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  1. May be because before the wipe there were only 200 people playing
  2. I don't mind being laughed at boomer particularly not by you. I quite agree with you that a rational competent development team would fix the glaring issues with the game before an Xbox launch. However since we don't have that team I suppose time will tell which of us is correct. I do however respect your opinion even when you suggest I borrowed mine from realist
  3. The Will 100% wipe the game för the Xbox launch. They want people to buy the game.and get their friends to buy the game. They will not get their friends to buy the game by saying "atlas is awesome I got kerbstomped by all these LVL 100 plus players". They have the pc players money so they are going to be 100% indifferent to your perceived investment in the game. They want the Xbox players money and they want as many sold units as possible on Xbox that will be achieved by people telling their friends "come play this game with me it's awesome" as we all did on pc. It will take Xbox users a little time to encounter all the issues with the game that pc players are aware of. If Xbox users are getting kerbstomped out of the gate by LVL 100 players they won't sell the maximum units. Thinking there will be a wipe or arguing why there shouldn't be is pointless. A wipe makes the most economic sense for the company and that's what will ultimately determine wether or not one occurs.
  4. Panicking is selling large amounts of stock to try and start a stampede of shareholders selling their stock. Saying there are 7 people playing during peak EU game time is just a statement of fact (I don't use steam for my player figures) You are quite right these posts don't help the game. Me buying three copies of the game helped the game "developers" ignoring the real issues with the game and releasing fluff patches instead are what killed it and rest assured when you have 7 people playing your game during peak hours on the server type the "developers" consider the core game means your game is dead and forum posts didn't kill it. Unprofessionalism, ineptitude and lack of a clear vision killed it. I am stressing customers because I have not been granted some privilege in playing atlas that I am ungrateful for, atlas is a product that has been paid for by us it's customers and if atlas were a new car, what has happened is we have all gone back to the showroom and said the engine is not running right and the workshop tries to fix it by adding a bodykit and some new rims.
  5. Here you go then, peak time EU right now and....7 players on Pvp LMAO
  6. The answer to all of this for me is very simple. I won't be returning to the game and definitely won't be opening my wallet for this company or any project that these "developers" are involved with in the future. Atlas has also most likely been my last "early access" experience. Early access seems more like a scam these days than something resembling supporting development.
  7. Pvp tax is deducted from what you harvest but in pve nothing is deducted and the 20% is a bonus for the land owner that doesn't affect the harvester So they are "absolutely right, since months"
  8. Don't spend a second on this ,your game needs CPR not a makeover
  9. Number one, take the wheel for a moment will you I'm just going to see where all those rats are going
  10. There are currently 400 people playing on the EU pvp server 377 on EU pve and about 300 on both US servers combined. The game is wiping itself mate the devs don't need to wipe it On the EU pvp that works out at 1.7 people per grid ...online single player basically
  11. One account to build on an island and manage tames, own an island. One to produce untraceable weapons and equipment One to go forth and wreak havoc on sea and land without someone being able to locate where the attacks are originating from or through the rather silly ability to change company names at will to take the name of a large company and attacking another large company so they attack each other instead of me. though now its all academic since I no longer play atlas
  12. If only the rest of us could see what this company is good at. I own three copies of atlas so I have done my bit in terms of financially supporting atlas. But having seen the course of development and where the focus of development has been I most certainly won't be purchasing other products from these developers. If you love them, their work and think they have done a bang up job then I respect your opinion. I hold a very different view and I will not be opening my wallet for them the future.
  13. Players of no man sky wanted to thank the developers hello games for their hard work and dedication to the game so players banded together and purchased a billboard outside hello games offices and used it to thank the developers. Needless to say that is something Jat et al can only dream about. Here is the link if you wish https://www.gofundme.com/f/thanking-hello-games-and-supporting-SCHF
  14. Silly me for thinking a post on the atlas forum referred to atlas, I do apologise for not being encyclodicly aware of the happenings in games I do not play nor have any interest in.
  15. *tries hards to remember any other time gamers paid for a billboard to thank a developer for the work they had done*
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