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  1. It's 31.10.2020 Screen still shows 2x Harvest / 2x Experience. Seriously? Not even that? Aside from the real joke to announce better reward from treasure maps, whil ingame map isn't working...
  2. Do you even test? Stuffing 250 more coal in a fuel slot that holds 900 results in 150, not 1000 and 150 in inventory...
  3. We have to ship skeletons that won't decay. There is no possibility to interact, no decay timer and they are there for about a week. How can we remove them? They block our shipyards...
  4. Playing more at sea? Why should I ATM? With loot Tables as they are for flotsam and SotD (Which can't be that hard to fix) and worse XP, gain the only reason (PVE) is hauling stuff, dicoveries or to get a lucky drop from SotD. Regarding the new map, with diminishing player base, it's probably be either smaller or even something like "Blackwood Plus". I really like the setting, put I don't like the "we want you to play at seas, but we won't make sea-life better, only land life worse" feeling i've got with the announcement
  5. Without PVE I'm going to leave that game.
  6. Cross Platform is not play anywhere. Sadly...
  7. See topic. IMO it's a time consuming uninspired minigame. Instead of playing it over and over i just placed more crop plots. I'm on PVE. Is there any real use for soil tiling?
  8. I'm "living" / basebuilding on "The voiceless ait". It has some great ruins I sailed over to gretouche skerry, climbed a mountain and found silver at 63.65 / -4.37 right next to gems. Honey was at 63.71 / -4.20 I'm playing SP if that matters. Did you find the Grand Tortugan on Gretouche Skerry? If yes, where? And another node. 63.17/-4.31. There's a waterfall at the "left" end of the long, small bay. Up on the water fall, then enter the "beach" on the left side an get back (left) and up at the cliff's foot. Follow the rope bridge to the hut. Enter the cliff with the grappling hook. Quartz, Opal and silver. Higher up I didn't found any silver, just quartz.
  9. Sail over to "The Voiceless Ait", it's the next eastern island. Quite in the middle of the westcoast is a stoney beach and a mountain nearby. On the SW side of the mountain at the "first level" ar silver nodes. The silver nodes look like rusted stones, they are relativley small (as no big boulders) Next to them are opals. Beware of Tigers, Scorpions and Snakes
  10. Singleplayer on PC / Steam. Game crash when exiting to menu. Some time later I wanted to play again. Character creation starts. Any way to save my hours of gameplay from save files?
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