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  1. danaephia

    On the building limit.

    So I've seen that the building limit has been decreased/fixed to around 8000 in a 10k unit (whatever that means). Is this also in PvE? because if yes, this will basically make another part of the PvE community deinstall the game. Building impressive cities is one of the main things which keeps many PvE players in the game and I think going for this approach is not very wise. Ty
  2. problem is that this guy systematically built foundations around the trap such that trough are not within reach. He's a pro troll tho. Even on the hills behind th trap there is foundations lmao
  3. Problem is this "clan" (probably one person) has not even build something for themself except a 2x2 thatch house. They are purely there to troll us. Btw: 1 week since the ticket to the mods and grapeshot and nothing happened. We can savely say they dont care about us. Anyway. Still gonna play the game tho. I dont really care anymore aboiut the bears.
  4. Hi Atlas team. Im playing this game for over 900 hours now and came up with some easy implementable suggestions. Breeding so far is what really keeps me going after building a city so big that my fps drops for 5minutes everytime I enter it. For all the breedable creatures which eat meat we need a better way of producing meat than just roaming around and killing everything for an hour. My suggestion is to choose certain animals like sheeps, cows, horses and radically increase their meat drop when tamed. Also, the amount of meat should increase when leveling health or something. We also need a system to conveniently kill a such a tame. My suggestions: Sheep base meat: -300 meat at level 1 cow: -400 at level 1 horse: -500 at level 1, or maybe 100 prime meat or something. This would make the breeding of such animals interesting and feasible. It's also a good source of getting food if needed for own use. thanks for your hard work
  5. it just needs some mods. of course this mean some work for grapeshot but it is worth I guess to keep people from leaving. Btw, still nothing happened. The ticket I wrote was absolutley useless. Anyway, I dont really care about the bears tho but about the facts that stuff like this seems to be allowed or they dont care. Either is bad. Thanks yall for your help.
  6. already wrote the ticket. They closed it and cannot tell me what will happen due to privacy policies. Nothing happened so far. I will try to get into the bear trap, they build it kinda bulky but maybe I can pull them through the wall and feed them thanks
  7. Update: I also wrote a report ticket here on the forum. An autimatic response closed the ticket with the reasoning that it is under review and they cannot give more infos due to private policies. 3 days later, nothing changed. Another company left the game as well and my bears are about to starve to death. Good job Grapeshot.
  8. So there is a troll now on our lawless island on EU PvE, which spams the entire island and buildings with thatch structures. They even traped a pack of roaming bears I aranged for me and my neighbours to get rid of cobras and crocodiles. This troll also build fences of thatch walls around entire houses of people and blocked parts of the island too. You want this game to survive? Well then, add a ticket system with some active mods getting rid of these people. Cannot be that nobody gives a shit nor do we have an INGAME option to report. Btw, some of our neighbours quitted the game due to this guys behavior. If you plan on doing something: location: H7 Island: Surfil Peninsula Server: EU PvE official Thank you. Here is a list of screenshots:
  9. danaephia

    Show 'n Tell #7: Deadline 13th May

    Memestan 2.0: Building limit is a myth. I'd like you to take on a tour through our city Memestan 2.0 (RIP Memestan 1.0 prewipe). We are a company of 5 people enjoying building bigger things which takes time and effort in farming. So let's begin: let's zoom out on our galleon to see the entire city in one picture: our port for brigs and galleons. Since we are living in the desert and jungles we decided to name our Ships after African civilizations (and Wakanda because why not): Our stable which is the complex with the large gates: and some elephants (names after adult film actresses): A taming cage, the first building. We did not planned to build here in H7 but it escalated very quickly: let's go to the main city where the people live and we manage our craftings: Here our bastion. We call it the "Star-fortress" which has its name given by the walls which have a perfect star shape. Inspired by historic buildings from the time when canones where invited (see Antwerps Steen star forts): and at last a gothic Dome which I am currently building as a acity extension. There is alot of holes in this building and we are currently trying to fill them with doors and see how it looks (but actually hoping for some glass addons in the future Kappa): That's basically it. If you wanna visit us we live in H7 PvE EU official at surfil island west side. Bye
  10. we live in H7 post and pre wipe. We HAD plently of wildlife on our island, including alphas for that extra challenge (alpha crocs are pretty strong tho). Now we have to run the entire island which takes like 10 minutes to find like 10 animals to kill and loot. Alphas are completly gone and it feels like an actual desert now. Not liking these changes, they seems to radical.
  11. danaephia

    Animal-spawn destroy structures in base

    the holes getting bigger...
  12. Hello. We are currently building our base and noticed entire chunks of out base getting instantly destroied. We mostly see that an animal (crow, seagull) are getting spawned and it seems that they destroy all structures around their spawn location. Note that our base is build on the sea with pillars, maybe they forgot to update the spawnlocations on sea as well. Plesse fix that, otherwise there is no reason in building anymore for us. See attached pictures for examples.