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  1. The fact that you kept reading after this poster said that they are yet to use a carbine shows you the desperate state of yourself. :)
  2. Or they want to develop a game in a way that allows their players to contribute, ea is always going to useful for that and for small dev teams. Years ago these guys were involved with ark, which I believe was a success. That doesn't have much to do with atlas however. Go through my post history, see if you notice whether or not I call the devs out on bullshit/ask them to please look at the mirror and think wtf am i doing?? Just fyi also, I love PVE, haha. I have 8k hours in ark, 5k hours in atlas. A few thousand of each spent in pve, because i get bored with the pvp meta/imbalance/lack of dev competence edit: just wanted to add, so sorry for your loss at being able to play pve on a NA server and also getting battleeye errors
  3. It's a legitimate question. You are obviously a PVE player, and i see from your post history that you got quite annoyed at getting errors and no assistance to fix those errors. Your OP is basically this: "hey i heard from people who play games that devs who do stuff like you devs are really going bankrupt, not saying that is true but i heard from people who played video games lots that it was, so, is that true? You guys ruined PVE. When you make big changes, smells like failure, if the devs havent already washed their hands of this i suggest they do." Rest of the thread... i might read later :)
  4. Incoming flyer nerf edit: the rest of the update looks good, and cows are great, so thanks
  5. troll devs :( People were complaining about shield being op and boring so you bring back cannon barrels? I can only think that you thought the barrels would help with the lag. If everybody can blow each other up easier, or quits the game because design choices don't make any sense, then less lag, right?
  6. That wasn't ignored. They said it was not possible due to "server memory" (coding skills) Which reminds me, my skills at logging into a forum are apparently sooooo good. I login to the correct account without saying sorry.
  7. Lol, welcome to a last year. Please feel free to catch up on what you have missed Not sure what you are replying to, but ,unfortunately, that is the most plausible explanation
  8. yeah man video games!!! yeah soo coooooooll!! lol derp
  9. errr..... ok put down the bong. Get a job. loloolol.
  10. Thanks for the laugh :) also @Chismebeard what do you mean you don't know how to login to the atlas forum? What do you mean by there is nothing for you to say? Can I ask, what do you think is the point of a community manager if they don't manage or even communicate with the community?
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