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  1. DocHolliday

    speculations Mega Update 3

    Yeah watch you tell a cat to hunt and it attacks the nearest elephant or gator. Smart AI.
  2. DocHolliday

    The 3 Ship Meta

    +1 to more boats
  3. DocHolliday

    You guys already know what to do

    There is already a timer on repairs and replacements for walls on ships. Can't the same be done for doors on land? I still think they need to do a Shadowbane like war system. Drop a flag(Bane stone in Shadowbane) in the spear or island influence declaring war. This flag structure has a large pool of health and can be placed anywhere inside the claim, but MUST be on water OR accessible via the sea (within cannon range of a ship). Consider this a beachhead. Its where the attackers came ashore to challenge the islands inhabitants. The defenders have the option of setting the start time for this. When the war goes live everything inside the islands claim becomes vulnerable. This includes the flag structure that was dropped for the war. The island remains vulnerable until that flag is destroyed, the attackers claim the island or 24. 48, 72 hours elapse. That's up for debate. 24 hours should be enough in most cases to decide a battle. The attackers obviously have to defend the flag structure and attack the island. Since it will require ships to defend and attack the flag claim this forces more ship on ship combat. Mortars should have reduced damage against this structure and the flag structure should have a very large amount of HP to prevent people from just building 100 mortars and spamming the flag structure down at the start. Design it to encourage cannon fire, barrel bombs, grenades, etc destroying it. Keep it to short range weapons to bring people out to sea.
  4. DocHolliday

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    Kinda part of the topic, but we got some new Large Speed Sail BP's last night and there was no speed modifier listed. I know it has not been working, but they actually removed the non-working stat like the speed modifier on armor. Appears it might be awhile longer to get that fixed. Never is also on the table. I hope they can work it into the next mega update. I believe most people would like to see this back in the game and working.
  5. DocHolliday

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    Haha I like this idea. We shall try it. I will put 1 turd in each one. When we drop it we will act like we are running.....If they stop to pick the crates up I'll turn on them and attack. When they see the turd I think they'll get the picture.
  6. This is interesting to read. We have an abandoned boat in our harbor. It was built the first week servers went live after the wipe. It was left in our harbor and the player has not logged in since. At one point it sat in the same spot for almost 2 months without anyone touching it. This is a allies boats. Two nights ago I joined their company to join in on some map xp and when I came back I moved the boat out of the way. Since that companies leadership said they do not want it I decided to turn it into a tourist attraction. Going to build a pier all the way around it and put signs and billboards up explaining its mysterious history in our harbor.
  7. DocHolliday

    Under Water Rocks

    Yeah same for me. I have a very ugly looking pier now because of it.
  8. DocHolliday

    Torpedo nerfs

    We have a couple of gladiators that could be champions. I look forward to it! We had a couple people who were setting the Cock fighting up go on trips the last coupe of weeks so its kinda slowed down. Hopefully they can get back on track and start this up. Going to do company and ally invites at first. If it works we can open it up.
  9. DocHolliday

    Remove speed penalty from cargo containers

    Considering how much more weight you can place on a ship there has to be a penalty. If I were to put the same amount of weight the container allows me to put on the ship I would sink. If I used less I would be crawling. Put max weight on a boat and compare its speed versus the speed of a full cargo rack. I think its worth it.
  10. DocHolliday

    Ship crew

    If it could attach itself to the ship somehow so all NPC's on that ship are fed and the same for the ammobox. All weapons mounted to that ship pull from an ammo box mounted to the ship that would be great.
  11. DocHolliday

    Torpedo nerfs

    You just have to be difficult don't you? Btw, I thought you would appreciate that we setup a cock fighting ring on one of our islands. Our alliance is currently breeding chickens to fight to the death. Betting on these fights will be mandatory for all participants. Bets at a minimum will include gold, but people can be as creative as they want for these bets. We have a cage and guillotine next to the mini-coliseum for those that do not pay up.
  12. My large company has not had anyone complain about this issue. I suggest putting in a ticket and working the troubleshooting process. Login issues can be related to the client, your OS, third party software, your local network, your wide area network and even beyond once that connection reaches a backbone. Connection issues can be very tricky to diagnose.
  13. DocHolliday

    icebox feedback

    I built one yesterday and was suprised to find ice in it before I logged off. I didn't know it passively created ice. I thought we had to mine and transport it from the cold regions. LOL