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  1. One account to build on an island and manage tames, own an island. One to produce untraceable weapons and equipment One to go forth and wreak havoc on sea and land without someone being able to locate where the attacks are originating from or through the rather silly ability to change company names at will to take the name of a large company and attacking another large company so they attack each other instead of me. though now its all academic since I no longer play atlas
  2. If only the rest of us could see what this company is good at. I own three copies of atlas so I have done my bit in terms of financially supporting atlas. But having seen the course of development and where the focus of development has been I most certainly won't be purchasing other products from these developers. If you love them, their work and think they have done a bang up job then I respect your opinion. I hold a very different view and I will not be opening my wallet for them the future.
  3. Players of no man sky wanted to thank the developers hello games for their hard work and dedication to the game so players banded together and purchased a billboard outside hello games offices and used it to thank the developers. Needless to say that is something Jat et al can only dream about. Here is the link if you wish https://www.gofundme.com/f/thanking-hello-games-and-supporting-SCHF
  4. Silly me for thinking a post on the atlas forum referred to atlas, I do apologise for not being encyclodicly aware of the happenings in games I do not play nor have any interest in.
  5. *tries hards to remember any other time gamers paid for a billboard to thank a developer for the work they had done*
  6. "Banwaves" when you have 600 people playing on a server cluster during peak times I'd probably avoid such grandiose terminology. A "banwave" at this point would result in an empty server.
  7. Back in the heyday of atlas I too a photo in the garden section of IKEA and posted it to our groups discord as me "gathering fibre" those days are long gone and I occasionally browse the forum here if it's a slow news day
  8. Badkebab

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    Wiping the game certainly will not bring me back. The game is simply too time consuming for the average player to remain competitive in pvp. Sure once you have tames you can bang out a galleon in 2-3 hours not counting the hour or so to sail to the freeport and back but then you go to sleep and your npc defences are in capable of stopping someone from sinking it. So you start over the next time you log in it doesn't take long to decide to play something else. Logging in after work and everything you achieved the day before has been reset. There is no reason to carry on doing that
  9. Badkebab

    How to fix the game, IMO

    Sailing speed or distance if you prefer is one of the reasons I stopped playing atlas. I have a full time job and a family. The number of meaningful things you can do in atlas is extremely short. If you only have an hour or two to play there are preferable gamin options to atlas. A trip to the freeport and back for crew can take an hour. Nevermind sailing to other regions for resources. Atlas is NOT a game for casual players not in a pvp environment at least.
  10. Badkebab

    Wiping is bad.

    For me being wiped was not what stopped me playing, what stopped me playing was the sheer amount of time required to do anything. Having a full time job and enjoying atlas in a pvp environment is simply not possible, its not a game you can log into for half and hour to an hour and expect to get anything done of any substance. Just sailing to the freeport and back for crew can take an hour.
  11. Badkebab

    Suggestion: Ship in a bottle

    As I mentioned significant limits would have to be put in place the griefing potential is huge Obviously the pvp potential is less so but the galleon carrys 59 crew if I recall So a galleon carrying 59 crew and 5 ships in a bottle still gives the potential for serious pop up firepower. This feature should be considered from all angles with an eye to "how can this be abused or go horribly wrong" because the is how players will look at it
  12. I enjoy being able to pick potatoes inside my house. I also don't want to see a return of large areas of blight caused by structures
  13. Badkebab

    Suggestion: Ship in a bottle

    Which is still just numbers in already stored in a database, it can be as simple as adding a switch "IsPresentinWorld=0" so it is neither rendered nor collidable. I can see situations resulting in a client or server meltdown when someone unpacks their fleet. Further problems someone packs a fleet on a ship sails to your port, players fast travel there and you have dozens of ships in your face with no warning. So any ships in bottles would. Require a hefty unpack time
  14. Badkebab

    Suggestion: Ship in a bottle

    I don't think the ship configuration variety is an issue to be honest That's also just numbers stored in a database. I do see a griefing opportunity though, 10 players grab 10 ships in a bottle each and poof your harbour has a hundred ships in it.
  15. Badkebab

    Mega update??

    Congratulations, 20 years of work to receive what I got from hour 1 day 1.