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    Abandoned Ship

    Yep, they shouldn't reset. I think it's the same as when claiming an island, and some bob just wanders in, only to stop your claim. I stopped playing PVE once I did all the content by myself. To maintain healthy population of this game, I think both game modes need to viable. I was trying to say that the devs only seem focused on placating the single player / pve crowd, and will only put effort into the PVP mode. That would require playing the game, and the devs probably don't have time for it.
  2. eeeceee

    Abandoned Ship

    Play pvp, or deal with it. PVE is not designed to be played in the way that you would like it to be. From my experience it appears that PVE is just PVP minus the PVP. The only way to remove a ship is to blow it up, which is PVP. Have you tried PVP? I played PVE and had ships stay for weeks or whatever the timer is, and I also had ships stay for months. It's the same as your own ships disappearing, spaghetti code is the reason for this I am guessing. This happened a short time before the wipe, so there was very low chance of someone happening to bother to jump on a ship everyday, when server counts are 1 or 2 at best. The cow was accessed, does that mean it was claimed? edit: I think I would like to know how many people thought this thread was going to involve this website and the 'roadmap'. Anyone else find it funny that the plan is called a roadmap, for a game about sailing, where a major complaint is that your stuck on the land raising cows and bears, fighting to take over island fortresses that have been made by farming the land, and we can't even build roads to advance our farming?
  3. Those bp drop changes were a change from having thatch doors etc? I think everybody was asking for that to be fixed as soon as the game was available. Now you gotta go dive for sunken treasure, then go through the maze that is simple to solve as there is only 4 types of mazes. Instead of fixing maps which are also simple, they just nerfed maps.
  4. eeeceee

    Base Defenses VS Bees

    Are you near any lawless islands?
  5. eeeceee

    Help needed figuring out base stats

    Just breed the babies. You will eventually get all the stats, then write the stats down.
  6. eeeceee

    So much for the road map.

  7. eeeceee

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Automated shipping where your ship would steer on the borders of regions to avoid obstacles would be great. The server cpu might not like that, but maybe the devs can do it. How good is this engine? Have you played ark? That is what people said about ark for years, but I don't think that would be fair to say now. I do think more people helping would be nice though.
  8. There was a time when there was too many sotd, and it required a patch.
  9. eeeceee

    Patch v404.7

    Sorry, I was just reading reddit and posts here, which put me in a bad mood. Silly things about people losing their animals and the missing patch notes/stealth updates. My comment was knee-jerk response to the shutting the game down thing. I have 4k hours according to steam, and i know these guys can code. I have more hours in ark also. P.S. if any dev or community rep is reading, I think the lack of interaction on these forums may have contributed to the comment. It doesnt take too much to try to connect with your player base, surely? As boomer said in some post yesterday iirc, there was promises of communication here
  10. eeeceee

    Patch v404.7

    Nah, just learning how to code
  11. eeeceee

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Cool story bro
  12. eeeceee

    patch note for 404.6?

    What patch?
  13. eeeceee

    Help needed figuring out base stats

    lol is that before imprinting?
  14. There was a stealth update that was the "big patch" to travel along the 'roadmap'. Phase 2 here we come!!!
  15. eeeceee

    Whats that X Shaped Sail Called?

    Crisis averted. Nobody wants you to miss out on cosmetics!
  16. eeeceee

    Help needed figuring out base stats

    Poor neglected baby bear. Do you know where baby bears come from? Not the specifics of the birds and the bees, but did you not think to check what are the stats of the parents? There was a tool for ark that claimed to be able to find the stats, but you should actually just play the game instead of looking them up.
  17. eeeceee

    Maps difficulty been increased

    I think they are learning to code, and it's really difficult to code, you know?
  18. eeeceee

    patch note for 404.6?

    Not those people who just use other peoples stuff pretending they are a streamer?
  19. eeeceee

    Patch v404.7

    haha, really? I don't think any of them played atlas at all. Treasure maps have always been lame.
  20. eeeceee

    lame game mechaniks.

    In ark it was much worse. I think it's lame, but it's necessary to combat lame-ness.
  21. eeeceee


    If you don't move that fiber wood and metal you are kicked. Or you go get some fiber wood and metal soon, along with some bps, if you gimme dat residue (9 hair?? wtf)
  22. Yes, people say things, but thats not proving a point about player numbers. I think I saw a post about the devs thinking about reducing the number of regions due to the number of players, as Atlas was designed with more than 6k players in mind. I think Enki was talking about the potential amount of players for the game. Not talking about what other game devs besides atlas are doing.
  23. Who cares if other game developers besides atlas are developing games? Derp