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  1. Been dreaming of this for many years. Missing my high defense Huntress using Vorgrim light armor.
  2. Been 3 months or so. NA PvP. Most people I know considering to come back saw this change and said F it. Game is dead to us now.
  3. I thought Jared was in prison.
  4. I was thinking about coming back until I saw it cost gold for ships. F that noise.
  5. That's a new one to me. I'd file a ticket with loc and time. Devs would need to check the logs to see what happened.
  6. We've had birds sink ships before....but lasts longer than 2.5 seconds. That short of a sink time sounds like a bug to me. Was this right after a zone change? Also the invisible rock theory is probably the best bet. I would record the location this happened at and send a ticket in with loc info. Devs can look at that area and possible fix it. Maybe also get lucky and get your gold back for the ship.
  7. The actual work being done in Star Citizen is light years ahead of Atlas in terms of technology. I am kinda hoping that CIG can perfect some of its server technologies and license it out to other companies. Imagine Atlas with no server walls and smoother transitions into overbuilt areas. Not saying it will be used here, but other companies serious about developing games can potentially use it for cool stuff down the road.
  8. We had that happen season 2. Reported it to Jat multiple times. He joined our company once, looked at it and said it would be looked at by a dev. Never fixed. Was that way all season. Was not a big deal, in terms of the loss, but still annoying to see on the map the entire season.
  9. Boats do not get removed from company without user intervention. Possible this is a bug unknown to me, but odds are someone removed it from the company.
  10. I run dual and have 16gb of ram and a 1080ti which has 11gb of VRAM. I rarely crash crossing grids. Rare time it does happen I am using the map or opening an inventory or something. They've had issues in the past with the onscreen map when using the sextant buff. Haven't used that since season 1 as it caused a lot of performance issues and crashed.
  11. That makes no sense at all to me. That's like complaining you took a raft to do the Kraken and lost. You then decided to build a sloop with a single cannon and still lost and complain you do not get a reward for it. Logic does not compute.
  12. Its a combo of render range and sometimes they spawn a bit close for comfort. I was hoping with optimization the render range could be increased while at sea so we can see ships further out.
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