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  1. CoC incoming I guess. After the next wipe ofc.
  2. How about letting the new team fix old bugs first?
  3. Erm, no it's not. Pressing E and "demolish" isn't working. Someone blocked my base by slamming a wooden floor in the middle of it. It timed out after 10 hours. Can someone fix this feat? It's only been here for, ohw let's say, the beginning of the game? Or do I put in a ticket?
  4. Ye, sorry bout that. I know you where defending the game and team since the beginning, but some of us told you upfront, this is ARKlogic most of the time. Let's hope for the best this time. That's all we can, asking and begging befor it failes big time.
  5. Anyone seen this lovely bug still in affect?
  6. I don't want to sink your ship filled with questions yet matey, but do realize this game is going to start allover again. Knowing the fact you want devs to answer those burning powderboxes, I still want to ask you to get your hopes a bit tempered. In general you ask the new team to give you a sort of certain promise to keep them to their answers, I don't think thats going to happen. However, it would be nice to get some more details on some of your questions to be enlightened. I have some questions to add tho; I'm a day 1 player (only PvE), but after the last wipe I just gave up returning again. The buildingbug wich keeps on haunting this game since day 1, will this be fixed? Or at least adressed/changed to ARK build ways to prevent structures from collapsing into thin air? Taming wild animals, like giraffes and elephants, will this have a more "natural" process? And sorry to say this, but knocking them out ( or trapping, then knocking them out and keep them KO like in ARK) can be made way more difficult (thus more prepwork). Keeping them safe during longer tamingtimes is a sport of it's own Is it possible to make PvE more pointed out to the E from enviroment? Maybe some quests involving taming/breeding or building base/ships? Can there be an specified option for soloplayers? They get some perks only useable for soloplay wich will be destroyed/opted out when they decide to team up. Will there be a BETA for PvE this time prior to the launch? Thats it for my part, I hope you get some answers. Oh, almost forgot, Captains Hat skin. We ever gonna see that one?
  7. Well. If this one's not being tackled after this new wipe, or changed to basebuilding like on ARK (wich I was suprised of it wasn't implemented like that after the second wipe), it has no use in trying it again. I was really hoping to see some improvementnotes when the 4th wipe was announced.
  8. @ Devteam in general/commanagers; The so much hated buildbug (dissapearing structures), will it be fixed after this wipe?
  9. And still no fix on buildbug. More then 1 year after release...
  10. Since day 1, not fixed. Can only be done after clean wipe. Missed opportunity for GS.
  11. So, you finally got your Xbox copy. I wonder if you like the game still this much in, let's say, 3 months. Me, pc player since day 1, love this game. Up to the end all alliances quit the game and my members ran away; -buildingbug (still ridiculous, the thread gave alot of players hope, but even devs/co-owners are not having the respect to respond to it anymore. Wipe incoming) -STILL NO new ship (designs) -bonusses on bps not working -tames falling thru foundations etc. And only they moved AFTER destroying loads of those -Captainhat skin for ALL WHO LOVE and helped out to get this game to a... ye, a what? (where the frack is it?) -Promisses no wipe, yet wipes are still incoming This, matey, this should've been fixed by now. After almost 1 year since EA release. And yes, early acces, I know. But come on, this is becoming one big joke. From thousands of players on a daily base, to hundreds weekly. Doesnt that say enuf? I logged in after the wipe, made a very high stone wall. Broke down a ceiling, looked behind me and see the wall broken down. The bottom 10 hight where gone, rest above was still hanging there. "Bugs not fixed, cya after the next wipe" And logged off.
  12. Dont try to understand. Trust me, not worth it. Make a little spot somewhere as "home", make a Galleon and start living on that. Take it from this ol' foolish pirate matey.
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