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  1. eeeceee

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    Yeah man we all wanted puckle and swivel dmg increased, what is wrong with us that makes it appear to some newbies that we are crying. What exactly did we get here, angry boy?
  2. eeeceee

    Cannot log in

  3. The lighting when everything is dark is the best. If i can recall correctly, there was a time when everything was dark, and the moonlight transition was the 'fix' that was requested by carebears. Wait up, did you say that the devs have done an amazing job at balance?? AHahahhahahahhah. Move along now.
  4. eeeceee

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    yeah man, lets nerf everything!! thats how you balance stuff!! derp
  5. eeeceee

    Dumb Atlas Takes:

    Lol dumbest thread yet?
  6. eeeceee


    Except when there is more than 5 ships, the game lags so much that you will wish someone used a gun on you. Guns are useless btw, obviously you're a scrub, that wants pvp with pve and factions
  7. PvE, factions? Peglegtheangry is the new realist?
  8. I wouldn't say it's common. Owning a company is better than having an owner. NFI what else you think you're talking about. Seems you're not making an argument, or a point there, that you can have knowledge about.
  9. eeeceee

    Stop cross platform play!

    I wouldn't be surprised if you won that fight
  10. Sounds about right. Owning the company, instead of having an owner sounds good to me.
  11. eeeceee

    Dumb Atlas Takes:

    This thread is dumb. However, I do enjoy how you started to go back to using different font sizes to show how angry you are.
  12. eeeceee

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    I am entitled to 100% imprint.