculous situation. However, nobody wants to merge, everybody likes to stay on his own. This is going for months now. I do not like this at all. It really seems like there are only a few players left. How about giving them a possibility to search for a crew ingame with language filter, size and so on? (Black wall at a central npc town or something else!? This could also be a possible use of the lighthouse as well!) Animals are still stuck on ships, npcs, ships glitch, especially for low end pcs when you log in. Ships are for example sinking while you load the textures. The baby you want to get in is looking ugly. Think about character design twice, thx. There are several islands with more yetis you can think of while others don't even get two or three. We handle them through traps, but this is really annoying. Control the spawns. Bibliothek should get you a boost in intelligence and sort the list of blueprints. How about selling useless blueprints for gold to npcs? At this moment newcomers don't start the game because of a bad reputation. How about any reaction instead of patch notes only to attract people? Server issues should also be handled for low gear pcs. How about making the system work on lower specs as well? (Very low option for graphics and stuff) View distance is still high if you use lower view distance. See suggestion above. What about nice underwear for characters for gold at Freeport? Where the fuck are the pubs at Freeport? You need smaller games. How about chess or Dame or card games against the money in Freeport? Small tournaments would be nice. Add more stuff like this: How about some pretty extras like buying a personal space or adding a special trader, which only appears at special freeports or regions for usable goods? Interaction is life. We need emotes. There is no use of dead bodies by now. How about Zombies or something like that by cursing people? Breeding is hard. Lower the time to breed. Gathering shit is hard. How about giving the opportunity to gather shit in your base with a shit pile which collects shit automatically? Gems have only a few possible uses. How about jewelry and bonuses combined with it? Skins are nice. Give me more possibilities! (The ones which are about to come are ok, but how about even more or giving people the opportunity to do it by their own? :D) Thanks. Hopefully, you can use this feedback. Best regards G
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