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  1. Hi all, A quick one hopefully if I may? If an ally has started to claim my ships, how do I counter that? Just leave the alliance? They dont have a bed on it, and I cant put a claim flag of my own down (F1). What am I missing? Thanks
  2. I returned to Atlas this weekend after 3 or 4 months out. As an EA game, I tend to come and play for a few months, then take a bit of time away until new updates/features are added. So we found an island (non-lawless) which was great news as last time we couldnt find anything +1 for the studio for this change. Its at 5% taxation which seems fair, and they have been polite and agreeable to us landing, we seem to have pretty much a full island to ourselves. Started building a few outposts so we can spawn in safely, and got a shipyard up. A few ships build fairly early on, and a few bears tamed too. I dont recall building up so quickly last time so the grind seems to be less painful (and yes I was aware that its 2x). So my return to Atlas so far has been a pleasant one, hopefully it lasts long
  3. @Jatheishnice changes and ideas, good to see you listen to some comments and feedback. Yet to see a fix or even a 'we are aware' of the lowlevelfatalerror that everyone gets from WC/GS or whatever you want to be called. Ill keep on bringing it up in the hope that it will be realised.
  4. I must be mistaken and possibly not getting your humour but much of what you have said would be a PvPers dream. Underwater base - perfect for hiding out and build up without being noticed. Mine Fields/Sea Mines - totally a PvP mechanic. Pitfall traps - would be a great PvP mechanic.
  5. So I am seeing so many hate threads, so many complaints, and yes, whilst feedback is good, the nonsense that goes with it in a ten paragraph explanation is just not helpful. Would the community be better off with polls so we can provide that feedback the devs require such as: Was the Stone update a good or bad one? If 75% of the community said no, then the devs can use that to make their decision and change it. It would also limit the amount of threads that go way off topic? Was the inclusion of the submarine something you all wanted to see? Yes or No? Again, its this feedback which is more helpful surely? What do you guys think?
  6. Have you seriously read what you have just written? There isnt a divide here. There are players, that is it. Whilst you say PvE players, they are in fact also PvP players as they may play on more than one mode. Some PvE players would probably kick your arse in PvP. I play PvP on Atlas but on ARK I play PvE with 3 players who in particular would quite comfortably trade blows with the best and most dedicated PvPers out there. PvE players want competition, and they do play to a high standard, but just in different ways, and how can it be incredibly lazy when they spend the same amount of time online as PvP players gathering the same resources. In some aspects their daily grind is harder and more time consuming than yours but they are far from lazy when they build an almost impregnable base with details you could only dream of considering.
  7. That is a seriously misguided approach and opinion. I am generally a PvE player (on ARK especially) but for Atlas I play PvP. There is a good reason. For me, I enjoy the idea of building big on ARK, breeding, doing bosses so I dont really want to lose everything I have worked hard for. For Atlas it is all about Piracy, and exploring. I dont mind losing a ship and some weapons, I can rebuild - it doesnt take long when you are in a small company. But this whole hating on PvE or PvP is just plain ignorant especially for a pirate game. Do you think pirates were best friends and good neighbours in real life? No, they were tyrants who you couldnt trust to leave your parrot with, let alone your family. Come on, think before you opine on something so divided.
  8. Its irrelevant whether its PvE'rs or PvP'rs that are asking for changes. They all account for a better game and all players are entitles to comment upon an aspect within the game. OP - stop being so childish in creating a divide amongst the community. We all want fixes, enhancements and even though I play PvP Official, I like a lot of the ideas that PvE'rs put forward. Just stop with this nonsense and looks at peoples ideas without a biased view.
  9. lowlevelfatalerror by any chance? I have raised this to @Jatheishin many topics and on the ARK forums as its a constant failure but they seem to be ignoring me. It is not worth buying a £800 GFX card for this game, they want you to use onboard IntelH4400 graphics and run at 480x640 with all settings low - I think so that you cant make out their horrible mistakes
  10. I believe ARK is having huge issues with RTX cards, you might want to confirm with RTX users here on Atlas that their cards are working perfectly. Apparently Blue screen of deaths due to UT engine issues. Im using a 1080ti so havent had these issues but there is a huge thread on the ARK forums so dont want the same issue to happen to you.
  11. I logged in to find myself dead and none of my company on. Wasnt sure where to spawn into as I have been on holiday. I logged in to a freeport and wandered around before 'shootergame.exe' crash error popped up. Decided to verify game files via steam and will try again tonight hoping for some company members to be on... it sucks being the only British guy in an American gaming clan
  12. I posted a very similar message just the other day, but there wasnt much interest from the community let alone the mods. It would be great to see on the forums, visitors, members and moderators so you see if there are any moderators that are logged in and helping the community.
  13. @Jatheish some of the content ideas look fantastic, but when will you get round to looking at the lowlevelfatalerrors which constantly ruin the gameplay for many of the players on both ARK and Atlas. You cannot ignore this issue... its been going on years. Content is great, and the fixes for some of the issues are great but we really need to see some proper fixes for these HUGE issues. Thanks
  14. Its an 'EARLY ACCESS' game. It is not a finished product, it is always going to be a disappointment for some players but I truly hope that the game makers etc are more hardcore than some of the juvenile beings that rabble on daily about how they didnt get this, and how they paid for that. What did you expect... CoD where you can run in and 1 shot everything? Cities Skylines, where you could build your own frickin' city? Its a pirate game. You arent expected to last forever, and have everything all your own way. Just take a step back, and think what a pirate game probably involves... death, looting, frustration, excitement, fun, annoyance, happy times, sad times etc etc Seriously, the game will improve, it will also have set backs. At this moment in time, you can build ships, you can sail, you can attack things and you can get gold. There will be more things added I am fairly sure of that and yes they will add stupid things, or make stupid changes but its up to us to provide decent feedback and stop crying like a baby who has had its toy taken away, but lets tell them in a manner in which they can do something about it. Some of the players I have come across in this game make me hope that they quit as they shouldnt play a game if they arent willing to lose things, or allow the game to evolve. Thats my rant over, Im just bored of reading all the pointless complaints without any real advice or ideas.
  15. Bump - @JatheishBump - @Jatheish again... any response to this would be great. I'm still seeing people posting with this exact same issue.
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