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  1. Bovin

    Game Audio is totally messed up!

    Well, just LOVE the support you guys provide! sound is still totally screwed up. Everything is out of balance. The SFX bar lowers everything, including ambiance. So i'm left with EXTREMELY loud weapon/tool sounds and VERY low character and creature sounds......
  2. So i tried to adjust my game audio to lower the sounds the characters and other creatures make. Something happened and now the SFX, like hitting a rock with a tool, are SUPER loud and any noise my character or creature makes is WAY WAY low. Not sure what is going on here....
  3. Bovin


    SO, i play on NA Colonies. I am living on an island owned by an ally. The island was taken over by them from an enemy. The owners can build shipyards but I cannot at all. There was several enemy pillars in the water that we demoed. There are no more pillars yet i STILL cannot build a shipyard anywhere. This bug has been reported many times now and not addressed.
  4. Bovin

    Ice Box does not work.

    NA Colonies. THe iceboxes do NOT cool the area.
  5. I cannot place large stone walls! Every single time i try to place one down, my game crashes on me.
  6. Bovin

    Server down?

    " Pathfinders, we're currently conducting a rolling maintenance on our NA servers. There will be downtime for some servers in batches to receive some hardware upgrades and they'll be brought online soon after. " If you look when he posted that....5/6/19....that was yesterday.
  7. Bovin

    Server down?

    Wow, so they are doing this the day AFTER they said they are going to do it. And with zero notification. Then you have to go to freakin twitter to find out a damn thing...
  8. Bovin

    Island Claimin?

    So i am playing on the NA Colonies and i would like to know how to claim an island??? I see SOME islands cost Island points but what the heck are they and how do i get or see how many i have? I have a company of me and my buddy. What can we claim?
  9. Bovin

    Island points?

    I would also like to know where i can find out how many we have??? And also why most islands cannot even be claimed?
  10. Whatever sneaky little change that you guys failed to mention in your patch notes, whatever you guys did with snap points for cannons completely broke them. Now i cannot place cannons where i want them. They just snap to some random point or snap under the damn floor. This makes it 100% impossible to place cannons on the back of ships now.....thanks guys.
  11. Bovin

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    100% the stupidest thing Grapeshot has ever done. You guys are idiots. There was nothing wrong with them and now you done gone and screwed them all up.
  12. Bovin

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    And here is one. How the hell you guys showing more then one pic. I had a hard enough time attaching this one with it telling me i have a max of 500KB......really stupid.
  13. Bovin

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    The crashing is getting even worst for me now. Like I've been on for 2 hours and i have crashed 8 times. Was sitting in my base, crash. Tried to relaunch game and crashed 3 times as soon as it got in the server. Most or a D3D related crash. I will see about getting shots of the errors.
  14. Bovin

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    I am not sure what you guys are doing but i have gone from only crashing on rare occasions, to crashing at least 10-15 times a freakin day now. It's random always. Sometimes i get an error message, most times it is just a CTD w/o any message at all. Something you guys are doing is making the stability go downhill fast.