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    Old ship collsion bug returned

    When a ship slighty touches an obstacle, it jumps like crazy and when unlucky - like me - you hit the ground much faster as your actual speed was resulting in breaking planks and sinking the ship. This bug was fixed and returned as many other bugs. Really disappointing @Grapeshot
  2. Ban Tier

    plant resources naming totally off

    Same bug here, ressource distribution seems to be bugged. Gras bushes yield tons of garlic in M14, no resin at all and iron nodes give tons of silver which is useless without gems. And last not least, no Resin at all. Absolutely not sure, if this is intentional because the combination is useless.
  3. Ban Tier

    Pirate game?

    Maybe the OP should reread how the game was announced on steam: Piracy is just one aspect among many others. But ppl continue to call the game a "hardcore" survival game just to justify their griefing. So it is very good that Grapeshot tries to shift the game from a griefers-haven to a more settlement and civilization-building game, which is influenced by piracy.
  4. Ban Tier

    Upcoming Puckle Wars

    Well puckles will work during non-raid times as far as I understood the system. Players and structures are only protected within the radius of the settlement, which is not covering the whole island if I understood their post right. So you can build puckles and PvP outside of this radius, you just can not build offensive structures during non-raid times on that island.
  5. Lol this is a joke excuse for offline-raiders. You really think that offline-raiders will stop at a certain point just to finish off the enemy during online times ?
  6. This is nonesense. Either you grant a protection or not. How would you try to balance your cost ? And why should everything be raidable at any time ? If you really want to take stuff from other people try to get it, when THEY are ready to defend it. YOU want to take something, so YOU have to to pay the cost of being online, when your opponent is.
  7. Ban Tier

    v20 Only big tribe can build free. Nice move XD

    Well just to correct your vision, outside the settlement radius on an island, ppl can still PvP all the time. And other companies are allowed to build defensive structures (swivel) all the time. So yes, the owner can try to demolish unwanted structures, but you have a slight chance to defend. So not that bad, but still not the best solution.
  8. Ban Tier

    New pvp changes are trash.

    You mean PvP should only be for ppl without a RL job and RL friends/family ?
  9. Is this a 9 hours window per day ? So playing ATLAS equals a fulltime job ? Are you serious ?
  10. Even if you have the balls to attack during online hours of ppl, most so called PvPers do NOT have the balls. I lost only one ship in a real battle in all my time, but at least 4 ships to offline attacks. You thinkt this is fun ? 2x or 6x harvesting events are not the solution. Raid timers as in EvE Online, Darkfall or Albion Online ARE the solution to get more PvP happening. And all these games are 24/7 PvP games, you just can not attack certain STRUCTURES all the time. And I did not check, but if we have now a decay on structures in lawless activated, it will be the time to stop playing on the official servers. Well done Grapeshot.
  11. IMHO only the goal to make the game enjoyable for players with less online time and WITHOUT merging a large alliance is a step in the right direction. Making anchored ships stronger and buff walls like hell is the wrong solution. It will not help to make the people fight other people during their online times, it will even prevent PvP action, because smaller groups will not be able to bring the needed firepower to sink/destroy stuff, if they continue to buff. Furthermore the ability to quickly move people from one corner of the map to the other (beds) is just favouring alliances which cover all time zones. They can quickly react to any agression and attack any target without much preparation. This is simply killing a game, where the real endgame-content is owning and fighting about land. But it is a basic decisions for the devs, who will be their target group. Many small to medium companies fighting in many spaces about small land areas or large companies holding large portions of the map and supressing all small to medium companies. The result of the later approach will be the same big blue mega companies crap as in EvE online. You can already see it on the atlas maps. For the long term sucess of the game, the mega companies approach will be the less attractive one. If Grapeshot plans to sell future DLCs to finance the game, only the few left over players in the mega companies will buy it. All small to medium group players will have left the game by than and not buy any dlc because they are disappointed. Same applies for any sort of monthly payment for the official servers. Only the few people left over will pay. And steam charts and reviews might be an indicator, how well the game is doing in binding its customers. Edit: I should have read the captains log first, Grapeshot seems to try to get smaller companies back. Wish you good luck and I hope the best.
  12. Ban Tier

    Simple solution for offline raiding

    There is no alternative other than installing some sort of raid timers (offline protection is the simplest solution here) to enforce PvP for Base-Raiding. Anything else will cater PvE Raids -> offline raids.
  13. Ban Tier

    This isn't PVE, change it.

    Almost a good idea. Make it one free flag per 5 company members and cap it at 10 free flags. That would reflect company size and free up a lot of land.
  14. You once again proof, that you have no clue about how base raiding with an online crew works. The moment you start killing our NPCs, we get a message. Well we are no dumb AI, so we react to a message. Furthermore we have friends and neighbours, so that we get sometimes Intel about an enemy aproaching our base via alliance chat. And again, we are no bots who have to parse the chat, we are thinking reacting human beings. And that is the difference between PvP and PvE. And just to be precise, I do not have a clue if you are a good PvPer or not. I am just saing, that your comments show clearly, that you are not attacking bases during active times of their crews. Otherwise you would not post such dumb questing how we should become aware of an attack. And I am really asking myself now, if you really play the game especially on a PvP server or if your are just a youtube feeded forum troll. So unless you come up with some real arguments why offline base raiding is PvP, I am done in this thread.
  15. Your reply clearly shows, that you never attacked a online base in your life. The moment we see, that our base takes damage, most of our crew comes back to the base and starts defending. If we are getting "zerged" (by a 150 ppl limit per grid, I would us the term "zerg"), we call our friends and allies. That is how a proper PvP game should work.