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  1. Haha a neighbor of mine has a bunch of freshly cut firewood in his driveway. I drove by and immediately debated in my head if it was wetwood or strongwood.
  2. DocHolliday

    Atlas and steam charts

    EA and the stage of development for the game are two different things. I knew this was an alpha going in by reading some comments on it and still jumped in because it sounded like a fun game to test and help shape.
  3. DocHolliday

    New update

    Wish I could help. I have not seen or heard anyone have this issue. Submit a support ticket so they can take a look at the issue and not only fix your issue but fix the code that causes it.
  4. DocHolliday

    Best PvP Brig design

    Yup pretty much what Mike L said. All depends on what you want to do. I've not seen one size fits all brig. I drive a balanced brig setup which is as close as you can get to one size fits all, but there are things I still cannot do. More resist than damage, but it can put out the hurt. I keep the weight low so it can catch heavy ships and keep distance with lighter ones. Only super light ships or ships with high end handling sails can catch me. If those kinds of ships can sink me I don't engage them to begin with. Know your ship. Know their ship by spy glassing its planks, sails, and cannons if possible as soon as possible so you can size the situation up. Know where your help is and their help if there is any. Know where the nearest freeport or friendly harbour if you need to make a run for it. Also look for ballistas as those ships tend to run light and have high resist to chase someone down and handle the pounding that accompanies it when you harpoon them. Typically these are on Galleons and some brigs.
  5. DocHolliday

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    I'd like to see it similar to Shadowbane. Kill anyone, anytime, anywhere. Buildings and boats green anchored in a friendly harbor however cannot be damaged. Sure people can come to your island and grief players and tames, but those players can simply go inside and wait for them to leave or do whatever they want. Personally I'd get the handcuffs ready. Want to actually damage buildings or sink ships in the harbor? Wardec......hmmm maybe have 2 levels of war decs. One makes structures and ships vulnerable. The other allows that and allows you to take the island. Make that one cost a lot lot more gold so its used sparingly. Also I think 24 hours is ridiculous for a war dec. There needs to be a game mechanic that allows it to be destroyed like a Banestone in Shadowbane. The fight might last 15 minutes......it might last hours and hours. The war dec needs to be a physical structure thats placed on the island to declare war. Defending company picks the start time. When the war starts everything is vulnerable including the war dec structure. It needs to be hardened and take very little mortar damage to avoid easy spammage. Force damage to be cannon/ grenade/melee. Heck maybe even a special melee weapon like a sledge hammer that gets a huge bonus when used on the war dec structure. I dunno, just tossing random shit out that might give people some ideas. I loved how it was handled in Shadowbane. We discussed what time we wanted to start it. It was almost like a ladder match in some of the old FPS's I used to play. Everyone got ready for the start of the Bane and when the clock started it was game on. The attacking team had to be there ready to go or we would destroy the banestone right away thus ending the fight. Many fights were back and forth battles where the banestone took some damage then we got pushed off it and had to regroup to make a new push. Even after the banestone was destroyed sometimes people just kept fighting because it was fun....sure the base could not be damaged or destroyed anymore, but everyone was there and all dressed up so might as well dance.
  6. DocHolliday

    Fog of War OPTION PLEASE!!

    This was originally turned off for performance reasons if I remember correctly. I've suggested before they allow us to toggle this option. Don't need it often, but when it comes to finding new Discovery Points it is quite handy. I agree 100% with the Op. Also the suggestion made for a blank map that draws itself when out and about is a very intriguing one. I like it a lot and it would add a bit more personality to the game.
  7. DocHolliday

    ping 255

    Yeah I was seeing it a lot in places I was not expecting. Zone had 5 people....only 1 claimed island and not much built on it. No war, maybe a couple of ships. Kept hitting 255 so I started looking at my WAN connection and it was golden. No issues found locally or enroute to the Atlas game servers.
  8. Yeah we noticed that as well. Jat forgot to mention it in the update. I wish they had a consistent on/off for the 2x events instead of the seemingly random times.
  9. DocHolliday

    steam single player crash

    I am having trouble understanding what you are saying. Are you saying steam is crashing or the game?
  10. DocHolliday

    Oh Atlas, my dear joy, where have you gone

    I have an idea. Lets make 50 more threads about numbers. That is sure to make the game better and bring people back.
  11. DocHolliday

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    You simply missed a plank. People do this all the time. 28 on a schooner, 40 on a brig and I forget how many on a galleon. I refuse to build/own one due to the upkeep. Point is they are easily missed. Them: "I repaired all the planks and checked them twice" Me: "I just found one at 1800hp." Them: "Oops" Like I said it happens all the time. Some people are worse than others. I've Watched people checking planks and skip over one. Maybe something is in the way and its hard to get a proper angle on it, maybe they got distracted. All I know is I've seen people miss them and lose ships and blame the game then catch the same damn person missing planks on my boats. Humans. If it can be fucked up we can fuck it up. Getting most people to admit that their mistake cost them a ship.....yeah good luck with that one.
  12. DocHolliday

    What is non-dedicated multiplayer mode?

    Its not available yet. Once its available we can take a look at it.
  13. DocHolliday

    Normally I'd say 10 Sotd were too much..

    Lately it seems like people are ignoring the green fleets by me unless we need a lot of NPC's in short order. Green fleets are a waste of cannonballs. Dunno how the spawns are handled. Might be building up or multiples in the same area.
  14. DocHolliday

    Why aren't Leaks on the Log?

    I am in a large company and we have not seen this. We have seen abandoned ships sink due to decay and I once sprung a leak after getting home and anchoring. When I noticed the leak I checked the plank and it was at 1499. Planks start leaking at this point. It was easily explainable by me not repairing my planks after an engagement because I was out of repair mats and ran home to restock on supplies. If I logged off the ship would have sank. If nobody rendered it for the next 3 days the next time someone rendered it they would have seen it sink at that time even though it sank and was in the logs 3 days prior. Not an ideal way to handle it, but this is how the game works.
  15. DocHolliday

    Saving ships?

    That could work. I doubt it would need all that much bandwidth/IO/compute and even then if it takes 5-10 seconds to access the db, transfer it to the active grid and send that data to the client it could work.