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  1. No unfortunately it doesn't fix them whenever they are stuck inside a foundation or floor etc. That response was to Ravinya who said that their bear was flashing and unrideable after they got it unstuck. Whenever our animals are glitched like that, (blinking, unrideable, cannot access their inventory etc.), we have to go out of the server and back into it to make them unglitch. Sometimes going out of render range alone does the trick, but most times you actually have to go out of the server or take the glitched animals across a border into the next server to reset them.
  2. There's no official fix, but for us going out of render range/into the next server over and back has fixed it so far
  3. Have you tried standing on something tall while whistling it to follow you?
  4. One thing that I noticed is that whenever my ship can have 16 crewmembers/tames on board, and I have, let's say, 13 crew/tames on board, as soon as I have 4 wild seaguls stuck in my ship, so a total of 17 creatures on board - going 1 over the limit due to wild animals, my ship starts sinking as well... It would be great if they can take away wild creatures counting towards the ships limit.
  5. This is currently happening to me... with ALL the shoulder pets and a wolf...
  6. Next issue, which is kind of related, now if an animal falls through a floor or a deck, they are bugged forever, for example shoulderpets don't sit on your shoulder properly anymore. It keeps giving the option to pick them up, while you see them on your shoulder, but if you move, you'll see they're not actually on your shoulder but they're floating behind you, with no way to "de-attach" them but to relog... They auto-detach on relog, but the next time you pick them up it does the same thing again... Grrrr! @Jatheish Can the dev team look into this please? Especially the stuff falling through the floor. It's so frustrating to lose hours of progress because everything falls through floors and decks, even crew-members that come from freeports!! Thank you!
  7. This is exactly what I thought and what I'm experiencing!! And mine isn't even overclocked so I wasn't gonna tinker with that anyway lol
  8. Can you guys finally fix the animals and crewmembers and even players falling through boats and floors? Every serverrestart our tames, crew (and we sometimes as well) are dead because they fall either through two or three decks or two or three floors, animals as well as crew, and it's starting to get old. I know this isn't ark, but you're using a lot of the same code, and I've only seen this happen in ark once or twice in over 1300 hours. Please fix this!
  9. Mine doesn't only happen when opening and closing containers, mine also happens when I'm quickly trying to turn around and now even when I'm just standing there, the last couple of hours whenever I tried it, it just ctd immediately after I loaded in.
  10. Same here, since the last patch I CTD about every 5 minutes, no error message, nothing.
  11. I totally agree! The island we are on spawns an incredible amount of alpha's. Just now my level 48 bear and myself both got oneshotted by a level 239 alpha wolf (that didn't have a glow around it btw). The day before yesterday an alpha wolf oneshotted our decent level elephant. There's no way one can even defend themselves against alpha's (especially the wolves, lions etc.) while out on an animal. Also, alpha horses are a pita, seeing horses get spooked by literally everything. If an alpha horse is nearby, it immediately starts attacking you if another horse gets spooked by whatever. Alpha animals currently are way too unbalanced, they need to be severely toned down!!!
  12. I second this... I just had my level 48 bear oneshotted by an alpha wolf... level 239... Tried to use nature's touch but of course to no avail! Talk about unbalanced!
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