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  1. DocHolliday

    Problem with bank! HELP! (SOLVED!)

    Is the first bank still there? Get rid of it.
  2. DocHolliday

    Ships sunk in own port

    Yes unused ships will be removed if unused. I don't recall the exact time. If you want to keep the ships un-anchor them for a minute and re-anchor. Resets timer. I do this once a week and it seems to work.
  3. DocHolliday

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    We've had 5 ships try to make a run at our harbor in the last month. All 5 go bye bye. No damage on our side.
  4. DocHolliday

    UI in centre of screen? sick joke?

    How many other people have complained about this issue? You are the only person I see so far. Makes me think the issue is with the software on your Xbox. What have you tried to do to fix it?
  5. Griefers and cry babies happened.
  6. DocHolliday

    Some simple questions.

    Just to add to that. Bred bears if done right have much much better stats. You can have Bred bears with over 200% melee and 1,000hp, 1,000 weight and 1,000 stam. These Bears start at I believe around 85 or so and level into the 100's. Then you can imprint on them and with 100% imprint they get a stat bonus when the person who imprinted them rides them. Don't remember what that is, but I was told it was good. These things are worth it for PvP. We've gone up against some horses that were damn near impossible to kill (seemed like) and could run for days.
  7. DocHolliday

    Vulture taming

    Hah never saw that happen. One fun thing you can do is tame a bunch and put a tiger/lion in a cage on aggressive and long range. Set the vultures to follow/attack target/short. The will attack anything that comes near it. Can be fun to watch them devour everything in the area. I think they also are good at storing foods for long periods of time. That will need to be confirmed by someone else.
  8. DocHolliday

    animals dead

    v402.6 - Fixed ships capsizing with cargo harnesses equipped to bears/horses - Reworked 'Decreased blackjack chance to knock riders off of horses by 50%' fix as it was causing issues with the bola - Fixed bola not being able to immobilize targets - Reverted 'Weather and temperature conditions no longer drain hunger or thirst meters when refilling stamina' as it was causing food and thirst from draining altogether.
  9. Signs should not stop spawns. Foundations/pillars however will.
  10. DocHolliday

    podium lieutenant podium problems

    Unless that was broken recently the ship has a cooldown so you can't chain the feats. Thought that was fixed going into season 3 or possibly just before wipe. Don't remember when it was updated.
  11. DocHolliday

    Question for the Devs - Map Quality

    Hell I have not even seen a masterwork map this season. At least last season we saw them on a somewhat regular basis.
  12. DocHolliday

    Trench squids

    Its inconsistent. In my alliance we've had people in zones for 24+ hours and never saw a single squid. They were killing everything they saw to get some to spawn. Nothing. Other times they go and its squid heaven.
  13. DocHolliday

    Ghost Character

    Click on support up top and submit a ticket.
  14. DocHolliday

    Tethering please remove

    That was going to be my recommendation. Check out some of the non-official PvE servers. I'm sure you guys could find a good home in one of them and even have the chance to trade/work with other companies in a smaller environment than official.
  15. DocHolliday

    Players claiming they work with dev's

    Low blow man. Low blow. LOL