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    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    No, highest priority is getting money. This will only be fixed by another wipe. This game is becoming 1 big joke.
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    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Aaaand still failing. Good job team! You can wipe all you want, but this is NOT fixed.
  3. Cpt.Yarrr

    Xbox and PC Crossplay is now Live!

    Have fun with the buildingbug!!
  4. Thanks for all the fun we had, the trades we did and bossruns. We tried, we prayed and we sweared, but we lost. Again ARK logic has taken over, nothing will change untill this game will be at least 1 year out of EA. This wipe means the end for all hard work alot of you guys did. All breeds, builds (FIX THAT &*er%$$#%^BUILDINBUG AS WELL!!!) and tons of hours to sail around the rest of the bugs resulted in; OUR HARDLY EARNED SKIN WOOOHOOOOOT!! Oh no, even that's not gonna happen. Take care all, I'm out of this mess.
  5. Ha Ha Ha "Decision not taken lightly" Ye rrrrright.
  6. Cpt.Yarrr

    ATLAS Roadmap

    3 Weeks since this roadmap came on, but we see no changes whatsoever. Is it safe to say we need to come back in 2 years? Or do we need to wait with 100% ARKlogic in the back of our heads (back each 3 months to see nothing much has changed, wait for the next 3 months and "hope" for the best?). We had such good hopes, it still feels like cash and grab....
  7. Cpt.Yarrr

    Patch notes

    Alot of bug fixes, true. New roadmap is doing well I guess. But when is PvE getting the fixes? All patches are PvP ones.
  8. Cpt.Yarrr

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    I'm convinced they know how to read. You need to look above their paygrade. That's where decisions are being made.
  9. Cpt.Yarrr

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Do you remember the first teaser on YT? THAT'S what all of us want and that's the reason alot of us had faith (ikr, stupid stupid stupid) in GS and bought the "game". Now it's ARK 2.0 with 100% ARK logic.
  10. Cpt.Yarrr

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    This game is becoming a big joke. Where are the lasers? Sigh. Tons of people asking for the same, do not put anymore effort in this, waste of energy trust me. Try and find a game that suits you, GS completely lost it and their "promisses".
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    ATLAS Roadmap

  12. Cpt.Yarrr

    Captain's Log 36: Dev Livestream!

    "Livestream" Ye right. ROFL.
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    They have decided way more then they told at this prerecorded piece. All hands are on deck fixing the new DLCs for ARK. Thats why there are hardly any devs at work for ATLAS. Q&A? What a joke. The broadcast from yesterday showed us exactly what we didnt want to see. Wipe incoming, the longer they wait, the more people are gonna rollover and never come back.
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    Claimed animals with cargo saddles are unusable

    I had a very bad dream, was watching the livestream...
  15. Cpt.Yarrr

    Claimed animals with cargo saddles are unusable

    Not to worry, wipe incoming.
  16. Let me start off with this first, I'm a PvE player so this goes from PvE only (my view); the following is not meant to be too sarcastic but you guys really have done a great job in letting the (almost) entirely community go to the bottom of the sea and even deeper. Why? Thats an answer you all know, the silence on all threads and only responses on the Blackwood thread makes it even harder for the majority of players to even making it worth while to comment on this forum. Here goes; Almost 1600 hours playtime. Thats how many I got since the release in december 2018. Good deal for a game wich costed me about 20 euros. When I saw the anouncement; ATLAS, a MMO with 40K players. THE pirategame where you can tame and breed animals, NPCs and even companymembers, I was stunned. Finally a game wich lives up to my name and created by the people from ARK. I just loved ARK and almost everything about it. I often wondered how it was like to sail around in a pirateship and do the same as in ARK. Taming, basebuilding, making awesomely insane ships, upgrading canons/weapons and so on. Now we got the chance of fighting pirates and all what came with it. Hyped. Everyone got hyped, we watched the TWITCH channel for the release and even when it got delayed, people still wanted this game so badly. It looked like you guys hit it spot on. We all where gathering old friends to buy this game and set up companies. Opened up multiple Discord channels and we where LOVING it. In the next weeks after release, we got alot of patches, the game is in EA and it needed alot of tweaking. Players where giving alot of tips and bugs and we had the feeling you guys learned from ARK and finally stood closer to the community then before. Then; the wipe. The wipe was something needed, we all can agree on that. New players where given a chance to try and get an island for their own, next to alot of improvements such as the claimingsystem. We where all hoping for more "piratecontent", wich was promised to us. More boats/different canons/breeding NPCs/villages bursting with activities like in the anouncements. We also got a skin for helping you guys out. (ikr), communitymanagers where appointed to keep in touch, but to be honest, here it stopped. Entirely. I'll never forget your face Jat, when people where spamming the TWITCH feed with comments like; Where are the new shipbuilds? Why is there a charwipe? Why don't you fix bugs? It was there and then we said as an alliance;" He's in way over his head, this game will never leave EA." Griefing. Players and companies where being griefed big time. Like us, we tried to get help in alot of ways. The only response I got, after 3 days of continiously spamming the the "ticketbox"; "I see what I can do, but I can not give you any info from here on." Thanks for that, I guess. Alot of companies where not having the "luck" of being smarter then the one who griefed them, they also tried to get in touch and/or help, but nothing happened. They left and felt like being stabbed in the back, most of them never will return. I remember and issue with one of our allies at that time, they went on and on and on for weeks on the Discord from ATLAS. Finally they got help from one of the admins. It was solved in 5 minutes, the griefing player was warned firmly and it was solved. 5 Minutes it took for the admin, was it that much for the other admins to do this? And before everyone goes ranting on them, remember they are being told to do things. Or not. The "Mega updates". You gotta be kidding me? That was our first reaction. Unreal, we get a, yes people; A Ron Jeremy of camels. I still can not believe it, an animal to make salt water tastes sweet, it feels like a screwup wich was done with sweet waterspots during the design of the game. No new ship designs, no new canons... Erm, ok, we got a torpedolauncher wich is almost completely useless on at least PvE and wich is expensive as.... For soloplayers/little companies? Nothing changed, it has gotten worse. Foundation and pillerspam? Some companies think it's normal to bomb places entirely, still happening. I asked once if a company wanted to remover theirs, I got so much BS about it, now they even made all of the floors 5 wide. "We just want to prevent other people from building there, due to the resources." And how about blocking other players to build? "There is space enuf now, let them keep on searching..." Sigh... pathetic. And not a single person from ATLAS does something about it. July mega update? It's august ffs. We don't even want to know the updates anymore and alot of players do not even care anymore. We know we're getting new animals and a new gun. That's not wat we want; WE WANT NEW SHIPS, NEW PIRATE CONTENT, BREEDING NPCS, NO MORE BROKEN PROMISSES! I do not care anymore about fixing, for instance, the so much hated building bug? Keep it, you guys know how to fix it, but leave it please. It has been fixed by a couple of modmakers. And in this rate with the game being drowned, we all go to unofficials. This game should NEVER been thrown into EA. It has been completely changed since it has been introduced as a "Pirate MMO with 40K players." Too bad to see all players go, people we got to know in the last 6 months are mostly gone allready. They will not return, so be happy with their cash. I really couldn't care any less if one of you responded or not anymore. Only one thing me and alot of players want to know now; Is this game going to be as it was sold to us or not?
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    Livestream Q&A

    I got only one; Will this game be the game you sold to us?
  18. Cpt.Yarrr

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    Aaaand here comes the storm. No more details? Really?
  19. Cpt.Yarrr

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    We should move this thread to the Blackwood one. That seems promissing for the community and communications between devs and players.
  20. Cpt.Yarrr

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    I guess it never will be fixed, so let me ask this; We're renovating our island now due to this BS bug (lost 9K buildingpieces since release and none of the devs/ceos even came with the idea to step in and actually apologize or even let us know what's the status. But hey, that's how the world rolls nowadays I reckon). And since the team doesnt give 1 single bit (no communications, nothing on this subject) why not make the floors snap WAY BETTER? I get loads of spots where it says its being blocked. Nonsense ofc, nothing in the way, but with S+ no problems on the same spots (tested). Building underwater? LMAO!!1!! How? Big rocks, no snappoints. With S+? No issues at all. (tested) So, don't tell us it can not be done. It can. Period.
  21. Cpt.Yarrr

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Logged in just now. Bye bye 12x6 docks without reason? Are you serious? Really?
  22. Or else, visit us at F9. We got over 500K.
  23. You mean that game where we can build mega cities, docks and animalpens? Where picking up a wall looks like... erm, well a picked up wall instead of 160 walls gone bye bye? With all these awesome shipbuilds other then those wich are still here since the beginning? And how about that awesome skin for our "Dedicated hard work, feedback and bugreports" ? Where treasuremaps don't keep bugging out? HO, STOP. WE WANT CATS!?!11 Nvm the above. WE WANT CATS!!1!