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  1. Roy Compera

    stuck floating on a boat

    its not a good mechanic everyone is stuck on boats and have to kill themself by punching until they die
  2. Roy Compera

    stuck floating on a boat

    I found out this bug occure when the anker is down. When its up the floating is gone
  3. Roy Compera

    Buying Crew bug

    i have 0 npc crew
  4. Roy Compera

    Buying Crew bug

    I have 20 coins but i cannot purchase any crew.
  5. Roy Compera

    stuck floating on a boat

    I have this same bug i wanted to join some people on their boat and i got stuck floating
  6. Roy Compera

    lost character Character Deletion

    It might be because your charactar is to small.
  7. Roy Compera

    Beds Broken

    Cpt Jat Sparrow reported this about the beds on twitter: Ahh yes please and thank you for communicating the bed thing. Any ETA? Cpt Jat Sparrow Not sure at the moment, will require a techie to look over it but we're certainly aware of it
  8. Roy Compera

    Rotating problem on Raft

    I have a problem/bug where i can only rotate 1.5 times with my mouse on the raft. After that i cannot rotate more. Only the ather way back where i rotated from. I had it 1 time with a npc to. After again talking to it it was fixed.
  9. Roy Compera

    Beds Broken

    I have also this problem. I cant spawn. The respawn button for bed dont work.