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  1. Genesis 2 (ARK) needs to be perfect, gonna need 1 year of finetuning. Then the holidays (2021/2022/2023), after those they prolly need more cash, so this game will be up for grabs in 2024. Don't forget they will bring up a new hype thingy around Christmas 2024 wich will be, as always and expected buggy af. That will get about 1 year of complaints and 3 teams of devs ofc. Let's be carefull here, but my guess around 2026 when we ( the ones who bought this game believing all the things they sold us would happen, but likely NEVER gonna happen) tossed this game into oblivion.
  2. Yaaaar'd Lightning, here I come!! YARRRRRRRRR!!
  3. Right now the idea we are liking most is something we're calling "Stormpunk" which centers around that idea that there are more resources to capture on the water (like harnessing lightning)
  4. Good thing they didnt add a season pass. So many seasons allready...
  5. Not really, they where/are workig on Genesis II (ARK). When this rolls out, Christmas 2023 ish, they will look if there is still live in ATLAS community worth saving, or D&L. I still feel we all payed for the first part of Genesis with buying ATLAS tho.
  6. ARKlogic, don't try to understand it. Oh and before you think ARK is flawless, it's not. By far. One thing ARK has going correctly; The story and the "endgame". That's something ATLAS still hasn't got. There's none clarity of an identity to the game.
  7. 45x45. We where almost finished building when we heard wipe was allready in the making.
  8. Something to do with the claimingsystem.
  9. Never mind, game will probably be wiped in 5 weeks...
  10. Ye, its even on official DC of ATLAS pinned too.... I can't stop laughing right now, it hurts so much. This game and the company wich "makes" it...
  11. Can any of the devs confirm this? We seeing pics of a conversation on Discord.
  12. Can these be fixed? Please?
  13. Guys, don't bother anymore. Wipe incoming somewhere this year, then it takes another 3 years before this bug will be reviewed.
  14. I've uninstalled the game and truly don't think they keep it with just ridiculous priced ships. Such a waste for what started out to be a very potent game.
  15. Guess this is it then, I'll be back in a few months to see the winds being returned home. As the game was sold to us. For now it's uninstalled, I still feel it's a real waste of what started out as a good game. Goodluck for the devteam, or whoever came up with these blunded ideas. Take care, it was another crazy season, that's for sure.
  16. We'll get apologies for the typos. Or not.
  17. Raises another question with me. Will that muchly not appreciated buildingbug be resolved after this season? People will go out of their peglegs when they see their buildings collapse.
  18. Well congrats Grapeshot, you officially killed the entire game as it has been completely altered since we bought it. Kudos for the devteam.
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