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  1. Network: EU-PvP Grid: D10 Description of issue: Nodes that should give just fiber and thatch, only give pretty much all herbs or strawberries instead. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: https://gyazo.com/f21b40e8708754937d94ee9e075bf552 Repro steps if available/applicable: Just harvest the nodes on the CCC, and see what u get. On all previous seasons this used to give thatch and fiber, and i cant imagine this beeing a deliberate change, as this island alreayd had strawberries and a lot of herbs already. CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): cheat TP D10 349946 213580 289
  2. so youre telling me, that if a small company went afk for 1 hour now, i wont be able to take their entire island? with this new system i could only take their whole island if i take over all of their flags, in this system i only have to take over 1. Make the declaim time same as it is now i dont give a shit, all i know is that this current claim system ruins land pvp
  3. did you actually read my suggestion or just comment without thinking after reading "similar to season 1"?
  4. The current claim system is in my oppinion very bad. Allowing people to build on your territory has pretty much made it a nessecity for people to completely cancer spam their islands in an attempt to prevent people from fobbing up. This causes huge ammounts of lag in grids where larger companies decide to set up, and makes playing in those grids near impossible. This, and the fact that claming an island has become almost impossible due to the fact that people just put their flag on their main on a spot unreachable by tames, surrounded with the now way too strong puckles due to one of the recent patches and 200 beds placed in one by ones in a huge honeycomed box, makes this claim system very frustrating, unfun and is the cause of a big part of the lag we are all experiencing sailing through grids. Back in season one, when someone claimed one of your flags, all the structures that were in the radius of that flag were transered to the company that now claimed/owns it. This made it so people had to be carefull about where they decided to build important structures, because at any time, they could be stolen and in enemy hands, giving them a free fob, so naturally, there was a LOT less spam, and thus less lagg. One of the biggest issues people had with the previous claim system, was that the flags could be declaimed super fast and at any time (no peacetimers), causing people to lose their islands in hours in the middle of the night without beeing able to do anything against it. Also, placing flags was completely free, so the ''zerg" companies could just endlessly keep spamming flags all over peoples islands, which was pretty annoying. I therefore propose a new claim system, more similar to the claim system we had in season 1, but with the benefits of the system we have now: No more "1 flag claims the island" stuff. Go back to the multiple flags like it was in season 1 If you menage to unclaim an enemy flag and claim that area yourself, the structures will now also belong to you. (whoever owns the teritory owns the structures in that teritory) Placing a flag will cost you gold, ammount to be decided, but say it would cost 150 gold per flag. This would prevent people from endlessly spamming flags when they attack your island, unless they bring a good ammount of gold. This gold would have to be stored somewhere, kept safe, farmed etc etc, and therefore there most likely wont be situations where people will spend hours spamming flags all over your island. We should get rid of the upkeep cost, its just annoying. One time cost for placing a flag. Each flag takes say 45 minutes to claim/declaim, DONT make this dependent on company size, just have a set timer the same for everyone. Whichever company has the most flags down on an island, controls the peacetimer on that island (all flags on an island will all be set to that companies peace timer). This will prevent the situation where you take a flag on an enemy island and your companies timer is opposite of theirs, which would allow you to mortar enemy teritory while beeing in peacephase yourself. Not sure if there should be a limit on how many flags a company can place. I would think there should be a limit, maybe based on the size of the company, but if there wouldnt be a limit, this system has the oppertunity to create some sort or endgame goal like who owns the most teritory. I think this would be especially fun when you guys "merge" (read, remove either EU or NA cluster, would save u money aswell) the EU and NA pvp clusters and there would be a healty playerbase. I think a system like this would seriously reduce spam in islands, thus reducing lagg, and it would make the claim system much more fun for anyone trying to claim an island. You would have to put some thought into where u build and where u claim, and attackers can feel like they have an actual chance of taking over islands by playing smart and actually having some options other than braindead clearing honeycomb and contesting against nakeds hiding in bushes, if they even menage to get a flag down in the first place.
  5. i concede, devs are still retarded
  6. this is not confirmed, and it would make absolutely 0 sense if they also increase the discoveries needed, as the levels between players would be just as disproportionate as now
  7. An actual good patch, very nice, keep it up!
  8. really like these 3, added to the list. Gallies not beeing able to use handling sails sounds stupid. Gallies are only good against other gallies, which is fair imo, and removing handling sails from them wouldnt change that at all. We can already dmg underwater structures with explosive barrels. place the barre, press carry barrel, throw it in the water, swim up to it and "convert to depth charge". I personally dont know anything about taming, but i guess showing animal levels when presshing h would be neat, maybe add it to the beastmaster skilltree as something u can spec into.
  9. so you think youre gonna stand ANY sort of increased chance vs a lvl 120 player? levels isnt why youre losing, youre losing because other people are 10x better at the game than you are
  10. ah yes, reduce the lvl cap instead of fixing the root issue that is ur shitty discoverypoint system and insane xp curve. Youre just gonna keep listening to what random noobs complain about? fuck me get ur shit together.
  11. Just some ideas for QoL and ballance i would love to see implemented in the game. These devs need to start listening to players who actually know something about this game, not loudmouth idiots. The reduction of the lvlcap is another perfect example of bad design, shitty bandaid fixes and devs caving to people who know fuckall about the game. Instead of fixing the root issue, beeing the XP curve is stupid and discovery points are way too annoying/hard to get, they just shit on everyone that put time and effort into leveling past 120. these xbox players and beachbobs will get clapped just as hard by lvl 120 as they would by lvl 150's the problem isnt the levels, its the fucking difference in game knowledge, any good player could clap a lvl 100 noob as a lvl 30 any day. All youre doing by lowering the max lvl cap is now effectivly making it so everyone will have less carry weight, meaning more shit gets popcorned instead of looted, INT is even more nerft, resistence not nerft, ships will be even harder to sink now with lower dmg cannons, lower accel sails, even slower sailing, fucking great. Were playing a downgraded version of season 2 in every aspect of the game, all theve done is remove shit and chance stuff for the worse. Here's some suggestions: Qol Increase alloy crafting speed or increase crafting queue. Berries should stack 500/1000.-Seeds should stack to 500/1000. Make skilltrees savable so respecing is a little less aids Allow tax rates to be set by company ID and/or by allies. Allow to tax your own company, think this would be nice since ud always be farming stuff for ur own bank without really realizing, making it so u always have a stock. Increase the barrel slots, crafting grog is aids Allow NPC crew to repair all structures including ceilings,cannons,walls when the ship is anchored and the NPC's are unseated. Ramshackle should by default have Npc's when purchased.(2 hours until mutinied) Make some interface that allows u to change cannonsettings for all cannons at the same time on ships, doing it manually is tedious as fuck. Add an option to "carry npc", like u can carry penguins. Sometimes its really annoying moving 1 npc from one end of a boat to another, this would help with that. Improve colors on ship planks. We still dont have a proper white, id love to be able to paint with white. When a plank is say at 33% hp, make a repair hammer icon apear on it, so we have an indicator which planks need repair most and can avoid leaks. Land Nerf shield, make it do alot of torpor or smt, the stun is retarded and needs removed/heavily nerft. Horse speed should be lowered and front facing swivels should be removed, noone likes them, they ruin land pvp, remove it. Buff carbine dmg a little Buff bears, make them do more dmg or smt, as of now they are useless, if ur gonna stick to a land meta revolving around tames, which u shouldnt, at least make a variety of them useful. Increase balista range so it outranges cannontames, makes them somehwat useful at least Increase the 3rd person view when using mortars. Just remove the ability to glide with barrels, with the last patch youve menaged to not only not fix the problem, but also ruin gliders, and make it so now only certain islands can be barrelbommed, just stupid, remove. Revert the entire last patch, noone likes it, just buff puckles by like 20% and ur fine. If you want to encourage ship pvp, you cant do that by discouraging land pvp. Sea PVP Increase the plank HP on Brigs to 7/8k Fix speedsails. I really dont understand why handling sails can and do have a working stat that increases their speed, but speedsails cant?? whats your philosophy behind that. Make weightsails usefull, make them the same speed as handling sails with a little bit of a better effective angle than speedsails Somehow make medium sails worth anything, or at least remove them from the loottables as they are the most useless item in the game currently. Double the ghostship spawns in GA, its ridiculous leveling ships rn with the amount of ghostships and people trying to lvl. theres way too little of them. Also adjust loottables so ghostships dont drop balistas, catapults and other useless shit, add it to treasure maps so theres a reason to do them more often. Or just make the ghostships drom 3 times as many blueprints. About 1 in 1000 blueprints is usefull rn, its ridiculous. If u want to make BP's less impactfull, you either have to rework the entire system, which i would recommend, or adjust the tables for now. Noobs dont have nearly as much time to farm them compared to competent bigger companies, so even if they find a good bp, craft it and go fight, bigger companies will always have 20x more. Now if the noob loses his good ship, he most likely will quit or be highly demotivated to get another since the chances of that noob finding another good bp are very low. Flotsam and shipwrecks should contain between 10-50 cannon balls depends on the quality (instead sailing to home grid 2 hours for restock we can collect flotsam for 20,30 minutes). This would make it possible to farm in GA's further away for extended amounts of time Let us to be able to take parts from enemy ship or from our ships that got sunk planks/sails/decks.etci am aware that this is probably way too hard for u guys to implement quickly, or at all tbh, but as of now sinking a ship gives u nothing, would be nice to have the option to actually be able to salvage a ship for parts. decrease the time it takes to claim boats, make it like 2 hours to claim a gally. Gives people time to send more ships and get their gally back in case they somehow lose it, and 2 hours isnt too long and is probably worth the wait if it gets u a mythical gally. Ship stats respec for gold, only usable Crew counter hud for ships. -Increase reverse speed for ships, cant be hard right, RIGHT!?!?!?!?! Ability to mark ally boats with a spyglass so they appear on the map. Add "trade route wind tunnels", Say E.G let the wind be twice as strong in the whole 2, 8, 14, C, M and H grids, this way u have a quick way to travel across the map. Make it so that when looking through a spyglass, boats render in from as far as u can see. This would make having someone in ur crowsnest with a spyglass actually useful, darkside RP already has this feature implemented as a feat, just pay their mods to do ur work or some shit, we all know u like to be lazy. Remove/rework grapples. With the current implementation, most fleet battles are a pure numberfight as its impossible to 1vx at all when theres a grappleship in play. Im not sure what exactly needs to happen to make them more fun for both sides, just fuck around with it, any changes are good changes at this point. Let us add 1 personal marker or smt similar to the one you get when marking a boat with the sextant. I personally dont use sextant, but would love to have a waypoint so i dont have to keep checking map if im sailing in the right direction. Or just make the sextant compas bar thing a standard, and let sextant only give u a minimap. OTHER SHIT Make it so u cant enter the freeport for 15 minutes after uve taken pvp dmg. Or make it so that the islands in freeport are all infinite peace phase and ur ship gets invulnerability as soon as u anchor untill it leaves the grid. Running to freeports is stupid, uve said for months now ur working on it, youve done fuckall, sort ur shit out. Introduce claim flag height limit, pillar bases are stupid, at least if the flag has to be on ground, u have a shot at claming the island. This change was one of the best ones uve ever come up with, fucking stick with it. Get rid of the current claim system, its shit. Hardly possible to claim islands, promotes crazy spam resulting in unplayable grids. Just do season 1 claim system but add peacetimers to it. Maybe add the option to place mortars on ships, but make them only usable when anchored, idk might be unballanced but defending is way too op rn, need some tools for attackers. Bit rp, but id like to see catapults be able to shoot oiljars. Idk if possible, but would be nice to be able to link resource box to smithy's and other crafting stations. I would love to see you guys add some actual objectives to this game. Say for example twice a day a "super ghostship" spawns in each golden age grid that drops like 30 blueprints. This would encourage people to fight over an actual objective with some decent loot. The best pvp weve had this season was fighting over the caves, we need more stuff like this. We need repeatable PvE content. As of now, all the PvE stuff in this game u do once, and then never again cuz theres no point. Add some smaller dungeons in GA grids that are on like a 1 hour cooldown u could farm for loot. I dont know what this loot could be, thats up to you guys, but something thats WORTH farming for. This would add some nice PvE content to the game, while also encouraging more pvp (people fighting over who can farm it) away from laggy shit mainbase islands. You guys could basically acomplish a very basic version of this by simply adding better drops to dragon and hydra kills, making it worth farming them and attracting pvp. Bugs to fix When your sails are repairing fiber and you zone, the repair will stop, and you wont be able to repair it unless you rerender the boat, please fix this. Greenscreens when spawning on boats When you switch ammo types, the ammo in the cannons will be wasted, please make it so this is returned to the ammo box, we didnt shoot it right? When you dodge backwards and instantly after do a scroll down attack with sword, mace or pike, your character moonwalks backwards instead of properly lunging forewards. Hitboxes of players on puckles and mortars are completely fucked, would be nice to see those adjusted to fit the actual model of the mortar/puckle instead of beeing a huge invisible wall When your boat planks are on low hp, and a tick of decay dmg makes them leak, it wont show the leaking icon (this only happened to me once, so idk if its an actual bug or some other weird shit happend to me) When zoning out of a grid that currently has a storm, the wind indicator will be wrong in the next grid, this is very annoying as it can fuck u up when ur getting chased. ladders are still dogshit, can almost never get up first try while swiming towards it. Sometimes when placing a structure, it will not actually place on the spot the blue indicator indicates, but it will just replace some other random structure thats near it. cannon indicator at long range is off, feels like cannonball will go lower than is indicated. After comming to a fullstop with a ship and then opening sails with spacebar, your ship wont move for 1 or 2 seconds even though sails are fully opened. This can be fixed by pressing s, but it feels like a bug. The same thing will sometimes happen after breaking free from a harpoon, even though ur free and sails are up, you wont move for a while unless u hold s for any amount of time. When you equip carbine and press lucky loader too quick after, the feat is wasted and ur carbine wont reload Song "the bryner's ballet" for ships thats supposed to increase repair speed doesnt do that, it reduces the time the debris is in the way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There hasnt been any significant change to this game in well over 6 months now, all uve done is tweak some numbers, and done some lazy bandaid fixes, most of which were for the worst. I think its about time you guys step up and have the balls to implement some actual impactful, meaningful changes to this game. It has potential, dont fuck it up.
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