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  1. Badkebab

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    On a pvp server there should be 0 unraidable storage.
  2. Given the current player population I'd say we aren't really in need of more land.
  3. Badkebab

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    See post above yours
  4. Badkebab

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    Since this is becoming more common for unraidable storage, here's how to raid tames in the freeports Aggro animals nearby while on a bear, ride over to storage tames they will also be hit by the animal you aggroed. It takes a bit of time but rinse repeat the storage tame dies and you loot it.
  5. Badkebab

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    I think the deciding factor will be how far the harpoon ballista can fly, long range and fights will be ridiculous. Now give npc the ability to fire fire arms or use weapons from their inventory and this could be a lot of fun
  6. Badkebab

    Soo uh, what do?

    On a 2x weekend it takes 3 hours to 3.5 hours for one person to harvest the materials for a galleon when done correctly with a little thought and planning. If you think the material grind is mind numbing then there is a good chance you aren't using the most efficient method available. Time consuming is gathering 6 different material flavours for crafting the higher end blueprints. Why shouldn't it take time, if something is called legendary or mythical then by definition you shouldn't be able to snap your fingers and poof you have it. Small companies can Co operate to achieve higher end goals such as the kraken or similar harder content. Ships of the damned... I destroyed a fleet last night without issue using a schooner it was ridiculously easy. They were not high level and one should level up ones ship before taking in higher level ships. None of the goals in the game are insurmountable for small groups of people. This is not an instant gratification game this is a game you play long term and achieve long term goals. There is plenty of fun to be had along the way but no one is going to hand you everything some things do require some effort
  7. Badkebab

    What's with all the Chinese spam posts

    Some people do remove them when they are done others don't seem to care about the littering
  8. Badkebab

    I need to know the reason I got globally banned

    Or perhaps you went on pve and built a massive wall around people's houses.... Just to be obnoxious
  9. Badkebab

    I need to know the reason I got globally banned

    I have been gaming since the commodore 64 came out and online gaming since online was invented, I have been banned exactly 0 times but guess what I have never cheated or exploited in any game, I have never yelled abusive or racial epithets at people in games and I don't name things in games in an offensive manner, this is how you avoid pondering mysteries like "why was I banned"
  10. Badkebab

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    If people are leaving tames in freeport you can bet your bottom dollar those tames are full of the most valuable materials, blueprints, gold, the more complex materials for crafting. You don't raid someone's base to loot wood thatch and fibre..... So a tame in a freeport loaded with the good stuff is a defacto unraidable bank.
  11. These appear to pointless spam posts get on it forum mods.....
  12. I used to get this every time I launched the game and joined the official servers along with long loading times. To reduce the loading time I bought a larger ssd drive to put atlas on and added 8 gig more memory for good measure. All of my problem s with connecting to and loading the game disappeared.
  13. This is a good reason not to play pve
  14. Badkebab

    Crafting system revamp

    In 2003 star wars galaxies was released and featured the best crafting and shop system I have ever encountered in an mmo I have never seen it replicated since despite it being so engaging it wss practically its own game. Resources were always present but their quality and properties changed once a week as did their spawn location, there were no "nodes" a prospecting device indicated what resource was near you and how concentrated it was where you were standing. You moved around closing in on the source until you had a high concentration and you slapped down a harvester pumped some money into it and it started harvesting. Resources had different properties such as tensile strength, density, flexibility and so on, these all had a bearing on the properties of the final product. So if you built armour from resources with high strength but also high density then it would be strong but also weigh a lot. Crafters would scour the planets looking for amazing resources to craft items with amazing properties and the best Crafters gained a reputation for their quality workmanship and their player run shops were sought after. Now I'm not aware of the features and limitations of the unreal engine but if the crafting system were ever to be reimagined a more engaging system such as that described above would be wonderful. Might also remove the need for guillotines.