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  1. DocHolliday

    So we actually found an island on H9

    I die 5 times a day...on average.
  2. DocHolliday

    A boat that decides to become submarine.....

    Tends to happen when a server is lagging.
  3. DocHolliday

    Do all of the islands in a Freeport zone have NPC's.

    You have (2) ways to pay them. You can put gold in their inventory or you can put gold in your Ship Resource chest that should be on your boat. The second option is easiest. If you own an island or anchor at a friendly island with the proper settings the islands Tax Bank will pay for your NPC's. You can also park next to boats in your own company and they will pull gold from their resource chest. Jerk thing to do, but it happens.
  4. DocHolliday

    Do all of the islands in a Freeport zone have NPC's.

    I've been to M7 a hundred times since this game launched and never saw that issue. Not saying its not possible, but they should be there. If you are at the dock where the other islands have NPC's and you see none I would relog and see if they appear. Also is this Official, mod server, single player? If there is a bug causing this knowing these things can help fix it.
  5. DocHolliday

    Treasure Maps

    You do not need a high level bear to do most maps. Random crap 10-20 bear will do the job. I've even used a level 5 that had a max HP roll. If you get a good one 25+ and level it up to 1000 HP and stam it can handle pretty much any map. Just need to be smart with the masterworks and have the heal/damage buffs.
  6. DocHolliday

    Do all of the islands in a Freeport zone have NPC's.

    I would relog. Sounds like a bug or you are not in the right place. All Freeport islands have NPCs.
  7. DocHolliday

    NPC's taking the wheel

    You can have an NPC sail for you if you are on the ship. Hold T for pinwheel of options. If you jump off sails are raised and it stops as mentioned before.
  8. DocHolliday

    Leveling has become painfully slow

    Treasure maps and Power Stone cave camping seem to be the quickest ways to level up. Also 14 cannons on a schooner? My god that's too many. Speed dictates fights. When you are heavy like that you are a sitting duck and easily sunk.
  9. DocHolliday

    Just curious. Do you keep all the blueprints you find?

    75+ in a single drop? Yeah that definitely sounds like a bug. Most I ever found was around 8-10. I tend to keep all commons because any stat bump on them is worth it versus building without a BP. As to the rest I sort them and toss the crap rolls not worth spending the rare materials on. When I say rare I refer to any material not native to your home grid.
  10. DocHolliday

    Baby's???? And resource description???

    1 Right stick 8 Start button 2 Directional pad (D-pad) 9 Right trigger 3 Left stick 10 Right bumper 4 Back button A A button (green button) 5 Left bumper B B button (red button) 6 Left trigger X X button (blue button) 7 Guide button Y Y button (yellow button) My Guess is to look at the rock and hold the back button. #4 according to Xbox support page.
  11. DocHolliday

    Taming Tip

    My tips: 1. Put fortitude at 30 to help with environment 2. Do not use tame pens. They make it easier to hurt and bola your tame, but the structures tend to get in the way of feeding. 3. Use a bear to hurt the potential tame and then bola in the open. PUT BEAR ON PASSIVE. If you do not you'll learn quickly why you should. RIP lvl 30 elephant 2 days ago because my dumbass forgot. 4. Best to bola tames so legs are facing downhill if on a uneven surface. Takes some practice. 5. Always feed from belly side of animal. Inch up to tame and stop right on border of feed range. If done correctly the tame will never hit you. 6. Use grown foods whenever able as it lessens the time needed. It is usually around twice the tame percentage as wild grown. 7. If its your first tame for a given creature then low levels are fine. They tame quickly and can be used for farming. Once you are established you can get pickier about what you tame.
  12. DocHolliday

    My ship is now stuck in between region

    File a support ticket in the support section. We've had that happen before and it was never fixed. Galleon lost to the void.
  13. I hate it and would like to see vitamins removed. This is a survival game after all........I guess. The survival aspect of the game is not needed IMO especially in PvP. Survival for me is not taking a lead shot to the head.
  14. DocHolliday

    New Player best starting Strategies ?

    I play with a larger PvP company, but the first thing we do is build a ramshackle and sail to the island we intend on claiming. We grab gold along the way from shipwrecks to claim the island. We then build a small base of operations and tame bears. Bears are very handy to have as they offer a lot of utility. They collect skins, fiber, berries/veggies, protection from other players and mobs. Once that's all going we slap down shipyards to build schooners, brigs and a galleon. Build a variety of ships so we can run maps, Power Stone islands, Ships of the Damned and island defense. Next up is the main base. Since we are PvP we have to build a somewhat large and hard to attack main base. On top of pillars and/mountains is ideal. If you have the people then having someone working on harbor defenses at this time is helpful as well to project your ships....if you play PvP that is. If your company is smaller many larger companies/alliances have islands available for small companies and solos. We make gold/resources off of the taxes and these small companies get protection from the alliance in return. Rules tend to be simple. Don't start shit with your neighbors and the local alliance. Feel free to attack the alliance enemies. If the alliance is attacked feel free to assist in anyway you see fit. It is always appreciated and in the past we have brought small companies onboard that showed they can be trusted and put the work in to help out.
  15. You need different types of fiber, thatch, wood and metal to build high end armor, weapons and ships. This aspect in my opinion is very much needed and fun to have as it requires people to venture out to gather these resources whether they farm it themselves or trade for it. Ingots can be a pain especially when it comes to Silver and a few other metal types. I have NEVER found an island with silver and gems on it. Iron and Copper seem to be the easy ones as the other resource needed to make ingots is always on the same island in my experience. I am torn on this one. I can see reasons for keeping it the same and making it easier. Vitamins......most people hate it. I am one of them. Level up your fortitude and when your vitamins are out of whack find the nearest turd and eat it. Respawn with freshly level vitamins. Rarely deal with it anymore as I kill myself regularly.