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  1. factions is a tricky one. you should still be able to make a exile faction where both factions live and fight everyone. or war deck other companys for big amount of gold.
  2. Example a full mythical lvl 60 galleon should easy go for 500k.
  3. you think so? tbh i hated it in the start, but then i started liking it and the ships feel more valuable when u hafto pay for them, espseclly when u craft from mythical shipyards and the price is double, And it also gives me reasons to farm gold. in pvp its very nice feeling also when u risk more than just resourses. King regards: white knight In pve people buy printed ships from eachother, but in pvp u dont wanna sell printed ships to enemys. or even allies because of the big risk loosing it. and u want backup ships aswell
  4. if your play time is 15-30min a day then atlas isint for you. there is alot more casuals games out there, but if u have alot of play time and stil takes days for you to gather dor a shipyard and a brig, Then u sir are doing something wrong. Then instead maybi ask for tips and tricks. And yea without gold sink the gold is worthless. we need even more gold sink stuff
  5. stop complaining. this game needs money sinks. and use for gold. abd 5k is pretty fast to gain. when u have a good trade setup. u gain 10-15k perday. and maps,sunkentreasures is also a good way to go.
  6. yeah and also tradewind dissapears when changing grid. hafto log log out everytime to continue
  7. some nice bug fixes in there
  8. Come or not, i dont wanna say i quit and maybi be back. its hard to let go a game you love, Despite all flaw
  9. Hey! My name is hartsia and wanna address some issues why i cant be bothered to play this game at the moment. First of all i spended maybi 600-700 hours this season. Was a rocky road to say atleast. 3 wipes 1 merge.And met alot of new enemys and friends. It was a real nice journey and thats what makes atlas uniqe. But also frustating and a burnout. Small list what i didint like. -Farmhouses only farms fiber and fruit. (saps,thatch on ground should include) -Start of season tradewinds were buggy and laggy (fixed) -Multiple farmhouse placing (Fixed) But the gathering rates hafto improve alot. -Spended too much time on land farming,farming zzzz. (Solution was to make warehouses and farms on as many islands i can possible to sustain a great income of resourses) but thats not optimal and hard for casuals and on pvp server. -Blueprints from sotds are way too shit and too low crafts. (Gamebreaking for smaller companies) -Increase the fucking whale spawns! - maps rng isint equal on all islands, some islands have way betther map quality spawns. -Freeports needs to go. this is shit for a full loot open pvp game, Megas and randoms hide their loot,tames,ships here. and also breed without any kinda risk. -Make armored docks so you cannot store gold in them, instead you can choose to pay up to 30 days of protection. - All current modular ships are garbage and need to be deleted from the game completely. (Start from scratch or just make new ship skeletons we can build on, current system is alot betther.) -Make so ships can go up to lvl 70-80 -Crafting bonus is way too bad when u go max intelligens. (solution is to not make rng instead when u have certain intelligens u get certain % always.) 400-500 intelligens = 20% craft bonus. -You cannot make a ship in company to a certain rank, (You should be able to do this with 2 clicks, and then a lower rank cannot unanchor,sail away,destroy planks and so on) - Switches are slow and bad and laggy, You should be able to switch weapons,tools on a instant click. would make pvp more skill based and fun. - Huge mistake was to add claimable lawless, They need to go asap. this made so many people not wanna live in the north or come back this season. If theres no peace timer, this is a complete shit system that others only take advantage off. -Too much spam when building base, makes alot of lag. -No proper bug or system fixes, just pointless add ons, Stop adding stuff nobody asked for. -Ships are claimable in armored dock even if you stand on them or have npc, (You Hafto unanchor to take the claim flag away) Heres a couple of things that i didint enjoy Now i will try to solo atlas again in singleplayer and kill kraken 2 on max diffuculty and hope the game dosent destroy my save as last time. cya next season
  10. white. Download this mod. it will lift up your boat for easy building and maintance. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2497732209&searchtext=
  11. yea. thats sad to hear. imagine you find a 220 shipyard and place, log put and its gone i also started singleplayer 2 days ago. done with officials 4 now.
  12. they are om summer vacation
  13. just put it in water and then comtinue building it
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