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  1. we were a 2 man company for a longtime and in 1 month we had gained maybi 400k+ gold and built a bigger base we ever had, and had printed schooner and brigand. but we played maybi 12-15h a day this ship stealing/base stealing made our motivation go to 0%
  2. ask chukiki but paying gold tbh is good. dont judge that before cursingbit, trust me, i was thinking the same before started this season. But it gives gold a purpose, and having market/warehouse/farm houses gives u alot of gold and time of grinding materials, u can spend ur time sailing,pvpin,building,taming instead
  3. dont worry, they will fix this idiot ship stealing update for next season, happy they didint wipe before this update thou
  4. Biggest issue i have is armored docks looses their whole point, And that was one of the best updates this game has had. specially for lawless,small tribes,casual people,solos
  5. we quit from our grid same day this patch came, been living and enjoying lawless for 3 months +
  7. this is the worst boat in atlas, Worse steering than a galleon,sinks if 1 modular get destroyed, really really slow, the pointi thing at the front dosent clip in walls,cant place catapult,swivel, cant be painted, really really shit boat
  8. hartsia


    i hope thath they dont wipe in a long time
  9. imagine loosing 400+ hours from singleplayer , i had just done kraken, and all essens, was gonna go do kraken 2 next, when i log in my full mythical brig is having no planks,my galleon dissapered,no sotds would spawn any more,no treasure maps spawned any more. And that was it for me. i cant even explain how upset i was
  10. no point in rading warehouses, they provide economy for everyone, and even if there is 10k gold,fiber,wood and so on you only get 1k of each, only destroy warehouses if you hafto build one there and you want to go to war. otherwise ask them about it and usually u can make it worth for both parties
  11. Something is wrong with the loot tables, after the patch i get really bad loot from ships,and low amount of bps from maps. yesterday i did a 24q map and got 4 bps, i kiled 58 brigand and got some ammo and 1x journeyman gunport with 3 crafts, and overall the ship loot is really really bad, with low amount of crafts, Fix this ASAP!
  12. Hi george. Hydras are pretty easy when you get the hang of it, but yeah can be hard without the right gear/suppluys. First u need to choose a good island,like e7 or e5 or f7, not too many hard monsters and the spawn is close to beach. then the gear. u want 1 loaded carbine,2-3 loaded pistols. and a tiger/lion thats fast if the hydra is deep inside, and u can jump back on boat, u can run quickly and shoot it far away from mount. or u take a glider and go find it,shoot it glide towards boat,shoot again so u dont loose aggro, then also have full plate set,med kit,monkey. Weapons on boat, i rekommend a catapult with 4-6 barrels,or cannons (4-6 back cannons)if u have like 150-200 cannons with u. I prefer cannonballs because of the long range instead of cannister shots, and if u have a sloop with no cannons, juat take it out in the ocean and it will drown here is a video, its a good spawn,but my tactic works for most of the islands.we completed last week 7 powerstones in 10hours straitght, With 2 of my friends. on pvp server,
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