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  1. No it's not, welcome to the club of 40K+ players.
  2. No way? This game has pirates? Thieves? Robbers and pillagers? *Reinstalls game*
  3. It's been there because it can be spawned in on SP. It was never gonna happen on official, first they need to introduce lasers in my humble opinion.
  4. Since month 2, "Season" 1. ARK took them 5 years to get it straightened out. This game will never be sorted out.
  5. This company isn't that much fun on PvE tho...
  6. Left official about 5 weeks ago, playing some SP till next wipe. Still having some hope the game will be fixed enough to play official PvE. Someday that is. 1 Thing is for sure, this game has plenty of potential. Such a waste seeing much of it being unused.
  7. Same as everyone else, I'm not really having too much faith right now. But still.... building a little base, making ships and arming them, doing testruns with them, sail to freeport for crew. Next to some taming, wich is pretty obsolete now for the farmingpart and treasuremaps/sunken ones, also the caveruns (nekked with pepper up my pegleg) are too much fun not to do. Even playing solo it is doable (PvE here btw). Exploring islands, making friends (some foes along the way) that's what's counting for loads of players. The thing which most of us keep on trying and hoping what eventually , again with loads of hope, happens; Fixed bugs. All those bugs from "Season 1"(Still can't get used to this season thingy), after each wipe still not fixed. Want to build trust among players? Live up to your expectations. This is a pirategame ffs, not a zoo. We want way more action at sea. Bigger battles, more skills in the skilltree so we do not need those bp's anymore. We want to be a trader or an outlaw, blacksmith or perhaps farmer to build our own trade/kill routes. Bp's are getting way too much attention, this should be diverted into skillpoints and more gold to trade. Let us start out as 1 of those and dive into the trade you choose and expand knowledge. Farmhouses should be way more limited as well, 2 or 3 per company/island. Let us start out with a basespot on an island as a soloplayer. When we want to team up, let us buy an island and REALLY manage it. And pretty please, get rid off lawless. Oh, and 1 more thing... Add lasers.Those bugs are getting pretty annoying.
  8. Nah, ARKlogic hasnt reached the far, green mass yet.
  9. Ye, he was trolling around for a year or so. Eventually he got a copy I believe, never heard of him since.
  10. I lost Confidence.
  11. "Snail Games USA is a forward thinking videogame developer and publisher, devoted to researching upcoming technologies and establishing new publishing and game development partnerships for the Western Market." This is how they advertise nowadays. Big joke LMAO
  12. Lol, I had to take a good look at first. But ye, lets bump this thread. Wipe servers. Fix game. Add lasers. Restart servers so we can shoot all bugs. We all know the SOTD bug is here to sound in the end of PvE. Why we know? Cause it's not being fixed. No communications, except for hollow sentences in a "Q&A". Here's a better idea. Let some of the money wich was used for developing a new ARK chapter, flow back into ATLAS. Take those devs as well. OR Pull the plug and admit this was a cashcow.
  13. Yup. Altho I must say, the first real one in ATLAS was not to get hit by an alpha.
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