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  1. i like the update! great work and exited what to come in the future:)!
  2. yeah offline raiding is sadly 1 thing that has got so many people to leave. but i honestly dont have a good idea how they should make a fix for it i can only think about example making ships that has been anchored for 4hours + get 1000% HP that should save the solo/small companys people schooners/brigs they leave overnight when they are offline. and then make breeded animals take 500% less damage if you put them in a neutral state where they cant aggro or move or be used.
  3. good post. and very good questions. i hope the changes will bring a positive future for atlas. where pve/pvp players can play togheter and enjoy the game to the fullest
  4. ita a bug that can happen, and only thing to fix it is to make a new start i had played 440 hours singleplayer. completed everthing execpt snowman and hard mode kraken. and suddenly no sotds or treasuremaps spawn. i tried everything. but i lost intress then. but thees mofos devs wont help you. singleplayer isint anything they fix on.
  5. thees guys who are or not are any more working on this game are fucking idiots and dosent give a shit what you think or the game needs.
  6. rqzertooth is a must have to solo high lvl maps brcause off the buff it gives to your tames
  7. be happy they forgot to shutdown the servers when they abonded the game
  8. depends on the treasure map:) But atleast 150% damage,600hp,600 stamina, and continue level the hp up to 1000+
  9. yeah know, but whats the fun in that :)? have you ever played an ironman in runescape? This is my atlas ironman
  10. How to easy do the power of essence after killing kraken,
  11. yeah easiest dragon kill ever. Didint know about the glitch thou.and i had alot of fun aswell,. glad it went so smooth. First time when i soloed it in bad gear and no trap i died like 40 times and wasted a whole day in irl to complete it. But the feeling was awesome when it died. then i did the rest powersttones from killing hydras.
  12. Hey! wanted to go out and test my new carbine i crafted. 470% whoppin damage Got tthe blueprint from the 54q treasure map. Enjoy
  13. thanks man! yea sadly its wery time consuming:( made a video also of my base.
  14. Hi! ii dont know about the teleport system with grids, but my best advice for completing kraken DUO is to build a legendary/mythical brigand. 1 sails the other one repairs and use carbine/revolver. Dont use a galleon for kraken, its so bad to turn around and too many planks to repair. Start by building a normal brigantine with 3 large handing sails and 6x cannons on both sides and 6-10 cannons on back, and farm SOTDS in the golden ruins for good blue prints, then when you have good gunports,mediumplanks,cannons,sails you start hauling resourses around atlas,MYthos you will get when you complete all 9 powerstones, u will get 18000 mythos, enough to make a good ship Build a separate brigand/galleon for this and only put points in weight. And how you want to put points in your kraken brigantine ? make 5-6 extra crew, max resistance and rest points inito damage. take with you 1500 cannonballs,20 extra planks, and 2 kwood,tatch,fiber. medkits,and a monkey on shoulder for both of you. And also doing high lvl treasure maps will help you get good gear so you have alot of health. and good carbines,. treasure maps also give cannons and gunports ::) This was my ship for doing it solo
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