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  1. Is there a faster decay rate on a brig, do you know? I'm wondering how well a brig would do.. Still, thank you for the info, that's very helpful, and not completely impossible to manage I suppose?
  2. I love this idea, I really want to be able to leave a ship somewhere safe.. if it costs me a ton, so be it! I can treasure hunt for the gold, no problem at all!
  3. This suggestion is simple: Please, let npc's repair in freeports. Let us have SOME way to protect a single ship from offline griefing, even if it is costly to have the materials be consuming all night when you're offline.. I don't wanna build a base, I wanna live a 100% ship-based life, and the game does not support this playstyle at all right now, and isn't that a bit ridiculous? Doesn't the fantasy of being a pirate without a home fit this game completely?? Please Devs, make this change!! Big company's COULD abuse this, but I find it unlikely.. they'd have to move their ships in and out of freeports constantly, which would be a nightmare (coming from being in a top 5 company, I know..) - so I really don't see why this would be a problem. I can definitely agree to something like a 2 day absolute limit or another limitation of some kind?? Cmon @Jatheish get this one in game ASAP to save all the solo players from leaving..
  4. I'm curious, how often do you have to log in to achieve this? And I assume you have to repair every single plank, that'd get pricey fast (not that I'm complaining, if I could make it work then I'd do it) I'd really like to just have a small group and sail. I don't mind pvp if its while I'm online to fight back in a fair fight, even if I get wrecked I know its because I was beaten fair and square.. offline crap just sucks
  5. Whelp, thanks for the destruction of my hopes and dreams! (joking 50%, I know its not your fault lol) This is definitely a change I think the devs should consider, however!
  6. I know they have to be assigned to nothing, and have a repair hammer in their inventory? If they don't repair in freeports, then this thought is promptly ruined. Seems like a change that the dev's should make asap to give us small groups a big QoL change. At the moment I'm like 99% of the way to being done with this game @Jatheish but would love some way to change my mind on this. I'm just tired of the large group politics (and I hate building a base on land, I just wanna sail! I don't mind farming for boat-stuff, but land-defense is boring to me..)
  7. The title really asks the question, has anyone tried taking a Brigantine into a freeport, with a full complement of repair material, and left some npc's in it overnight to keep it afloat? It would really be a nice boost to gameplay if small companies could leave a single ship in a freeport overnight for a modest level of pvp protection as long as they properly prepared for the upkeep costs overnight. Does anyone have any information on this, is it even possible, or will npc's even attempt to repair when anchored in a freeport? Let me know, I am most interested in this thought.. I'd love to live out of a ship with a small group, but am well aware that leaving a brig unattended in random places will 100% of the time result in it getting griefed, and while its not that hard to remake a brig.. having to do it every time you log back in would get old, really, really fast..
  8. The Forgemasters are recruiting! Medium-large size group with lots of land and strong allies, looking for more crew members for largely PvP related operations! A quick rundown about us: We're a bunch of mature gamers with jobs and real lives, but we kick butt at games too! We're a rowdy bunch of laughing, stubborn players who razz each other constantly in voice chat! Sensitive people need not apply! We have no interest in recruiting youngsters who think too highly of themselves (its all of you) - don't even bother applying! We expect our members to respect our allies and our whitelist! We have more than enough enemies to fight as it is! What we're looking for: Semi-Active Builders/Grinders/Tamers: We have lots of land to build defenses on, grind materials, tame animals, etc if that's your schtick! We're happy to have you along, get in voice and enjoy the mayhem and laugh all along the way! Learn a little PvP and sailing while you're at it! Active Sailors for PvP and Treasure Hunting: We get into Naval PvP battles multiple nights a week with 10+ ships between our allies and enemies! We've got room for new Captains as well as anti-boarding crew, lookouts, and repair hands! In the downtime, we'll help outfit Schooners for you to take treasure maps out and bring back gold to help pay for NPC's! Active Raiders/Boarding Crew: We have lots of enemies, and we know where most of them live! If you're more interested in man-to-man combat, glider shenanigans, and burning people's ships with oil/flame arrows while they sleep, we'll outfit you and point you straight at them! We're also happy to bring you in our Naval battles to glide to enemy vessels and light those suckers up! (Oil + Fire so OP) Players who are smart, dedicated, and have a strong group-first mentality have room for advancement into officer ranks! If you're looking for a leadership position, we have room for you to grow into one! PM via discord if interested! Also accepting merges, if the group fits! Aridhol#4421 In your message, answer the following to get our conversation started: What do you like to do most in game? What goals are you looking to accomplish? Why are you looking for a new group at this time? What can we do to help you have the most fun you can possibly have?
  9. @Jatheish - why no response about the 6 hour claim time bug? Enemy flags are all counting as if they have 0 claims, which makes EVERYTHING take 6 hours! Pure madness, and it is really stalling pvp extremely badly! Can we expect this to be fixed soon??
  10. Behold our recently sunk (rip level 30 brig) flagship, the Ghostbuster! Will repost this later if a sticky post for the week #2 art showcase comes up, didn't see one there yet! She was a beauty! We're planning to rebuild her later today
  11. Thanks for your help! I know its not high priority, in fact I'm perfectly happy its not, just wanted to make sure this got fixed!
  12. Hey, I created my company and accidentally setup the company as open, I want to edit this to closed, but there is no way to do it? Please make this change!
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