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  1. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    It was 18 pigs. I'm down to 5 all lvl 30+. They sit outside our stable as 'bait.' Any aggressive animal, short of an alpha, that wanders into our yard... gets rootered. We hear a bunch of squealing, a bunch of grunting followed by... Bacon just killed a wolf lvl XX. Double tame, <5 minutes with maize and you have your first soldier. Put them into a tame group and use j and u to move them around. Set them on neutral and they'll assist each other. That group of 18 has lasted more than 2 weeks now and are still killing. And our gardener loves the insta poop.
  2. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    My experience is going better because I made it go better. I did not sail by islands and say, 'oh damn, that one is all claimed.' I did not run around the island I landed on and start pissing off the neighbors by trying to take their claims. I did not yell at everyone who pulled into my harbor and say, "Get the fuck off my land." I'm going to say this again. You can't expect to join a game like this or EVE Online and immediately declare yourself emperor supreme and expect everyone to not laugh at you. But if you aren't willing to put forth the effort, if you aren't willing to make friends and if you aren't willing to learn the art of diplomacy then the only thing stopping you from becoming emperor in Atlas... is you. As far as I'm concerned, the claim system works as intended.
  3. Was out in the sloop taking on a lvl 19. 4 more sotd's instantly appeared right beside me
  4. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    and this is what our main base looks like now, including the new player housing with the thatch roof and we STILL haven't touched what's in the tax bank.
  5. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    This is what my claim looked like a month ago when it was just me. That was built entirely with a pickaxe, hatchet, scythe and a horse, and that's with almost no fiber on the island and no metal nodes in the grid and enough aggros that I was dying 40-50 times a day. This was done before we even put up a tax bank so don't talk to me about lazy. I'll admit that the claim system works fine for those who want to put in the effort. For those who want shit handed to them, it sucks. 686 hours. You? Wrong. I'm very open to new ideas. I'd be happy to listen. But when I hear comments like 'oh, the tundra is too depressing' or 'I sailed for days and all I saw were red dots so I never got off my ship to look' or 'omg I'd have to train fortitude instead of carry weight'... I have 0 sympathy.
  6. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    I'm far from mad. I just don't sympathize. When the 'allow everyone' flag patch first came in, I forgot to set a few. Some random guy found one of my claims set to everyone and started building. I had no problem whatsoever with that. But, I had no idea who this person was. If you're going to plop a shanty down right beside my house, I'd like to know who you are. Therefore, I set the claim they built on to company only. But, I didn't demolish their structure. Instead, I changed the notice on my claim to tell this person to contact me, let's talk. The next day, the structure and their boat was gone. I am honestly trying to help people get started in this game provided they aren't dicks. I am not going to start dropping claims and just 'hope for the best.' But I have no problem giving a claim to a good neighbor who's willing to put in the effort. Are their assholes and griefers in this game? Yes... in every game. This game models itself (to a degree) off of EVE Online. In Eve there are safe systems that are NPC owned and then there are claimable systems. In the safe systems, you don't have to worry much but you don't own the system. You don't make the rules. In those others, players claim them, own them and do make the rules. You do not start a new character in EVE Online and then bitch and whine because you don't own a system. You grow some balls, start a corporation, join an alliance and you go TAKE those systems. But hey, that requires... effort and who wants to be proud of an accomplishment when you can just keep bitching until the dev's hand it to you...
  7. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    No, you have to worry about pillar spam, foundation spam, raft spam, people building walls around your house, bocking you in, logging in every 3 days to make sure nobody demolishes your stuff. I use the word work to imply making the effort as opposed to having everything handed to you on a silver platter. There's a story told by a famous motivational speaker and salesman, Zig Ziglar. He brings an old fashioned well pump on stage as a prop. He demonstrates how you have to prime that pump. You pump and pump and keep pumping, even though no water comes out. But once the pump is primed, the pumping becomes so easy, and the flow of water becomes a steady stream. If you stop pumping, the water goes back down in the well and you lose the prime and have to start pumping hard all over again. Nobody wants to pump any more. They just want.
  8. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    Because you're ENTITLED to a claim with no tax. Right? Funny, I let a single claim go to a group a few weeks ago. The claim behind them, I own and tax. And ya know what? They love it. As a matter of fact, we go to their claims in the polar regions to collect metal and... get this... we pay THEM taxes now. But hey, they were willing to work for it. I guess that's just not you, is it? I can do better than that. I can show you TWO claims I'll give away and even give you pictures. Now, if you're serious... pm me.
  9. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    Ummm nope. I started in G8 and played there for about 2 weeks. Server crashed, came back to find I owned nothing. Joined a company for about a week, decided they were asshats and left. Sailed around for a week or two looking for a place. Found one and called it home. Then again, I never looked at those red dots and assumed they couldn't be taken and cried, 'no land, waaaa.'
  10. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    Wrong. It favors those who are willing to WORK for what they want. I started with a raft and 1 claim. My company now holds 80 and we WORKED for every single one of those and continue to WORK to maintain them. You can either sit on your ass and bitch about how it doesn't WORK or make it WORK for you. Your choice. *see what I did there?*
  11. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    Oh jeezus, you got me there! All those massive resources you gather and the structures you build... I could OWN THEM ALL! We have over 80 claims, 8 elephants, 5 rhinos, gobs and gobs of horses and bears, a small army of pigs, and more ships than we have players. Do you seriously think I have the time or even give a shit about a shanty on a beach? Let me give you a lesson in economics. We have, like most everyone else on the island, a 20% tax. If I give you a waterfront claim, I get to collect taxes on the claims behind that that you farm. It would be STUPID of me to block building on a claim when I collect taxes off the 20 claims behind it. My concern is assholes. We don't have any on the island where we live and I don't want any. Prove to me that you're not an asshole and you get the claim. It's just that simple. *edit* Hell, I've even offered a free bear and a horse to anyone who moves on the claim to compensate for the taxes. But you know what the problem is, it's in the tundra and everyone seems to have this idea in their head that if they're not getting a silver spoon shoved up their ass, they want no part of it. Again, I have no pity for these 'no-land' posts.
  12. Jean Lafitte

    Island availability

    Sorry, I no longer have pity for these 'no land' posts. For weeks I've been trying to give away land. All the person has to do is stay there a few weeks and prove they're not a griefer or asshat and aren't going to piss off the neighbors and I'll give them claims. Do you know how many people have responded to my post? 0
  13. Jean Lafitte

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    <- * impatiently twiddles his thumbs *
  14. Jean Lafitte

    Breeding is painful right now

    Exactly! Stop breeding and proving that this system is tenable. It isn't.
  15. Jean Lafitte

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    Ok, so the situation went from bad to worse. First, there were ships being sunk everywhere due to griefers. That needed to be fixed. I get that. However, the net result of that fix has backfired. Over the weekend I went with some others to the FoY. They were able to get it, I was not. One of the HUGE reasons I wasn't was lag. That lag was caused by the hundreds... yes HUNDREDS (I'm not exaggerating) of ships parked around the FoY entrance. Now I don't have a great video card, I've got a good one. Trying to render all of those ships, I was barely getting 5fps. For over two weeks I had an abandoned schooner parked in my harbor blocking a good portion of it. It took a support ticket to get it moved. I still have several RSloops and rafts parked along my claims. One RSloop belongs to a company that has 0 members (we invited them to the corp and didn't 'merge'). Travelling around the map I've encountered numerous lawless islands that look more like a ship salvage yard than a collection of harbors. These ships cannot be moved, sunk, boarded, SotD'd, hurricane'd, shark smacked... etc. They are more that just an eyesore. They are a render and server lag inducing mechanism that needs to be fixed. Proposal: If your ship is parked on your claim, it does not decay as per current rules. Freeport decay rates begin 2 hours after arriving in a freeport grid. That gives you 2 hours to conduct your business. If your ship is parked on a claim you do not own after 72 hours, it begins to decay at freeport rates. For each ship parked on a claim you do not own, the decay timer is is divided by 2. 4 ships on a claim you do not own, decay begins in 9 hours (making raft spam much less of a problem). If your ship is parked where no claim exists and you have not been in the area, after 72 hours it begins to decay at freeport rates. For each ship parked where no claim exists, the decay timer is is divided by 2. 4 ships on a claim you do not own, decay begins in 9 hours (making raft spam much less of a problem). If your ship is parked on a lawless and you have not been in the area, the same with structures, it begins to decay after 3 or 4 days (not sure what the structure time is on lawless) at freeport rates. If your company has build rights on a claim, it does not decay as per current rules. Ships that exist on a claim when the ownership of that claim changes, after 72 hours they begin to decay at freeport rates. Alternate: Instead of accelerating the decay, the ships become unanchored and thus, sinkable or claimable. Whatever the solution, something needs to be done to fix this. The number of anchored ships that do not go away is becoming untenable.