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  1. Where is that thread where a player submits a ticket and the response is "yeah fuk off lol?" Check logs? That sounds like effort, so fuck that. Are you serious?
  2. You are a nice person. You show understanding and aren't selfish, so you help others. You say island owners will be a thing of the past due to some of them not being like you, a cooooool understanding nice person. Do you want to explain further or just be a cooldude? If you owned all the islands you wouldn't be getting a head of anything, and would be behind yourself for sure. p.s. dont change your playatlas.com username it is so cool!!!
  3. Wow, that random designer and their wing sound so comforting. However, what would you guys know what we want to see? What do you mean background? Hahahahhahahahaha
  4. There is a button that you need to press, its like left bumper + something. Just search on the internet. Your company mate sounds like they are in a xbob party.
  5. There is spatial limits on more than warehouses. Haha. What else can you do for fun? Grinding isn't fun? Valuable PVE player, I spent lots of time thinking about you, and my solution is that you are saying that you want to get a barrel in the face. Thanks for the noise
  6. You could also say that its an achievement to not be dead. Congrats, and thanks to you also too devs, wishing you many happy weekends.
  7. Let me grab my ascendant riot gear, and then you try stun me. Ok, I will grab my shitty founders hat instead.
  8. Developing survival games appears to be even tougher and we want to make sure you have a barrel in your face for no reason so yeah stop talking about things like you are smart. What do you actually envision? Something not stupid? That would be a good foundation that you could evolve from.
  9. "in-game support" sounds very professional. What is out of game support? Is that available? "In-game" support seems to mean that people playing in the game don't get support, so if people aren't playing in the game are they able to get support from this automated response? Somehow, I think that out-game support is not available also. Wat phase waz that againz? lol This is unfortunately what the devs have always done, they do not like to help restoring things, unless they can destroy more things. What did you report? Was it a bug that you experienced with a game? Have you tried clicking on this sacred link? Maybe what you reported was a technical issue, and they didn't read what you wrote and you should click on that link instead? Whatever, not listening, here's some more general advice if you feel a numbing sensation in your arm maybe you should consider that you are having a stroke? Yarrrrrr
  10. Three evenings to build a schooner? Nowhere to put gold? Haha. PVE player i guess?
  11. In pve, not really. You should be able to demo after a while. Did you pay gold for this ship? Thats a bummer if you did, because crew also costs gold. Good news is that you can try again when these dudes wipe again. I like how they replied that they won't restore items, did the reply mention anything else? Did it look like an automated reply? Did they mention anything about the problem that you described? Do you think they will look at what the problem might be? Do you think they will say to you anything other than "we wont restore items lol"?
  12. As I pointed out, which you go out of your way to avoid, you said bye, then you go out of your way to try and think of some way to attack me. Sad. And braindead. If you have balls, they are old and droopy, might drop off completely.
  13. I thought you said bye? Then you just spam it up and try to attack me? That is a bit suspicous. Are you ok? Devil's advocate? More like braindead, hah The EA side only became a significant issue after the abrupt NA PVP wipe? Oh, OKAY. That makes every thing you spam okay, and everyone else is absurd. Lol enormous windfall out your ass/mouth. Big bunch of hot air spammed up on the forums. You haven't responded to anything i say, and when you try to, it appears that you are unable to control that enormous windfall, so you resort to things a oompa loompa would do and make statements without providing an explanation, then ironically ask for an explanation when people reply hey man are you a moron or a troll? Obviously.... You are the one that needs to explain. Or you just say bye and retreat out of the conversation
  14. Very realist Do you think nobody used a raft also? If so, you need to ltp or just stop spamming on the forums. What? 2 weeks? If trade goes outside the grid it will go higher?? Oh ok, so its not so bad that you are just talking about something that is stupid because after 2 weeks you will have something and then maybe if trade goes outside your grid you get higher and faster. Those 2 weeks almost makes me forget that game is going to wiped in 4 weeks or something. Sounds fun. Hope you don't mind if I have something hard and long. Simple you say? Are you trolling? OK. What makes you say it is required? Are you sick in the head? What is your plan? Thanks for the valuable post
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