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  1. This first photo is of our Barn. It's 12 stories high with a very open top floor, All the floors are 4 walls tall, then on the top it's a roof designed for a higher opening for giraffes. The first picture is to give you an idea of where the tames were before we logged on. On the 1st floor was our elephants/bears/ostriches, on the 2nd floor was our rhinos. The 2nd & 3rd picture you will see where our tames were. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640439426 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640439414 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640439394
  2. idk where he came from but he's not really there.
  3. I very rarely get this mad at a game that I truly love to play. In the last 24 hours I’ve stop being a pirate and turned into a keyboard warrior, tweeting and posting on the forums because I’m angry and insulted by the devs. I love atlas, I played potc years ago and man it was fun, this was bringing back nostalgia and I loved it. This game is EA so there’s going to be bugs and issues cool I get it, but this stone crafting change has no place in this game and given the patch notes you don’t care about the 800 plus comment thread, or the countless other threads, reddit post, or tweets you’ve gotten. If you want to put metal in fine add 5 metal whatever, you’re ignoring the organic paste issue and you aren’t getting WHY it’s an issue. You are forcing 100s upon 100s of players to travel multiple grids to farm paste. You have to make it there because SAP weighs a ton, compared to it in paste form. So my hours of wanting to explore after base building a few hours a day is gone. Because I now get to waste my time going to farm paste. You made mistake and can fix it, the community has voiced their opinions and you do not care. Ill play atlas but im done recommending this game to anyone. I will not defend this game when you spit in our face and made it clear you don’t care what the community says. Best way to put it, you’re like a little kid who invites his friends over to play a game BUT you make all the rules, you make all the decisions, right wrong or indifferent, then wonder why no one wants to play with you anymore.
  4. Same. We built our barn on Pillars because of the excessive spawns at the time and because stuff was spawning in the base, so we raised it off the ground. Now everytime I log on there's at least one tame half way through the floor (mostly the elephants), and occasionally a bear will be on the actual ground outside under the pen, even though I logged out with him inside.
  5. We live in D13 and lately there has been almost a non-stop set of Fog and half the time there's no Fog indicator in the bottom right. I don't mind Fog but we had Fog for almost 4 1/2 hours yesterday.
  6. @Jatheish I respect how much you are doing to keep the community updates and informed, I know you respond to tweets and forum post, but let's be honest you are one man, and there is basically aside from you NO ONE handling community post, comments, etc. You guys really need to hire a group of people to read the threads, comply a list and have conversations with them about what the community is saying. One person can not do that all. There is a thread with almost 700 replies on the outrage of stone changes, and yet there's not even a single acknowledgement of "we hear you" or "we're looking into it". It's complete silence. Some people will leave completely even if it gets changed back to the original. There has to be some sort of line of communication. Also, why don't you guys once and for all make a TEST server, and get some people to actually test out changes you guys are thinking of implementing. It is not a hard concept to do, a LOT of companies do it. It helps find bugs, or tester can say "hey this isn't going to work" or "this is way to far scaled this way". Instead of just pushing it out and hoping it's going to be okay. You guys are in EA and of course there will be bugs/issues, no matter what, but you can curb those if you take the time to get community managers to look at the threads and say "hey this is coming up a lot" or "here's some issues people are bringing up", "hey were getting a lot of suggestions for this". Listen to your community and for the love of god get a TEST server, and get some people who would LOVE to hop on and test out changes you are working on.
  7. Agreed. It's beyond unfair. Jat tweeted that they couldn't retroactive it, but I'm sorry you could of figured something out before implementing this. There's just no thought going into these changes. The stone structure was just as bad. This is by far one of the worst patches.
  8. It's less about the gates, and more about actual stone buildings. If they want to leave the paste on the gates fine, but for stone buildings, again completely ruins the game for those in 40% of the map that doesn't have Sap makes it way to hard to live there and upgrade. That's my issue
  9. LOL RIGHT! I get making it easier to hit max level but man those of us who spent 30, 40, 50 hours sailing around getting discoveries to have them not be retroactive to the new update is just like a slap in the face.
  10. If people want a gates base they should be allowed to. But adding Organic paste to the crafting makes it like I said a HUGE chore in the Tundra/Arctic where there is no sap at all. The time companies especially small ones who live in those zones get a big disadvantage. You''ll have to spend hours sailing and crafting away from base to come back and then be able to craft stone.
  11. There have been A LOT of people who put in a lot of time to sail around and get Discoveries and for you to not make it retroactive is completely unfair. It's really insulting to those who have put in countless hours sailing around to up their max level only to basically have someone with less time/discoveries be at the same level as you. Please tell me you can't see the unfair and kinda of insulting thing this is to players who put in all that time and effort.
  12. Yeah I get the spam but on PVP you can blow them up. But NO where in the tundra is Sap. So about 30-40% of the zones you have to sail far to get Paste for Fur THEN let's add Paste & Metal to Stone building cost? It makes it building in the Tundra a chore now, not that it wasn't already. I don't mind the Alloy cost added to gates but the O. Paste
  13. Agreed 100%. If you live in the Tundra you are 100% screwed, also 420 organic paste for the Large Stone Gates????? Was there any thought put into this? I love this game but for real are you INSANE with this change?
  14. There are some game sounds that are SUPER LOUD and some that are extremely obnoxious I guess is the way to put it. Loud: Elevators are so loud on starting & stopping. I'm pretty sure people on other islands can hear me using it lol. Food Lodders also extremely loud every time you open them it's just deafening. Weird: When I'm out of water on my female character it sounds like she's have trouble breathing and it's like this very just odd noise, like if I'm out of water I'm not instantly going to freak out and sound like that, and the males sound like he's trying to push a poop out. Like grrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrr while the females just ran a mile and forgotten her inhaler. Same with when you're hungry there's just this over dramatic noise coming from the characters like it is not that serious. The Turtles sound like something evil that is about to kill you like a wolf or lion LOL. He's like hissssssssssssss snarl. Fixing a boat mini game with the Cheer or hmmmph. Like idk why this is needed lol. It's just so random. I am really enjoying this game, ya'll were amazing changing the large gates sounds lol, so hopefully we can get some noise quietness on the other things :D.
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