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  1. DocHolliday

    Galleon stats?

    Its a fine balance thats is for sure. I never built one, just know from people who have. Handling sails can be quite effective if used right. I've seen 5 brigs engage a Galleon that was heavy on handling sails (masterwork) and he was able to maintain speed while driving into the wind at angles the brigs with speed sails could not. Straight line down wind the brigs were a little faster. Turn into the wind and the Galleon would have won that fight if the brigs (I was one of them) did not break off pursuit once we ran low on mats and cannonballs. The Galleon dominated the wind. We were the pursuers, but since he used the wind to his advantage we were constantly tacking back and forth, breaking formation and allowing him to single ships out. He almost sunk our schooner once and a brig another time. Luckily the ships were well stocked and we did not allow the galleon to move in for the kill shot. That fight lasted almost an hour and I think we planked him 5-6 times at most. EDIT: Change that to 3 brigs and a schooner as I think about that fight a little more.
  2. DocHolliday

    How to fix islands and land claims

    Most people want the entire pie and don't want people next to them they do not know or trust. Trusting someone right off the bat is a dangerous exercise that has been rewarded and spelled doom for people in the past. Its a lesson learned the hard way.
  3. DocHolliday

    L6 Onocastle

    The islands I used to frequent are all the same.....just have one more per zone.
  4. DocHolliday


    Who is we? That include the server admin? If so that person needs to submit a support request.
  5. DocHolliday

    Map Toggle for Pets will help with Lost Pets

    I like the idea, but a little leery. You ever get a bad feeling about something and cannot explain it? This is one of those times for me. I feel like this could be abused for nefarious reasons, but not sure what. Maybe some more experienced players in regards to games like this (re:Ark) can chime in on how this could be a bad idea. If there are no good arguments against it then I agree 100%!
  6. DocHolliday

    About Submarine Quest. Vote !

    Pretty much what he said. Every damn MMO I have ever played had content out of reach for solo players. If you want to experience it you'll have to participate with others.
  7. DocHolliday

    offline protection

    Yeah lot of unanswered questions there. I have not seen any of this happen yet. Need more details because ORP has worked in my grid for my company and allies. We've had people think it did not work. This was not the case. It was due to bugs, people placing shipyard incorrectly, killing sleepers for shits and grins, etc.
  8. DocHolliday

    How to fix islands and land claims

    Not that simple. Most companies will kill Bob's off and unclaim their territory. Many Bob's will be forced to group up on crappy islands nobody wants. The carnage and mayhem of all these solos in close proximity would make for good reality TV. More I think about it the more I like it. This game needs CCTV cameras, NVR's and big screen TV's added! Oh and lazy boy chairs and microwave popcorn.
  9. DocHolliday

    About Submarine Quest. Vote !

    Why should a solo get everything a company that works hard together gets? Tranditionally people who work together accomplish more. Want a proof? Look at a map of planet Earth. I don't see any countries with a population of 1.
  10. DocHolliday

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    When 1.5 was released they released the following. Notice how NA PvE is not in the list. EU PvE EU PvP colonies NA PvP colonies NA PvP Empires Empires has proven to not be popular among the players. This was pretty much known going in, but they wanted to prove it in live testing. This was done. Its server populations are really low. Empires is now going away and they are bringing back NA PvE to replace it. You will also notice that there were two PvP colonies servers when 1.5 launched. Most megas joined these colonies servers as it contained the ruleset they wanted. The new ruleset still provides protections for smaller companies and solos, but if you expect to ever have solos owning their own islands you are in for a rude awakening.
  11. DocHolliday


    Same issue for all users on that server or just you? This isolates the issue to your client or the server. If its your client some data is cached and not updating to show the new options. I don't know dick about this client and where it stores data so reinstall and leftover folder deletion is easiest fix I know of. If its the server they need to enable it or contact GS support and file a bug report.
  12. DocHolliday

    Tonight 7pm est but how long till its up

    I'd watch the Captain's logs and Twitter. Jat and Dollie give updates on these things real time. Odds are it will have issues and take a little while, but they did a solid job on the 1.5 release keeping everyone informed.
  13. DocHolliday

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    What Empires server? Its getting wiped and turned into NA PvE today.
  14. DocHolliday

    Another Wipe?

    That and their databases had to be a god damned mess. All the cheaters getting perks and levels they did not deserve. Bugged BP's, gear, permanent buffs, server crashes, database rollbacks, data corruption, etc. All of it was a giant mess and I would not be surprised if the database itself was having issues which negatively affected overall system performance. Sure they fixed issues as time went on, but all the previous crap was still there and cleaning that data without causing any other issues would be a ton of work and odds are it would not end up how everyone would want it to. Quickest and easiest way to clean it up was a wipe. I hope the server performance I am seeing now continues even 2-3 months down the road. People are starting to build larger and larger bases and more boats. So far so good in the zones I frequent, but only time will tell. Performance was not this good when the servers first went live in December. Night and day difference. Go live for 1.5 saw 140 people in our server grid. Lots of fighting going on and it ran flawlessly. Sure ship and structure count was relatively low, but it handled that many connections very well!
  15. DocHolliday

    Bunny ears? Cmon.....

    Me? Never! Ok maybe a litte. I am just happy I got to see the arena in person on L7 before the wipe. Was pretty cool. I even used some resources to build something you left behind to tame a bear and replaced them.