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  1. An example of number of players on different servers, which is the same sort of server, a global server. Hmm. Ok. Makes total sense to me. smh
  2. Wargaming.net? @Bugboy its paint, so yes you have been in a coma
  3. That appears quite desperate, lol. Do you want this to be a good game, or just make money?
  4. So rude. How difficult is it for other people to type on a forum what you just tried to type? Just so very rude.
  5. @Chismebeard, @Nami, and @Gortok? *crickets* lol
  6. That would require coding. So, good luck with that. With that said, this is not at all a critical issue or something that the devs should spend any time on. If you are playing pvp, you cannot expect people to not destroy your stuff. Heck, i dont expect my own company to not take my stuff.
  7. Why do you have stutters when looking around? Have you tried launching in low memory mode? Are you in a harbour with 20 galleons etc? Would be nice if there was some optimisation, ark runs much better than atlas on my rig. You know the history of this game though, so all I can say is good luck.
  8. What? Do you even play this game, mate?
  9. What else do people forget? I wonder why you are not commenting on other posts to assist the many with making decisions on whether to play?
  10. Ark has transponders to help with lost animals, sadly it appears the devs (lol?) forgot to copy paste the code or give a shit. Same with command groups. Haha damn "until the game is finished at least" made me laugh.
  11. You are more than qualified, @blackhawksrule. Welcome aboard! Yarr :)
  12. Whats that? You want a seahorse? Or camel-thing? No problem.
  13. William you are cute, can i buy you also for $3.50?
  14. To quote the words of the 'community manager': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGxwbhkDjZM
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