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  1. ah awsome thanx mate i was kinda worried haha
  2. Heya Ima still learning about the claim system.. i'm finding it hard to find info lol.. theirs a new "wedge on my claim" that says settlement structure wipe allowed (then a countdown) and says requires 12000 gold..... this cant mean i need that much gold or i loose my buildings does it????
  3. Thanx for the reply mate, i can't find any info on it.. live and learn i guess, and i sent off a ticket but i dont have my hopes up.... rip i guess.. stupid that the owner doesn't keep their rights to their base/ships or even beds after they leave a company they created lol
  4. I was sailing, got board and made a company then decided i would look at it more when i got back to base so i left the company now all my beds, ships and claim are under the company and i cant access any of it.... is their a fix for this??
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