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  1. Is Atlas a dead game? Yes, in the sense that the ship is Atlas, the pirate game run by Grapeshot Games (i.e., Studio Wildcard) and it appears to be listing, taking on water, and generally drifting along without any remaining momentum. An excellent round up of the current state of the game this review is spot on
  2. Get rid of PVE servers and have just a single one and introduce factions so there will still be PVE elements where you cannot be attacked around home zones etc
  4. The farmhouse has only just come out so how you got on before hand with never using farmhouse
  5. How can you of never used an elephant? The only thing you really need is an elephant as everything else is easy to get and low weight.
  6. Fix the Kraken exploit and start banning #exploiterslivesdontmatter
  7. I would just use a galleon broadside tbh
  8. It's not going to be an axe or sword is it the obvious answer is probably cannons just maybe?
  9. Just destroy them they don't take much to destroy
  10. If most can do it in a day in a fresh season then why worry about never being able to do it It's obviously easy af
  11. You guys are trash at catching flotsam I can grab any at full speed on a galleon AND yes I'm on the Xbox
  12. The last thing we need is more bugged content if a cyclone hits your ship while it's still then you won't be able to move whatsoever until someone rams you
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