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  1. Tired of officials? Come join us! One of the biggest PvE (plus some PvP elements) servers with even our own mods!!
  2. Yep, its not my server tho. DM me for more info.
  3. ROFL!!! Stop playing on officials people!! Best thing I ever done after hoping/believing all gets fixed on those CRAPSERVERS called official, is stepping over to unofficial servers. Way better communities, way nicer serverowners, next level modding, better rates ( XP, harvesting, breeding, etc) AND you know what? Tikcets gets resolved within 24 hours!! LEAVE OFFICIALS AND BE WISE!!
  4. So, about 20 mins ago I logged in on our very well maintained unoffi server. What A Mess Really Grapeshot. REALLY??!?? Since day 1, S1 me and loads of players (wich most of them allready quit due to this BAD decision making) are battling the seas and armies/SOTDs. And we doing it with fun. WE ALSO KEEP ON BATTLING AGAINST BUGS/GRAPESHOT/NUMEROUS NEWLY INSTALLED DEVTEAMS AND SO ON! Why? Why is it so hard for you guys to MAKE UP YOUR MIND and set sail into JUST 1 DIRECTION??? Even unofficials are unplayable, just as singleplayer. Hell, even this forum takes minutes to load. It's hilarious, ashaming and pathetic how you screw around with your playerbase. **Misc:** - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when grabbing the Yeti with a crab made the Yeti lose collision - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in which certain weapons could be fired through meshes - Bug Fix: Fixed issues with buffs lingering on unintentional weapon types - Bug Fix: Fixed issues which didn't allow wild seeds to be gathered from vegetables - Bug Fix: Fixed instances in which Yetis couldn't harvest certain resources - Bug Fix: Fixed instances in which certain items could be crafted without the proper cost - Bug Fix: Claim tower decay is now enabled in PvE - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with platform saddles clipping through structures - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where creatures with platform saddles could be on top of other platform saddles - Bug Fix: Performance issue related to spyglass and tradewinds - Bug Fix: Fixed some instances of ship building exploits - Bug Fix: Fixed ammo stacks not dropped properly when dropped from munitions box - Peace phase has been removed from Sea Fort Islands -->> Added bug NO MAPS -->>Added bug TOOLS gone byebye -->>TICKETS STILL DONT GET SOLVED! -->>NOT A SINGLE OLD BUG HAS BEEN FIXED!!
  5. You guys, how come I dont see lasers?
  6. Imagine; (And this was my first 24 hours on the server I play right now) -You spawn on a freeport, with 10x harvest -1 Hour later you allready got some decent levels. With the perks (starterskit for instance) you set sail -Without lagging you cross the border and find some flotsams, you're like; "Hm, some legendary bps, 400 gold. Hell I even picked up some mythos" -You find yourself an island, take the gold and claim it. No more restrictions... -Then you see the mods and start exploring the game -You build a brig, no not with gold but also slightly modded, and do some flotsams again. Even go out and attack some SOTD -Then you like: " WUUUUUUTTT?!? I got myself a premade large yard with 316%" -You tell in globalchat what you found when all of a sudden someone says:" You tried the kit you get with 10K of all mats allready?" -You rush back to your island, time for some real fun 2 Days later, you can only think of 1 thing. Why did I kept playing on officials?
  7. Join us on unofficial then. You might actually like it mate.
  8. Christmas 2023. To be honest, I didnt expect anything less then this. I'd more surprised if they actually rolled it out as planned. That should set a record for being the first patch ever on time. I bet on Christmas 2023.
  9. "Thank you for your patience and we can wait to sail the Trade Winds with you soon!" How much longer and for what you guys wait?
  10. How about those updates concerning private servers Grapeshot? Or anymore info, it's getting boring all these dead promisses.
  11. Yes, I totally agree here. We probably get the message it's being delayed and how sorry they are. And you're correct, it will be, as always, on non EU times. One of the reasons officials are a nogo for me. Sidenote; GS/WC/Snail will not give 1 single poo about this, you shouldnt either mate. Leave officials and never come back. Let them be egocentric, that's what this current world has become. I'm having a blast on unofficials. Good communities, great serverowners and no, I REPEAT, no bullpoo each and every day.
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