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  1. eeeceee

    Select Tame Group

    The devs (and lots of other people as a result) don't play the game, thats the problem. Would be nice to have working options in your game, but what do i know, im not a game developer and only play the game...
  2. eeeceee

    Select Tame Group

    @whoever still works on this game add the tame groups lol wow, why is the button there and why couldn't you copy paste properly from the ark dlc?
  3. eeeceee

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    That is all. Good day.
  4. eeeceee

    Unable to Join/Rejoin ATLAS (PC/Errors)

    Spaghetti coding problem I think? I'm guessing you logged out and are sleeping somewhere, instead of making sure you are dead before logging. If you can die, you should be able to change home region, and that may help. If nobody can kill you, search the interwebs for info on how to change home region in your .ini, as there's an ip in your game files that you can change (backup just in case.)
  5. eeeceee

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    shootergame.exe is not a shootergame.exe dlc. Thanks guys.
  6. eeeceee

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Unfortunately, no new ships because that would require coding, and the wall types are still kinda crappy also. The corners on these stone walls are an eyesore. The official notification for "this Friday" is supposed to mean this Friday, I am guessing.
  7. eeeceee

    what is the blueprint class in ATLAS ?

    Would you fellas like some metal tools?
  8. eeeceee

    Managing canons

    ... Meanwhile, my handpicked, cutthroat crew of pirates just let themselves get punched to death while "manning" up on a cannon.
  9. eeeceee

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    haha, where is that evidence, hmm.....
  10. eeeceee

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Moar tames!!! Or just some developers working on optimization/customising this engine, and some new fucking ships? lol edit: i like tames, i want to tame a ptera i mean leatherwing thing edittt: By Dollie 11/21/2019 We will be releasing a patch this Friday which will change the following: Players and tames belonging to an allied company will now count towards a ship's max crew limit. If you have allied creatures/NPC's/players on your ships you may want to move them prior. wtf, did i miss some exploit? lol how long does it take to patch that, and why is that such a prominent notification on the forums and not ingame somehow? how many people will visit the forums before friday or whenever this patch is?
  11. eeeceee

    Game getting unplayable on Xbox

    Did someone say new tame?? Seahorse is on it's way!!
  12. eeeceee

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    I don't mind pandering to solo or 1-4 man companies, but they just gotta actually be not casual and be men and learn how to play the game. Fact is, nobody that offline raids such bobs, is worth worrying about. If bobs don;t have the capability to defend/hide their stuff, that's on them. Yet another carebear thread.
  13. eeeceee

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Lol atlas broke your brain. Suddenly, I feel the need to hug a tree.
  14. eeeceee

    After 2 Days

    Want some metal tools? No offensssse but, did you read the OP?
  15. eeeceee

    PvE is the better version of the game

    I quit pvp to play pve for months. Where is that atlas steam charts thread, I don't wanna be late to the party.