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  1. eeeceee

    Stuck Bear any help

    41 might be better though............ You could have a 45 you mean??
  2. eeeceee

    Finally on Xbox!!!

    Ladders that work, hopefully. .... Why can we not just mount the ship. We know that they are just many tames rafts / tames / boxes put together, right? :s
  3. For PVE, yeeah maybe, but no, change pts are not the worry. For pvp, no. For pve, its not the pts that you should worry about, its the gold. For pvp.... Yeah good luck ;)
  4. There is not 501 types of fiber. edit? I didn't even really bother reading your post properly tbh, i got to the 501 fiber bit, then skimmed through to the "new players will be confused wah wah lol".
  5. eeeceee

    Taming Tip

    It's not the "getting in the way", it's the glitching. Please grapeshot fix this. Giraffe taming is something that I have a love hate relationship with.
  6. Mostly a negative from me. Stop dumbing down games, please. If you have something that is more substantial to offer, about the vitamins, that would be nice. The vitamins are kinda silly.... better to die, eat a berry, then get EQ. Anyway, back to surviving
  7. eeeceee

    Atlas and steam charts

    Need more weight on ships. They should feel bigger. Cargo racks shouldn't reduce speed, and instead cost lots of mats perhaps.
  8. I miss alpha tiger infested islands... :)
  9. eeeceee

    Can we just get an update?

    Yeah. The initial reaction that people have, when coming from ark to atlas, is always interesting. This particular player would be very interesting. I wanna see some RP'ing. We should make poll.
  10. eeeceee

    Can we just get an update?

    He should document his gameplay I think. :)
  11. What if PC players want to start at the same time as PC players and Xbobs? Xbob devs testing the game might have to do? Yes, it doesn't make sense to me. NA pvp missing out, yet as it launches first, it should be the most competitive server. Segregation of player pop is never a good thing. Nevermind, nothing is going to change the devs ways.....
  12. That doesn't make sense. Why are xbox players cooling their jets about a 10 day head start, if the "them" does not include the pc pvp players with the 10 day head start?
  13. eeeceee

    Can we just get an update?

    Ask for an update, get sent a link for the info that everybody is asking for an update on, try and point out that, get told that "there is no update". However, you're finally starting to post stuff. As you understand the frustration, and the need for an update.
  14. Damn.... someone get me the rope.