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    Rules at 2020

    well, it all really depends what you want to do... if you want to solo it, play the game casually or are with a small 2-8 active group, owning an island/islands might not be for you... your best bet is to find a large company that will allow you to build on their land. most companies love renters on their island because that's free resources in their tax bank they don't need to farm them selves. pick a group that has a good well established harbor you can park your boats at and hopefully you can join their renter alliance and have access to their harbors and islands. now if you're a lawless pirate and you just want to live reckless and kill/raid indiscriminately, make yourself an underwater crafting fob where you will store all your valuables... make it deep and far out. set a company wide maker so you always know where it is. spam bed boxes all over the island so you can spawn in easy. craft what we call a "boat in a box" that you can put up on the fly when you log back in because its very rare that your boat will last the night on a lawless island. put your tames in random spots, preferably hidden. don't bother building a tame barn structure because that will attract griefers... or you can park a gally in freeport and make that your base where you store all your tames and valuables... you just gotta maintain it every 6 hours... but honestly, that seems like more work than it's worth. but IMO if you are looking to have fun and experience the game for everything that it has to offer, id suggest joining a large established group. but beware, there's always drama and intrigue in a large gaming community..
  2. Enki Anunnaki

    recent patch notes---

    for once i agree with perci. just bring more bears. its not a big deal.
  3. Enki Anunnaki

    Caging System

    YES PLEASE! More things to do with imprisonment would be very cool. Now especially since beheading has been nerfed when it comes to xp loss consequences. which blows that certain individuals ruined it for everyone because they wanted to powerlevel. it was a nice mechanic and gave excitement and urgency not to get caught. also, a reward for catching someone. it was nice. If the exp mechanic can't be brought back then could we have more RP alternatives. wall shackles, ball and chains, a whip, a torture rack or table, all sorts of medieval torture devices, a stockade, more ways to display a captured player or corpse would be nice... hell even a cross. Once upon a time, the devs had talked about a bounty system having to do with collecting heads. but for a bounty system... wouldnt you need a law system? if there was a law system, wouldnt that open the door for in game factions? shit could get sexy af if only the devs would do it. Edit: also, id like to see finishers come into the game. perhaps if a player were only a sliver of health left, you could get an option to pull off a finisher where you have the chance to chop someone's head off and add it to the collection.
  4. sounds like the attackers used grog and/or pudding... grog increases melee damage and reduces incoming damage... you can stack them up to 4 times if you have the grog skill line. pudding also reduces incoming damage. also sounds like they were wearing upgraded gear... a good ol' fashioned lawless roflstomp.
  5. Enki Anunnaki

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Youd need a video and proper proof and youd need to post it to reddit and cause such a public outrage that doing something about it can't be avoided.. This dev's dont even say hi on discord.. or anywhere, anymore.. you really think a ticket means jack shit nowadays?
  6. Enki Anunnaki

    Whats that X Shaped Sail Called?

    Freeport cosmetics vender
  7. Enki Anunnaki

    patch note for 404.6?

    a grenade still does far less than a cannonball. perhaps pvp servers are not for you?
  8. it was a well needed patch... but yes, i agree shits going super slow and the lack of communication has truly pissed off the community.
  9. Enki Anunnaki

    patch note for 404.6?

    bosses have actual drop tables.. you get better drops from maps and things were balanced in pvp... thatch bp's being removed was the least that was done lol
  10. Enki Anunnaki

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Not as great a patch as i was hoping for but this will definitely spice things up until come real updates happen. Thank you GS, this was much needed. Those who dont like this patch obviously dont play this game much.
  11. Enki Anunnaki

    Bulls need to be able to use Cargo saddle.

    yes GORE!!! i want to dismember people with a finisher move if their health is low enough! yes.
  12. i cant believe i havnt seen this post till right now. you have most of it right on the nail milos. but Id like to add to: "Remove/rework grapples. With the current implementation, most fleet battles are a pure numberfight as its impossible to 1vx at all when theres a grappleship in play. Im not sure what exactly needs to happen to make them more fun for both sides, just fuck around with it, any changes are good changes at this point." id like to see them do what ive always hoped they would do, winch boats up close like a fishing pole to encourage ship boarding. stopping a ship in its track with it is just lame. you should be able to tow an unanchored ship with it, or get towed with it by bigger ships or ships with more momentum.
  13. Enki Anunnaki

    Can no longer breed

    there is a server tame hard limit that includes NPC's even if they are mounted.. the limit includes everyone on the server, not just you. no one knows the true number the server limit is, as devs dont talk to anyone anymore, but its been happening on many servers. mainly in servers where there are multiple large companies with large breeding facilities with a shit ton of npc puckle and swivel defences. you cant even claim npc's after you slay a ship of the damned in that sever lol.. youd need to go to a different grid and sail them in. same with tames.
  14. Enki Anunnaki

    Update .. what happened

    nah. by the time you are lvl 75 you will have enough points where you can spec into a pvp skill tree set that you can compete with. only difference is that you wont have them all like a lvl 120 would and you wouldnt have as high of health and stam. ive seen plenty of lvl 75's with skill in pvp take out lvl 120's. you just need to know what you are doing. also, they even stated that they are enabling 2x xp until they add new mechanics for players to gain xp other than just maps and cave farming, so right now, it's easier to get them levels... and hopefully will be even easier after they make the changes. but trust me, im lvl 122 and im really happy they are changing this, even though soon ill have nothing left to work towards concerning my player advancement and i'm gonna lose 2 lvls (almost 2 mill exp). Im looking forward to players advancing faster and there being a more lvl playing field in pvp. there is no glory in killing low lvl bobs.
  15. Enki Anunnaki

    lame game mechaniks.

    if youre still caged and they are keeping you alive, you can kill your self while handcuffed by using the "yell" function. though, it wont drain your stam unless youre actually causing noise feedback, you will eventually die, even if they are med kitting you.
  16. Enki Anunnaki

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    but yet i did use it in an argument, so saying i cant is a pretty stupid argument in and of itself. 6k on an official server that advertises itself as being able to hold 40k is quite sad.
  17. Enki Anunnaki

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    probably a good thing i never implied 55k was the standard then, just what this game started with.
  18. Enki Anunnaki

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    doubled average players lmao... i'm sorry i don't consider 5.5k all that much better than 3.5k.. especially a year after the EA release thats started with 55k players. my doubt rests solely on the developers and their inability to commit to atlas, nothing else. a game like this lives and dies because of its playerbase and the devs are supposed to be the ones that keep the playerbase entertained and invested.. if you actually looked at the charts, it takes a bigger dip in players each time the devs fail to deliver on their promises.. and take longer and longer to release anything of substance whatsoever. an explanation and some engagement with the community would go a very long way... congratulations, your thoughts about "entitlement" are irrelevant mr first post since you've supposedly been playing on launch. lmao. youre not even remotely invested. i've been active in the same large company since day one and have influenced a lot of changes already made since then. i don't understand where you think you're coming from, but me i'm here because i love this game. dont much give a fuck what you think.
  19. Enki Anunnaki

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    boot lickers preconceptions aside, GS is the only company i've ever known that has handled their games player base in such a way that they have and its not a good look. spin it any which way you like but it's obvious the games population is dying AGAIN. the game has barely gotten anywhere for the past year of its planned 2 year development. the devs don't say or do jack to keep this community interested/growing (unless you count the inclusion of xbox) and instead the devs seem to have abandoned this games development in order to work on ark while potentially major competitors like starbase, new world and lost oasis are about to steal a huge swath of atlas's last remaining now disenfranchised playerbase. what your condescending and mental midget arguments don't seem to address is that 99% percent of the people freaking out and complaining right now, are doing so because we love this fucking game and have huge ambition and hope that atlas stays relevant and constantly evolving in a positive way, which it currently is not. idk about you but this shit is hitting me right in the feels. like my wife is cheating on me with my brother or some shit... i just wanna cry.
  20. Enki Anunnaki

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    what atlas needs right now is a PR rep with power. someone to crack the whip and get people to talk about shit. someone invested. because honestly, what has happened with all the silence and shafting the community could very well ruin this games future forever. you devs need to step up your game here. tiny hints, teasers, and even explanations along the way of development, even if its boring shit like optimisation... hype is like a flame... you need to keep feeding it in a controlled manner else as simple as a candle could burn your house down. right now.. the hype to make atlas the greatest sandbox survival pvp fantasy pirate mmo the world has ever seen... has turned into resentment and loathing. i keep rewatching the dev streams trying to figure out where it all went to hell... it occured to me, after months of silence from the devs and rewatching the vague "blueprint" stream over and over again, that the devs find "surprises" fun and entertaining... now look at the steam charts.... we do not. TALK ABOUT SHIT GOD DAMN IT.
  21. Enki Anunnaki

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    OH MY GOD SOMEONE LEAKED THE PATCH NOTES!!! lol JK ((((I dont take credit for this, i found it on redit*))))
  22. Enki Anunnaki

    Cant load official

    try selecting "join online atlas", then select the server you've been playing on. select any random grid as it doesn't matter. spawn. it should load you in where you logged off last.
  23. Enki Anunnaki

    ATLAS Roadmap

    youll never know till it comes out. itll probably have split servers, one with the opt in pvp and one with permanent pvp. we will see.
  24. Enki Anunnaki

    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

  25. Enki Anunnaki

    Pathfinder Respec Soup

    yes the npc vender is where the soup can be bought for 250 gold. Its a smart idea to leave a tame with a stash of gold at the freeport for future easy access to respecs. Id even suggest to the devs that the soup can be made at home by a master chef for easier access. concerning the bug you mentioned. Back just a couple weeks ago when you used to be able to gain xp from beheading someone... befor SDC ruined it for everyone abused the hell out of it by placing alt characters in a corner of the powerstone caves as they farmed xp via farming the soldier of the damned, then beheading the alts for extra xp for their main characters.... when you beheaded someone, it would leave a deficit of xp but you would still have your lvl after bring beheaded... but as soon as youd repec after being beheaded, your true xp lvl would become your new lvl... now, perhaps although you can no longer gain xp by beheading someone, perhaps the person being beheaded can still lose their xp and their lvl goes to hell. honestly, i don't know as i haven't tested it since the update.