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    Simple solution for offline raiding

    There is no alternative other than installing some sort of raid timers (offline protection is the simplest solution here) to enforce PvP for Base-Raiding. Anything else will cater PvE Raids -> offline raids.
  2. Ban Tier

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    Almost a good idea. Make it one free flag per 5 company members and cap it at 10 free flags. That would reflect company size and free up a lot of land.
  3. You once again proof, that you have no clue about how base raiding with an online crew works. The moment you start killing our NPCs, we get a message. Well we are no dumb AI, so we react to a message. Furthermore we have friends and neighbours, so that we get sometimes Intel about an enemy aproaching our base via alliance chat. And again, we are no bots who have to parse the chat, we are thinking reacting human beings. And that is the difference between PvP and PvE. And just to be precise, I do not have a clue if you are a good PvPer or not. I am just saing, that your comments show clearly, that you are not attacking bases during active times of their crews. Otherwise you would not post such dumb questing how we should become aware of an attack. And I am really asking myself now, if you really play the game especially on a PvP server or if your are just a youtube feeded forum troll. So unless you come up with some real arguments why offline base raiding is PvP, I am done in this thread.
  4. Your reply clearly shows, that you never attacked a online base in your life. The moment we see, that our base takes damage, most of our crew comes back to the base and starts defending. If we are getting "zerged" (by a 150 ppl limit per grid, I would us the term "zerg"), we call our friends and allies. That is how a proper PvP game should work.
  5. Labatts is just derailing the post, because the original question if offline raiding is PvP is a very valid one. And no offline raiding is never PvP, because whatever defense you think of has no own intelligence and can not adapt immediately like a player can do. So offline raiding is Player versus a (player setup instead of Dev setup) ENVIROMENT. Or short PvE. And offline raiders or ppl who refuse any sort of ORP just are no real PvPers.
  6. Ban Tier

    NPCs Not Invincible on Puckles

    I can confirm, today we were robbed by offline raider and they were able to kill our NPCs on Puckle guns. The foundation of the gun has zero damage, the gun 90 and teh NPC was killed. VERY ANOYING !!!!
  7. Ban Tier

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    We are living in lawless and it is by far not that easy. It is impossible to secure all the land, so an oppenent can easily build a base to start his attacks. In claimable land, you just put flags everywhere and a attacker has hardly a chance to build up a base to start his attacks. And please do not tell me, foundation spamming is securing land. You can remove a foundation easily. So we have to defend "our" land a lot more actively, than the land-owners with one sleeper in a bunker. Lawless mechanics are fine, at least for us.
  8. Ban Tier

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Good anouncment. Just as a tip: do not stick too much with mega-companies and do not favour a renter system. The life as a renter company will not attrack many new players. And as someone said before: you better be quick with changes, when we roam over our island, there is already a big number of finished demolishing timers ...
  9. Ban Tier

    Something has happened at Grapeshot

    Well I totally agree with the OP. We have had some really "bad" design decisions lately. Unless Grapeshot really wants to cater offline griefing and mega-companies. The only problem I see with catering these two groups, how do the devs think, their future business modell will be ? Do they really think, a big cluster full of mega-companies and offline raiders will motivate ppl to buy the game or a future DLC ? Do they really hope, that ppl will setup private serverclusters large enough to attract a lot of new costumers ?
  10. Ban Tier

    The Changes To Stone Are Good For PVP

    I would agree to the OP if there would be any sort of offline raid protection. It is really not funny to log back into the game after a full workday just to see all your stuff was destroyed by offline raiders. Until Grapeshot offers a suitable offline protection, we need to make it extremly difficult for offline-raider to destroy all property of a company. If they do not care here, the game will become a haven for griefers and all player, who are interested in some sort of "friendly" player interaction (trade or FAIR battles) will move on.
  11. Ban Tier

    Does the fountain of youth make sense?

    As said before, dumbest game mechanics if have seen in an MMO. Grapeshot should maybe rethinkt the position of the Lead-Game-Designer ... currently we have one shitstorm following the other ...
  12. Ban Tier

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Well the Devs simply have no clue, what they are doing. There is no Offline-Protection in the game. As a result, you need to build layers of walls and doors to have a slight chance to keep your stuff unless you are in a Mega-Company with players from three timezones. Now they nerv stone-wall in two ways. As a result, ppl who have no access to sap will add another 2-3 layers of wood-walls to compensate for the nerv. This will ADD load to the servers instead of reduce it. In another post I stated, that I do not understand, why there are so many negative reviews against the devs. I slowly start to understand.
  13. Ban Tier

    Ninjapatching & FOY .. (Not positive!)

    I was sceptical from day one against the FoY mechanics. Yesterday I got my buff and it was as exspected. I hadt to respawn a lot before I found the right way. Players were kiting mobs into entraces, playing loud music in local voice chat and even blocking the way in the cave in full-plate with a pike. I could reach the FoY ONLY due to the massive lag. I have no clue how anyone at Grapeshot can believe, that is is a fun mechanics for the majority of the playerbase. Both - the debuff and the buff after reaching FoY - are way to strong. I wounder if Grapeshot will ever make a player survey, if the here a lot of criticism about a game mechanic ...
  14. I am really looking forward for the Player to Player trade. But you make the same mistake as with the FoY. Why the heck do you force player to show up in a few places ? Your servers can't and will never handle the load. Griefers will always try to ruin the fun of others ? Why not let players setup trade-shops in their home-towns ? Please do not mess it up again as you did (till now - still hoping for a better solution) with the aging mechanics.
  15. Ban Tier

    game-over Increasing amount of unhappy customers.

    Well I do not agree to all the bad technical stuff, steal my money and can't read the clock (OP you should look up the term ETA first). But two points I totally agree: Grapeshot does not give us normal players the feeling, they are listening to us. The Fountain of Youth is the crappiest game mechanic seen for a long time. And just in case, some devs are really reading this post: Me and my crew are members of a 120+ german player community and we are testing out this game. We have promoted your game within our community despite all the negactive comments on stream. I personally really don't know, why you get so much hate - I have played ARK for 1400+ hours and like it until the TEC updates. But with your current path of development decisions, most of my crew will stop promoting the game and sooner or later stop playing or leaving the official server at least. Being in the advertising business in RL for more than 20 years, loosing 50 potential new contacts does not sound much (1250 USD minus steam fees), but maybe we are not the only crew of a player community out there. So maybe you should try harder to listen to your player base, who are part of smaller and medium player groups. You need to sell fresh copies and word-of-mouth promotion can be very powerful.