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  1. Cpt.Yarrr

    Safe havens and companies.

    There's something missing between the game and this forum. If that's found back, all come good.
  2. Cpt.Yarrr

    Safe havens and companies.

    - Settlement owners can no longer raze claims on PvE. Thanks for participating everyone, it's no longer needed.
  3. Cpt.Yarrr

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    Lol, seen them around snow mountains. More then I want to be honest.
  4. Cpt.Yarrr

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    AoD should be able to get aggrod onto the player who awakens them AND go thru walls or gates. I seen loads of houses/bases put onto them. Altho they can emerge from dirt, they can't go thru thatch walls?
  5. Cpt.Yarrr

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    Nah, PvE with PvP zones. My 10 cents.
  6. Cpt.Yarrr

    Ship name change

    A ship can be given a name one time only. Once it's named, it can't be renamed (yet).
  7. Cpt.Yarrr

    Safe havens and companies.

    If someone stumbles into an island wich is not safe, but noted in this thread as safe, I will update it.
  8. Cpt.Yarrr

    Safe havens and companies.

    Let's hope we can make the PvE side at least a bit more safe for people to build on.
  9. Cpt.Yarrr

    Safe havens and companies.

    Let me kick off; Dutch Grass Company EU PvE F9 Upper Lions E2 Noviomagus Batavorum We will NOT destroy any property UNLESS we're being provoked. Please do not build on resources and do not forget; Puff Puff Pass and chill!
  10. Cpt.Yarrr

    Safe havens and companies.

    Since the new "I'm gonna destroy all your things which you been saving up for the last 6 months button" is being in effect, this thread is for those companies wich are safe and will NOT be destroying bases/other properties. State your company and island(s)/grids here so all other players/companies know you're island is safe. Abuse will result in listing the opposite offcourse, let's keep in mind this is PvE.
  11. Spot on. It will also be the reason for the next wipe to put PvE and PvP together. I hope they have the decency to let us keep characters. To be honest, I hardly doubt that the PvE community will be heard. On the other hand, it is ea. Thats the main thing they will throw at us. Like the skin.
  12. I'll raise you with the following; -PvE will never make it out of EA state, better yet, expect a full wipe AND a merger with PvP (zones) in the future. -All things PvE players want/wish/ask for is NOT going to happen, unless it is needed on PvP. -ARK logic allover. And get used to this, because PvE is like a little, nagging child for the team.
  13. Yes!! Finally something we need devs! Waiting for this to happen since launchday. Really appreciate all fixed bugs and hard work you guys put into the game, now it's time to implement this FANTASTIC new feat. Sigh...