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    Any chance you will fix the broken code? No? Color me surprised.

    When tames start lagging behind the ship walk to where it was and punch. It forces an update and the tame reappears. Its a synch issue between the client and server. I do this regularly and have never once lost a tame at sea. I've had a few attack sharks because I forgot to put them on passive, but thats on me and I whistled them back to the boat or hopped on them and rode them back.
  2. DocHolliday

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    If this thread doesn't highlight mental illness I don't know what will.
  3. DocHolliday

    Question about cannons as anti raid defence

    Cannons do solid damage to players, but the shots are slow and easily dodged. Not worth the ammo. The best is when an enemy leaves theirs on target all and you can use their cannons to shoot at you and hit their own ships or structures. If you want to know how much damage do single player. Spawn an NPC and put it on a cannon set to target all and drop company. Go stand in front of it and see what happens.
  4. DocHolliday

    Ships being destroyed by sandbars

    I've never had a ship sank by a sandbar. I watch the map and the water depth very closely. On the rare occasion I do hit one and take damage I immediately drop anchor. If damage is bad enough I repair it. If waves are high I wait for calmer waters before raising my anchor. Raising an anchor in shallow waters with high winds is asking to be sunk.
  5. If you have an issue that needs to be troubleshot you need to put a ticket in. If you expect the devs to read every single damn thread in every forum you are in for a rude awakening. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/
  6. DocHolliday

    Are character save files saved locally or server side?

    I am pretty sure if you manually join the same server you were already on you rejoin the game like nothing happened. My guess on setup: Server has master database of characters. Client has cached copy for easy rejoin option. Reinstall OS or game of course local cache is gone so client does not have rejoin option. Devs need to have the client synch these files when the client authenticates. Should reduce these weird ass issues. I don't like the intro screen for this game much. It could use an overhaul to be a bit more intuitive.
  7. DocHolliday

    My character is lost

    Yeah never create a new character. In the past we had people crash and the easiest fix was to have someone shoot the sleeping character in game. After that they were able to log in. It did not happen often, but enough we knew the work around. Its been reported, but hard to replicate so hard to fix.
  8. DocHolliday

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Is this game crashing everyone else's computer in that game mode? If it is we can specifically blame the game. If its not then that means there are certain variables causing the PC to crash. Need to find out what that is. Laying the responsibility at the devs feet without providing any info won't do anything to resolve the issue. If your intention was not to fix the issue and just rant then carry on. If its not then you are going about this the wrong way.
  9. DocHolliday

    My character is lost

    Are your alts in the company? Have them check to see if your main still shows as part of the company. Do you know where you logged off? Have your alt kill your main. Seen weird issues resolved doing that. Also doing a manual join to the same server you are currently on can help.
  10. DocHolliday

    After 2 Days

    I've never played this kind of game before and it took some time. I didn't even leave the Freeport until I was about a week in after launch. I was having fun figuring out how to farm, level, skill up and build a raft with a bed, smithy and storage. I remember how amazed I was at how quickly I could farm fiber using a scythe. I sailed out with my brother on a raft after a week and we were flagged down by a company and started talking to them. We joined that day and the rest is history.
  11. DocHolliday

    Trapped bear

    File a support ticket. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/
  12. DocHolliday

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    Haha this is true.
  13. DocHolliday

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    But I want to play in live official servers, by myself.
  14. DocHolliday

    Single Player Game Error

    D3D device lost. Check your Event viewer for Video card drivers crashing or related events. Start > PC > Right click manage > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System The logs should be in chronological order. Easiest thing to do is recreate the errors then immediately check the logs. If the driver is crashing it can be a range of causes. Game might need a reinstall. DX screwed up. Drivers or game profiles corrupt. Failing GPU, PSU issue. Start at the simple software related issues first.
  15. DocHolliday

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    Lets create servers for everybody so we all have our own server. No issues then.
  16. DocHolliday

    Power Stone help please

    Also you do not have to kill the Hyrda. Just need to be in range when its killed. We have teamed up with other companies to kill it and the dragon since we all showed up at the same time. Might as well work together and everyone gets a key. Hint: Keys can be used at any Powerstone Island. The keys have a 2 hour decay timer so as long as you can get to a PS in another zone they key can be used. I've used this solo on Dragon islands since Dragons are more difficult to solo. It can be done with a properly setup ship, but just easier to grab extra keys at a Hydra island.
  17. DocHolliday

    Forced to make new company each log in

    Never heard of that issue.
  18. DocHolliday

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    I think there is a miscommunication here. When are you seeing these names? Joins to the server? Above players heads? Are you not seeing their actual player names? Is this on server joins only? Do you see player names above players? A screen shot of what you are talking about would be handy. If you are trying to build a case for Xbox only servers just drop it. Not happening. They already dropped the ball big time by splitting the player base up into hundreds of servers.
  19. DocHolliday

    Treasure Maps

    He stopped playing the game a long time ago. He now spends his time sh!tting all over the game. Mental health is a concern with this one because no rational sane person does what he does.
  20. DocHolliday

    A$$hole crew

    Just remember that there are two sets of settings here. NPC behavior Mountable weapon behavior NPC's inherit the behavior of the weapon they mount. This allows for more control and can come in handy. Cannons should be set to "Ships Only". Most good captains don't use the auto-aim/fire. They manually aim and fire the cannons for the most effective damage whether its aiming for a specific part of a players ship or shooting SoTD at max range (NPC's won't fire at max range no matter the settings).
  21. I have to ask permission to pirate? F that.
  22. DocHolliday

    Please give us placeable roads.

    I wish they would make the large walls snap to foundations or ceiling tiles. My OCD gets to me when I am placing them. As to the suggestion for limiting resource strain on the server/client that would probably work. Might not be as pretty as a road following the contours of the land, but would get the job done.
  23. DocHolliday

    bug Bug on N7

    Please submit a bug report in the bug report section. This might not be seen and fixed since its in the general forums for random conversations.
  24. DocHolliday

    taming Taming Elephant

    Always approach the tame from the leg side. Pretty universal approach for most tames. Inch in very carefully. If this still does not work you either have the wrong food in the hotbar (has to be in slot 0) or its bugged. If everyone having this issue has the right food and its in the hotbar properly.......does Xbox have a hotbar with 1 though 0? Just realized that could be completely different for Xbox players. Anyway it needs to have the right food in the right hotbar. As I said its "0" for PC players. If you approach them from the back side and try to feed from the top/back area of the head many tames including elephants do not work.
  25. DocHolliday

    Funny story

    The beautiful part of being in a midsize or large company in a like minded alliance is PvP happens when you are online almost every single night. Offline raiding does not exist to us since we have the entire counter covered. Sure we have remote farm bases broken into with nobody around, but we build and use them in a way that it does not really matter. I can rebuild it in minutes and if needed we can grab new tames. The mats we get from these posts far outweighs any loss we feel when its broken into.