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  1. Very sad love the idea of this game I really wish they would improve graphics for Xbox. I hope that they won’t give up on this game it does have serious potential just needs some major improvements. I tried capturing images to send but this platform won’t let me post any. Compass, extremely blurry, trees/bushes are very blurry and playdough like, animals are also very distorted as well. Very blocky like textures and choppy. Please invest time and effort in improving this game. If it’s a funding issue i guarantee if they started a funding request for improving the game people probably be happy to donate. Just some suggestions love to get back into the game again but I guess I’ll have to leave it be until major improvements are done.
  2. Stop adding more stuff to the game and fix current issues. I hate to see this game disappear. Could be an amazing game just needs someone to fix the bugs. Black map, blurred compass, crashing game when character dies. Just a few things that need some attention. Not sure why you guys cant coordinate with Nitrado and figure this out. Even on official servers there are still loads of bugs. I’m certain I’m not the only one thinking or saying all this. Just sad…
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