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  1. Atlaneer

    Structure damage

    Ahahahha destroying gunports with hatchets silly bobs
  2. Atlaneer

    Delete Cyclones until there fixed

    Brig schooners
  3. Atlaneer

    Delete Cyclones until there fixed

    They put your ship under the water so it's glitches out or if you go slow they stop your ship and you can't move until someone can ram you
  4. They are just a server pinging piece of crap they are hardly an inconvenience except when they glitch anything out they touch please get rid until there fixed
  5. Atlaneer

    Sharks keep killing crew from SOTD

    Thanks man didn't think of that will give that a go
  6. Atlaneer

    Taming a joke?

    Taming is absolute crap I've only gone down it to be able to ride them so I can shipbuild which is irritating you shouldn't need a skill to ride I say
  7. Atlaneer

    Sail/canvas health

    You need fibre in your inv if it's canvas that's damaged.
  8. Atlaneer

    Sharks keep killing crew from SOTD

    But the sharks are already swimming around and go straight for them before u can even recruit them
  9. How the he'll are we meant to get the crew when sharks eat them straight away is there a way of getting them quickly?
  10. Atlaneer

    My ship is now stuck in between region

    Now it's not letting me load into any server how can a game be this buggy
  11. Atlaneer

    New Player best starting Strategies ?

    So far my first impressions is watch out for the damn glitches I've seemed to of been caught in all the major ones so far in my first ever week on here losing ships left right and centre
  12. This game has way too many game ending glitches I'm playing solo On my way back home on a brig I've crashed in between regions and now I can't even access the server this is beyond a joke it needs fixing ASAP
  13. Ive sunk someone ship on my island and now I can't access there bags of loot just says getting remote inv endlessly. pointless PVP if you can't even get loot
  14. It won't turn or move forward I put the sails fully down into the wind and nothing happens I'm in a schooner with all my worldly goods. there's nothing my ship is stuck on this is game breaking for me
  15. Atlaneer

    Xbox Framerate Bug / Framerate Degradation

    Nope nothing running in the background no overlays etc just the game running and it only happens on land maybe it's the over spawning of animals that could be a culprit