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  1. They can look in them but they cannot remove what is inside.
  2. This is pretty much what I always considered the fog of war to be. It may not have looked exactly like that but it was always how I imagined it.
  3. It happens on PC also. I think it happens when you open the map while holding down right mouse most often, or your Xbox equivalent key. I have never found a fix and just restart the client.
  4. You are not. It ruins a certain amount of fun for people who love to explore. Also, very useful for logging where you haven't yet visited. As always, people whinged and it was changed.
  5. Any action in this way would require another wipe with the resulting drop in players then putting you back to where we are now. Leave it as it is and see what happens.
  6. Pizik

    Solo Play

    I have also been enjoying solo in Lawless. I was in several companies of varying sizes before, ending with Dark Project Armada just before the wipe. Since the wipe I have just been hoboing in Tundra Lawless on EU PvP and it is great. I don't have much and some tit killed my two bears at the weekend but other than that life is quite pleasant. To be honest I rarely even hear from other players so it mostly feels like I am all alone in the world. Might not be what many people want but I have my little hut, my sloop (someone sank my Schooner before I even sailed it) and I am fairly happy with it.
  7. I originally had issues with trying music but a few goes at the same song and it gets fairly easy. As for right-handed; the keys used are left-hand keys, meaning the left-hander has greater dexterity to play the music. They actually have an advantage. If they feel they don't, just take your hand off your mouse and use that one to key the music ^.^
  8. I think I will be going somewhere cold. I have always liked the Tundra areas and as soon as you get a decent Yeti trap setup things are pretty relaxed The only problem is normally the lack of fiber but it is one particular resource that is really easy to transport. All I really want is a little spot to call my own
  9. Shoot them at sails and it should slow down the target ship.
  10. I have done both, solo at the start, a couple of medium companies (that got absorbed by) a large company and then (absorbed by) an even larger company. Now, I am still in that larger (top 10, although not hard currently) company but it now feels like I am solo again (apart from all the bases I have access to). It was fun at all stages but the autonomy is a different challenge. While it sucks to be some dude below decks repairing planks while someone else is having the most fun up-top sailing and shooting the cannons, it also sucks when your brig sinks because you had no one to repair the planks while you sailed and fought. Solo you never have to second guess what you are doing because maybe you are not "Pulling your weight" in the company. In a company you can slack off and few would notice but some have the compunction to assist their company even if their solo leanings are not noticed. As you can probably see, I am not certain which is more preferable; I am currently having fun though
  11. You can't do any PvP with them. They are used only for SotD, animals etc.
  12. Or Megas are why the game is now so low population. In reality it is because you have two competing play styles and neither of them is "right". It is just over-entitled people who think they can declare that some play style is correct and another is incorrect that is troubling, but that is just human nature.
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