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  1. The last thing we need is more bugged content if a cyclone hits your ship while it's still then you won't be able to move whatsoever until someone rams you
  2. This is a pirate game not made for pve mostly PvP and it is not made for solo players
  3. Skull and bones is COD with ships
  4. When the devs themselves say "fixed various yeti exploits" I think it's def safe to say that was an exploit whether you like it or not isn't up for debate
  5. They have but that's pointless without bans the damage has been done already
  6. They should get rid of the building mechanic and change it to arks simple blocks until they can make it less laggy would be a simple fix and you can still build completely fine
  7. There are so many companys out there milking exploits I would name names but that's not allowed ofc but exploiting game mechanics apparently is even though it's against T&C's. When is enough going to be enough stop being scared of banning big company s and whack that hammer down!!!!
  8. I can trap it and that no probs it's just a stupid mechanic and should be changed I think the fact a tame can kill you is daft while it's being tamed. imagine if we had these mechanics on ark with a giga
  9. They are literally impossible to tame without being hit nowadays I used to be sweet taming them a while ago but now they kill you easily THE fact that they also spin too while down is just stupid and has been a big tame breaking glitch since day 1
  10. Exactly why the game in this state is broken and why they shouldn't of wiped it yet until them issues were addressed and then released a fresh map
  11. Taming desperately needs a complete revamp it's bugged like god knows what and is a complete pain in the ass tbh
  12. It's nice to be able to log off in a freeport. as most people cannot play 12 hours straight when your on an expedition and need to log off Adding some sort of NPC that could store your ship for X amount of gold is an excellent idea and would free up all clutter. If animals are being left there full of stuff make it so they are claimable at Freeport after 24 hours then problem solved.
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